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Reality Shifts
When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Reality Shifts
Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

Something Extraordinary is Happening...
And the Closer You Look,
the More Amazing it Gets

Have you noticed things move around mysteriously? Keys don't stay put, wallets transport to different places, and socks go missing from the laundry. This book shares stories about people who literally experience miraculous changes in their lives. A beloved, deceased pet cat is very much alive again, a baby falling headfirst toward a marble train station platform is caught in mid-air by her mother when time stands still, cancerous tumors vanish, and a man comes out of a coma completely healed.

In quantum realms, physicists have learned to expect to see various "spooky actions," after decades of observing quantum particles engaged in such strange behaviors as teleportation, traveling through solid barriers, and moving in simultaneous synchronization with particles great distances away. The big secret has been that these extraordinary shifts in reality are also expected to occur around us on a large scale... literally right in front of our eyes.

We observe reality shifts when things appear, disappear, transform or transport and when we experience changes in time. Reality shifts range from the enigmatic (missing socks and synchronicity) to the completely astonishing and mystifying (the dead seen alive again; objects appearing out of thin air; spontaneous remissions; traveling far in a very short time).

When we look for reality shifts while keeping an open mind, we experience more and more shifts in reality, rather than fewer and fewer. At this juncture, we face the extraordinary possibility that reality might not be as fixed and stable as it seems... and that our thoughts and feelings literally change the physical world.

Read Reality Shifts and learn how to:

    • Live lucidly to create a life you love
    • Positively influence the future and the past
    • Transform sabotaging beliefs into strength

Larry Dossey

"Cynthia Sue Larson helps restore a sense of majesty and wonder to our everyday world.
If you think science has explained away the magic of existence,
you need seriously to read this book."
- Larry Dossey, M.D.
best-selling author of numerous books, including The Power of Premonitions

Fred Alan Wolf

"Ever wondered where that missing sock went when you last searched the clothes dryer? Thought about why those keys you so carefully tucked into your jacket pocket suddenly disappeared only to be found underneath the cushion of your favorite television sofa? If so then you have experienced what Cynthia Sue Larson calls a Reality Shift. In her book of that title subtitled When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, she explains in clear and unambiguous language just what these reality shifts are, why they occur, and how they can be used to influence and change your life for the better. Larson even goes into how the latest ideas from quantum physics can help us understand these shifts and most importantly believe in them as part of our reality, not just our imagination."
- Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
aka Dr. Quantum in What the Bleep Do We Know

Edgar Mitchell

"Modern science has now addressed the problem of consciousness. We each experience consciousness every day, in some of the myriad and fascinating ways described in REALITY SHIFTS. But no one yet quite understands why this is so. Speculations, theories and experiments from quantum science have now been entered into the debate which suggest that our world is far more mystical, complex, interactive and even humorous than the sterile, mechanistic dogma of classical scientific thought. Read, enjoy, be amazed, ponder REALITY SHIFTS"
- Edgar Mitchell, D.Sc.
founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and sixth man to walk on the moon

Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson is an author and life coach whose favorite question in any situation is "How good can it get?" as she helps people understand how our thoughts and feelings literally change the world. Cynthia provides inspirational guidance to help people set and achieve extraordinary goals in optimal alignment with their core strengths. Cynthia practices and teaches mindfulness, meditation, and martial arts, and writes books and articles on topics of conscious living. Cynthia received a B.A. degree in physics from U.C. Berkeley and an M.B.A. degree from San Francisco State University. Cynthia's articles have appeared in magazines such as Magical Blend, Parabola, PhenomeNEWS, Psychic Reader and Well Being Journal, and she has been featured on TV and radio shows such as BBC South's "Mike's Mysteries." Her website is:

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