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Are you trying to find a specific metaphysical book -- perhaps something you read or heard about a while back, but forgot what it was? I am happy to help! Write me an email describing what you are seeking, and I will be glad to give you a recommendation or two. Write to me at:

The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life: Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru
by Bonnie Glass-Coffin

Contemporary Women Healers in Peru

Prior to THE GIFT OF LIFE, little had been written about the role women play in healing and shamanism in Northern Peru. Part of the reason for this oversight had to do with the way European colonization brought the concept of "witchcraft" to Peru, and the fact that Peruvian women who practiced traditional healing arts were frequently beaten and tortured until they confessed to standard European-style "witchcraft" practices. Author Bonnie Glass-Coffin was trained as an anthropologist, so she knew that women have historically played a large part in shamanism from looking at the ancient sculptures of the Moche and Chimu, which both portray women involved in healing arts. With the intention to find and interview modern-day women shamans in Peru, Glass-Coffin set out to do exactly that. Bonnie Glass-Coffin shares the stories from five female curanderas (shamans) she met with between April 1988 and September 1989. Her extraordinary book, THE GIFT OF LIFE, describes the daily life of these female curanderas and the story of how they became healers, and includes black and white photographs of their mesas (curing altars) and healing herbs (plants such as the San Pedro cactus). Glass-Coffin's background in anthropology and her accounts of her experiences living in Peru as she grew up give this book a unique feeling of personal relevance and social perspective. I was impressed that THE GIFT OF LIFE does not shy away from describing the ways curanderas have used their spiritual powers on some occasions for sorcery. Glass-Coffin describes "dano" as intended harm by sorcery, and tells stories and includes pictures of how Peruvians have discovered and dealt with the harmful magic of others. She also describes some of the differences between male and female healers in Peru -- such as the way female curanderas tend to involve patients more directly in their healing. I was also impressed that Glass-Coffin described her own personal involvement being healed by curanderas, giving this book tremendous warmth. The first-hand accounts of what it feels like to suffer as the recipient of a dano help the reader better understand the way our thoughts and feelings affect one another. I give this book my highest recommendation to anyone who is interested in ancient traditional ways of healing, wishes to know what is unique about women healers, and is intrigued by reading stories about how our thoughts and feelings affect others.


Protected by the Light: The Complete Book of Psychic Self Defense
by Bruce Goldberg

Excellent Psychic Protection Handbook

It's said that every day we are exposed to psychic attacks. The incoming negativity can contribute to illnesses, accidents, and all sorts of "bad luck". If you have felt loss of strength and energy, depression, dullness of the mind and senses, pains in your body, quick temper, loss of appetite.... you might have experienced a psychic attack. Dr. Bruce Goldberg explains how the vast majority of psychic attacks come from general negativity in the universe (such as from news stories and advertisements), and the next most common cause of psychic attack (about 7%) is from discarnate entities, or ghosts. About 3% of psychic attacks are intentionally caused by people, and less than 1% is attributable to demonic entities. Dr. Goldberg believes that all suicides are the result of psychic attacks. Fortunately, there are things we can do to protect ourselves and those we love from this barrage of negativity! Just as we can keep our skin clean and strong to defend our physical body from bacterial infection, Goldberg asserts that we can prevent the piercing of our aura using the techniques he outlines in this book. There is one chapter containing basic techniques and another with advanced techniques for psychic self-defense. Dr. Goldberg's experience with 11,000 hypnotherapy clients over 24 years led to his writing this book -- which is the most thorough treatment of the subject of psychic self-defense I've ever seen. This book is useful for anyone interested in maintaining their health and sanity as they expand their psychic awareness... or anyone interested in a deeper understanding of what's going on. I highly recommend this book!

Self-Aware Universe

The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World
by Amit Goswami

Seeing Into the Cosmic Mind

Amit Goswami invites us to suppose, for a moment, that our universe is self-aware. Next, let's imagine how this very consciousness of the universe creates the physical world around us. Goswami further asserts that we are all part of THE SELF-AWARE UNIVERSE, and shows us how to lift the veil of material monism that tends to obstruct our ability to peer into the cosmic mind. Goswami utilizes findings from recent experiments in quantum physics to provide ample evidence of his assertion that old assumptions based on material monism are out-dated and no longer valid. Goswami points out that: we live in a non-local universe, where everything is interconnected to everything else at the most fundamental level; we cannot hope to observe anything without affecting what we are observing; we can only predict the outcome of events in probabilities (not certainties); and there is something much more to this universe than just the matter and energy we can measure. With a brilliant mind and warm heart, Goswami guides the reader on a wonderful journey. We discover objects that exist in two places at once, effects that precede their causes, the implications of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox and the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment, and the fascinating world of paradoxes and tangled hierarchies. At the end of this journey, we find ourselves wondering who we truly are. Goswami writes, "the self of our self-reference is due to a tangled hierarchy, but our consciousness is the consciousness of our Being that is beyond the subject-object split. There is no other source of consciousness in the universe. The self of self-reference and the consciousness of the original consciousness, together, make what we call self-consciousness." I highly recommend this enchanting book!

Excuse Me

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting
by Lynn Grabhorn
Turn Your Life Around For the Better -- Right Now!

Lynn Grabhorn answers the age-old question, "What makes our lives turn out the way they do?" with a surprisingly simple answer... it's all in the way we FEEEEEL! We've been taught backwards -- we've learned to forcefully push forward like the Lone Ranger riding off at full gallop to get what we want in life. This lone ranger approach usually serves to exhaust us while making little headway into bringing the things we wish we had to us (such as good health, a loving home, fulfilling relationships, rewarding work, and money). "Yes, yes", you may reply, "That all sounds great, but I've tried similar things before, and never noticed a difference". You'll be glad to know that EXCUSE ME, YOUR LIFE IS WAITING is written just for you! It's packed with pointers for how to break through your own unique barriers to a life of well-being, as well as real-life examples of what a difference our feelings make based on Grabhorn's own fascinating life story. What makes Grabhorn's book so compelling is that she describes the tale of her own transformation. Grabhorn was once proficient at making things happen with hard work, perspiration, and ever-vigilant worry -- and has become a woman who starts out by feeling love and appreciation, and who has now become healthy and prosperous in every way. How fast can you expect to see results? Grabhorn outlines a 30 day program, by which she changed her own life from focusing on energy-draining feelings to flip-switching over to appreciate the good things in life. All we have to do is follow the four main steps: identify what we don't want, identify what we DO want, find the feeling place of our want, and expect the universe to deliver.

Elegant Universe

The Elegant Universe
by Brian Greene

A Feast of a Book!

This book is a sheer delight to read! Brian Greene's clarity of thinking and joy of exploring the quest for the ultimate physics theory come clearly through as he describes how superstrings just might be the "common thread" that runs through this universe from the tiniest quantum bits to the largest relativistic bodies. Are you curious to know how all these dimensions can exist in our universe unseen? Greene brilliantly describes memorable analogies (such as an ant seen from a distance to be walking along on a garden hose) that give readers a clear sense of what hidden curled dimensions might feel like... and he writes about physics with such grace and style! If you've hungered to know how to better understand hidden dimensions and superstrings, this book is guaranteed to first pique and then satisfy your appetite.

To Be Healed

To Be Healed By The Earth
by Warren Grossman

Miraculous Healing from Earth Energy

Warren Grossman has written a masterpiece in TO BE HEALED BY THE EARTH. His deceptively simple book touches my heart so deeply that I find tears of love and joy spontaneously welling up in my eyes as I read it. Grossman's loving view of this world shines right through every word of this beautifully illustrated book, as he describes how to: feel and share energy with Nature, feel more Love in one's life, develop one's skills as a Healer, and do a most remarkable set of Exercises. Grossman begins TO BE HEALED BY THE EARTH by describing how he returned home early from a vacation to Brazil in 1987 feeling desperately ill. His doctor told him a parasite had laid its eggs in his liver and he had one week left to live... and sent him home to die. Instead of dying, Grossman felt inspired to lie down on the Earth every day, which began a transformation within him. When he found himself healthy again, he noticed he was seeing light coming from all living organisms -- including in his psychotherapy patients. I began to practice some of the exercises with some trepidation, since I have allergies and many pollens were blowing about this spring. I found much to my surprise that my allergies and asthma vanished completely as I practiced these exercises on a daily basis... and this was in the height of one of the worst allergy seasons ever! I give this book my highest recommendation to anyone interested in improving their skills as a healer, as well as to anyone who simply wishes they had more energy, better health, and/or a more loving relationship with others in their life.

Hello From Heaven

Hello From Heaven
by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim

They Talk to Dead People

Have you ever wondered if we will be able to talk to our friends and family when we die? Judy and Bill Guggenheim answer this question from the point of view of people who assert that their loved ones have died and then contacted them after death. The Guggenheims present an amazingly convincing case that consciousness continues after death, and that such communications happen frequently. HELLO FROM HEAVEN is packed with amazing stories of ordinary people who have received unmistakable messages from their deceased loved ones, sometimes many years after death. Bill and Judy have done a superlative job of compiling the most comprehensive and organized collection of After Death Communications (ADCs) that I have ever seen in one book. After collecting more than 3,300 first-hand accounts of ADCs, the Guggenheims discovered that the dead can contact us with fragrances, touch, appearances, visions, dreams, rainbows, butterflies, and even the occasional phone call. These communications often contain reassurances that the deceased are doing very well, and need not be worried about. They can also provide help to the living, such as averting suicides. HELLO FROM HEAVEN provides great solace to those who have lost loved ones or have concerns about dying, since it is brimming with real-life, first-hand accounts of communications between the living and dead. For anyone who has seen or heard the dead and thought, "I must be imagining things - that couldn't have happened", this book also provides reassurance that you're not going crazy. Love is eternal.

Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See
by Donald David Hoffman

Visual process as active construction

We construct our visual and perceptual experience of objects by touch, taste, smell, sound and sight -- or as cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman writes in VISUAL INTELLIGENCE, "... to experience is to construct, in each modality and without exception". Hoffman sets forth an extremely detailed and convincing explanation to support this assertion, and in the process takes us on a journey through the rules of visual intelligence. Many of us know that we construct each curve or surface we see, since the rods and cones inside our eyes use discrete pixel-like "dots" that can only approximate the images we perceive... but I didn't realize until I read this book how powerfully our visual interpretations affect our emotional responses.

Honoring the Hermit

Honoring the Hermit: Seeing Through the Illusion of Separateness
by Rebecca A. Holdorf

How to live a soulful life

This thoughtful book illuminates the ways we can attain a more spiritual perspective in our lives, by pointing out the differences between ego (I-ness) and spirit (We-ness). Author Rebecca Holdorf explains that the Hermit is "the Wise One isolated by choice who speaks only when properly addressed: when the mind is silent." Holdorf shares relevant stories from her life as she addresses some of the big questions, such as: the search for meaning in life; increasing awareness of ourselves; relating to others; and such soulful abstractions as truth, beauty, love, compassion and freedom. What I love most about HONORING THE HERMIT is the way it brings clarity to the matter of how to be a soulful individual, honoring both one's own life path and all life, everywhere. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the interaction between self and spirit.


SOUL RETRIEVAL: Mending the Fragmented Self
by Sandra Ingerman

How to Bring Back Lost & Stolen Soul Fragments

Author Sandra Ingerman shares ancient soul-retrieval practices in very down-to-Earth terms in her pioneering book, SOUL RETRIEVAL. While the requirements for doing successful shamanistic healing are simple (requiring crystal-clear intention and complete faith in spiritual assistance), many of us raised within modern-day Western society are likely to face our own inner skepticism that this method of healing can be effective. Ingerman masterfully addresses this and other common pitfalls, as it takes the reader on a journey of rescuing soul fragments from one's past. We often become physically ill following loss of soul or diminishment of essential spiritual energy, so soul retrieval is a healing art for one's entire being. Ingerman explains, "If the soul totally vacates the patient, the patient will die. It follows that, if the shaman can retrieve the lost soul parts, the individual can be restored to harmony and well-being. This retrieval is done by the shaman in an altered state of consciousness." SOUL RETRIEVAL contains case studies of Ingerman's involvement with numerous patients who have requested her assistance, as well as fascinating historical background on the ancient shamanic art of soul retrieval. Those who have undergone soul retrieval therapy claim as the author herself asserts, "Having my own lost soul parts restored to me brought me back to a place of wholeness. I experienced the fullness of life and a joy that I had not been sure I would ever feel again." I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in healing, shamanism, psychology, or consciousness.

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