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September 2018
Issue #228

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Develop Your Character

“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow.
The shadow is what we think of it;
the tree is the real thing.”
– Abraham Lincoln

American psychologist William James once said, “It is well for the world that in most of us, by the age of thirty, the character has set like plaster, and will never soften again,” yet the modern-day research supports a different view. According to the relatively new science of character, we have the ability to change our character when we set our minds to it.

Aristotle said that to 'know thyself' is the beginning of all wisdom. This seems evident in large part because such self knowledge can help ensure that we will live a happier life that is based on what we really do care about, rather than what we feel others expect us to care about. It's also helpful to know the character of our family, friends, and colleagues, in order to best communicate with them, and best appreciate what makes each of us so unique. When we honor our strengths, we can see how they serve us well and deepen our appreciation for who we are.

To assist toward this goal of increasing self-awareness, scientists have identified six major categories of virtues (Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence) that provide a framework for organizing 24 signature character strengths that are universally recognized and valued in different cultures and nations around the world. For example, the category of Wisdom includes: Creativity, Curiosity, Love of Learning, and Perspective. The category of Courage includes: Bravery, Perseverance, Honesty, and Enthusiasm. Humanity includes: Love, Kindness, and Social Intelligence.

You can take a free character classification test to discover your unique character strengths at: https://www.viacharacter.org/www/

When I took this test, my results showed that my top four character strengths are: Spirituality, Love of Learning, Leadership, and Love. When we appreciate our current and developing character strengths, we'll have a framework for self-knowledge that can assist us in feeling happier, strengthening relationships, managing problems, boosting confidence, reducing stress, and accomplishing our goals.

If you enjoy taking character and personality tests to learn more about yourself then I hope you'll take a survey I'm running that correlates peoples' Myers-Briggs personality types with experiencing reality shifts and Mandela Effects. If you have experienced reality shifts and Mandela Effects, please take this survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Qm8sF7S5U0n3urR60Z7sEBv8NPfTqNw9DTFUyfCPwvY/edit?usp=drive_open&ths=trued

If you've not (yet!) experienced reality shifts or Mandela Effects, please take this survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KwXVay1PvyEcJMnen_COSG33RYVme3WnV0FQrCuGAsA/edit

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Cynthia Sue Larson
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      (2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films
      (3) Your Reality Shift Stories
      (4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers
      (5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at cynthia@realityshifters.com to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today. http://realityshifters.com/pages/consultation.html
      "You helped me regain myself, to become grounded. I was in a state of fear and panic, a real crisis, that had been ongoing for several weeks, and you helped me to reconnect to myself and to hear my spiritual guides. Thank you!" -- Traude

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Mandela Effect Myers Briggs
Myers-Briggs Intuitive Feelers Experiencing Mandela Effects
Why are some of the rarest personality types more likely to experience Mandela Effects and reality shifts? While Myers-Briggs “Intuitive Feelers” account for only 25% of the overall population, they are more likely than other personality types to observe Mandela Effects, reality shifts, and quantum jumps. While I was preparing to present a talk in Boulder, Colorado  about ETs, AI, and Evolution of Human Consciousness, part of the material I was presenting has led me to recognize patterns that I’d not seen before, linking personality with observation of Mandela Effects and reality shifts. What I noticed was that personality types who were most likely to recognize Mandela Effects were the Intuitive Feeling types, as identified by the Myers-Briggs personality test. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory was developed by mother-daughter team Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers.  Myers and Briggs applied some ideas and insights of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, to recognizing human personality characteristics. You can read this post on Cynthia's blog at: https://wp.me/pbqQk-14c
You can watch the companion video to this blog post at:

Whitley Strieber

Soul Vision and Afterlife Revolution with Whitley Strieber
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Whitley Strieber talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about the continuity of consciousness after death, the ‘soul-blindness’ of western civilization, and humanity’s species initiation.  Whitley describes his most extraordinary out-of-body experience (OBE), which was witnessed and corroborated, and ongoing collaboration with his wife Anne, who died in August 2015.  Whitley provides us with guidance for how we can individually overcome soul-blindness, as we come to realize that the soul is real, that we can learn what our soul wants from us, and that fear of death is based in ego and biological concerns, but we can witness evidence of survival of consciousness with continuing communication after death. Whitley Strieber is a best-selling author of fiction (including The Wolfen, The Hunger, Warday, and Wolf of Shadows) and nonfiction (including Communion, Transformation, a New Vision of the Unexplained, and the Afterlife Revolution). Whitley’s Unknown Country website is among the oldest and largest websites, exploring questions and possible answers about mysterious topics of ‘high strangeness.’  www.unknowncountry.com
You can listen to this audio interview at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

praying mantis
Grasshopper and Praying Mantis Appearances
Cathedral City, California, USA

I had just finished your book "Reality Shifts" (and ordered "Quantum Jumps") when I visited a friend and had a long discussion about the concept of quantum jumping between universes and the Mandela Effect.  It was a lively conversation and at the end I stood up to leave, and saw a big grasshopper just outside her window, which is a very rare insect in the desert where I live.  I hadn't seen one in years, and my friend hadn't seen one in so long she was convinced it was a praying mantis.  She had to look it up online to convince herself it was actually a grasshopper. We were both startled at the appearance of a "jumping insect" right after our conversation about quantum jumps.  And were reminded of Carl Jung and his sacrab beetle incident that give birth to the concept of synchronicity.  But that's not the end of the story.  Two days later I looked down and saw a white praying mantis on the tire of my car!   Again, I hadn't seen one in over a decade.  I'm struck by the white praying mantis against the black tire, like it was saying, "You HAVE to notice me!"  They are usually good at camouflage.    Two days after that I was boarding a plane to go to a spiritual workshop and saw another grasshopper at my feet on the runway! .

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with grasshopper and praying mantis synchronicities over the course of two days--how amazing to see these insects, and in such unexpected, unlikely places!  It sounds like these sightings helped to confirm the significance of the conversations and thoughts you've been having recently about the Mandela Effect, reality shifts, and synchronicities. Thanks so much for sharing the awesome photograph, too!  You're so right about how unusual it is to see such a completely non-camouflaged praying mantis.  It really does seem to be saying, "Look at me!" I love it!


Delayed Observation of Decision
Bronx, New York, USA

Most recently, I had a problem where my Vimeo account had been mistakenly banned, allegedly because I had posted something that didn't abide by the site's guidelines.  As a result, all of my videos, comments, subscriptions and everything that went along with it, were gone just like that.  It would've been all too easy for me to just take it as a loss and move on, but instead, I decided to appeal this action.  Now, in the past, I've tried to contest things, but had little success.  Even other big sites have options to appeal an account suspension over what you feel was an erroneous decision on their part, but few people, if any at all, even get a response, never mind a bad one.  But my Vimeo account was something that I felt particularly attached to so I wasn't about to just let it go without a response or a fight of some kind.  So, I fought it, I wrote up an honest appeal and sent it to their legal department that handles those matters, and waited with bated breath for the answer, which I received on Monday. But I chose not to open the e-mail.  At least, not right away. Right after sending my appeal out, I remembered some of the things that you had talked about; things like the "Quantum Zeno Effect" and "Schrodinger's Cat" and how outcomes can still be subject to change so long as they are not being observed.  I also remember hearing about how some things can be "quantum locked," only taking a final fixed physical form when someone sees them. (That's right, I've been watching "Doctor Who"!  Thank you for that recommendation!) Well, instead of opening the e-mail response right away, I decided to meditate for a while, so that I could get my energies balanced and enter into a more positive frame of mind.  I did this to stave off any worries of "oh, who am I kidding?  They're just gonna say 'too bad, Daniel.  Rules are rules.  If you are unclear on them, then that's on you'.  Why should I get my hopes up"?  So, from Monday until Friday of that week, I meditated and tried to envision myself having my account being successfully restored.  Anyone else would've just looked at the situation and said "Daniel, they've already written their response.  If they've already sent you bad news, it's not going to just 'morph' into good news because of anything that you do at this point".  Well, that's what I had thought for most of my life too, but since starting down this quantum-themed road, I've learned to look at things differently.  So this was going to be a true test for me to be sure. Anyway, five days go by, Monday through Friday, without me checking the message from Vimeo.  The meditations had been making me feel calmer and calmer, though I still wasn't rid of the worry just yet; there still seemed the faintest possibility of me setting myself up for a let down and having to practice my rationalization of why the universe didn't favor me, and blah, blah, blah.  But I kept at it until I felt more and more at ease and until I felt the negative energy was all but out of the way.  Until finally, Friday came, I did one more meditation, with deep breaths, positive visualizations, etc. Then it was time for the moment of truth. I finally opened the e-mail response from Vimeo and after reiterating what went wrong, they told me that they went ahead and REINSTATED my account! All of my videos, and everything else that went into my account are back online just as they were before! I was super excited! It worked, Cynthia! This is the first time that I can recall where something both highly unprecedented and in my favor has happened!  That was a major accomplishment for me and, I feel, just the indicator that I needed that there really is something to this whole quantum/meditative/lucid living process.  This was about two or three months ago that this happened, and since then, my account with Vimeo has been just fine I'm happy to say.  Also since then, there have been some other experiences and synchronicities that have occurred too, but that's another e-mail.  :-D Hope you enjoyed hearing about this as much as I did recalling it!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this delightful experience with me!  I love how you recognized a golden opportunity to hold off on opening the message until you attained a state of peacefulness of mind compatible with good news--well done!  I wish more people could recognize that when we recognize how life gives us many such opportunities to bring ourselves into proper alignment with enjoying how good it can get, even 'after the decision has already been made,' it's really not too late.  And as you point out so eloquently, this has everything to do with the simple fact that we've not yet observed the answer.  I've also had experiences where I've briefly experienced an unacceptable answer, to subsequently witness it shift to something more enjoyable

Waking Up in Different Place

The two times I thought I teleported from one apartment to the other, I knew it was emotion that played a big part. I didn't like where I was going and was hurting to have to leave, so when I woke up I was in the same apartment I wanted to be at, even if I knew I already moved to another apartment. The landlady of the second apartment sent me the photo of my son that I have left there. So I really did move! Where that time is, its probably lost to my memory, in space time. I don't know.  Another example of my timeline jumping, I wanted to clean a flower vase with plastic flowers in them, as it had collected dust. I was too sleepy, and I said, “I will do it tomorrow.” I even told myself I'll use fabric conditioner like Downy to make it smell good. The next day, I woke up, and the vase had been washed and with the scent of Downy! There was nobody in the house but me and my son. And I know he didn't clean it. He was only 2 at that time. Another one, I wanted to make a herb paste to cook with and I needed a mortar and pestle. I knew my mom had one at the top part of a tall cupboard. But I wanted to go to the bathroom first. I could not hold my pee, so I went to the restroom, and lo and behold, when I came back to the kitchen the mortar and pestle were on the kitchen countertop waiting for me! I had goosebumps; I thought there was a ghost in the house. Also one time, I was walking near 711, and I wanted to consciously create. So I told myself there are infinite parallel realities all happening at the same time. And I would want to go to the one where I found money in the street. And true enough, there was 300 pesos near the doorway to 711, just as soon as I wished it. It was pitch dark and no one was there. So I said, “It's a gift from the universe!” I'm just glad there are people out there going through what I am. I'm just glad to know this world is not rock solid, and that things are malleable.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing these first-hand accounts!  I love the way you point out how you've noticed emotion playing a big part in the reality shifts and quantum jumps you've experienced.  It sounds like you are also benefiting from awareness of being part of something 'bigger than yourself' in which you remind yourself that extraordinary things are possible, and there exist many parallel possible realities within conscious reach.  I get a sense that you've been able to 'feel into' these adjacent parallel possible realities, thereby making them much more accessible to you.

Spelling Adrenaline
Redmond, Washington, USA

Do you recall adrenaline being spelled adrenalin? Adrenalin is the way I recall the word being spelled all the years until now, when even Google spells it adrenaline. I've being reading the Medical Medium books in an effort to better my health, and he talks about adrenaline quite a bit, which is what got me going with this... Interesting, yet another reality shift in the world at large.

Note from Cynthia: Yes, it's quite possible you've upleveled with this reality shift--I love that idea!  I'm intrigued that this particular word is the one word you've noticed that has changed the way it is spelled, other than the Berenstain Bears (that you remember as Berenstein Bears).  Thanks so much for sharing this!


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hi, Cynthia,
When we jump between universes, does the universe we left keep running?  Or cease to exist? Is there some kind of "prime consciousness" making these jumps?  I have trouble understanding how there could be infinite "me's" each with their own lives and awareness that I can suddenly inhabit.
— Rod

Dear Rod,
This question gets to the heart of the currently unresolved matter of which interpretation of quantum physics is correct.  Which is to say that we do not yet have a definitive answer to this question.  This having been said, I've occasionally been able to jump back and forth between at least a couple of different possible realities, and these kinds of 'flip-flopping' shifts indicate to me that each of the possible universes feels just as real as the others.  What I surmise is that the 'true reality' is the underlying consciousness that we each feel gives us a sense of what is real, and what we care about, and who we think we are--and the various possible physical realities are something like footsteps in movie frames, with each footstep into a particular physical reality corresponding with a selection at that moment of choosing to feel and believe that reality to be the truth.  And I'd guess that each universe occupied with sufficient consciousness keeps running--including aspects of our dreams and daydreams flitting away from the reality we believe we're currently inhabiting.

lots of love and thanks,
— Cynthia


I read all your articles regarding quantum jumping and reality shifters, is it really possible to change your past or change a decision which you took in past which result into a lot of bad consequences? Is there is anything in the world out there who is able to give you a second chance? If it is possible, can you explain how someone can do that.
— Pawan

Dear Pawan,
Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to say that yes, I do believe any of us can definitely witness changes to history as if things 'had always been' some new-to-us way.  With regard to influencing reality so a certain decision is different that resulted in many emotionally-felt consequences, that essentially requires a miracle.  While spiritual adepts might be able to see such results, there is as yet no 'how to' manual or recipe with simple steps that anyone can follow to achieve such results.  The reason has to do with how interwoven our consciousness and our identity is with all of our experiences and with others in our lives.  

lots of love,
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
I knew about The Mandela Effect being named because of the belief that Nelson Mandela died much earlier than "mainstream history" says, but I didn't know that some people thought that they found a book where it mentions that Mandela died in 1991. Check it out, and, also, check out some of the comments that provide some possible quantum computing explanations:
— Mark

Dear Mark,
Thanks for sharing this with me, with essays written by South African high school students, one of which includes mention of Nelson Mandela dying in 1991.  I enjoy the comments on this page, which remind me a lot of the discussions that used to happen in the "Beyond the Ordinary" on radio station KRSE on these topics at the time the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" came out in 2004.  I was interviewed by "Beyond the Ordinary" hosts Nancy Lorenz and Elena Young between 2004 and 2006, talking about reality shifts and these various concepts of parallel possible worlds. I've just posted on the comments on that page, since I see the text on page 54 has apparently already changed from what it used to be to something new—fascinating! Thanks so much for alerting me to this!

with love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
I heard your talk at Boulder Exo, and appreciate your service to humanity. It was very interesting, and I liked many of the topics you touched on. The 5G network internet of things is due to roll out by 2020. Questions:  Are you aware of this Internet of Things technology? Are you getting any guidance that may shed some light on this technology? Is it part of the AI Plan?
— Simon

Dear Simon,
Thanks for writing to me to let me know you attended and enjoyed my talk! Yes, you are correct that there is a connection between 5G and Artificial Intelligence.  The 5G network rollout is the beginning of stepped-up dependence upon Artificial Intelligence as the foundational architecture supporting the so-called 'internet of things' capable of providing 'cloud-network synergy.' Currently, I have not yet seen one cohesive 'AI plan' from humans working to develop various technologies, but rather there currently exist various isolated, relatively narrow-scope applications of AI and machine learning. At this juncture, there is not yet any Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that I know of that is seeking to create itself as a kind of central overseer and primary problem-solver for humanity.  But with the convergence of new progress in machine learning and the advent of 5G networks start to see the beginning of required conditions for such a central AI system to begin.

with love and thanks,
— Cynthia



(5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at Amazon.com, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at: http://realityshifters.com/pages/reviews.html

Real Magic

Real Magic:
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe

by Dean Radin

The History, Science, and Reality of Magic

Dean Radin emphasizes right from the start that the scientific exploration of "Real Magic" has nothing to do with trickery nor sleight-of-hand nor the occult, but truly is the real deal.  Radin defines this real deal as falling into three categories:  "mental influence of the physical world, perception of events distant in space or time, and interactions with nonphysical entities." Radin subsequently refers to these three respectively as:  force of will, divination, and theurgy.   Referencing and summarizing decades of relevant scientific research and studies, Radin describes how magic is a natural part of our daily lives and reality, accessible to us all.  Radin provides both personal first-hand experiences of extraordinary synchronicity, and dozens of pages of references and sources that provide evidence of the existence of psi.   I love how "Real Magic" is clearly organized, making it easy to read sequentially or as an excellent reference book, and I love how it contains valuable how-to tips on how readers can try their hands at remote viewing and affirmations, in clearly worded, easy-to-follow steps.   Radin describes how recent historical bias toward materialism in science has prejudiced open inclusion and discussion of psi research, providing examples of how such partiality slanted in favor of material realism has served to unfairly dismiss and at times even blacklist well-researched scientific papers that flew in the face of editorial pre-existing beliefs.   Yet despite the barely-concealed ridicule of a majority of modern-day scientists regarding the reality of psi, declassified documents from the American government's review of such programs as remote viewing (also known as a valid "information transfer anomaly") meet all recognized statistical and methodological criteria.  Indeed, Dean Radin has some intimate knowledge of government agency remote viewing projects, as he worked on Stargate, a top-secret espionage program.  "Real Magic" succeeds at achieving Radin's goal of helping to "dissolve the woo-woo taboo and its 'paranormal' baggage," as he throws down the gauntlet and challenges us to realize, "Magic is real.  Let's deal with it."  


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