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November 19, 2004 -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

International Aura Awareness Day
November 27, 2004

BERKELEY, November 19, 2004. It's been said that true beauty comes from within, but until recently there's been no official day for honoring and acknowledging that special inner light we each have. Our shining body of light, also known as the aura, has been recognized and artistically portrayed for millennia. The aura surrounds each and every one of us and changes according to our health, mood, and character.

Cynthia Sue Larson, author of "Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success," announced today that November 27, 2004 will mark the third annual International Aura Awareness Day. Held on the fourth Saturday of November, it is the only "aura" day on the calendar. Some ways to celebrate this special day are by reading about auras, talking about auras, and practicing visualizing and feeling auras.

Auras are not just bright, colorful, and fun -- they are also our assurance of good physical, emotional, and psychological health. Medical intuitives can discern illnesses before they appear by viewing energy fields, and increasing numbers of people with life-threatening ailments are finding relief and healing through meditation and visualization. Recent medical studies have shown that distant healing that relies upon energetic rather than physical connections between people plays a significant role in people's health, even when they have life-threatening diseases like AIDS and heart disease.

Says Larson, "People often say things like, 'I'm feeling blue,' 'he's green with envy' or 'she's in the pink of health' from an intuitive awareness that our feelings rise and fall in colorful ways. Increasing public awareness about auras is a vital step towards improving global health, well-being, and peace. There is a great need at this time for building a sense of international community, and Aura Awareness Day is an excellent way to remind us that at our core, we are all energy beings."

Fun ideas for how you can celebrate this unique day can be found online at:

Aura Advantage

-- Cynthia Sue Larson

author of Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire & Attract Success

Celebrate International Aura Day
on November 27, 2004

When you shine, you light up the world!

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