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Are you trying to find a specific metaphysical book -- perhaps something you read or heard about a while back, but forgot what it was? I am happy to help! Write me an email describing what you are seeking, and I will be glad to give you a recommendation or two. Write to me at:

The PK Man

The PK Man: A True Story of Mind-Over-Matter
by Jeffrey Mishlove, John E. Mack

The Biography of a Psychokinetic Master

I was enthralled to read this remarkable true life story of Ted Owens, also known as "The PK Man". Ted Owens achieved great fame and notoriety in the 1970's for accurately predicting numerous earthquakes, vehicle crashes (including the space shuttle Challenger), weather changes, sporting event outcomes, UFO appearances, and power outages, among other things. Ted considered himself to have psychokinetic (PK) abilities conferred upon him by what he called "the space intelligences", although he often had difficulty convincing skeptical journalists and scientists of his powers. I love the way Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove methodically examines each example of Ted Owens' PK demonstrations in THE PK MAN, in order to determine the validity of Mr. Owens' claim that he was using psychokinetic (not precognitive or clairvoyant) powers. While Ted's PK powers were not 100% fool-proof, many of his predictions for unlikely events (such as a drought in Florida in the rainy season) came true, and his mere presence often seemed to trigger earth-changing events (such as the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens). THE PK MAN fascinated me with its colorful descriptions of UFO manifestations, Ted Owen's vengeful PK attacks on those who doubted and discredited him, and the highlights from Ted Owens' PK training classes. Ted Owens' hypnotic trance suggestions were designed to greatly increase one's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual (including psychokinetic) powers... as well as help people contact extra-terrestrials... and they are included in their entirety in a chapter towards the end of the book.

Way of Explorer

The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut's Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds
by Edgar Mitchell and Dwight Williams

Exploring Invisible Realities

Edgar Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1972, as he began a quest for common ground between science and spirit following his life-altering experience of walking on the surface of the moon. Mitchell's autobiographical book THE WAY OF THE EXPLORER describes in thrilling detail his experiences with the Apollo missions, as well as his subsequent exploration of the fields of consciousness and paranormal phenomenon. Mitchell's heart-warming accounts of his feelings as he walked on the moon, and then traveled back through space to see how “the heavens and earth tumbled alternately in and out of view in the small capsule window” are gracefully combined with his insightful observations of the nature of consciousness and reality. We can all benefit from experiencing the Earth as Mitchell does... as one planet interconnected with each and every one of us. I was so moved by what Mitchell wrote about seeing Uri Geller bend spoons and bring lost objects across space and time that it inspired me to see Geller bend one of my (very SOLID stainless steel spoons) in person in October 1999. I love this book's timeless wisdom, beauty, and depth so much that I return to it again and again. It's a powerful book that touches my heart and greatly inspires me!

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing
by Dr. Judith Orloff

A Psychic Doctor's Five Steps to Improved Intuition

With warmth, humor, and poignant examples from her own life, Dr. Orloff presents a rational case for the value of intuition, by describing five easy steps to follow for paying attention to our beliefs, body, subtle energy, inner guidance and dreams. Many of us receive early warning signs of troubled relationships and problems with our health, yet find it difficult to recognize and heed the wisdom we have access to. If you've ever wondered how to differentiate between hearing true inner guidance and suffering from an over-active imagination, this book is for you! Orloff also provides invaluable tips for how to get clear intuitive "reads" in the most trying times and challenging situations. One of the things that impressed me most about INTUITIVE HEALING is Orloff's courage to present the advantages of psychic intuition directly to the medical community, in a culture that historically has denigrated all things psychic. Orloff builds a crystal-clear case for the value of intuition, which often is the best (and sometimes the only) source of accurate and timely information in life-or-death situations. Orloff describes how we need not fear death, but can learn to access tremendous reserves of strength by welcoming the energy of death into our lives and learning to better understand death on an intuitive level. INTUITIVE HEALING is priceless for anyone in need of medical care, and equally valuable to those who simply desire to develop intuitive abilities. I give this book my highest recommendation!


Illuminations: Visions for Change, Growth and Self-Acceptance
by Stephen C. Paul, Gary Max Collins (Illustrator)

This book is worth its weight in gold!

ILLUMINATIONS is 96 pages of inspired, joyous, loving insights. Each page contains a postage stamp sized abstract illustration accompanying a poetic affirmation which is only one or two sentences in length. This may not seem like much, but I just adore this book for its simple directness! I keep this book near where I work, and give myself a treat by simply opening it to some random page -- it's better than getting a fortune from a fortune cookie! As I do that right now, I read, "It's easier to pretend that you don't know what to do than to do what you need to do. You know what to do."

Wishing Well

Wishing Well: Making Your Every Wish Come True
by Paul Pearsall

Getting to the Heart of Wishing

Dr. Pearsall's book shows how to find greater success with our "wishful thinking" by taking stock of our heart-head tendencies (using a head-heart inventory self-test). The idea is to learn to "cardiocontemplate", as Paul Pearsall playfully puts it, in order that our heart can "have its way rather than allowing your brain to busy you with trying to get its way". Pearsall describes the characteristics of mature wishers as being persistently patient, harmoniously connected, pleasantly agreeable, modestly humble, and kindly tender -- in other words, loving in five different ways. One of my favorite sections in Pearsall's book is his concept of the "Wish Star", where we can focus on the five key domains of what we are wishing for -- such as serenity, compassion, meaning, purpose, and delight (along with the darker realms of turmoil, loneliness, despair, stagnation, and disillusionment). This book is full of fascinating information, and it even comes with a CD-ROM wish training program for Windows!


Shapeshifting: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation
by John M. Perkins

Anything is Possible

SHAPESHIFTING is a real gem! Author John Perkins takes us with him on an amazing journey to comprehend the methods used by shamen around the world to vanish and reappear, transform into plants and animals, heal seemingly inoperable medical conditions, and travel through space and time. He tells fascinating stories of how he overcame his initial skepticism and doubt to became one with a chair, transform herbs into a newspaper, and travel through time and space as a blue ball of light. Perkins describes a method for discerning between creating something of lasting value (dream), and creating something of transitory relevance (fantasy). SHAPESHIFTING also details a powerful technique for taking a dream that you wish to manifest, focusing on it with your mind and heart, energizing it, and releasing it. Perkins explains that with energy, belief, and intent... anything is possible.

Spirit of the Shuar

Spirit of the Shuar
by John M. Perkins and Chumpi

Spell-binding Wisdom from Amazonian Shapeshifters

My hopes were very high when I began reading SPIRIT OF THE SHUAR, because I've read and loved other books by John Perkins. I was surprised and delighted to find that this book far surpassed all my expectations! I found it to be especially intriguing, because it was written in large part by the Shuar themselves. The Shuar share their wisdom about how they dream the world, talk with the dead, balance the needs of men and women, keep peace and wage war, practice the ancient art of shamanic journeying, and learn from the sacred teacher plants (ayahuasca, datura, chicha, and tobacco) in the Amazon jungle they inhabit. The Shuar tell their legends and personal stories about living in the jungle in this book in such a conversational style that I feel I am sitting among them. After reading this book, I feel I can understand why people take psychotropic plants in order to better understand their unique place in this world. I also find myself feeling deeply touched by the way the Shuar have long reached out to others in different societies to form special bonds of friendship and cooperation. The obvious sincerity with which the Shuar express themselves comes shining through in this book. It is quite convincing to me and helps open my mind to every topic they discuss, even subjects that surprise me, such as: head-hunting, marital relationships, or how they share wisdom from the teaching plants with their hunting dogs and children. Anyone interested in indigenous wisdom, different ways of living, or shapeshifting will definitely be fascinated by this excellent book by John Perkins and Shuar shapeshifter Chumpi. SPIRIT OF THE SHUAR is a masterpiece that lives on in one's heart for a lifetime.

The World is as You Dream It

The World is as You Dream It
by John Perkins

To Create a New World, We Must Create a New Dream

John Perkins' book, THE WORLD IS AS YOU DREAM IT is one of those rare books that tells a riveting story at the same time as it provides deep insights into what makes us who we are and the world what it is. I was so riveted to this book that I couldn't put it down for a second until I finished reading it. The big idea in THE WORLD IS AS YOU DREAM IT is outlined by shamans in Ecuador who describe to Perkins the difference between living one's fantasies and living one's dream -- and how this difference has enormous personal and global repercussions. Healing involves changing one's dream; replacing a dream of illness with one of health. As one shaman tells Perkins, "I don't heal. I simply help them change their dream." Perkins has been bringing people to learn from native shamans for many years -- living true to a desire he had since childhood to see indigenous peoples teach westerners their ways, and in so doing, change the course of history. Shamans have a strong need to change things, and Perkins does a fabulous job of describing some of his experiences visiting native shamans in Ecuador who demonstrate their healing and psychonavigation skills. A doctor who was part of Perkins' group was certain she died after ingesting ayahuasca (also known as "vine of the soul", or "vine of death") -- and she was also certain that a Shuar shaman brought her back to a healthy body by sucking the toxins from her and vomiting them nearby. What impresses me most about THE WORLD IS AS YOU DREAM IT is the way Perkins illuminates the big picture of what humans are doing on Earth at the same time as he shares moving personal accounts of people who come to the Amazon and Andes to receive healings and gain vision in their lives. We are all interconnected, and dreaming this dream together... and we change this world by changing our perceptions. Dream change is an essential skill that everyone concerned with the future of humans on Earth has a vested interest in, and that we all can learn. If you are ready to journey to a place where "what we dream, happens", this is the book for you!

Dreaming the Future

Dreaming the Future
by Clifford Pickover

A brief history of prophecy

Clifford Pickover takes us on a thrilling journey through time to learn how people have utilized a wide variety of divination methods to catch glimpses of the future. DREAMING THE FUTURE succeeds on many levels; it contains one of the most complete assortments of divination methods ever brought together in one book, it describes fascinating accounts of how divination and prophets have changed history, and it provides the reader with many useful do-it-yourself guides to try divination techniques at home. DREAMING THE FUTURE is an entertaining and educational read whether you are actively involved with divination methods, are simply interested to know more about them and how they've been used, or are downright skeptical that such things could have any accuracy whatsoever. Pickover frequently refers to himself as being a skeptic throughout this book, yet he does not fall victim to scientism -- the belief that scientific hypotheses are immutable "laws", rather than ever-changing theories. Pickover requests that people first rule out the ways we can be tricked, to avoid blindly accepting assertions of paranormal or mystical experience. I particularly enjoyed reading about the wide variety of oracles involving animal behavior, dowsing, candle flames, numerology, automatic writing, cheese shapes, tea leaves, crystals, breathing over a vase of water, sounds and movements of the wind, sand, geomancy, feng shui, fortune cookies, and random remarks overheard in crowds. I finished reading this book feeling inspired to try out new kinds of divination methods that weren't even mentioned, because I regained the sense that we can receive spiritual information from all of our senses in every situation, everywhere, all the time.

Conscious Universe

The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena
by Dean I. Radin

A paradigm-shifting book

This book is a delight to read for anyone who knows that reality isn't what it seems to be... or who is willing to take a very honest look at the nature of reality in all its wildest glory. Radin presents an excellent scientific case for the truth of psychic phenomena, using statistics to examine "psi" -- the phenomenon that includes the three broad categories of anomalous phenomenon of psychokinesis (mind-matter interaction), extra-sensory perception, and survival after bodily death. Radin excels at presenting memorable stories along with his clear, concise, and comprehensible statistics in such a way that one feels compelled to either accept or reject his findings and the implications they suggest. This is an excellent book for reading when you're ready to do your own thinking... and change the way you view the world.

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