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Reality Shift News - October 1999

Welcome, Reality Shifters,
to Reality Shift News!

Thanks for submitting your reality shift stories!

I'd like to thank all of you who have written to me with your
personal reality shift stories, so they could be shared on the
Reality Shifts web site. "Your Reality Shift Stories"
is my favorite part of the web site -- besides reading through
the guestbook entries you've written.

Several people have asked me to describe the reality shifts I've
seen in more detail on the Reality Shifts web site, so you can
look forward to seeing the story of the sun dial sculpture on
the web site soon!

Meeting Uri Geller in San Francisco

I was thrilled to meet Uri Geller in person on October 24th,
where he taught a course on healing, and showed how he bends
spoons, reads minds, and sprouts seeds in the palm of his hand.
Uri's ability to demonstrate the awesome powers of the mind
is fantastic!

Uri has written many books on the subject of mind power, and
his most recent book, "Mind Medicine", is now available for
purchase. It's an excellent book with lots of beautiful color
pictures throughout.

Uri took a spoon I brought from home (a perfectly normal
stainless steel table spoon), and held it by the bowl part of
the spoon with one hand while stroking the handle gently from
above with his other hand. The hundred or so people in the audience
joined in Uri's intention to see the spoon bend, saying "bend" as
he continued to stroke it. The children in the audience came up
close to watch Uri as the handle of the spoon slowly began lifting
upwards to reach Uri's fingers. The way the spoon bent up reminded
me of the way a dog or cat leans upwards to it's owner's hand to
be petted!

I had willed this spoon to bend at home, with no noticable effect, so
I was intrigued to hear Uri say that he bends spoons with other people
around... not by himself. Apparently, it makes a difference to have
the energy of others when bending spoons or sprouting seeds in your

If you want to try to bend spoons, Uri advises to use a slightly
easier method than the one he uses. Feel heat and warmth coming
through your arms into your hands, and focus your attention on how
you visualize the spoon bending, as if it was soft metal like putty in
your hands. It helps to rub the metal until it gets warm, so you can
feel the plasticity of it.... then it bends on its own. It also helps a
great deal to have friends around you, joining you in this intention!
If you try to bend metal and nothing happens, you can try it again on
another day. Even Uri says he has days where spoons just bend easily!

I was amazed to see Uri sprout red radish seeds in the palm of
his hand in a matter of moments... these seeds split open, and
little green shoots sprang up and grew to almost one inch in
height, as the audience said, "grow"! Just a few of the seeds
sprouted, but it was amazing to see any of them sprout and
grow upwards so quickly... in just a matter of a few minutes.

You can visit Uri Geller's web site at:


Image Content

Uri Geller holding my spoon... after he bent it!

Image Content

Uri Geller holding my bent spoon


Uri Geller sprouts seeds in the palm of his hand


Uri Geller sprouts seeds in the palm of his hand

Image Content

Uri Geller holds a seed that has sprouted to a height of more than one quarter inch!

Image Content

Uri and Cynthia

Reality Shifting Exercises

As you meditate and keep yourself feeling positive and energized,
you'll notice how your life seems to flow almost effortlessly...
as if the entire universe is conspiring to help bring you each
and every thing you need at just the right time.

I hope you've tried out the dowsing exercise on the Reality
Shifts web site, and seen how you can greatly increase the
size of your energy field, simply by feeling your energetically
strongest... feeling as much love as possible! You can bring
even your "down" days up by remembering to just take a few
minutes to feel how much you totally love something... it could
be something as simple as a flower or a beam of sunshine...
or someone you really love.

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Reality shifts are the changes we create with our thoughts
and feelings that manifest as objects appearing, disappearing,
transforming and transporting... as well as changes in the way
we experience time. This web site discusses the physical and
spiritual principles behind the change points at the source of
synchronicity, coincidence, and answered wishes and prayers.

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