RealityShifters News - September 2003
Create Your Best Life

Radiate Love

Cynthia Sue Larson

"I want to shimmer, I want to shine
I want to radiate
I want to live, I want to love
I want to try to learn not to hate"

~ Shawn Mullins in his song,

The old saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" is one of the most basic principles in life. I recall first hearing that phrase when my mother reminded my sister and I to be nicer to one another when we got involved in heated disagreements. This notion of wanting to catch flies seemed so strange to my sister and I that we would sometimes stop our argument simply to wonder, "Why on Earth would anyone want to catch flies?!"

Eventually, I came to realize that this expression about catching flies was important to people who needed flies for fly-fishing -- so being as sweet as honey rather than as sour as vinegar just gets you started! Once you've caught some flies, you still need to go fishing. And chances are pretty good that you'll catch more fish by being quiet and calm than noisy and agitated.

Veruca Salt
Veruca Salt

Nature doesn't reward the petulant and emotionally disturbed, which is why most indigenous peoples who depend on nature's bounty for their survival so often seem more mature and well-adjusted than their city-dwelling counterparts. The out-back has few bratty spoiled children like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, who threw a fit when she was not allowed to purchase a goose that laid golden, chocolate-filled eggs. Veruca ran around the chocolate factory, knocking over boxes and throwing wrapping paper, while her father and Willy Wonka asked her to stop. Ignoring these requests, Veruca hopped up on a scale designed to separate the good eggs from the bad and was surprised to be judged a bad egg and dropped down a chute to the garbage room below.

If you'd like to radiate more love and throw fewer fits, take time each day to meditate and/or pray. You'll find things will naturally tend to go your way!

Cynthia Sue Larson

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(2) Intriguing Articles & Theme Song!
(3) Your Reality Shift Stories
(4) Reality Shifting Q & A
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(1) Upcoming Events

Cynthia Sue Larson

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(2) Intriguing Articles
& A New Theme Song!

Hear the song, "Lost Socks & Missing Keys" which Laszlo wrote with inspiration from the web site!

by Jeffrey Mishlove
September 12, 2003
By every normal, scientific standard, the case for the existence of extra-sensory perception (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, synchronicity) has been established. Yet, knowledge of extra-sensory perception research has been suppressed. In spite of enormous popular interest, no accredited colleges or universities in the United States, and very few elsewhere, offer degree programs in "parapsychology" for the scientific study of extra-sensory perception. College courses on the subject are almost non-existent. And extra-sensory perception research is almost entirely excluded from discussion within college courses in psychology, physics or philosophy. It is vitally important that everyone receiving a college education be exposed to extra-sensory perception research.

by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 2, 2003
Have you recently had trouble sleeping, headaches, or a sense of not feeling well? Have you been attacked emotionally, psychically or physically by others? You may be experiencing the "Mars Effect."

BBC News
September 1, 2003
Having negative thoughts really could make you more illness-prone, scientists say.

(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Shinjo City, Yamagata, Japan

There are lots of miracles that Celestial Intelligent Energies (also known by some as angels) can handle. I have been an OB/GYN qualified practitioner for 20 years. One summer day, I was invited to a dinner and overnight stay at my friend's seaside second house. It was about an 80 km drive from my hospital along mostly mountain roads.

I didn't drink alcohol that night at dinner, since I felt a little strange -- though I couldn't point out what it was that felt different. We had a merry time that evening, and went to bed. Suddenly at about 2 AM, the phone rang. It was an emergency call from my hospital deputy doctor, who informed me that a patient with Abruptio Placentae was at risk, and I was needed immediately to perform an emergency Cesarian-section operation. As you may or may not know this disease, if placenta removal occurred, the woman's baby would die immediately, which typically tends to result in a Disseminated Intra Vascular coagulation (DIC) state.

I realized that my patient's life was at risk, and that I only had a matter of minutes. If the DIC goes, the mother would die. I ordered C-section preparation, and rushed into my car. It was long way to get back to the hospital. I needed to drive 80 km and deal with a narrow and winding mountain road, which I knew would normally take at least an hour and a half. I was slightly in a trance, and felt an angelic spirit Jean-Luis pop out to take charge. When I realized I was in the parking place of my hospital, I checked the time and was amazed to see it was only 20 minutes from when I'd left my friend's house!

I rushed into the operating room and found the baby had died. Fortunately, the mother showed no signs of DIC. While I performed the C-section operation, I felt Jean-Luis overtake my body to operate. I was me, yet I was simultaneously Jean-Luis. This C-Section took only 30 minutes -- which was incredibly fast! I usually take about 60 minutes for that kind of surgery. My nurses and the assistant doctor were all surprised that I had arrived so quickly and performed the C-section operation so fast. No one could explain how these things were possible, but we all felt immense gratitude that one precious life was saved. My car showed 84 km mileage in the meter console odometer. Celestial Intelligent Energies can handle miracles in mind as well as in physical space.


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San Ramon, California

I just read your article where you mention stopping and starting rain. I had a very similar experience as you did. On that particular day in my childhood, I did stop and start rain by my wishes. I must have stopped and started rain at least 10-15 times that day to convince myself that rain was stopping and starting by my wishes. I thought I must be unique, and was specially blessed. I decided to test for at least a week more, to ensure it always worked. However when I got up the next day, and tried stopping and starting, it did not seem to work anymore. I was so sure since the previous day I had convinced myself that it worked.

Now that I think about it after 15-16 years since it happened to me as a kid, I think it worked maybe because I treated rain as a friend, who would listen to me as a good friend. Also that I had a feeling that "Everything is well and good" within me every time this worked.

I wanted to share this story with you, since you have had a very similar experience.

Bloomington, California

Dear Cynthia, Had to share this quickie.

I remembered locking my cupboard at work before going home for the day a few days ago. The next morning, my cupboard keys were nowhere to be seen. They are on a long bright purple plastic telephone cord coil type key chain. It's hard to miss. But miss them I did. I went through one day at work without my keys, feeling mad because I needed supplies that I had locked up.

I searched everywhere. I checked my purse several times, and even checked my clothes in the hamper, and the front and back seats of my car. I couldn't find those keys anywhere. My husband was even alerted as to their disappearance. One of my co workers asked me what was up when he saw me dumping out my purse this am, holding out a little hope that I was blind or worse, forgetful!

I managed to get through a second day without keys. Mercifully I was off the next day in the afternoon, so I clocked out at noon and went to lunch with my chums. After lunch as I was driving home, I glanced down at my purse. There, peeking out from underneath, I saw my key chain in all of its plastic purple splendor! Just minutes before when I placed my purse in the passenger seat, it was, of course, empty. It gets me how normal keys can look after being wherever they have been for two days!

Rockport, Texas

I've been having some more interesting things happening around my house recently. We had company over and grilled lunch outside one weekend, and had a foil pouch of portabella mushrooms on the kitchen counter (placed well back from the edge). My friend and I saw the pouch fall off the counter onto the floor. My friend's son picked it up and sat back down. Then a tea towel, which was even further back, flew to the floor. We thought it a little strange, but went back to eating. We were looking at my friend's 13-year-old son's plate when his fork flipped from tines up to tines down. He said, "Okay, now this is getting freaky!"

Later that afternoon, I was talking about how the lawn was mown, the back porch light was fixed, and the garage was clean... now what was I going to have to worry about? (I'm a notorious worrier.) I have a pair of diamond earrings my husband gave me when I got pregnant with my son, who's now eleven. I put the diamond earrings on to go to the hotel with my friends, and my daughter noticed one was missing. I distinctly remembered putting them on and checking to make sure they were tight. We looked for that missing earring for five days, with me saying all along, "It will turn up." Then, one morning at 3:00 AM, I woke up with a cough, which woke up my husband, who in turn went to the bathroom. On his way back in the dark, my husband stepped on something and lifted his foot to see what it was. He found it again with his foot, and turned on the light. Sure enough, there was my missing earring, with its back pushed all the way up to the diamond! I know it couldn't have lain there for five days without being found. Plus, that is all the way across the room and around the bed from where I put on my jewelry.

The time that the missing earring was found is significant to me, too, because my water broke at exactly 3:00 AM those eleven years ago. Note that we call them my "baby earrings"!

Windsor, California

I was on a little four day cruise with my husband down the coast of Mexico to Catalina Island and Ensenada. We didn't get off the ship, but stayed where it was docked in Ensenada. We were taking a stroll around the upper deck when my husband pointed and told me to look at a boat that was sideways in the water. I saw a big white and blue boat on it's side, looking like it was capsizing. I said to him that it seemed to be sinking right before our eyes. He said yeah. We stopped and watched it for a while before walking on, and then walked around again. As we got near the spot where the white and blue ship was sinking in the water, he stopped and again said to me, "Look at that ship! It's sideways in the water!" I thought, "What? Again? Another one?" and looked past the blue and white boat, searching for another sinking boat -- but couldn't find any. I said, "Where?" My husband got aggravated with me and pointed again, saying, "Right there, in front of you. Don't you see it?" I saw the blue and white one we'd seen before but not another one, so I said, "No! I don't see another boat sinking over there" and he said, "What do you mean another boat sinking? There's only one."

I thought, "HUH?" and said, "Well, I see the blue and white one we saw earlier when we passed by here that you pointed out to me, but I don't see any other one." He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, "What do you mean the other time I pointed it out to you? This is the first time I've seen it."

I said, "What are you saying? We went around here before, and you said what you just said, pointing out the boat that was sideways in the water, and I said it looked like it was sinking." He shook his head and said, "NOOOOOOO. I never told you that. We never saw this boat before now." I told him "Yes we did. It was the blue and white one, right?" He said "Yes." I continued, "Yeah. We saw it the last time we passed by here. You told me to look at it, just like you did now."

My husband told me I was crazy. He was really angry, and said it never happened before. But it did. Exactly like before. I was all confused. Was it deja vu? Was it a repeat in time? Why did I remember it but he didn't? What happened?

On other occasions, I have "seen" and "heard" someone come home a few minutes before they actually did, saying and doing just what they had done before. I've had my clocks go around counter clockwise for a few hours, and then come around to regular clockwise and slow down to the right hour after my mother died.

It was such an attention-getter that both my husband and I saw a listing boat twice and yet still didn't get the message, which I think is kind of funny. Even now, my husband still doesn't get the message, which seems odd since he was the one who first noticed the boat and pointed it out to me twice. I see now that you have to "learn" to really look and see things that are presented to us. We have to pay attention to what's around us and intervenes in our lives.

(4) Reality Shifters Q & A

Q: What I am trying to determine is does REALITY actually change? Or is it just MY FEELINGS changing? I NEED my REAL REAL REAL REAL REALITY to change FOR REAL... NOT just the way I am perceiving current reality.

-- Kevin

A: Yes, it means reality changes... actually changes! I have been able to start and stop the rain -- when I was in my most loving state of consciousness. In that state of love: I've instantly healed open wounds, had wild birds come up and rub all around me, seen people change their minds about giving me parking tickets, had lost items fall out of thin air above me, had things I needed (such as dollar bills) manifest in physical reality, and watched hard-hearted people change their minds.

This emotional state is REAL -- even though you may not be able to see it. Realize that other people can and will feel it, and will feel compelled to treat you as they would treat God -- because you are matching your vibrations to the very highest vibrations there are. Think of it as surrounding yourself with white light, if you are a visualization person. Think of it as changing your frequency, if you like electro-magnetic explanations. Think of it as choosing your future, if you think like a shaman. And remember -- reality shifts do happen!

-- Cynthia

(5) Reality Shifters Award Winner

I am proud to announce this month's wonderful winner of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of web sites which demonstrate consistent excellence in content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

Dharma Haven
A Harbor from the Storms of Panic and Confusion

(6) Books that Shift Your Reality

Here are some books that will give you nourishing food for thought as they change your life for the better! Every time you click through these links before making purchases at, you help offset the costs of the realityshifters web site and ezine! This is true even if you don't buy anything listed on the realityshifters site. You can see some of my favorite books at:

The Sedona

The Sedona Method
Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being

by Hale Dwoskin, Jack Canfield

Find Ultimate Success by Letting Go!

While you're probably aware that holding on to negative energy is not a good thing to do, you might not remember to clean this junk out of your energy field. THE SEDONA METHOD's basic premise is that when you master the art of releasing and letting go of all this negative energy, you'll feel more effective, healthier, happier, and energized. THE SEDONA METHOD will show you how to move out of being "stuck on a feeling" that no longer serves you well... and onward and upward to a life of total prosperity. If this sounds simple, it's because it is! THE SEDONA METHOD presents real-life stories which give a sense of how you might be sabotaging your success, as well as the tools for releasing yourself from guilt, shame, fear, and all manner of bad habits. Your mind and emotions can be reprogrammed for joy, health, and success -- and when you learn to understand how you currently incorporate basic emotional states and ways of thinking, you'll see how a few small changes can lead to BIG improvements in your life!

Quest Tarot

Quest Tarot
by Joseph Ernest Martin

Gorgeous Tarot Deck & Awesome Book!

Whether this is your first Tarot deck or the newest addition to your collection, THE QUEST TAROT will soon become a trusted friend. The luminous graphics on each card open up multidimensional doorways to other worlds -- with meaningful constellations, rainbows, animals and flowers gracing the cards. This deck is instantly accessible, since each card contains a keyword along with it's name (such as "The Moon" -- "Dreams") for easy interpretation. In addition to providing regular tarot readings, THE QUEST TAROT cards can help you foretell timelines, as well as include gemstones, rune stones, the I Ching, and Kabbalah in your readings. This deck also contains two new cards: "The Multiverse," and a blank card. What impresses me most about the book is that the information for each card is perfectly aligned so you can read about each card without having to turn any pages, and that Martin describes techniques for getting the most insight from each reading -- "turbo-charging" them to provide the most awesome insights. If you've got burning questions, THE QUEST TAROT has answers!

If You Make The Rules

If You Make the Rules... How Come You're Not the Boss?
Minding Your Body's Business

by Elaine Smitha

You Can Reverse Disease & Turn Your Life Around!

Elaine Smitha's engaging book, "If You Make the Rules... How Come You're Not Boss?" is packed with lively personal accounts of her own healing experiences with kundalini and chakra work, visualization, and mantras. What makes Smitha's book stand out is that in addition to her fascinating personal stories, she includes a wealth of scientific research. Smitha has a rare gift for clarifying even the most complex concepts into meaningful and practical ideas you can use every day. From the fun photos of "cell sandwiches" used to demonstrate the intricate workings of cell physiology to the fact-packed appendices, Smitha's book delights, revitalizes, and inspires. Are you ready to reverse the aging process in your body and feel healthier than ever before? Here's a book packed with everything you'll need to begin that exciting journey!

Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver's Web

Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver's Web
by Cynthia Sue Larson

A Spiritual Story about Real Magic

"The story of Karen Kimball is wonderful to say the very least. What I really got pleasure from was the way the author described how a young girl attempts to fit into a world where she is not ever totally accepted."
-- FAB, Sevilla, Spain

"I strongly recommend this book for children of all ages."
-- Richard Hiersch, Walnut Creek, California

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