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High Praise
for Cynthia Sue Larson's Books!

Fabulous author endorsements

High Energy Money

RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money
"This slim book is packed full of the most salient points
about improving one's relationship to money. Having read numerous and often voluminous
books on the subject, I can say with confidence that this one book is all you need to align
yourself with your core financial strengths. The tone of the book reflects the message:
it is inspiring, fun, practical, and straightforward: an abundant example of less being more."
    -- Julie Clayton, New Consciousness Review

Karen Kimball

"Cynthia Sue Larson tells us that she wrote the kind of book
that she always wanted to read growing up, but wasn't available.
It combines the mystery of a Nancy Drew with the metaphysical daring-do
of a Harry Potter book --- all into one. And it succeeds. This book would make
a good movie for kids of all ages. Karen Kimball, "the odd girl"
in a family of boys, has been living in the isolated world of what many
of us would term the outsider or weird one in the family. They often don't
realize the extent of their powers to transform their family unit into
something more loving or sublime, and are often resented by the rest of
the family. While the family unit is usually unconsciously aware of the
different one's ability to shake up the status quo, there is enough
awareness to understand that the strange one in the house is the one who
is the catalyst. Any yet, the "strange" Karen Kimball is beginning to be
the norm in so many families as we shift our collective energies on the
earth to a higher octave, or two! The abilities she effortlessly wields
are skills all of us are capable of, were we to (1) keep an open, unlimited
mindset, and (2) be in a state of unconditional love as much as possible."
    -- Alijandra, author of Healing with the Rainbow Rays

Aura Advantage

"AURA ADVANTAGE is an extraordinary new
resource book written by an intuitively
gifted author. Cynthia Sue Larson (whose
website is shows you
how to attract what you most desire in life by
learning about your aura and the auras of those around you.
This practical, how-to guide helps you understand what these
energy fields are and how they work. Learn to protect
yourself from psychic attacks by sensing negative energies
before they impact your energy field, discover how to feel
better by tapping into the powers of your aura, and use the
glamour of the aura to energetically enhance your physical
appearance. This would be a sublime addition to your
metaphysical resource library. I highly recommend this book
to all seekers!"
    -- Sirona Knight, Magical Blend Magazine

"Ever wondered where that missing sock went when you
last searched the clothes dryer? Thought about why those keys
you so carefully tucked into your jacket pocket suddenly disappeared
only to be found underneath the cushion of your favorite television
sofa? If so then you have experienced what Cynthia Larson calls a
Reality Shift. In her book of that title subtitled When Consciousness
Changes the Physical World, she explains in clear and unambiguous
language just what these reality shifts are, why they occur, and how
they can be used to influence and change your life for the better.
Larson even goes into how the latest ideas from quantum physics
can help us understand these shifts and most importantly believe
in them as part of our reality, not just our imagination.

No, Martha, you are not going crazy, just witnessing the reality
shift around you. I recommend this book for its clarity and for its
message of hope. Readers will be encouraged to enjoy reality shifts
both literally and in actuality-when they occur-and will be taught
how to make them happen more often."
    -- Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., National Book Award-
    winning author of Taking the Quantum Leap,
    The Spiritual Universe, Mind Into Matter,
    Matter Into Feeling, and many other books

"Cynthia Sue Larson shares the key to
energy management and chakra consciousness.
I, for one, will be integrating some of the meditations
in Aura Advantage into my daily spiritual practice.
Carefully researched and eminently readable, Aura Advantage
will change your life and expand your heart."
    -- Brenda Knight, author of Gem Magic

"In Aura Advantage, Cynthia Larson helps the reader to
recapture the simple, childlike joy that comes with regaining
natural auric sight. This book leads the reader through the amazing
adventure that comes with understanding and appreciating your
incredible aura."
    -- Joyce Keller, author of Calling All Angels and
    Seven Steps to Heaven: How to Communicate with
    Dearly Departed Loved Ones in Seven Easy Steps

"Aura Advantage is a complete and practical
guide for improving and strengthening the aura
while subsequently enhancing the quality of life!"
    -- Celeste Teal, author of Predicting Events
    with Astrology
    and Identifying Planetary Triggers

"Aura Advantage offers the reader a truly fascinating book
as well as a practical guide to working with the energy field.
I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to experience
intuitive knowing, greater vibrancy, and clearer purpose."
    -- Lynn A. Robinson, author of Compass
    of the Soul
    and Divine Intuition

"Aura Advantage is the finest book yet written
on the Aura and its ability to transform your life.
Cynthia Larson has written the 'Bible' of aura books.
It will be my personal reference book on this subject."
    -- Donald Schnell, author of The Initiation

"Cynthia Sue Larson has a precious gift to share
with you -- an amazing ability to explain, expound, and
to inspire others in her writing about extraordinary experiences
in her life. Having the gift to enter sacred dimensions of experience
that were labeled imaginal by Henri Corbin, a noted writer and Islamic
scholar, she also clearly tells us about these journeys in a manner lucid
enough to instruct others on how to reach them. In Aura Advantage,
Ms. Larson explains all about the aura -- that shining presence each of you
has surrounding you -- and what your aura tells about yourself. By the time
you finish this book, you, too, will know what auras are, how to look for
them, and be well on your way to seeing them."
    -- Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., National Book Award-winning
    author of Taking the Quantum Leap, The Spiritual
    , Mind Into Matter, Matter Into Feeling,
    and many other books

Whether her readers view the "aura" as a metaphor
or evidence of an "energy body,"
the exercises in this book are practical, empowering, and imaginative.
Cynthia Sue Larson has addressed several aspects of one's life that are
in need of internal direction and attitudinal change.
In a chaotic and unpredictable world, Aura Advantage
offers its readers grounding, inspiration, and hope.
    -- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
    Co-author Becoming Psychic and many other books

"Modern science has now addressed the problem of consciousness.
We each experience consciousness every day, in some of the myriad and
fascinating ways described in REALITY SHIFTS. But no one yet quite
understands why this is so. Speculations, theories and experiments from
quantum science have now been entered into the debate which suggest that
our world is far more mystical, complex, interactive and even humorous
than the sterile, mechanistic dogma of classical scientific thought.
Read, enjoy, be amazed, ponder REALITY SHIFTS".
    --Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., author Psychic Exploration,
    a Challenge for Science
    (1974), The Way of the
    (1996); Founder, Institute of Noetic
    Sciences (1973); Astronaut, Apollo 14 (1971)

"In REALITY SHIFTS, Cynthia Larson helps restore a sense of majesty
and wonder to our everyday world. If you think science has
explained away the magic of existence, you need seriously
to read this book."
    --Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine,
    Healing Words, and many other books

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