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Choosing Your Colors

Cynthia tries on some new colors

There are so many colors in a rainbow,
there are so many petals on a sunflower.
There are more ways to perceive reality
than there are seconds in an hour.

This month I've got some very exciting news for you! I'm proud to announce that my first published book is due to come out in November 2003, published by Adams Media. It's working title is THE AURA ADVANTAGE: Enhance Your Aura & Improve Your Life, and I'm writing it to provide you with a fairly complete idea of what your aura and chakras can do for you, and to show you ways that your life will improve when you enhance your aura. THE AURA ADVANTAGE is packed with information on energy field history and research, as well as the most current models for how our energy fields interrelate with the physical world, and lots of exercises that you can do to see, understand, and strengthen your aura. THE AURA ADVANTAGE contains all-new material which is designed to help anyone who wishes to improve their life, regardless of their spiritual or religious orientation.

If you'd like to know more about what your aura can do for you, and can attend my workshop this November 22nd in Sacramento, be sure to sign up soon! Attendance is limited; phone (800) 395-5811 toll-free, to reserve your space today!

Thank you for your patience as those of you who have written to me recently have noticed I'm a bit slower than usual to respond as I work to complete THE AURA ADVANTAGE -- and a very special thank you to all of you who share my vision of co-creating the best possible world!

Cynthia Sue Larson

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(2) Intriguing Articles
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(1) Upcoming Events
    A talk by Cynthia Sue Larson & Alijandra
    at East/West Bookshop in Sacramento
    2216 Fair Oaks Avenue
    Sacramento, CA 95825
    (916) 920-3837
    7:00 - 9:00 PM on Friday, November 22, 2002
    $8 at the door

    A Workshop with Cynthia Sue Larson & Alijandra
    Reclaim your inner magi and play with Cynthia & Alijandra in their fun-filled, action-packed, hands-on Aura & Reality Shifting workshop! This is a day that can change your life for the better, and is something you'll be sure to remember for years to come. Attendance is limited -- so phone (800) 395-5811 toll-free, to reserve your space today!
    From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on November 23, 2002
    The Learning Exchange
    1111 Howe Avenue
    Sacramento, California

(2) Intriguing Articles

The Mind-Body Connection in Learning
Training & Development

September 1, 2001
by Ruth Palombo Weiss
Neuroscientists, educators, nutritionists, psychiatrists,
geneticists, and yogis are examining the mind-body link to
figure out how we learn.

(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

North Puget Sound, Washington

I only recently got a home/personal computer. For years I've been a "techno-phobe", and resisted all of this internet stuff as being a manifestation of evil. ( I guess I heard too many stories about bad things happening as a result of this new technology. ) Boy, has your web site changed my mind. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to find out that other people are experiencing this "awakening of consciousness", that I've been experiencing for the last 5 years - yet, always dismissed as maybe my own self-deluded thoughts. Most of what I know about "shifting reality", I've read in books (i.e. Carolyn Myss, Stephen Hawking, Elia Wise, to name a few.) I got very interested in Chakra work and started doing some practicing on my own - with the help of some creative family members and very close friends. I was initially interested because I had become ill, and wanted to investigate the concepts of "self-healing". (But, that's another subject.)

What I'm experiencing now is full on reality shifting. I never had a name for what was happening to me (or around me) before - so I thank you for that! I have fully experienced slowing down time, which seems to work for me only ( or better ) when I'm in motion of some kind -- a car, train, bus - whatever! In fact, I narrowly escaped a head-on collision the day before my 40th birthday because of this ability. I also notice that when I am in motion (especially on the freeway) I have total telepathic ability with the drivers around me. (My husband marvels at how I can tell when someone is going to "cut me off" just seconds before it happens, thus always avoiding what could be near fatal accidents - like the one before my last birthday.) Or, sometimes I can sense an "angry-road-rage" type coming up behind me, even before they are tailgating me in the left lane. My son thinks this phenomenon has something to do with physics -- that the faster the motion, the more time slows, the more "energy waves" are free to travel, etc... Could this be true?

Just this week, after reading your site - I lost my keys. So, I decided to do a little "experiment" and see if your exercises really worked. Well, the office of my apartment complex called this afternoon - guess what? Yup, they found my keys - and didn't have a clue who turned them in - just that they were in the office... I lost them at the pool! Sure, it could be coincidence... or was it?

Thank you again for the great web page, and for giving me a name for what I thought was very weird insanity. Please keep the stories and exercises coming! I wish you much love & appreciation.


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Carmichael, California

I went to the grocery store to buy some wrapping paper to wrap up gifts for my grandson, and was disappointed to see that it cost twice as much as I thought it should. I bought it anyway, and when I got home I was very surprised to see that the large tube of wrapping paper was not in the back seat of the car with the other groceries where I had put it. I told my husband what happened, and he came out to the car to look with me -- we looked everywhere, but saw no brightly colored enormous tube of paper in that immaculate car (I like to keep it very clean). My husband was upset with me, and scolded me for leaving the wrapping paper at the store. He suggested I return to the store immediately, and look for the paper in the shopping cart where I must have left it. I returned to the store, but found no wrapping paper in the shopping cart, so I told a helpful clerk what had happened, and she took pity on me and gave me a roll of the same wrapping paper without charging me for it. I then returned home with this new roll of paper, and brought it in the house to wrap the gifts.

The next morning, you'll never guess what I saw in the back seat of my locked car... the tube of brightly colored wrapping paper! It was sitting all by itself in the (very clean) back seat of the car, as if it had always been there. The roll I'd gotten from the store was now in the house, and I have two rolls of wrapping paper -- although these rolls were more expensive than I normally like to pay, I took one of the rolls back to the store where I got it, since I only paid for one.

by Wynn Free

My computer is a Compaq Presario with an AMD processor. It's a few years old, and the processor is a little slow so one evening last September, I was cursing the slowness of my computer and thinking of getting another.

There I was at a Motel 6 one morning, having paid the bill at the front desk, and ready to go out to do some errands. I stopped at a computer store and looked at some new ones. I had a conversation with the owner about comparing AMD processors and Pentium processors. He told me the new AMD processors were much faster than the ones 2 years ago. I arrived back in my motel room at about 7:00 PM, and noticed my computer was gone! I looked in my car and couldn't find it. I looked back in my room, and couldn't find it.

I wondered if the maids stole it or something. I decided to get off center and read the newspaper and see if my subconscious would tell me where it was. On page ten of the newspaper, I found an article comparing AMD processors to Pentiums. I said to myself what a coincidence.

Suddenly it flashed through my mind that perhaps I left my computer at the front desk of the Motel when I paid my bill. I phoned the office and asked, "Did you find a black case in the office?" They answered "Yes". Except they said that it was at the lost and found at the Sheriff's Station. I called the sheriff's office and they asked me if I knew the trouble I had caused. They closed off 4 blocks of streets near the Motel. They called the bomb squad. They pointed their detonators at my computer bag and were about to blow it into oblivion. But the arson expert spoke up and said it looked just like his computer case. The zipper was slightly open and he gingerly stuck his finger through the crack, and sure enough, there was a computer in the case. So they took it to the lost and found at the sheriff station waiting for the owner to call. When I called, they personally delivered it back to me. (It's the computor I'm using now). The sheriff asked me to call the dispatcher and complement the good service, which did the next day. (Apparently, their normal procedure would have required them to destroy anything which was a potential bomb)

And the Universe taught me another lesson about the power of thought forms as I remembered how all this started with me cursing the slowness of my computer the night before!

(4) Reality Shifting Q & A


I have a question about manifesting. How can a person develop a want, let it go, AND think about it in a positive way? How do you let something go (a want) while visualizing what you desire? How do you let it go while still thinking about it in a positive way?


You've touched on one of the most important questions pertaining to manifestation and living a waking dream. My favorite way to address this is to feel gratitude for what I'm visualizing as being already complete -- in other words, I do envision what I wish to have happen; I am simply visualizing it as a "done deal", and feel immensely blessed that spirit/God/angels are working on my behalf to see that it is so.

(5) Reality Shifters Shop

You can now purchase the reality shifts video, T-shirts, and tote bags at the one-stop reality shift shop!

(6) Books that Shift Your Reality

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Three wonderful books are reviewed here this month: ANIMAL VOICES by Dawn Baumann Brunke, PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS by Shannon Duncan and MATTER INTO FEELING by Fred Alan Wolf.

Animal Voices

Animal Voices:

Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life
by Dawn Baumann Brunke

Learning to Listen to Animal Wisdom

If you ever wondered what your cat or dog was thinking, or wanted to know if you were actually hearing animals talk to you when you heard thoughts inside your mind, ANIMAL VOICES is the book you've been waiting for! Author Dawn Baumann Brunke takes us on a journey to a world in which each and every one of us can learn to talk to the animals... and hear them, too. While this book is primarily a collection of interviews with animals, there are some exercises at the end of the book which can help you get started communicating with the animals in your life.

Brunke began her exploration into animal communication as a detached interviewer, yet soon found herself hearing what the birds just outside her window wanted to tell her. The birds spoke as a group, yet there was a leader who gazed into her house -- and as his flock flew away, he remained behind to finish conveying his message to Brunke. Was she imagining things? Could this just be coincidence -- or was she really hearing what the birds were telling her? As further experiences proved to Brunke that she was indeed hearing what animals were saying, her continuing question and answer sessions with professional animal communicators took on much greater significance.

Brunke shares fascinating information from her own communications with animals, and also some rather startling interviews with horses, cats, dogs, buffalo, fish, dolphin, insects, and more. Many of the animal messages are surprising -- such as the dog who recalls a past life as a bear, the cat from another planet, and the parrot who was once a monk. Brunke's transformation from attempting to be an objective observer to a confident animal communicator is an inspiration to anyone who would like to learn how to listen to the animals, and she conveys the messages from animals with warmth and humor. I highly recommend ANIMAL VOICES to every two-legged who feels ready to learn from our furry, feathered, scaly and winged friends!

Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness

How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You
by Shannon Duncan

Peace in the Midst of Chaos

For all of us who've ever felt we were being pulled nine different directions simultaneously like a many-headed hydra, there are times when we feel that we just can't go on any further. If we encounter just one more interruption, distraction, or frustration -- we'll snap. Sometimes after we've snapped, we later wish we had somehow managed to hold ourselves together just a little bit better.

If the above feeling is all-too-familiar to you, you are in for a big treat when you read Shannon Duncan's book, PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS. Designed to be a guide to developing awareness of living in this moment of "now", PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS is straightforward enough for anyone to quickly begin to master some powerful meditative tools. Written simply enough for any beginner to understand, yet packed with enough truth to resonate even for life-long meditators, this book truly has something for everyone.

I felt tremendously soothed as I read this book and did the exercises in it. PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS offers the reader a very special and visceral sense of peace as one remembers simple things, like how to be gentle with oneself -- even in the midst of chaos. This is a very healing book for anyone who is undergoing stressful changes, and everyone who encounters stress in their daily lives.

Matter Into Feeling

Matter Into Feeling

by Fred Alan Wolf

A Launch Pad for Personal Consciousness Transformation

Fred Alan Wolf demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship in his newest book, MATTER INTO FEELING, as he ties alchemy together with letters of the Hebrew alphabet and physics. Picking up where MIND INTO MATTER left off, Wolf serves the reader thought-provoking tastes of consciousness, memory, lucid dreams, and the awesome and exhilarating concept of the "One-Mind".

MATTER INTO FEELING is a treat for anyone who loves to contemplate ideas such as, "We don't sense what we sense; we sense what we remember we sense." And this leads us to wonder how it is that we do something so seemingly simple as remember something!

When Wolf asks us to consider things such as how the choices we make each day are much more than they appear (since according to the parallel universes model of reality, we try all possibilities, even though we typically only recall choosing one) -- MATTER INTO FEELING becomes a launch pad for personal consciousness transformation.

I love the way Wolf brilliantly combines a joyful sense of wonder with modern physical theories and ancient written texts such as the Upanishads and the Qabala. Like the best kind of chef, Wolf serves up a feast which is simultaneously exotic and familiar, yet leaves anyone who tastes it feeling hungry for more. If you love both science and spirituality, MATTER INTO FEELING is one book you're sure to adore!

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