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Excellent Metaphysical Books

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Are you trying to find a specific metaphysical book -- perhaps something you read or heard about a while back, but forgot what it was? I am happy to help! Write me an email describing what you are seeking, and I will be glad to give you a recommendation or two. Write to me at:

Divine Intuition

Divine Intuition
by Lynn A. Robinson

Divine Assistance to Help Create a Life You Love

DIVINE INTUITION is a total sensory delight! From the velvety soft feel of the book's jacket to the beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes, Lynn Robinson's book is a joy to read from cover to cover. Robinson's playful sense of humor ("... you may begin to wish that God's call came with Caller I.D.!") brings the lofty ideas of talking to God right down to Earth, and her experience helping people learn to listen to divine intuition is evident from the exercises, questions, and stories in her book. The big ideas in DIVINE INTUITION may take a while to grab you, but you'll know it when they do! This book is the perfect tool for change for anyone who longs to turn their life around, but doesn't know quite where to start... or for those who are facing difficult choices and wish there was a clear-cut best answer. While Robinson does not guarantee that you'll soon be hearing God's voice telling you exactly what to do next, she does suggest that we don't need to postpone our happiness. When we listen to our heart and hear what it has to say, we'll feel inspired to do and be what we most love.

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom a Toltec Wisdom Book
by Don Miguel Ruiz

How to Live in Heaven on Earth

Mystics have long asserted that we live our lives in a fog of confusion, and that great freedom lies in store for those who learn to see through the fog and differentiate between fantasy and reality. Author Don Miguel Ruiz presents us with four simple concepts from ancient Toltec wisdom which can free us from illusion in his elegant book, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS: be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions, and always do your best. Ruiz explains how the very beliefs we are raised with usually get in our way of being who we truly are, and helps us learn to master our emotions so we may better navigate our way through the twists and turns of our lives. The four agreements illustrate better ways to relate to others with genuine love and compassion, while not sacrificing our integrity to ourselves and our spirit in the process. Deceptively simple to read, this book has sufficient depth and power to inspire us to become the masters of our destiny, courageously living each day to the fullest, free from fear of being judged or victimized. I agree with Ruiz that all who implement these four agreements will live a life of Heaven on Earth... and I am awed that such a small book can deliver so much.

Waking Up In Time

Waking Up In Time: Finding Inner Peace In Times of Accelerating Change
by Peter Russell

A rare masterpiece

This book is one of those rare books that stays with me long after I've read it. I find myself frequently referring to it in conversations about how fast things seem to be changing these days. I was moved by the wisdom I gleaned in these melodic passages -- and impressed at how Russell can convey such intense feeling and truth in so few words. Difficult and challenging issues are presented and discussed with clarity that provides just the right amount of tension, just as the most beautiful music creates moments of stress which are then relieved with passages of exceptional grace. Rare is the book that can aim to briefly summarize such topics as Materialism, Fear, Stress, Enlightenment, Meditation and Love... and succeed to touch one's heart, mind and soul so completely without ever hitting a sour note. I give this masterpiece of a book my highest recommendation for anyone interested in discovering what they can do to make their life (and life for all of us) the very best it can be.

Best Evidence

Best Evidence
by Michael Schmicker

Comprehensive Overview of PSI Evidence

Do you have an open mind -- and are you ready to explore one of the most interesting collections of scientific evidence for paranormal phenomena ever assembled between the covers of a book? If so, you're in luck! Michael Schmicker's book BEST EVIDENCE presents a comprehensive overview of a wide range of "psi" phenomena including: extra-sensory perception, psychokinesis (PK), dowsing, mental and faith healing, death bed visions, near death experience, out of body experiences, ghosts and poltergeists, mediums and channelers, and reincarnation. What makes BEST EVIDENCE such a gem is that it not only clearly describes each kind of psi phenomena along with the facts supporting its existence and references to the original studies and sources, but it also includes some intriguing insights about why people sometimes avoid investigating the evidence surrounding paranormal phenomena. For example, Schmicker cites the work of researchers like Kenneth Batcheldor, who has identified two blocks to PK production (ownership resistance and witness inhibition). I find it just as interesting to examine the reasons why people find the subject of the paranormal disquieting as it is to see such a thorough review of the evidence showing how psi is a real phenomena which simply won't go away. If you've ever wanted to tell your friends, colleagues and family that there is an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence proving that the paranormal is part of everyday life, this is the book for you!

Self Healing

The Handbook of Self-Healing
by Meir Schneider, Maureen Larkin (Contributor)

You don't need to wear eyeglasses!

Once in a while, I find a book so unique and so valuable that I tell all my friends and family about it. THE HANDBOOK OF SELF-HEALING is such a book, since it is valuable for everyone wishing to either prevent health problems or regain good health. Author Meir Schneider cured himself of congenital blindness as a teenager, and discovered many ways to optimize the body's strength, flexibility and sensitivity. He now has a California driver's license, and tells people that they don't need to wear eyeglasses! This book is full of Schneider's wonderful suggestions for improving whole-body health (not just the eyes) through exercises, visualization, meditation, breathing, and stretching (among other things). This book contains separate sections which provide a wealth of information for people suffering from work, music, computer, or sports-related pains and injuries -- as well as heart problems, headaches, arthritis, back pain, muscular dystrophy, diabetes mellitus, posture problems, polio, multiple sclerosis, and vision problems. I highly recommend this book for anyone wishing to learn how to help their body be the best it can be!

Divine Revelation

Divine Revelation
by Susan G. Shumsky

How to Hear and Trust the Still Small Voice Within

Do you remember the most recent time you needed help making an important decision, and wished you could have gotten some really good advice? Perhaps you tried hearing the "little voice" of intuition, but weren't sure whether you were hearing the best advice for you to follow... or perhaps you couldn't hear anything at all. Not to worry! Susan Shumsky's wonderful book, DIVINE REVELATION, describes how to find deeply meaningful answers to all your questions -- as well as how you can follow nine steps of discernment to ensure that the voice of intuition you hear is a true message from Spirit. She lists eleven safeguards to ensure you receive divine messages, as well as signals for healing and "yes" and "no" responses, and fourteen steps for receiving clear answers. Shumsky also describes how to word your questions for Spirit, so you will gain maximal benefit from the answers you receive. The basic premise of Shumsky's book is that we can receive information and inspiration simply by asking for it, so she provides mediations and prayers to help get us started. Shumsky recommends that healing prayers be utilized often, since they are essential for clearing out negative habits, thoughts, feelings, and psychic ties to others before we attempt to clearly receive spiritual messages. Whether you have never before received messages from Spirit or are quite adept at it, DIVINE REVELATION is jam-packed with wonderful ideas to help you receive information more clearly than ever before. There is a tremendous emphasis on self-knowledge in this book, so those who are willing and eager to look more deeply at themselves will likely enjoy it the most.

Exploring Meditation

Exploring Meditation: Master the Ancient Art of Relaxation & Enlightenment
by Susan G. Shumsky

Blazing New Trails to Eastern Wisdom

Susan Shumsky's book goes one step further than claiming to be great for beginners -- it truly delivers. Offering meditation for the meditatively challenged, yoga exercises for couch potatoes, karma for skeptics, prayer for the faithless and enlightenment for the ignorant -- EXPLORING MEDITATION blazes new trails into eastern philosophy that almost anyone can easily master. Written in a clear, descriptive, straightforward style, this book opens the doors to understanding non-duality, chakras, ESP (extra-sensory perception), karma, yoga, meditation, intuition, healing, vedas, gunas, and spirit. I personally most enjoy reading the sections on how to trouble-shoot one's meditation problems. Have you ever intended to meditate, but kept finding the same tedious thoughts racing through your mind? How about the problem of listening carefully, but not getting any clear messages? Susan Shumsky answers all these questions and more with grace and aplomb. Have you longed for a "Do-Nothing" method of meditation? Would you like to learn the art of yogic breathing, and discover how grace overcomes karma? Are you ready to become spiritually street-smart? Are you interested in learning what we are made of and how we fit into the cosmos? Do you want to discover the personal aspects of your divine, higher self? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you'll definitely get a lot out of this book.

Everyday Miracles

Everyday Miracles: The Inner Art of Manifestation
by David Spangler

Classic book from a master of manifestation

David Spangler's book is a wonderfully clear book that is packed with useful tips on how to create the life you most desire. There is an energy to miracles, as Spangler describes the steps he has found to be most effective at "transforming a wave of possibility into a particle of actuality". This book provides excellent tools for anyone who feels a need to focus their manifestation powers more clearly, and even includes a chapter of how to overcome difficulties that people commonly encounter with their manifestations. Spangler shares fascinating true manifestation stories, and reminds us that we have all experienced manifestation in our lives. Often we think of these moments when our wishes and dreams came true as synchronicities -- yet there is truly an art of manifestation, of "changing and fine-tuning the web of relationship and interconnection" -- and Spangler is the perfect guide to show us how to refine our manifestation techniques for more beautiful and enjoyable results. Spangler's manifestation fitness program focuses on maintaining a healthy body, finding our rhythm, recognizing limits, focusing on the present moment, forgiving, keeping a sense of wonder, allowing for possibilities, positive thinking, gratitude, spirituality, and compassion. He provides useful and easy-to-do visualization exercises that help us understand how to understand the way we are creating, and begin to bring more of what we most desire into our lives. Manifestation rituals, such as "boiling reality" are described in detail, so that even complete novices can successfully achieve good manifestation results. Numerous exercises, such as "welcoming the new you with love", and "projecting the light of your will" are provided throughout the book, giving the reader ample opportunity to practice the techniques as they are being described.

Green Dragon

The Universe Is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story
by Brian Swimme

Refreshing, invigorating view of this enchanted universe

Whenever I read this book I feel like I'm sitting outdoors under the starry night sky by a campfire, listening to two people talk about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Within the framework of an imaginary conversation between "Thomas" (based on Thomas Berry) and "Youth" (representing youthful mankind), Brian Swimme's UNIVERSE IS A GREEN DRAGON tells the miraculous story of the vibrant existance of our universe. In masterful storytelling style, Swimme spins a tale so poetic and electrifying that the story inside this book begins to seem much more real than much of the rest of "real life". As Thomas explains to the Youth, "To develop the power of cosmic sensitivity is to understand that to be in reality means dissolving the universe, absorbing it into your new self. To be is to dissolve and draw up, to BE dissolved and drawn up. The universe is a hard yellow candy, to be sucked on and swalled until it dissolves, and, in that moment of dissolution, we emerge. A hardened mind cannot respond to the presence of the moon. The moon's riches cannot be tasted, so the moon can not show itself. The interaction between the rigid person and the universe is superficial, because the sensitivity is dim." I feel invigorated after reading any part of this book... refreshed with a new vision of the true splendour of this enchanted universe.

Holographic Universe

The Holographic Universe
by Michael Talbot

One of the best books ever written

I've read The Holographic Universe often, and have gained new insights into the nature of consciousness and reality from its riches every time. I consider it to be author Michael Talbot's most important work, as well as one of the best books ever written on the subject of so-called paranormal phenomenon. Talbot's fascination for finding scientific explanations for psychic and paranormal activity began when he noticed objects moving inexplicably around him, regardless where he lived. He would sometimes awaken to find socks draped on his houseplants, and occasionally found objects in his apartment that he knew for a fact had been hundreds of miles away. His real-life experiences with such shifts in reality combined with his training in physics led him to explore possible reasons for these and other mysterious happenings. Talbot begins his book with an excellent introduction to physicist David Bohm's concept of the holographic model of the universe, and combines the physics model with Karl Pribram's work on the holographic model of the brain. The result is a marvelous description of a non-local, interconnected and alive universe that moves in response to our every thought and feeling. I am very impressed with the clarity with which Talbot presents the concept of a holographic universe and how various paranormal phenomenon can be explained within that model. Talbot's discussion is comprehensive, fascinating, clear, and packed with relevant and intriguing stories of paranormal phenomenon. Out of body experiences (OBEs), near death experiences (NDEs), auric readings, psychokinesis, acupuncture, X-ray vision, healing, and psychic readings are all described and considered for placement into the holographic model. Talbot presents a wealth of relevant research studies and scientific theories from David Bohm, Helmut Schmidt, Marilyn Schlitz, Robert Monroe, Charles Tart, Larry Dossey, Paul Davies, PMH Atwater, Ian Stevenson, Fred Alan Wolf, Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, Lyall Watson, Stanislav Grof, and many others.


Mind Science: Meditation Training for Practical People
by Charles T. Tart

Break Free of Habituation... Into Real Consciousness

This excellent meditation guide book is written in the form of a one-day seminar that Charles Tart conducted for the University of Arizona's "Toward a Science of Consciousness" meeting in Tucson in 1998. While there are many books written on the subject of what meditation is and how to go about meditating, few can match the hands-on feeling of being in a meditation class that this book offers. Right from the beginning, this book grabbed my attention by describing the differences between scientism (the tendency to consider scientific theories to be "laws") and open-minded, objective science. By pointing out this as well as other common habitual thinking traps we often fall into, Tart's book helps the reader learn to recognize the way we can become aware of our mechanical, habitual thought patterns. Tart clearly describes concentrative meditation and opening-up meditation (aka "vipassana") techniques in a straightforward manner that is easy enough for beginners to put into immediate practice. I was glad to see that questions and answers that arose in the workshop were included in this book, because they often addressed the same concerns that were going through my mind as I tried out each meditative technique. As an extra bonus, Tart's book describes the range of states of consciousness we experience, and how we can awaken from the sleep of ordinary consciousness where we are primarily reacting to external stimuli. Tart has a real talent for illuminating the highlights in consciousness research, and sharing some of the most important findings in simple language. Tart's down-to-Earth practicality is his great gift as a writer -- he brings complex issues into clear focus without losing the main ideas along the way. If you've been waiting until an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive meditation book came along, you're in luck. This is it!

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