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RealityShifters News - September 2000

Against All Odds

I just love the way reality shifts help me rediscover the wonder of seeing wishes come true, no matter how improbable they might seem. I get goosebumps of excitement and reverence when I notice I'm living a dream-come-true, and I am seeing what has been hoped and prayed for arriving right before my eyes -- against all odds.

Earlier this summer, I found a beautiful guitar at a very good price in a thrift shop, and almost walked away from it. I'd made a wish many years ago for a very good steel-string guitar, and when I found one sitting in front of me at a very affordable price, my first thought was, "What a great guitar for somebody." It took me a few minutes to grasp the concept that "Hey! I'm somebody!", at which point I picked up the guitar, bought it, and brought it home with me.

A few weeks later, my daughter mentioned she wanted to have her very own violin. When I next visited my parents, they generously offered to buy one for her one as a gift. My father requested half-jokingly, "If you happen to find one at the thrift shop with a deal like you got for your guitar, be sure to pick it up." I smiled and agreed, while thinking to myself, "The odds are heavily stacked against that".

You can imagine my surprise when less than a week later, I happened to stop by a thrift shop before picking my daughters up after school, and heard the "plink" of someone plucking a string. I spun around and saw the saleslady playing the string on a cheap guitar.... next to a violin case on the floor! I quickly walked over to pick up the violin, and asked when it had arrived.

"It just came in an hour ago", she replied, "and I just started unpacking these instruments."

"How often do violins come into the shop?", I asked her, as I opened the violin case and discovered that inside lay a fine-looking child's size violin.

She laughed and said, "Just today! This is the only one we've EVER received".

What makes this story even more amazing is that this violin sounds great (a rare and desirable quality in a violin), is the exact reddish color my daughter wanted (also rare), is the 7/8 size that my daughter best fits (which is a difficult or impossible size to purchase in most stores here)... and arrived exactly when I just happened to walk into the store. I only visit the shop a few times a month, so the odds that I would be there exactly as the violin arrived are, well... astronomical!

The best part of this story was presenting it to my daughter, and being able to see the love and joy on her face when she opened her violin case to hold the violin of her dreams. She loves to practice playing on it, and cradles it in her arms before she puts it away. It feels good to know that she's got exactly what she needs, when she needs it... never mind the odds.

In This Issue:

(1) Your Reality Shift Stories
(2) NEW! RealityShifters Discussion Group & Chat Room
(3) New Reality Shifts Articles
(4) Saturday 9/23 Chat
(5) Fall Reading Suggestions
(6) Noteworthy Web Sites
(7) Excellent Ezines
(8) Please Share this Message

(1) Your Reality Shift Stories
Thanks so much to Tsipora and Strawberry for sharing reality shift experiences with us this month... and thanks to a "non-believer" who sent me a most interesting story as well. All of these stories refresh my sense of awe and wonder at the ways our universe interactively responds to our thoughts and feelings!

Toronto, Canada

I've been recieving your reality shifters newsletter and I must say, have been finding the stories and tips to be a great benefit to me and those around me. I want to tell you about an incident in a hotel room outside of Boston. Keys had "gone missing". My mom was about to get REALLY mad. I stopped, remembering the lessons I learned from you and reality shifts. I relaxed, put love in my heart....the keys were underneath a newspaper... but I looked there... it seemed they magically re-appeared. I smiled to myself.... remembering you. Thank you so much.

Santa Ana, CA

I started nosing around your site, read a couple of your articles, and
found this:
1. Pay Attention
The world seems full of whatever we focus our attention on.
When you're thinking of buying a new car, you see the kind
of car you're thinking of almost everywhere you go.
Be sure to start looking for evidence that indicates your
wishes and prayers are being answered.
And you know what? I must say maybe it's true! Three years ago I was driving a 73 Dodge Charger that no matter where I parked it, someone hit it. It got so bad that my neighbors called it 'the piata'. I was so ashamed to park and get out of the car at school (I was trying to get my degree), that I would look around to be sure no one was looking. (lol!) Well, my social security disability was approved, and I found I was able to get another car.

I decided I wanted a Honda 4-door with heater, air, electric doors and seat and a big trunk. I had $2000, and knew I would not be able to find what I wanted -- although I looked and looked. My credit union offered to loan me another $2000, but I knew I still wouldn't be able to find 'the' car for that without having more for the tax and tags and extra's. I looked and looked some more. But all I found were junk cars.

Finally, at about 8 PM one night, I wasn't even looking for the car, but just rode out -- trying to find where I had seen a specific car lot, so I could try it the next day. I didn't find it, so I turned into a Jeep Dealer to turn around (knowing a new dealer would not have anything I could afford). The salesman flagged me down, and I told him "Yes, I am looking for a car, but I want a Honda", and described what I was looking for. He told me to park and follow him.

In the back lot he had a grey 1990 Mercury Topaz, and it had "4dr, heater, air, electric doors and seat and a big trunk", and most amazingly of all was that the body style looked like a Honda! The car seemed to be the car of my dreams! The price on the window was $4800. I told him it was too much. I said I could only pay $4000 out the door. They offered to finance and I told them "No", that I had financing and was not going over the $4000 I had available to me. After about 45 minutes, the manager came in and brought the cost down to $3300, so after tax and license the total out the door of the car was exactly $4000! I drove the car home! All the way home I kept saying "I bought a car!" "I bought a car!"

I wasn't seeing my car everywhere I went, but it was sitting there on that back lot, all covered in dust, just waiting for me to take that ride late at night and accidentally turn in and find it.... Now if I could only find my lost doorbell.... ~(';')~ Maybe it's not sleepwalking after all..?


Cool site...but I don't really believe them. Sorry and no offense. But one thing... my only 2 Pokemon cards suddenly disappeared. Weird. Then you e-mailed me. Very weird. Ah well.

(2) NEW!! RealityShifters Discussion Group & Chat Room!

I'd like to personally invite you to join in the brand-new RealityShifters Discussion group, hosted by egroups. This is a place where you can discuss your questions, ideas, comments and stories about reality shifting. You can access the realityshifters discussion group from the realityshifters.com web site menu, under "Discussion", or go to egroups.com directly and select RealityShifters once you're there. A Chat room is available for realityshifters there for us as well!

(3) New Reality Shifts Articles

Here are some of the new reality shift articles I've written since last month. I hope you'll find something useful and enjoyable:

Recognizing Gifts
Gifts can arrive any time, anywhere, and they often don't look anything like we thought they would. My favorite way to recognize the gifts I've asked for is to stay open to receiving them at every moment in my day, and to ask myself, "What kind of gift is this?"
http://www.planetlightworker.com/articlefarm/cynthialarson/article9.ht m

I Felt Time Slow... to a STOP
The sounds around me dropped to a low hum, as everything around me seemed to be in a state of suspended animation.

Move Over and Let the Dog Drive
How I use divination while driving the car... using a Taco Bell Chihuahua toy.

At One With the Solution
There's a simple way to solve any problem... once you know what the solution will be.

Materializing Keys
My friend had locked his keys in the trunk of his car... and I watched in amazement as I saw my friend's keys materialize out of thin air.

The Lady Appeared... Twice
While attending a conference in Albuquerque, I saw a woman enter the building... twice!

My Grandmother's Liver Cancer Vanished
The true story of how my 90+ year old grandmother's liver cancer dissappeared.

Pay Attention... and See Reality Shift
We can witness miracles when we view the world with a beginner's mind and no expectations.

Time Travel Reality Shift
My friend drove up out of the past one day, and my daughter had a conversation with him.

Creating What You Need
It is possible to get what you need, when you shift reality. http://www.themestream.com/articles/163544.html

Reverse Negative Self-Talk
Find out how to utilize the most powerful tool for improving your life.

The Simplest Prayer
Showing your gratitude can transform the world.

When to Revise Assumptions
How do our assumptions serve us? Do they reflect the way the world really is? What does it take to change them?

Why Reality Shifts
What causes things to appear, disappear, transform, transport... and for our experience of time to change?

What Are Reality Shifts?
Exploring the ways our thoughts and feelings change the physical world.

Parenting In a Shifting Reality
How to discuss the ways our thoughts and feelings change the physical world with our children.

How I Feel When Reality Shifts
Reality shifts give me a sense of wonder, hope, and awe that anything is possible.

What Meditation Is Best for You?
Here's a quick way to zero in on your best meditation technique. First choose a favorite physically relaxing activity, and then select a favorite mental focus. When you combine these two, you'll have a customized meditation technique that's exactly right for you!

(4) Saturday 9/23/00 Chat

You're invited to join Irene Anderson's Saturday Chat with guest Cynthia Sue Larson (me!) on Saturday, September 23rd from 9:00 to 10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. Go to http://www.shrineofhope.com, and from there, proceed directly to the #SeekingKnowledge chat room. You can cut and paste this chat room name so you get the typing exactly right.

Irene has a lovely web site at:
which you can visit before the chat to learn more about this fascinating lady!

(5) Fall Reading Suggestions

There are lots of wonderful books which illuminate the ways our thoughts and feelings change the physical world... even when we don't lift a finger. If you're looking for some good books related to the subject of reality shifts, I've got some great suggestions for you! Please stop by and visit the RealityShifters Book Shelf at:


(6) Noteworthy Web Sites

Subtle Energies
Articles and art about subtle energy and its manifestations

Free Will Astrology by Rob Brezsny

Judith Laura's web site

Beyond Knowing
This Web site encompasses Brent H. Lee's holistic approach to the commonalities of all the philosophies of our world and beyond.

click a button and "plant" a tree!

Genesis: The Foundation for the Universal Human

Gary Zukov

(7) Excellent Ezines

A daily dose of the strange, unusual, twisted, and bizarre true happenings from this wild, weird, wonderful, and majickal place in which we live. Includes The Astrological Week in Preview; Anomalous Image Day; Prophecies and Prophets; and Madmen and Weird Science. It's free to join, free to quit, and is brought to you by Angel Astrology.

If you are interested in subscribing or contributing to Magical Blend magazine's extremely informative free monthly ezine, E-mail them at magical@outrageous.net.

http://www.globalpsychics.com/lp/Insights/menu.htm Global Psychics Insights -- a free monthly publication.

(8) Please Share This Message
Pass it Along!

You probably know someone who would love to hear about reality shifts. Please do them and me a big favor, and forward this email to them. RealityShifters News is published by Cynthia Sue Larson, author, researcher, speaker, and teacher on the subject of reality shifts. Cynthia provides information as a service without warranty of any kind, and accepts no consequences of its use.

For those who know (or are beginning to suspect)
that our thoughts & feelings shift reality

(c) 2000 Cynthia Sue Larson - All rights reserved.

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