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Excellent Metaphysical Books

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Are you trying to find a specific metaphysical book -- perhaps something you read or heard about a while back, but forgot what it was? I am happy to help! Write me an email describing what you are seeking, and I will be glad to give you a recommendation or two. Write to me at:


Shape Shifters: Shaman Women in Contemporary Society
by Michele Jamal

Fourteen Uplifting Biographies in One Book!

Each of the fourteen SHAPE SHIFTERS in this book is a woman shaman who sets a living example of health, balance, and integrity. These stories are uplifting, since most of these women experienced very deep trauma at some time in their lives from which they emerged stronger, wiser, and with gifts (such as healing, creativity, enhanced multisensory perception, and other psychic talents). There is a resurgence now of shamanic women, who typically were aware from childhood of a subtle world of energy that became increasingly important in their lives as they matured. You may have heard of some of the women interviewed for this book; they include Joan Halifax, Lynn Andrews, Luisah Teish, Tsultrim Allione, Rowena Pattee, Ruth-Inge Heinze, Larissa Vilenskaya, Petey Stevens, Vicki Noble, Starhawk, J. Ruth Strock, Sandy Ingerman, Susan Eger Valadez, and Brooke Medicine Eagle. Author Michele Jamal selected these women as modern-day examples of living a shamanic life in order to share both their inspirational stories and the underlying goal of helping to change a destructive global direction to one that is life oriented, while we still have time and space to do so. I love this book so much that I keep coming back to read it again, and I give it my highest recommendation!

Manifesting 101

Manifesting 101 & Beyond: Essays & Tools for Creating
by Susan James

Creating Your Ideal Life With Love and Joy

MANIFESTING 101 is a collection of uplifting short essays that are as easy, fun, and entertaining to read as they are informative. Susan James and six contributors (William Wayne Barnes, Kristen Fox, Tom Haskins, Carol James, Jeri Noble, and John Welsh) share their personal accounts and tips of how they create their lives out of love and joy, rather than feelings of constant struggle and a sensation of being overwhelmed. James provides playful tools for mastering the requisite skills of reality creation, such as focusing on one's desire for at least seventeen seconds (try writing out it three times with your non-dominant hand). Going beyond the "law of attraction" whereby the universe brings more of what resonates with what we are emoting right to us, MANIFESTING 101 moves on to cover the "laws of allowing", and "laws of deliberate creation". Can we bring anything we truly desire into our lives? The answer is a resounding, "YES!" when we choose to feel good FIRST, and then allow the universe's generous gifts to stream into our lives. I especially enjoy reading the personal accounts of manifestation in MANIFESTING 101. These true stories provide heart-warming and often humorous descriptions of how we can all learn to get out of our own way when we are creating lives we love. This is more than just an excellent book to read, it's a book you'll be glad to live your life by!

Mind Power

Mind Power Into the 21st Century
by John Kehoe

An Essential Manifestation Primer

What would your life be like if all those annoying obstacles and problems were cleared away, and you could be and do anything you most desired? John Kehoe asserts that when we spend just five minutes a day, each and every day, concentrating on how that's a done deal and feeling our joy at our accomplishments, this will indeed be true! As Kehoe succinctly states, "Consciousness creates reality, and you create consciousness." MIND POWER is so clear and straightforward that you can read it in a day, and then come back to review the exercises in each chapter as you work on refining your mind power skills. Kehoe's book is chock-full of creative insights into how you can see your unconscious patterns of thoughts at work, and begin to turn your life around by changing what and how you think. Kehoe explains how good health, a successful career, exciting vacations, a beautiful home and rewarding personal relationships are just a few of the things you can bring into your life by mastering MIND POWER techniques. One of the clearest examples of how Kehoe elucidates the otherwise complex subject of how we create reality with consciousness is the way he describes prosperity consciousness. Kehoe isolates the four main prosperity beliefs, and outlines them so clearly that the reader's own path to prosperity shines like a road paved with gold! (It's an abundant universe, life is fun and rewarding, there are staggering numbers of opportunities in every aspect of my life, and it is my responsibility to be successful.) Kehoe reminds us, "Every person is a star". After reading MIND POWER, I FEEL like a star!

Evolving Human

The Evolving Human
by Penny Kelly

A Bright Path Through the Forest of Kundalini Awakening

THE EVOLVING HUMAN is a fascinating account of Penny Kelly's kundalini awakening in 1979. I love the way Kelly shares the full breadth and depth of her highly personal experience, and the way she describes the many varied effects of kundalini (such as heightened sensory and extra-sensory awareness). In sequential fashion, Kelly tells the story of how she first entered the realm of "I AM" knowingness, and how she gradually began to feel and appreciate the way her kundalini experience sensitized her to the world. Little by little, Kelly found herself learning to use the great power and wisdom conferred by kundalini, even as her rational mind continued to search for answers and a deep understanding of what had happened to her. In addition to providing a personal record of kundalini awakening, THE EVOLVING HUMAN also has a series of appendixes which provide a description of the stages of human spiritual evolution, and some useful pointers for analyzing dreams, and improving one's telepathic skills. In one of the most fascinating parts of this book, Kelly describes how she lived through a period of time in which she felt herself living out two future paths along with her normal day-to-day life. One was much "safer" yet ultimately less satisfying, while the other was more true to living up to her full spiritual potential. She chose the path of fulfilling her potential, and I am certain that the world is a much better place for it! Kelly now lives at Lily Hill Farm in Michigan, where she teaches classes about developing intuition as she works in the gardens, barns, and kitchens. THE EVOLVING HUMAN began as a series of hand-outs for these classes, and due to popular demand grew into this beautiful book. My kundalini awakening took place in 1994, and many things Kelly describes in THE EVOLVING HUMAN remind me of experiences I've lived through. How wonderful it is to have this book at one's side, as reassurance that kundalini is a normal part of the process of human spiritual evolution. I give this book my highest recommendation for anyone who wishes to better understand how the kundalini experience transforms one's life.

Elves of Lily Hill Farm

The Elves of Lily Hill Farm
by Penny Kelly

Discovering a Universe of Intelligent, Creative Life Forms

What if we humans are not the only sentient beings in the universe, and some of those intelligent life forms are right here on Earth at this very moment? Penny Kelly addresses this question and others in her absorbing book, THE ELVES OF LILY HILL FARM. This is the story of how she met and learned to work with and trust the elves and nature spirits on her organic farm in order to succeed in her goal of harvesting 100 tons of grapes in a season -- a truly spectacular yield. From Penny's first encounters with elves and devas (whom she sketches at the back of her book) to her discussions with vines, weeds, and various marauding animal nuisances -- the reader gains a sense of what it feels like to be in communication with the vast variety of intelligent life around us every day. Is it possible to communicate with the plants and animals around us? Absolutely. Is this communication a one-way street? Hopefully not! Kelly's tale inspired me to pay more attention to the way I interact with the intelligent life all around me -- being a bit more conscious to listen instead of just commanding orders of what I expect to occur. I especially loved reading the comments and questions the elves posed for Penny -- including such deceptively simple queries such as, "How is it ye choose among the activities that come before ye?" The insights Penny gained as she found a way towards achieving balance in her life are valuable to us all, whether or not we are raising organic produce.


The Power of Hope: The One Essential of Life and Love
by Maurice Lamm

A powerful, essential book

This is simply a wonderful book! I love the way it points out the value of adversity in our lives that is so often overlooked, finding hope in the darkest nights of our souls. Yes, even when things seem to be going terribly, terribly wrong... there is tremendous value in finding the gifts that Hope brings us in these trying times. One of the greatest powers of Hope is that it gives us the courage to open our eyes and see our lives clearly when crises appear. It does this by helping us grow in ways we could never have guessed. Hope also helps us by allowing us to find and feel compassion for ourself and others... and by leading us to spiritual awakening. Lamm draws on his lifetime of work as a religious counselor serving all faiths to present fascinating true stories of the power of hope in people's lives. It helps that some of Lamm's friends are fascinating people, too -- like Alan Alda, Nobel prize-winner Elie Wiesel, author Harold Kushner, and Shari Lewis! I especially love Lamm's ten point plan that turns hope into reality... he clearly describes in practical terms the things we can do to have the courage to live true to our inspiration and dreams.

Capturing the Aura

Capturing the Aura: Integrating Science, Technology & Metaphysics
by C.E. Lindgren

Mapping the Human Aura

Contributing author Julia Melges Jablonski writes in CAPTURING THE AURA, "Traditional science typically stands at the edge of the known world and tries to move into new territory using 'maps' of the already-conquered territory as guides. This scientific approach tends to blind them to the potential scope of the vast unknown territory ahead. Non-traditional researchers, inventors, and thinkers, on the other hand, tend to use a 'plane' to fly into the wilderness and then work their way back, and in the process, they create the maps for the less daring to follow after them." Our knowledge of the human aura, subtle energy bodies, nadis, chakras, and acupuncture meridians has historically resided primarily with those guides we entrust to inform us: energy healers, shamans, lightworkers, mystics, priests, and others. Only in relatively recent years has modern-day technology allowed everyday people to begin to view the aura in much the same way that these spiritual masters have been seeing it for years. CAPTURING THE AURA describes a variety of imaging techniques, such as kirlian photography, full-body imaging, and interactive imaging, as well as providing useful information about auric sight, breath techniques, qi, and the emotions that accompany various auric colors. What I love most about CAPTURING THE AURA is the way the contributing authors each share their own areas of experience after they've "flown their planes into the wilderness and worked their way back" -- thereby providing readers with invaluable maps we can put together into a bigger picture. This book contains one of the best compilations of modern-day knowledge concerning seeing and understanding the human aura with contributions from: C.E. Lindgren, Blythe Arakawa, Jacques Beauchamp, Robert Bruce, Fritjof Capra, Guy Coggins, Ruby K. Corder, Janice Dye, Gerald Owen Grow, Arnold Keyserling, Ralph Losey, William T. McClellan, Rosalee Elizabeth McCurdy, Susana Madden, Andrine Morse, Buryl Payne, Margo von Phul, Chip Weston, and Richard Bernard Wigley.

Radical Reality
by W. Robynne McWayne

The Ultimate Reality Resides in Consciousness Itself

If you've been looking for a book that explains how what you think affects everything around you from a down-to-earth yet science-based point of view -- look no further! McWayne's playful mind imbues RADICAL REALITY with zesty physics concepts served up with generous helpings of humor and practical applications in daily life. Starting from the basic premises with which quantum physics rocked the world and moving forward to psychological implications of how the world changes as we change the way we view it, this anesthesiologist-turned-science-teacher drives her message home: you can make anything happen! McWayne describes consciousness as being "not only implied by the equations for how the universe works", but also as being, "the transcendent multidimensional source and substance of the universe itself." If this concept is new to you, you'll find RADICAL REALITY to be a wonderful adventure, and if you already are familiar with both physics and consciousness, chances are good that you'll find this book to be scrumptious food for thought.


The Secret Teachings of the Espiritistas: Unraveling the Enigma of Psychic Surgery
by Harvey J. Martin

Inspirational accounts of divine healing

THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE ESPIRITISTAS is a feast of information for anyone interested in the truth behind the legend of psychic surgery in the Philippines and Brazil. Harvey Martin does an excellent job of addressing the controversial aspects of this ancient healing art, and presenting readers with Shirley MacLaine's description of what it felt like to perform psychic surgery as her hand was guided by psychic surgeon Alex Orbito inside the abdomen of a patient. MacLaine describes the sensation as feeling dreamlike, "as though I had plunged my hand into a warm mist". Martin describes some details of the Filipino Espiritistas that have never before been written about anywhere. The Espiritistas believe that divine intervention is available to everyone (regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs), and that it is this spiritual nature within each and every one of us that links us to each other, and to the divine. This book is at its best when describing the beliefs and daily practices of psychic surgeons, such as Alex Orbito, who has changed the lives of thousands of people (including Shirley MacLaine) as he practices his divine healing art. As Reverend Alex Orbito says, "I never feel anything physical. The body is only thought. It is only what we imagine it to be." If you're ready to challenge the assumptions of reality you were raised with, I highly recommend this book!

Merlin's Message

Merlin's Message: Reawakening and Remembering
by Marelin the Magician

A wonderful little book!

This lovely book is highly empowering! It is a priceless reminder of who we truly are, from the vantage point of seeing ourselves as being wizards who playfully create our lives interactively. As Marelin the Magician writes, "Nothing happens to you; everything happens through you". This book is truly a pocketbook; it fits in my pocket so I can carry it along and read it when I'm traveling. I find it highly uplifting every time I need an extra boost of good cheer, since every page is full of positive affirmations and optimistic statements. I love the way this book reminds us to live our dreams -- I highly recommend it!

Eyes of Sophia

Eyes of Sophia: A Dream Come True
by Donna May & Alan Chien

Learn How to Live a Dream-Come-True

This book is a deliciously suspenseful true love story that describes how Donna May met the man of her dreams, Alan Chien. While we know from the start where this love story will end, we don't know how two people from such different walks of life who don't know one another can recognize each other after their first chance meeting. Told alternately from Donna's and Alan's point of view, this story demonstrates the way synchronicity operates in real life. Donna enters the story as an experienced healer, energy worker, and dream interpreter who is learning to better understand how to communicate with spirit. Alan just begins to discover these things as he witnesses first-hand the way Donna's waking dreams have real-life significance, and begins to find meaning in coincidental happenings in his life as well. Both Donna and Alan discover a deeper sense of love and connection between each other and all that is, as they learn to trust their hearts and spirits to guide their lives. When I meet couples for the first time, I almost always ask them, "How did you two get together?", because I love to glimpse the way the spirit behind physical things pulls us closer to those we need at just the right time in our life. "Eyes of Sophia" shares these gifts of spirit with us as it opens and reveals a world of interpreting dream symbols, physical pain in our bodies, coincidences and synchronicities. This book shows how even the occasional disappointments and set-backs along the way have meaning, and are part of the grand design of life. I love the way this book effectively demonstrates how the more closely we observe the details (names, articles, dates, songs), the more meaningful our own life story can become. Donna May and Alan Chien's autobiographical tale is exactly the kind of sign-post people need to find the spiritual meaning behind coincidences in their lives, and learn how to live a dream-come-true.

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