The Good Thing About Going Downhill Fast
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 5, 2000

I was walking around the block near my house with my older daughter one day, when she startled me with a particularly keen observation.

I marvelled at the depth of this seemingly innocuous comment, and murmured my appreciation and agreement while I turned the idea over and over again in my mind.

How fascinating... when we walk UP a hill, we find ourselves slipping almost unconsciously backwards on our heels... and when we walk DOWN a hill, we slip forward into our toes.

I wondered if this concept had deeper significance in the realm of "going downhill fast", where we nevertheless might be feeling good to be "on our toes".

Conversely, when we "have a long uphill struggle", we discover that our weight is pushing back down as we "dig in our heels".

I like to think that we need balance in our lives. Without the experience of staying on our toes when things seem to be going downhill, we'd have much less appreciation for the times when we dig in our heels for the long uphill struggles.

Then there are some of us who enjoy those long, flat stretches, where we can walk straight for miles!

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