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Nominate a site
for the Reality Shifting Award!

Award Winners

We are proud to present the Reality Shifting Award
to web sites that demonstrate excellence in content and design. 

Is your web site informative? 
Does it help people shift their reality in a positive direction? 
Does your web site provide information without proselytizing? 
Does it stand out from other sites? 

We are looking for sites that are easy to navigate, with high quality graphic content and design.  
We carefully review every web site which is nominated for this award,
and give preferential treatment to sites that are not simply collecting awards. 
You can get a better idea of what qualities are expected
of award winners by visiting award-winning sites.
We will only notify the winners of this award.  

If you want to nominate a site other than yours,
please contact the owner of that site for permission.  
Please nominate a site only once. 
You can expect to receive a reply following a two week review period.

Send the following information via email
to cynthia@realityshifters.com:

    Contact Person:
    Email (required):
    Web Site Title:
    Web Site URL:
    Site Description:
    How did you find us:

View our Winners List Here

Reality Shifting Award winners
are featured in the monthly
RealityShifters News ezine.

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