Macro Scale Quantum Tunneling
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 4, 2000

I have heard stories from several reputable sources of times when people have gone right through solid walls. I have a friend who tells a story about a time when he and his friends were traveling by car on a snowy evening. They had driven for many miles, and were feeling sleepy, and at some point when they were all sound asleep, the car careened off the road and ended up on the side of the road on the snowy embankment.

So far, there's nothing too remarkable about this story, except for the fact that the driver and passengers were all unharmed as they slid off the road. When the car came to a sudden stop, the friends awakened and discovered to their shock and amazement that they were now on the other side of a concrete dividing wall. They had miraculously not crashed into the wall, but instead appeared to have been transported through it.

My friend got out of the car, and walked around to survey the damage. The car appeared to be unharmed, yet my friend could clearly see that the tire skid marks began on the freeway, showing the car sliding off to the side of the road... then the stopped at the wall... to be continued sliding along on the other side of the wall!

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