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The Mars Effect
Sleepless from Seattle to Saigon
September 2, 2003
by Cynthia Sue Larson
MarsNasa's Hubble space telescope took this photo of Mars within eleven hours of planet Mars' closest approach to Earth

    Many of Earth's most sensitive healers have been noticing a very strange phenomenon over the past several weeks -- they are feeling tired and uneasy, and are awakening during the night with a sense of foreboding. Some have awoken in the early morning hours with headaches. If these challenges weren't enough, some of their family, friends, and colleagues are turning upon them with verbal and physical attacks. Energy workers and healers are requesting energetic tunings and adjustments in record numbers, as they report both physical and emotional ailments.

    Reiki Master healer Ellen Louise Kahne explains, "The eastern states of the U.S. and Canada experienced a massive power blackout of the electrical grid and this seems congruent (synergistically) related with low personal/individual energy systems. Many who are seriously ill are making transition at this time, according to remarks of hospice workers and family members who are my clients and students. Healers I have trained who work in hospice and students (Reiki practitioners and Masters) who have seriously ill relatives have been calling for Reiki, prayers, and guidance in record numbers."

        “Powerful intuitive energy healers have remarked that their boundaries were 'being crossed' and that they had experienced rude and abusive behavior patterns and were getting 'slammed' professionally (at work) and in their personal lives. ”

    Kahne elaborates, "Recently, I've been working non-stop doing Reiki healing sessions, particularly on sensitives, intuitives and healers who seem most susceptible to low energy levels and spongy boundaries at this time. The aura patterning which is presenting in normally healthy people is so low and porous in specificity that it resembles that of seriously ill cancer patients (stages 3-4) and those suffering from severe illness. The pattern reflects the defining characteristic of instability in the mental and emotional bodies and triple heater/solar plexus (chakra #3). What is presenting during Reiki sessions is low energy field dynamics, spongy boundaries -- to wit: powerful intuitive energy healers have remarked that their boundaries were 'being crossed' and that they had experienced rude and abusive behavior patterns and were getting 'slammed' professionally (at work) and in their personal lives. The abuse has taken the form of verbal, and physical abuse and even psychic attack -- which is generally unheard of in these particular sensitive, adept, spiritually guided and protected Light workers."

    "I have noted that many who are crowding to my Reiki table are complaining of and processing low immune systems, low energy, back pain, exhaustion, mood swings and irritability. Additionally, those with medically diagnosed and treated conditions such as epilepsy are having more frequent and severe seizures, diabetics are experiencing more abberant blood sugar swings, children and adults have had unexplained high fevers (103-105 F) which appear and disappear rapidly, that according to extensive professional medical lab testing obtained by several clients has not tested positive as being of any known bacterial (or viral) origin. The above patterns are appearing in multiples and multiples of multiples in my clients, students and referrals."

    "The good news is that this pattern appears to defuse and clear very rapidly for most people using empowering Reiki healing and other healing forms of energy work (e.g. Reiki, Karuna Master Healer sound healing, Qi gong, accupressure, reflexology, zero balancing, and shiatsu, et cetera). Once the energy field is cleared, each person needs awareness of the need for greater rest (and to slow down frenetic activity), to exercise daily and to take measures on all levels to de-stress, as often as necessary."

    While some of the most advanced healers have recently fallen ill, others have felt overwhelmed with fear, been treated rudely by their students, and been physically attacked by family members. Even people who aren't "morning people" and don't work with bioenergy fields are waking up in the early morning hours and feeling that somehow, everything feels different than it used to. People all around the world are wondering, "What is going on?"

    What is Going On?
    Earth's EM Field

    Ordinarily, the side of Earth facing away from the sun enjoys the benefits of feeling the maximum electromagnetic field of the Earth, as the solar wind pushes the Earth's field away from the sun, toward the night side of the Earth. These daily magnetic energy baths help us restore our auras as we bask in the Earth's extended electromagnetic field each night. During the recent close approach of planet Mars to Earth, however, the ordinarily long field lines on the Earth's night side are shortened as planet Mars' field pushes back on the Earth.

    Mars, the fourth planet from the sun, is now the closest it has been to Earth in 60,000 years. On August 27, 2003 -- the date of closest approach -- those two worlds were just 56 million kilometers apart. Astronomers call this kind of close planetary encounter a "perihelic opposition." Perihelic means Mars is near perihelion, which is its closest approach to the sun. Opposition means that the sun, Earth and Mars are in a straight line with Earth in the middle and Mars and the sun on opposite sides of the sky. When Mars is at opposition and at perihelion at the same time, it is very close to Earth. Other times in recent history that Earth and Mars have been approximately 56 million kilometers apart are: August 23, 1924; August 18, 1845; and August 13, 1766.

    Mars in Opposition

    We feel the effects of the change in the Earths electromagnetic field most keenly at night when we are on the side of the Earth that is closest to Mars. We have become accustomed to recharging our energy fields at night-time -- yet this is now the time of day that we can most clearly sense Mars' energy field infringing on what we depend upon to be our quiet healing time.

    What this means for energy workers and healers is that their usual time of rest and relaxation and restoration is being systematically interrupted. The Mars Effect was at its strongest on August 27, 2003, and will gradually fade away as Mars orbital field returns to a position farther away from the Earth. Within a couple of months, the Mars Effect and all of its associated trials and tribulations will be but a memory.

    What You Can Do

    Since the Mars Effect will continue to be quite noticeable for at least a few more weeks, it helps to know what is going on. The naturally soothing restfulness of night has been severely interrupted by the Mars Effect for those of us who are most sensitive to subtle energy fields. We can't afford to wait for Mars to move away from Earth; we need restorative energy practices right now!

    Ellen Kahne's advises,
      "Love thyself so that you can then take care of others needs to be engraved as our current motto. Take extra care to be gentle and loving in all ways with yourselves. Take extra measures to obtain healing and energy balancing, including personal empowerment for self care."

    Here are some specific things you can start doing immediately that will provide your energy field with an immediate boost:

      (1) Meditate and/or Pray Every Day
      Daily meditation and/or prayer is no longer a nicety, but is now a necessity for energy workers. The natural rest cycle you ordinarily can take for granted each night to renew you now feels destabilizing as Mars passes overhead every night. Meditation and prayer can strengthen and clear your energy field, when your intention is for this to be so.

      (2) Hug the Earth, Hug a Tree
      Now, more than ever, the energy fields of the Earth and the plants around you can help you to restore our bioenergy field. Take some time each day during the daylight hours to lay down on the Earth, or to hug a tree. You'll feel refreshed as your bioenergy field has a much-needed opportunity to recharge itself.

      (3) Establish/Re-establish Your Support Network
      The love from true friends can and will keep you going, even in these energetically troubled times. Call and visit those who always lift your spirits -- their love for you will help keep your energy field strong, as you recharge one another. Now, more than ever, you need true friends around you.

      (4) Practice QiGong
      Regular practice of any kind of energy work will help keep your energy field balanced, energized, and clear. Many forms of yoga and martial arts include some kind of QiGong, and you can add QiGong to your daily routine by becoming conscious of how your energy flows through your aura, body, and chakras.

    In addition to healing your own energy field, you can help others understand what's going on by discussing the Mars Effect with them. When you talk with friends and colleagues, you'll get a better sense of how people you know have been affected by it, and can help each other.

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