Behind the Scenes at RealityShifters News: The Birth of an Ezine
by Cynthia Sue Larson
January 15, 2001


The Early Days

I started writing the monthly RealityShifters News ezine with the desire to share real-life stories of reality shifts with people around the world. I'd had many experiences in which things appeared, disappeared, transformed, and transported, and found that most people I mentioned reality shifts to (even people I'd never met before) had their own amazing reality shift stories to tell. I felt certain there must be thousands of others who'd noticed similar shifts in reality, and that people around the world were ready for a reality-shifting ezine.

I published the first issue of RealityShifters News in October 1999 by emailing the publication out to about a hundred people who had signed my web site guest book or written to me. The first issue of RealityShifters News contained the story about how I met world-renowned spoon-bender Uri Geller in person, and included many pictures of Uri bending the spoon and sprouting seeds in the palm of his hand.

You can read that first issue and all other issues of the RealityShifters News at:

Reality Shifts Web Site Moves

While it may not be true that every ezine needs a web site and vice versa, they certainly can help each other grow and develop. My reality shifts web site got its start at, where I learned some basic html coding, thanks to their excellent web page class and support people. I highly recommend ThirdAge to anyone who wishes to get started creating and maintaining their own web site, because the people are so friendly and helpful there.

By the end of 1999, I was hearing from more and more people that they had trouble remembering the lengthy URL for the thirdage web page (, so I knew it was time to select a shorter domain name and move the web site to its new home. I created in February of 2000, where it has remained ever since.

The Search for Subscribers

When I first started RealityShifters News, I was concerned about who I could send my ezine to. I signed many guestbooks, inviting people to come visit my web site and consider trying out the free monthly ezine, and personally invited hundreds of people to subscribe. I wanted to find others who had experienced reality shifts or were interested in hearing about the phenomenon, and little by little, I succeeded.

As the months passed, I discovered that I had reached a point where I could no longer manage sending out so many (over 700!) emails from my email account. In the interests of making life easier for my internet service provider, I grouped the emails into batches of one hundred at a time... but the job of handling all the adds, changes, and deletions from my mailing list was becoming overwhelming. I was grateful that so many new subscribers were joining the mailing list for RealityShifters News, but concerned that I would no longer be able to handle the volume of mail, let alone keep up with all the changes!

In June 2000, I was delighted to discover that ListBot would handle my mailing list for me, especially keeping track of all the "bounced emails" that come back after each newsletter goes out. I've been very happy with the ListBot service over the past six months -- especially considering that subscriptions have more than doubled!

Banned by Witches in Australia

Not all of my attempts to find new readers have gone smoothly. I've found that personal emails to individuals are always welcome, but there's another whole etiquette for the internet (or "netiquette") involving discussion groups.

I was thrilled to discover that discussion groups were excellent places to inform like-minded people about my newsletter, since I could find and join the groups that shared similar interests. At first I advertised my ezine with short postings on the discussion groups I already belonged to, but eventually I decided to branch out and reach people I hadn't chatted with before... and also began posting my newsletter in its entirety on several discussion boards.

I quickly found that while it's considered perfectly good nettiquette to post someone else's ezine on a discussion board, it is rarely if ever considered good practice to post one's own newsletter. I learned this the hard way, and subsequently found my ezine banned by a witches discussion group in Australia.

One of my friends who excels at putting a good spin on things insisted, "That's GREAT! You've been banned in Australia! All great thinkers get banned somewhere -- now you're on your way!"

Growing Up

The RealityShifters News is still young, and will undoubtedly continue to grow and change over the months and years ahead. I'm delighted to receive so many wonderful letters from people around the world who share their poetry, pictures, and stories. Their excellent contributions help make the RealityShifters News the inspirational and thought-provoking ezine it's grown into.

The main thing that the RealityShifters News has taught me is that anything is possible... with love.

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