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Cynthia's Stories
Changing the World with Your Thoughts & Feelings

Mysterious Appearances
I've seen many things appear, seemingly out of thin air. The largest such appearance was a sundial statue that two friends and I saw one day in a location we'd never seen it before. I've also seen pieces of sausage appear in a frying pan that weren't there just a moment before, and keys appear out of thin air and fall to the ground. I have also witnessed a trail sign appear in a place I had walked just the day before, looking like it had been there for months -- yet I knew that was impossible, since I had been walking right through where it now appeared. I have also seen keys materialize seemingly out of thin air.


I attended a workshop where I noticed a man's name vanish from the conference program. I've watched a woman walking across the street from me vanish. I've picked up my photographic prints from being developed to look at the pictures, and come home to find that one of the pictures I saw was no longer in the package... nor was the negative, and yet no negatives were missing (all numbers on the strips were accounted for). I observed my 90+ year old grandmother recover from liver cancer without receiving any kind of medical treatment other than pain medication, when the tumors in her liver vanished.

I've seen a flat penny lying on my kitchen floor become bent without being touched. I've seen a coat change from smooth material to bumpy (rip-stop grids). I've seen a birdfeeder go from full to empty to full in a matter of moments, with nobody touching it. I've seen a storybook illustration change. I've seen the timer dial on my clothes dryer change. I've seen bruises, cuts, blisters, burns, and scrapes vanish in moments. I have also seen Uri Geller bend my spoon!

I once bought a magazine at the grocery store and brought it home, only to find that when I unpacked the bags of groceries, it was gone. My friends walked into their home that evening, and found my magazine lying on their bed when they walked into the room.

Changes in Time
My friend drove up out of the past one day, and my daughter had a conversation with him. While attending a Science and Consciousness conference in Albuquerque, I saw a woman enter the building... twice! One day, I felt time slow to a stop. The sounds around me dropped to a low hum, as everything around me seemed to be in a state of suspended animation.

Copyright @ 2002 by Cynthia Sue Larson, All Rights Reserved