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Cynthia Sue Larson

Your Gift from Cynthia Sue Larson
AUDIO: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World
When you subscribe to Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters ezine, you will receive access to an audio of Cynthia Sue Larson reading a chapter from the #1 best-selling book on amazon, 2012 Creating Your Own Shift When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. You will also receive the RealityShifters monthly ezine, which provides you with wonderful inspirational reality shift stories, articles, and information that can help boost your ability to consciously create your best possible life -- $10 Value

Cynthia Sue Larson is a best-selling author and spiritual life coach who helps people transform from accidental manifestors into conscious reality shifters. Her favorite question in every situation is "How good can it get?" She has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and TV and radio shows, including William Shatner's Weird or What on the History Channel and BBC radio.

Lynn Robinson

Your Gift from Lynn Robinson
PDF BOOKLET: Recipe for Miracles
It's human nature to worry at least a little. However, in order for positive change to occur, you need to shift your thinking and change your ingredients! I love what the book A Course in Miracles says. "Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong." I've worked as an Intuitive for over twenty years. People call when they're feeling stuck, in a transition or in a crisis of some sort. I've seen a lot of miracles occur. In fact, I've come up with a recipe for miracles. This booklet details my six-ingredient list! (12 page pdf download) -- $20 Value

Lynn A Robinson, M.Ed., is one of America's leading experts on the topic of intuition. Voted "Best Psychic" by Boston Magazine, she's been sought out internationally for her intuitive advice and counsel. She's a popular and widely recognized author and motivational speaker who works with businesses and individuals as a trusted intuitive advisor, offering valuable insights into goals, decisions, and strategies.

Eldon Taylor

Your Gift from Eldon Taylor
AUDIO: Soaring Self Esteem
Enjoy a free book excerpt and a special bonus gift, a free MP3 High Self Esteem, which utilizes the patented and proven InnerTalk technology -- $28 Value

The New York Times best-selling book, Choices and Illusions holds an important key. Whether you are interested in the science of thinking and beliefs, how your own mind works, how others control your thoughts, why things just don't work out in your life, how you can create the life you have always wanted, how you can realize your true potential, how you can find peace, or on a grander scale, how you can help make the world a better place, Choices and Illusions provides insights for all. Eldon Taylor's approach is scientific and pragmatic, and his conclusions are inspirational and soul enhancing.

Rebecca Skeele

Your Gift from Rebecca Skeele
AUDIO & EBOOK: Make It Heaven Wisdom School Gift Package
The inner work of shifting realities has to do with clearing old belief systems, old ancestral conditioning, worn out paradigms of aloneness and separation and embodying the new energetic soul blueprint of self compassion and self loving. The Make It Heaven Wisdom School Gift pak includes an interactive e-book, Closing the Divine Divide, a 4 chapter audio book--Self-Compassion, two chapters from You Can Make It Heaven and a complimentary subscription to Rebecca's ezine The Compassionate Shift -- $397 Value

Rebecca is an author, spiritual educator, ordained minister and licensed counselor who has facilitated seminars in United States and Europe for 20 years. Rebecca hosts a Wisdom School TV channel dedicated to bringing paradigm shifting conversations forward to speak our new world into reality. She is the author of You Can Make It Heaven: How to Live Your Life with Abundance and Loving and creator of a multidimensional being academy - The Make It Heaven Wisdom School. Rebecca teaches her students how to see with new eyes and live their life in alignment with their soul curriculum. Rebecca Skeele is known as an expert in teaching the inner spiritual tools to initiate a major life shift in consciousness. She is gifted at being clear, focused, and on the mark in guiding a clear path into the quantum realities so her students can reveal to themselves their connection to their Divine Reality. Her clients say she is brilliant, powerfully loving and unshakable in her commitment to mirror the truth so that others may set themselves free of self imposed limitations. Her passion is demonstrating the power of each person to access their divine reality and cocreate their personal heaven on earth.

Laurie Nadel

Your Gift from Laurie Nadel
REPORT: Your Intuitive Profile
Do you need to see the big picture? Would you like to be able to see around the corner so that you can anticipate potential changes and be ready for them? Intuition is the sudden, spontaneous knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning. It is a powerful element within your personality -- $15 Value

Laurie Nadel, Ph.D. has a dual career in psychology and journalism. She spent 20 years as a journalist for major American news organizations, including CBS News and The New York Times where she wrote a religion column and covered the marine environment. Author of the national best-seller, Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power, she has appeared on Oprah and Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory. Her first three-act play, Solar Katrina™ had its first reading at the Actors Studio in Los Angeles October 22nd. Dr. Laurie directed a program for teenagers whose fathers were killed in the World Trade Center for South Nassau Communities' Hospital's WTC Family Center. In addition to her private practice, she works with patients who have traumatic brain injury at Metropolitan Communication Associates in New York City.

Hunt Henion

Your Gift from Hunt Henion
CHAPTER: Magical Mechanisms
The Magical Mechanisms chapter from Hunt Henion's best-seller, Looking, Seeing, and Knowing shows that life is more magical than you think! Magical Mechanisms reveals insights into what this 2012 Great Shift is all about, and how it works. Learn how magnetism is changing and how that affects YOU. Discover what Edgar Cayce and the Hopi have to say about how your consciousness will protect you during these changing times. Magical Mechanisms is unique and essential reading for anyone who feels compelled to understand life, Mother Earth, and how everything you've come to know is changing -- $10 Value

Hunt Henion writes on the national level for The Examiner on the topics of practical spirituality and enlightened economics. He's written four books and compiled two anthologies on the 2012 Great Shift, all of which can be seen on his site:

Jennifer Urezzio

Your Gift from Jennifer Urezzio
PDF Book: Ego's Games
Learn in Ego's Games: 8 Things to Be Aware that Ego Will Do to Keep You From Expanding ego's dirty tricks and secrets from keeping you from creating the life you love -- $157 Value

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. She founded her own business, Blooming Grove, Know Soul's Language's parent company, in 2004 in response to her intuitive sense and ability to help others feel better about themselves both holistically and naturally, working closely with them to generate a feeling of strength and well-being. She also founded a new paradigm of divine guidance--Know Soul's Language--where she guides clients to understand their soul's language. This new way of understanding how the soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches and CEOs all over the country.

Anisa Aven

Your Gift from Anisa Aven
AUDIO: Vibration Elevation Formulas
No matter how many books you've read on personal growth; No matter how many audios you've listened to on achieving your dreams; No matter how many courses, teachers, coaches, gurus and psychics you've paid to help you realize your goals; If you aren't using the Vibration Elevation Formulas then you're taking the long road to personal and professional fulfillment. Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction -- $30 Value

Anisa's willingness to be authentic and transparent as she shares her personal journey and formula for success has garnered legions of loyal fans. Considered one of the world's top manifestation mentors and a law of attraction icon, Anisa makes complicated Conscious Success principles accessible and easy to use. From her corporate position as CEO of a global, executive coaching firm with coaches on every continent, to her role as an author of dozens of Intentional Success programs to her cherished reponsibility as wife and mother, Anisa's passion shines bright as she supports you in uniting your life's passion with your work, attracting your dreams and fulfilling your purpose.

Monique Chapman

Your Gift from Monique Chapman
EBOOK: Raise Your Intuition IQ
This bonus gift includes a download of Monique Chapman's ebook, Raise Your Intuition IQ that teaches deepening one's intuition, a free downloadable meditation on Grounding and Energy Expansion, and special discounts on consultations -- $220 Value

Monique Chapman's book is in it's third printing! Getting Your M and M's - The Men and Money Book - How to Tap Into Universal Source Energy to Reclaim Your Power and Create Meaningful Relationships and Abundance is available for purchase now through and Monique's website. Tune in to Monique's radio show, Walking with Spirit, America's premiere metaphysical and personal growth talk show, broadcast live every Tuesday evening on the Achieve Radio Network from 5 to 6 PM Pacific Time and Raise Your Intuition IQ Tuesday's at 6 PM PT.

Alexis Brooks

Your Gift from Alexis Brooks
AUDIO: Conscious Musings: A Collection of Contemplations about Life and Potentiality
These seven original essays read by Alexis Brooks delve into the true nature of reality, consciousness, the state of the world and its people--how it is and how it could be. Plus three wonderful articles of self-empowerment that guide you to be the best you can be and live the life you truly deserve. Download the MP3 to any of your mobile devices and listen whether at home or on-the-go -- $25 Value

Alexis Brooks is a freelance writer and researcher covering metaphysics, spirituality and new consciousness. A former broadcast marketing executive and commercial copywriter for major market radio and television, Alexis has parlayed her journalistic skills into working and interfacing with some of the most renowned writers, researchers and experts in the field of consciousness and related studies. She has interviewed best-selling author and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley, near-death researcher PMH Atwater, psychic medium John Edward and bestselling author Cynthia Sue Larson, among many others and her articles have appeared both in print and online for over a decade. Her work has appeared in Spirit of Change Magazine, Wisdom Magazine, Fate Magazine and on popular websites like, and She lives with her husband, Derek in Lexington, Massachusetts. Visit Alexis' blog at:

Joan Schaefer

Your Gift from Joan Schaefer
TELECLASS: Health Coaching
This Health Coaching Teleclass trains you to become a Health Coach to assist people to live a life that is both healthy and fulfilling. On this 75-minute live teleclass, you will experience the Health and Wellness Wheel exercise in a Health Coaching session. Learn how you can become a professional Health Coach, working over the internet and telephone, and see a web-tour of the Virtual Coaching Office that helps easily manage hundreds of clients at a time.

Joan Schaefer, RN BSN has over 25 years of experience in preventive health and is now promoting a Health Coach Training Program.

Trish LeSage

Your Gift from Trish LeSage
ARTICLES: Self-Improvement, Metaphysics, Spirituality, 2012 Shift, Parallel Universes
These articles provide relevant, practical and inspirational information on topics of self-improvement, metaphysics, spirituality, the 2012 shift, and parallel universes -- $20 Value

Trish LeSage is a writer of articles and books on spirituality, metaphysics, and the shift of 2012. She is the author of the book, Traveling to Parallel Universes, which is a true, detailed account of her experiences of traveling to and living in alternate realities. Her writings have been published in ezines (online magazines) including Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters and also in magazines including Sedona Journal of Emergence. She has appeared on radio shows including Behind the Paranormal on CBS Radio. She is certified at the master's level in The Violet Flame (a healing modality that combines energy healing and visualization) and has studied Hypnosis and Past life Regression.

Beyond the Ordinary

Your Gift from Beyond the Ordinary Radio
AUDIO: Ten Free Interviews
Ten free MP3 downloads of Interviews with the guests of your choice including: Cynthia Sue Larson, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Adam (the healer), Stanton Friedman, Linda Evans, Amit Goswami, Dean Radin, William Tiller, John Perkins, Eldon Taylor, Fred Alan Wolf and dozens more from over 12 years of archives -- $75 Value

A radio journey begun over KNRY on Historic Cannery Row in Monterey CA, broadcasting the shamanic message "The World is as you Dream it" that ultimately brought producers and hosts, Nancy & Elena beyond shamanism, beyond belief systems, Beyond the Ordinary. Enjoy enlightening interviews with some of the world's finest scientists, authors, filmmakers, visionaries and experts in diverse fields. As well as Listeners who capture our attention with their stories and accomplishments.

Eva Herr

Your Gift from Eva Herr
CHAPTER & EBOOK: Interview with Amit Goswami from Eva Herr's book, Consciousness & PDF of Eva's book Agape: The intent of the Soul
The chapter from Consciousness in which Eva interviews Amit Goswami, PhD on Consciousness and the science of who we are, and a PDF of Agape, Eva Herr's account of her inner explorations of the cosmos -- $20 Value

Eva is a medical intuitive, board member of The Alliance of Addiction Solutions, radio hostess, and author of two books Agape, The Intent of the Soul, and her new just released book, CONSCIOUSNESS: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Science of Quantum Mechanics. She is also one of the most respected popular talk show hostesses on internet radio via her show "Infinite Consciousness." You will find the results of this remarkable book consisting of interviews with some of the most brilliant minds of our times, to be some of the most astonishing and thought provoking material you will ever read providing hope for your life, and the future of your children, our planet and the generations to come! "Eva Herr interviews some of the most brilliant, creative and visionary scientists, philosophers, physicists, and critical thinkers in our world, all with impeccable credentials and truly remarkable accomplishments... they take us on a journey of discovery that few traditional and conventional scientists dare to take." From the Foreward of Consciousness by Joyce A. Kovelman, PhD "Science grows at the edges, and Eva Herr’s CONSCIOUSNESS is on the edge. This book contains information that will force a re-writing of the textbooks in psychology and neuroscience. This is your peek into the future. Don't pass it up." Larry Dossey, M.D., author of The Power of Premonitions and Reinventing Medicine

Tom and Bobbie Merrill

Your Gift from Tom and Bobbie Merrill
CHAPTER: Parachutes for Parents, Settle for More, Presence of High Beings, and Kindness
The Merrills are offering a free chapter download from each of their books: Parachutes for Parents--the Chapter on Teens will help you to completely by-pass a teen rebellion, Settle for More--the chapter on 'Sticks' will put you on the path toward a more successful and joyful partnership or marriage, In the Presence of High Beings--the Chapter on the high level of Dolphin Intelligence and Communication will surprise and delight you, A Compelling Case for Kindness--the Chapter on Kindness will positively change your heart, your life, and your world -- $40 Value

Tom Merrill, Ph.D. and Bobbie Merrill, MSW, are Consultants, Columnists, and the Authors of three books--Parachutes for Parents, Settle for More, and In the Presence of High Beings. They work directly and rapidly with individuals, partners, parents, children, and schools to bring surprising levels of clarity to their lives. The Merrills will publish their fourth book on Kindness in the fall of 2012 with the goal of sharing their simple, but effective Model for creating consistently kind and loving relationships in all settings as a way to bring greater harmony to all of our living rooms and lives, as well as our communities, schools and world. For more information about the Merrills, consult their website at:

Barbara Cox

Your Gift from Barbara Cox
AUDIO: Lose Weight with Guided Imagery
This audio uses proven technology to access the power of your mind to lose weight. Recent research has shown that people who use guided imagery regularly, imagining themselves at their ideal weight, achieve weight loss more easily and quickly. This audio helps you do that -- $10 Value

Barbara Cox, PhD is a leading authority on hypnosis, energy psychology, and past life regression. She teaches groups and individuals these tools so that they can lead more contented, fulfilled lives. Barbara is a psychologist and life coach who works with a holistic, integrated approach that incorporates both traditional goal-setting techniques as well as alternative techniques such as meditation to help people raise self-esteem, feel balanced, and reach goals more quickly.She's been featured in, Cosmopolitan Magazine and other international media

Joseph E. Donlan

Your Gift from Joseph E. Donlan
PDF: Excerpt from Ordaining Reality
Many people believe in the Power of Positive Thinking, but despite the plethora of books about this phenomenon, no other author has credibly explained how mere thoughts can tangibly influence future events. To explain this connection, Donlan presents a new paradigm of nature and couples it with a viable explanation of how our right brain hemisphere has evolved circuitry that can tap into the hidden domain of the metaphysical. To support this premise, he exposes the reader to the worlds of physics, metaphysics, brain architecture, and evolution, and then introduces the problems associated with the current models along with a new view which remedies these issues and explains the underlying mechanics. In the final analysis, the author brings his readers through the necessary steps to put this knowledge to work to help them ordain their own realities. -- $38 Value

Joseph E. Donlan, a quintessential philosopher and theoretician, has spent the last thirty years investigating and challenging the world of mainstream physics and tackling the mysteries of life and science. He earned his BA in English at Northeastern University, undertook graduate studies in Software Engineering with an elective emphasis in Artificial Intelligence ("A.I.") at Boston University. He has subsequently earned a BS and MS in Metaphysics and has submitted his PhD dissertation in that emerging field. After his Software Engineering graduate studies and A.I. research, he became increasingly incredulous concerning the direction in which A.I. was headed. His skepticism led him to intensify his investigation of the inner workings of the human brain to more fundamentally understand the very entity A.I. experts were trying to emulate. This examination, in conjunction with the plethora of problems within the laws of physics began a chain of events which culminated with this latest effort within his quartet of Ordaining Reality books.

Claire Papin

Your Gift from Claire Papin
EBOOK & AUDIO: Mary's Miracles and Messages & Mary's Lullaby
Enjoy reading the introduction and a chapter from Claire Papin's soon to be released book, Mary's Miracles and Messages: A True Story of a Visionary's Journey and an audio of Claire Papin's Mary's Lullaby meditation for the soul in MP3 format -- $20 Value

In this time of unprecedented shift that humanity is in the midst of, author Claire Papin provides inspiring stories and messages in her new book "Mary's Miracles and Messages--a True Story of a Visionary's Journey," that uplift and strengthen our understanding of the Divine forces that are always in our presence and lovingly interact with us in our lives. With no religious background in her upbringing, Claire's experiences with Mother Mary were not bound by any preconceived ideology. The life altering visitations led to sharing Mary's Lullaby and Mary's messages as a way to spark inspiration, hope, and encouragement during times of great change. Claire Papin is a contributor to the books Angel Tales, The Art of Manifesting, and When Ego Dies; and was a columnist for Indigo Sun Magazine with her Joyful Earth Partnership articles on eco-friendly living for nearly 6 years. Claire can be heard as the voice of Mother Mary in the best selling book made into audio Mary's Message to the World by Annie Kirkwood, and is the Marion visionary of Mary's Lullaby. She is a pioneer in holistic media, and has hosted and produced the radio talk shows It's All Good, and Wisdom Today on the Wisdom Network, both of which aired coast to coast on Sirius Satellite Radio. Claire has also locally coordinated relief projects for children including To Bosnia with Love and Shoes for Orphan Souls, and has spoken for the National Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

George Green

Your Gift from George E. Green
EBOOK & AUDIO: Lucid Living's Heart Harmonics™ Illustrated & The Accelerated Evolutionary Path Experience Guided Meditation featuring proprietary Heart Harmonics™ sound integration technology
Lucid Living's Heart Harmonics™ system is an elegantly simple yet powerful approach, providing you with training, mentoring, tools and practices that create measurable increases in your ability to focus your attentions and intentions with laser beam intensity while creating a harmonic state of heart+brain entrainment that is identified with elevated and accelerated states of relaxation, imagination, learning and creativity. EXTRAS include (1) Lucid Living Heart Harmonics™ Level One online streaming video class: "Elevated Performance and Accelerated Personal Evolution, (2) Heart Harmonics™ level Two online streaming video class "The Power of Your Awakened Imagination & Heart", plus (3) special discounts on Lucid Living Training and Mentoring sessions -- $360 Value

George E. Green, CEO and Founder of Personal Alchemy Systems is the creator of The Lucid Living Training and Mentoring Experience, featuring The Heart Harmonics™ system. George has been an intuitive guide and mentor for 30 years working with people from all walks of life including executives, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, athletes and other professionals. He is also an author, poet and video producer. His life philosophy is simple, elegant & powerful: "Anything is possible when you harness & focus the power of your awakened heart and imagination, your love, your passion and your creativity. Through your own conscious cultivation of singular and mindful presence you can accomplish anything, you can accomplish the one thing that you have always loved & dreamed of achieving & having."

Jen Reich

Your Gift from Jen Reich
AUDIO & BOOK CHAPTER: Poems on Healing: Selections of Writing and Spoken Word
This gift includes a pdf of Chapter one of Jen Reich's newest book "Days of Faith: Poems on Healing" as well as an audio recording of several new poems read by Jen -- $11 Value

Jennifer (Jen) Reich PhD, MA, RN ANP-BC is a poet, storyteller and nurse. She received her PhD in Nursing from The University of Arizona in 2011. During her time at the University of Arizona she trained as a NCCAM T-32 pre-doctoral fellow as part of the Arizona Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Training Program, focusing on Whole Systems of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Additionally, her background includes degrees in Exercise Science, Gerontology, English/Theatre (minor) and training/practice in Mind Body Stress Reduction (MBSR), meditation, and Reiki. Jen’s passion is exploring healing through poetry & story. Her dissertation topic explores the role of story in the healing and wellbeing of professional registered nurses. She is published in several journals and book chapters and is the author of 3 books of poetry She blogs daily at Jen believes that poetry and the creative arts are transformative tools for healing. She aspires to help others use their creative potential to create positive change at the local and global level. Jen sees self-care as a holistic process comprised of mind, body, and spirit. She is an active member of the American Holistic Nurse’s Association and co-editor of the organization’s Research e-news; “Connections in Holistic Nursing Research” Jen’s favorite forms of physical and spiritual activity are swimming, biking, running and yoga. She has completed numerous marathons and triathlons. In addition, she loves improvisational baking with ingredients that nourish the body and soul.

Sally Marks

Your Gift from Sally Marks
EBOOK: Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within
Erase Negativity is a practical guide on how to reduce negativity and embrace happiness. From meth addicts to multi-millionaires, the book offers powerful experiences of individuals who have faced dramatic challenges, but did not lose hope. Using these compelling biographies, as well as practical advice and simple exercises, the reader is guided on an internal journey toward adopting a more joyful way to live. Read Cynthia Sue Larson's chapter and get inspired to succeed in life! (This download is good through Oct. 26 - Enter code: ZK76M) -- $7 Value

Sally Marks is a public relations professional and an award-winning journalist who graduated cum laude from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. In journalism, she has won awards for news writing, editorial writing and headline writing. Her articles have been published in numerous national, regional and local newspapers and magazines that range from the international Living Buddhism magazine to Arizona's popular Phoenix Home and Garden. Her screenplays, The Heir, Voices from Hell and Gay for a Day have won five awards and placed in two national and one international competition. Her first book, Paco el pato, Frank the Duck, is a bilingual children's novel that was used in the Montessori International School curriculum in Mesa, Arizona. Erase Negativity is her second book.

I Am Healthy Radio

Your Gift from I Am Healthy Radio
AUDIO & EBOOK: Free 3 Hour MP3/PDF Gift Pack: How to Eat Well, Look Good and Feel Great!
You've read the healing articles, taken the classes and listened to the teleseminars, but you've hit a plateau. Do you still have this nagging feeling that the answer is out there, yet it is just beyond your reach? Join meditation expert Cynthia Sue Larson, stress psychologist Eva Selhub, and psychiatrist Hyla Cass in this free 3 hour audio and eBook package as they guide you through a simple and soothing process of quieting the mind, nourishing the body and listening to your inner self. In addition to this complimentary package, please enjoy our special bonus gift to join the I Am Healthy Project and tell your healing story on air! -- $25 Value

I AM HEALTHY offers a broad base of diverse programming designed to inform, enlighten and transform the human consciousness. Our current lineup includes some of most pre eminent speakers in the world, including spiritual leaders, medical professionals, enlightened activists and conscious entrepreneurs, including Mariel Hemingway, Dr. Masuro Emoto, Steven Halpern and many more.

Carolyn North

Free Gift from Carolyn North
BOOK CHAPTERS: from Carolyn North Books
Download chapters from each of Carolyn North's books, as well as access humorous blogs on the passing scene.

Carolyn North teaches movement and sound for healing, and writes about the interface between spirit and matter in the form of story. She is the author of In the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the World, Ecstatic Relations: A Memoir of Love, and the newly published Worldshift Happens: Facing Down the Fear, Waking Up the Mind. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband and has three children, four grandchildren and three adopted grandchildren.

Gene Krackehl

Your Gift from Gene Krackehl
BONUS CHAPTERS: You Are the Healer
Three sample chapters from You Are the Healer: Discover Your Miraculous Potential to Heal Yourself and Others

Gene Krackehl, LLC is an acclaimed Intuitive Energy Healer, author, and composer. Renowned for his ability to fix broken hearts, people travel from all over the world to experience his healing energy. Gene's documented discoveries in handling stress, fear, grief and anxiety are explained in his award-winning book, You Are the Healer: Discover Your Miraculous Potential to Heal Yourself and Others. Gene has appeared on Your Health Today with Minerva Santos, and in numerous publications such as Generations, Westchester Business Journal, and The Journal News.

Bill Sweet

Your Gift from Bill Sweet
PAPER: Prayer Based Questions Addressed by Spindrift
Conversations with the founders of Spindrift led to original descriptions about prayer and consciousness

Bill Sweet was always interested in paranormal phenomena including the spiritual phenomena of prayer. Through meeting the founders of Spindrift Inc, Bruce and John Klingbeil, Bill began to grasp new ways of applying consciousness research to religion and science. Bill learned that the Klingbeils were healers in the Christian Science tradition who were doing scientific test of consciousness and prayer. Bill Sweet was president of Spindrift for four years. Spindrift research has helped establish how aspects of prayer and consciousness are real phenomena and not the human imagination. Spindrift has studied the positive effects, biased effects, and the dark effects coming from people's prayers.

Marcus Himelstein

Your Gift from Marcus Himelstein
AUDIO: Divine Consciousness Expansion
Divine consciousness expansion clearly expands your consciousness with integration of more aspects in your multidimensional soul, higher self, and I AM presence (your monad / soul group), through a series of activations along your natural soul evolutionary process -- $144 Value

Marc Himelstein has also been known by Healing4innerpeace for many years. He has over 20 years experience exploring the process of conscious ascension and soul expression, including who and what we truly are on all levels of creation. Marc is a Conscious Ascension Coach and Soul Matrix Healer. He has had major galactic and soul matrix refinement and upgrade by source, and has done specific work with Andromeda Council and Gaia, which allows him to provide specific divine service to humanity and all of life and creation.

Marilyn Jenett

Your Gift from Marilyn Jenett
EBOOK: An Introduction to Universal Laws and Prosperity Principles
Marilyn's popular 41-page ebook is the perfect introduction that will enhance your understanding of these profound laws. It's filled with rich content, practical wisdom, specific techniques and inspiration. It will raise your awareness and start you on your journey to grow your prosperity consciousness. The foundation of success is in your mind. You do not need to struggle, seek and strive to build your business or your life. You can use simplified mental and spiritual principles based on Universal laws and the subconscious mind to create and attract all the elements that ensure your success -- $47 Value

Marilyn Jenett is a renowned prosperity mentor with an international following and founder of the Feel Free to Prosper® program. She is also an accomplished businesswoman and owner of a company that served the corporate arena for 20 years. Her simple yet powerful lesson and mentoring program based on mental and spiritual laws is legendary for creating results within two weeks--the Universe on speed dial!

Ann Davis

Your Gift from Ann Davis
STORIES: Tartan Pajamas
Tartan Pajamas is a story by Ann Davis about Leroy Baines McTavish, who despite his Scottish name, was a black man

Ann R. Davis comes from a long line of storytellers in Savannah, Georgia. Ann spent many years working as a sculptor and painter, garnering awards in these areas. She had dabbled with writing, but never took it seriously and never considered herself to be a writer. But a sudden event of psychic/spiritual nature made her turn inward and she began recording her experiences. She was reluctant to publish this manuscript but has decided to combine them in a forthcoming book Looking Out the Back Door - Visions of Past Lives. A few of the stories in her 2003 book, Heaven in a Hole in the Ground and Other Earthy Stories were recorded during her time of revelation, others in that volume were written creatively as her skills expanded.

Marta Williams

Your Gift from Marta Williams
ARTICLE: Intuitive Animal Training
Article by animal communicator Marta Williams in how to use intuition to resolve a behavior issue or enhance your training program -- $5 Value

Marta Williams, Biologist, Author, and Animal Communicator, has written three books on animal communication, titled, Ask Your Animal, Beyond Words, and Learning Their Language. Marta lives in Northern California, offers instruction online, travels to teach worldwide, and provides consultations for animals and their people by phone, Skype, and email. She is oriented toward holistic care for animals, and helps people experience that intuitive communication is a gift that everyone


Your Gift from Kajama
Be uplifted by daily inspirational messages, receive free personal dream interpretation and connect with kindred spirits at the Kajama Facebook page

Kajama is a free spiritual weekly publication featuring articles by top metaphysical authors, advice columns covering the entire spectrum of spiritual experience, horoscopes by esteemed astrologer Susyn Blair-Hunt and more.

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