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Excellent Metaphysical Books

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Are you trying to find a specific metaphysical book -- perhaps something you read or heard about a while back, but forgot what it was? I am happy to help! Write me an email describing what you are seeking, and I will be glad to give you a recommendation or two. Write to me at:

Science & Human

SCIENCE & HUMAN TRANSFORMATION: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness
William A. Tiller

How to See the Unseeable & Know the Unknowable

Dr. Tiller's excellent book, SCIENCE AND HUMAN TRANSFORMATION, boldly goes where few books dare to enter. Tiller presents a fascinating model of our universe as being multi-dimensional with a spiritual component. This book will likely be enjoyed most by readers who have experienced psychic or psycho-kinetic events in their lives, and are seeking a rational explanation for what might be going on. Those who have not yet had such experiences may not be convinced that such things exist -- even after reading Tiller's fascinating account of how he created a gas-discharge device in the 1970's while he was a professor at Stanford University which demonstrated that "anyone could produce a positive (psychokinetic) result". SCIENCE AND HUMAN TRANSFORMATION is a joy to read for anyone who loves to play with new ideas and theories. It contains a wealth of schematic diagrams, charts, equations and references to support the theories Tiller presents. This book will most appeal to readers who love books they can ponder for some time, as it is packed with such ideas as: sensory arrays, etheric light cones, nodal networks and holograms. The main point of SCIENCE AND HUMAN TRANSFORMATION is that the component of mind and consciousness has long been excluded from scientific study, and even omitted from Theories Of Everything (TOEs). Obviously, if we're going to have a theory of everything it had better include consciousness! Tiller knows this quite well, and artfully constructs a bridge for future scientists with open minds to cross over to a place where unseen things (such as human energy fields) have huge effects. If we want to know what has eluded us for so long, we need to go to the very places which are currently least well understood. SCIENCE AND HUMAN TRANSFORMATION provides a sturdy bridge for us to reach those previously unknown places.

Skillful Means

Skillful Means: Patterns for Success
by Tarthang Tulku
Discover How Your Work Can be a Mindful, Joyous Activity

This is one of Tarthang Tulku's most accessible and practical books. Tulku's greatest gift is his ability to clearly communicate techniques for meditation and mindful living that came from his Tibetan Buddhist experience. Tulku conveys fascinating ideas in simple terms which can be readily applied in anyone's life, regardless of spiritual or religious orientation -- or even what kind of work you do! Most of Tulku's books contain wonderful exercises to practice the concepts he describes, and this book is no exception. For example, the very first chapter describing Inner Freedom offers three ways to practice improving clarity, concentration, and mindfulness. The patterns of success that Tulku discusses in great detail in this book have to do with self awareness, coping with change, and sharing with others. Long before anyone heard the term "emotional intelligence", Tulku was practicing and teaching it. Just reading Tulku's writing improves my facilities for meditation and mindfulness, by focusing my attention on the process of thought itself. It's always a joy for me to read anything written by this master of consciousness!

Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance
by Doreen Virtue
Everyone Can Talk with God and See Angels

Have you ever wondered how easy it could be to talk with God, or wished you could see and hear angels? If so, DIVINE GUIDANCE is the book for you! Doreen Virtue makes readers feel instantly at home as she explains in simple language how all of us can communicate directly with God in her beautiful book, DIVINE GUIDANCE. Virtue describes how to discern true guidance when we receive it, and provides examples of how to know it when we've got it. I especially love the real-life stories Virtue includes, because they help bring her ideas of talking to God and angels to life -- and sometimes they describe what happened on occasions when divine messages have been ignored! DIVINE GUIDANCE provides three steps for formulating questions, and four steps to start seeing angels around every person we meet. Virtue also provides side-by-side examples of spiritual messages with the less-helpful lower-self messages, as well as a table showing characteristics of true and false guidance. The main emphasis of this book is to help people develop and enhance their "clairs"... clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance... because such expanded awareness opens our ability to clearly hear, see, feel and know what is real around us. Lots of fun and easy exercises (such as toning) are included, as well as some very helpful prayers. DIVINE GUIDANCE is for people of all faiths, races, ages, and nationalities. People who are interested in discovering and fulfilling their life mission will enjoy this book more, simply because messages of divine guidance tend to urge us to make a positive contribution to the world.

Meant to Be

Meant to Be: Miraculous Stories to Inspire a Lifetime of Love
by Joyce and Barry Vissell
True Stories Reveal the Awesome Spirit of Love

I love to hear true stories of how best friends and lovers met, because I've long suspected that in listening to these stories I can witness love's hidden hand at work. Relationship counselors Joyce and Barry Vissell had a similar vision when they collected dozens of true love stories for their heart-warming book, MEANT TO BE. The Vissells begin this book with the assertion that "there is a miraculous love story within each person", and describe that their greatest hope for readers of this book is "to inspire you to live more fully every moment, to love and appreciate now the ones with whom you are in relationship, rather than putting it off into the uncertain future." MEANT TO BE succeeds brilliantly at both showing us the way love orchestrates our lives, and also pointing out the value of being fully present in our relationships right now. I found myself feeling uplifted and amazed by the synchronicities and astonishing ways that peoples' lives in these stories arranged themselves so that they would take note of someone special -- even when they were not trying or even feeling like meeting anyone new. The common thread in all these stories was the desire of those involved to deeply love another, and yet each story is completely unique. I was deeply touched that the authors themselves participated in sharing the ups and downs of their love stories... each from their own point of view. This would be a wonderful book if it only contained stories of how people met, but it goes far beyond that to share stories of how lovers can help each other grow and heal, and how love never ends... even when our lovers die. If you are ready to read a book that will break your heart open with a feeling of love so great it cannot be contained, MEANT TO BE is meant for you.

Book of the Hopi

Book of the Hopi
by Frank Waters
Perhaps the Most Complete Compendium of Hopi Information

Frank Waters' excellent BOOK OF THE HOPI is probably the most complete collection of Hopi stories, language, rituals, and photographs in one place. Waters wrote this book with assistance from thirty-two Hopi elders back in 1963. Much time has passed since then, and while the way of the Hopi remains mostly unchanged, access to their sacred ceremonies and rituals has been greatly reduced in the last several decades. While BOOK OF THE HOPI was written through the eyes and ears of an outsider, it contains much of the spirit of the Hopi, and countless fascinating insights. One such example is the explanation of how one sacred ceremony (the Ya Ya) was profaned and is no longer performed, since much of its powers were taken for evil. "When you receive a wonderful power and use it for evil you lose the power. You have to use it for good to keep it." I love the richness of information contained in this little book: symbols, the tablets of the clans, a glossary of Hopi words, thrilling tales about the creation of the worlds, and detailed descriptions of sacred objects such as the Paho (prayer-feather). This attention to detail is marvelous, but it's the heart of BOOK OF THE HOPI that makes me feel at home with the Hopi and at one with their spirit. I give this book my highest recommendation.

Gifts of Unknown Things

Gifts of Unknown Things: A True Story of Nature, Healing, and Initiation from Indonesia's 'Dancing Island'

by Lyall Watson

An all-time classic!

Biologist Lyall Watson travels to Indonesia in search of magic... and finds a 'dancing island' and a girl who comes of age to become a shaman and healer. For those who simply enjoy a good story, this is an excellent book. For those who realize that the magic described in this book is real, it's even better. Watson is a first-rate story-teller, and I would give this book ten stars if such a thing were possible!

Mind Into Matter

Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit
by Fred Alan Wolf

Exploring the Frontier between the Imaginal and the Real

Fred Alan Wolf's done it again! His latest book, MIND INTO MATTER, is a masterpiece of insight into the hidden workings of our magical, mysterious universe. As I read this book, I felt exhilarated to join Wolf on his journey "to find our mind" on the frontier of the imaginal and the real. MIND INTO MATTER is structured around Wolf's explanation of the significance and meaning behind the first nine letter-symbols in the Hebrew alphabet, with a separate chapter devoted to each Hebrew letter. The book begins with the concept of Spirit within the Void, and continues onward to Creation, Animation, Resistance, Vitality, Replication, Chance, Unification, and Structure. We witness the new alchemy at work in the process of Animation, where we notice how we Think, Feel, Sense, and Intuit the world around us. I love Wolf's playful way of describing thought experiments throughout his book, alongside fascinating research material from physicists and neurophysiological researchers that suggest how our conscious minds form memories of events. On a deep level, we are aware of all possibilities available to us, and the one we remember as being real is the one we choose to observe. Since information flows from the future to our present time, we have what we need to select the path we most desire. To everyone who wishes to more fully grasp the breadth, depth, and height of who we truly are and how we interact with the universe, I give this book my highest recommendation.

Spiritual Universe

The Spiritual Universe: One Physicists Vision of Spirit, Soul, Matter, and Self
by Fred Alan Wolf

The Self As Illusion -- The Physics of Faith

This engaging book describes how there is actually only one soul... and how the illusion that many souls seem to exist came about. Wolf sets out to show how the self is fundamentally an illusion, "arising as a reflection of the soul in matter much as a clear lake at midnight reflects the moon." Wolf begins this book with descriptions of Aristotlian and Platonic Soul Physics... and then continues the quest for knowledge of the soul through ancient Egypt and ancient Chaldea, and onward through more modern history. Wolf shares his vision of the soul as a process rather than some "thing" measurable in terms of mechanical materiality -- drawing from Qabalistic, Buddhist, and Christian wisdom as well as a thorough understanding of physics to redefine spirit, soul, matter and self. I found this entire book to be deeply thought-provoking, with Wolf's characteristic playful humor entertaining me throughout. I especially enjoyed the section of THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE that described the importance of secret knowledge, and why it is sacred -- thereby showing us the physics of faith.

Dreaming Universe

The Dreaming Universe
by Fred Alan Wolf

A provocative exploration of lucidity & consciousness

The Dreaming Universe picks up where most lucid dreaming books leave off... and challenges the reader to consider the deeper implications and significance of dreaming and reality. This book will excite and stimulate anyone already interested in the subjects of lucid dreaming or consciousness as it raises new questions and combines old ideas in creative new ways as only Wolf can do -- with his unique in-depth experience with physics, spirituality, and magic.

The Eagle's Quest

The Eagle's Quest
by Fred Alan Wolf

A classic book on shamanism -- a real page-turner!

This book stands out as one of the best books on shamanism I've ever seen. The Eagle's Quest is remarkable because it maps concepts from modern physics into the ancient shamanistic world... all the while following the Wolf's very personal true story of his quest for deeper understanding. Because Wolf really wishes to know what's going on in the universe, his book is thorough in its investigations of old world shamanism. This is one of the best books I've ever read combining spirituality and physics: it's full of useful information and well-written. I love all of Fred Alan Wolf's books, and this one is especially enjoyable to me, because it was truly written from his heart. This book is a classic.

Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds
by Fred Alan Wolf

A rocketship ride of a book

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a rocketship ride of a book that takes you on a quest for parallel universes. Wolf contemplates how we might perceive these parallel universes, and what it might feel like when we experience the past and future interacting with the present. The extra bonus of this adventure is that Wolf shows you how time is not the steady, measurable thing you thought it was! Time is slippery, because it can't ever be directly observed. Whereas we can measure and then verify a measurement of length or weight repeatedly, measurements of time cannot be easily confirmed. As Wolf points out so succinctly, "Nowhere is there a value of time associated with an observable called time. As far as the equations are concerned, time is just a convenient ordering parameter -- a way of keeping track of things placed alongside each other in a sequence." Time travel may well be possible, and you might not even need a time machine to do it! If you love to stretch your mind to understand more of the universe, I highly recommend this book.

Quantum Leap

Taking the Quantum Leap: The New Physics for Nonscientists
by Fred Alan Wolf

To Be or Not to Be...

This is one of the best books for finding out about quantum physics and what impact it has on our lives, from the vantage point of the parallel universes (or many worlds model) perspective. Wolf's writing is humorous and descriptive, and the book is chock full of wonderful cartoons, photographs, charts, and quotations. Whether you've studied physics before or are a complete novice, you'll find lots of good information here! As active observers, we are responsible for selecting which of the infinite possible realities we will experience. As Wolf puts it, "To be or not to be is not the question; it is the answer".

Soul Stories

Soul Stories
by Gary Zukav

Understanding the Mysterious Workings of Spirit

SOUL STORIES are a collection of 52 short stories which author Gary Zukav requests readers to contemplate as slowly as we wish -- even as slowly as one story per week. Each tale takes the reader one step further on a journey of introspective self-actualization in which relationships with one's ego and spirit are explored a little bit at a time. The book is deceptively simple to read, yet contains great depth which is ideal fodder for meditation. Zukav's SOUL STORIES are memorable tales of love, loss, and renewal in which the mysterious ways that spirit acts in our lives become just a bit more clear. Zukav does not preach any particular religion as he advocates that we aspire to reach our highest spiritual potential. In addition to the dozens of emotionally moving stories, Zukav gives advice such as "Spiritual partners look inside themselves -- and not at each other -- when they get angry, frightened, or sad." I could feel my heart breaking open with love and inspiration as I read each of these stories. These stories touch the heart and soul, and give us much to contemplate long after we've finished the last page.

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