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RealityShifters Chat
August 3, 2002

(DazzMar) Rachael, are you the person who signs "rach" ???? always wondering

(Rachael) Yes

(Cynthia) I just came back from clicking my session away (accidentally)!

(DazzMar) ooohhhh, good, kept thinking it was a Rachael

(DazzMar) :-)

(Rachael) thank you.

(lodg) what just happened to you cynthia

(Rachael) she zapped herself

(Cynthia) Well this is a bit embarrassing :-)

(DazzMar) LOL, at first, I thought it was some guy named Rach....LOL

(Cynthia) Yes, I zapped myself!

(lodg) how

(Rachael) lol,

(DazzMar) Cynthia had a reality shift!!!

(Rachael) LOL,

(Cynthia) It was an experiment, in which I found that by clicking away the screen that says, "Welcome to my live chat room", I lose my chat session entirely.

(Rachael) I was not going to try that.

(Cynthia) I was just opening another window to keep the session live, ironically.

(DazzMar) LOL, glad you told us.....i was on the verge of doing that myself

(cymberlyne) me too

(Cynthia) Yes -- don't try this at home!

(cymberlyne) better keep it there now

(Rachael) Mary is not going to make it. She is out visiting puppies

(DazzMar) but this Mary is here :-)

(Cynthia) I'd love it if everyone would take a minute to just say "hello" and a few words about their interest in today's chat...

(DazzMar) there's a bunch of Marys

(Rachael) aaahhh,

(DazzMar) hello, my interest is in changing some things i've "seen"

(lodg) does our name appear automatically, or do we have to enter it

(Rachael) Greetings and salavations, I am here to investigat the dream I posted a few weeks back. I believe it has already come true

(DazzMar) i think everyone else's appears but not your own?

(Rachael) one part of it has anyway for sure

(lodg) aha

(Cynthia) My interest is that I know (from personal experience) that visions of future events can be changed -- at least, the visions I've had that I didn't like I never saw come into reality.

(DazzMar) wow, Rach

(DazzMar) i've had it both ways, Cynthia

(Mera) Hello, I've had a few reality shifts. I'd like to learn more about reality shifts.

(Todd) what was your dream, rachael?

(Rachael) I was standing on a dock jutting out into a lake, there was a cliff rising on the far side and a forest on the right

(Rachael) Three emergency aircraft were flying over head

(DazzMar) planes or helicopters?

(cymberlyne) oh yeah i kept that dream you had

(Rachael) the first was a fixed wing borate bommer type aircraft that folded its wings and nose dived into the trees [Sat Aug 03 12:11:05 PDT 2002] Susan: A new RealityShifters list member

(Rachael) The seconde was a white helecopter that just stopped and dropped on top of the clif.

(Cynthia) Welcome Susan -- we are listening to Rach tell about her precognitive dream....

(Rachael) The third was an orange helecopter that rolled over and fell strait towards me, hit my right toe and dissapeared into the lake.

(Rachael) Then I became aware of the fact that I was dreaming

(Todd) what part hit your toe?

(Rachael) just the front.

(Rachael) and no damage was done

(Todd) so how did this manifest in 'reality'?

(Rachael) WEll, I was just watching TV yesterday and they showed the fires over on the west coast. They showed a borate bomber

(Rachael) folding and crashing in flames

(Rachael) It happend three months ago but this is the first I had seen of it

(Rachael) They also showed two helecopters that have crashed in the last two weeks.

(DazzMar) ohhhh, terrible footage to see :(

(Todd) wow

(lodg) several have crashed lately

(Cynthia) Rach -- did this dream of yours have a feeling of being a precognitive vision of future events?

(Rachael) YES

(Rachael) I was frantic when I woke up

(Cynthia) I'm asking, because I'm hoping we can focus on changing the future here today.

(Rachael) The second part of the dream already came true

(Cynthia) We can start with whatever pieces of the dream are yet to occur...

(DazzMar) have all your events come to pass, Rach

(Rachael) that part involving my dog. [Sat Aug 03 12:15:15 PDT 2002] Susan: A new RealityShifters list member

(Rachael) I don't know. It is possible that I saw the air craft crash jsut as it happend last week.

(Rachael) it is possible that those are just coincedences

(Todd) how is the feeling of precognition in a dream different from regular dreams? [Sat Aug 03 12:15:44 PDT 2002] dwight has no profile.

(Rachael) But I DID dream the airplain that crashed on NYC in November.

(dwight) Hi

(cymberlyne) hello dwight

(Cynthia) For me, precognitive "warning" visions and dreams have an unmistakable feeling which is very different from other dreams/visions.

(Rachael) Well for one thing, the sky is always dark and swirling and there is no sound. And I am awair that I dream

(DazzMar) yes, i think the clarity sets them apart

(Cynthia) I'm hoping we can zero in on those precognitions that our list members have who are here today, and can start by reviewing the vision and getting a sense of what it feels like to each of us.

(lodg) any difference for personal vs public significance?

(Rachael) There is also always a slight stiring of the air with out a breeze.

(dwight) very few precog dreams for me

(Rachael) Up untill Sept 11 all my precog dreams were personal only

(Cynthia) Lodg -- what do you mean about any difference for personal VS public significance? (elaborate please)

(cymberlyne) mine are very few and always personal too

(Cynthia) Ahhh... I see!

(Cynthia) I have mostly public precognitive dreams -- the others I just consider to be "future memory" (which happens to me a LOT!)

(Rachael) At the time I had the dream, I was sure that something BIG was going to happen and that it was not just aircraft falling out of the sky.

(Cynthia) Let's stay focused on the public precognitive visions and dreams here today.

(lodg) i have an example of personal: i'm driving a big yellow school bus, suddenly i am no longer driving but walking along a road. my passedover mother, in her 30s appears and i ask what happened, my bus just vanish..she looks into my face and says i think there is something you need to have me t ell you!

(DazzMar) do you think the fires qualify as the big event, Rach?

(Cynthia) Thanks, Lodg!

(dwight) I had an online aqquantance from down under who had prophetic dreams

(Rachael) There were no fires in the dream, but I dont' think so, fires happen every year.

(DazzMar) so, you feel the big event is still to happen....

(Cynthia) Rach -- if you don't mind, I'd like to start with any public precognitive visions you have which you feel might yet come to pass.

(Rachael) Yes, I think, what I saw on tv, while it paralleled the dream sort of, ...........there was more to it,

(Cynthia) Please let us know what they are... and as you get ready to share that with us, we can take a moment to ground ourselves.

(dwight) actually in october 2000 she told me that there would be earthquakes in manhatten in fall 2001 as she saw tall building falling

(Rachael) I cant explaine it.

(dwight) weren't quite earthquakes

(dwight) anyway she passed over 2 months later

(DazzMar) sorry, dwight :(

(Silversky) testing

(Rachael) Perhaps the plains are simbols

(Cynthia) Let's each of us visualize a grounding cord running from our root (base) chakra down to the center of the Earth... this cord takes away all our worries, fears, and personal "stuff".

(Rachael) sorry about spelling guys, I never have been good at it.

(DazzMar) wow, Cynthia, i can feel the energy already

(Cynthia) Exhale deeply ... releasing any remaining worries or fears (including worrying about your typing here!)... and when you inhale, breathe in pure Love.

(DazzMar) Rach, never worry about spelling in a chat :-)

(Cynthia) Imagine that each of us is connected heart to heart --- heart chakra to heart chakra.

(Cynthia) We are joining in a common purpose here today.

(dwight) always was connected

(Cynthia) Our intent is to visualize clearly any public precognitive event that we may assist in realigning for the universe.

(Cynthia) We are connected by our crown chakras to divine inspiration from above.

(Cynthia) We respect one another, and are here today to hear each other truly.

(Cynthia) Each of us has unique talents and abilities, which are continually developing and unfolding... and we will share these with each other today. [Sat Aug 03 12:25:46 PDT 2002] dwight has no profile.

(dwight) hmmmm

(Cynthia) Hello, Dwight!

(dwight) Hi

(Cynthia) We are just starting out by grounding ourselves and preparing to start sharing our insights.

(Silversky) Hello all so great to be here with you all(smiles)

(dwight) somehow was booted

(DazzMar) hi Silver

(dwight) yes was here for that

(Silversky) Hi

(Cynthia) If anyone has any kind of public precognitive vision you'd like to share, please feel free to speak up.

(DazzMar) yess.....but was Rach finished?

(Rachael) well, I am not sure if that dream has come true yet

(Rachael) I thought perhaps the aircraft were simbles

(Silversky) Sometimes, it takes place in 3's

(DazzMar) wow, can y'all feel the energy??? i feel heavy, like i could fall over :)

(Rachael) yes, I can, I feel tingley

(Cynthia) Hang onto your chair, DazzMar!

(DazzMar) ha, balanced here :-)

(Cynthia) Rach -- was there more you'd like to share about your dream?

(Rachael) Just after the dream a big wig from another countyr was assasinated

(Rachael) I thought perhaps that was one of the"aircraft"? vYou mean assassinated in real life, or in your dream?

(Rachael) yes,

(Rachael) in real life,

(Cynthia) Who was it?

(Rachael) he was the president of one of the mid eastern countries

(Silversky) Interesting

(DazzMar) ohhhhh, several precog. friends keep predicting assassinations

(Silversky) interesting

(DazzMar) Rach, this resonates with me.....

(Rachael) I had never heard of him before so it didn't stick, but it was a kind of "Ahah!" moment

(Silversky) bringing things about with me too

(lodg) i dreamt of the atlanta bombing and saw the face of the bomber, woke up to hear the news, called the fbi who would not give me the time of day, and the face i saw w as not the face of the one they think did it...so may yet turn jout.

(DazzMar) ummm, Rach, does this tie in to Saddam Hussein in any way????

(Rachael) no idea

(Silversky) With me Clinton was telling me he was going to the East and something to do with Special eggs

(Cynthia) Wow, Lodg. The FBI are notorious for keeping cards close to the chest --- even when someone tells thems something which is true.

(Rachael) thats why I am here.

(DazzMar) ohhh, Rach, you are right, this feels like a big event.....

(Rachael) Yes, that is why I was frantic.

(Rachael) I was litteraly resonating when I woke up [Sat Aug 03 12:33:44 PDT 2002] todd: filmmaker

(Todd) booted..

(Cynthia) Hello,glad to see you here!

(Cynthia) Todd -- we're just sharing precognitions...

(dwight) I have had the distinct feeling that the world will begin to understand our goverments involvement in behind the scenes in world affairs

(Cynthia) So far, both Rach and Silversky have some precognitions we can take a look at.

(DazzMar) don't forget me, too

(Cynthia) For Rach & Silversky -- do you notice any common elements in the visions you two have had?

(Cynthia) And yes, DazzMar, too!

(lodg) how about those special eggs

(DazzMar) special eggs....bombs?

(Rachael) oh, i had one last night about a precious egg that had a pearl inside.

(Mera) Bombs, or maybe getting ready to hatch yet another peace plan?

(Silversky) they were covered in chockolet

(Rachael) probably related to the puppy I am getting so forget about it.

(lodg) surrounding details?

(cymberlyne) what country was that president from?

(DazzMar) was it the VP in Afghanistan?

(Rachael) Yes, that is it,. I just asked DH

(Rachael) He remembers.

(Cynthia) My intuition was hinting at bombs, so this take on the "special eggs" being bombs could be correct

(lodg) you don't cover bombs with chocolate, but maybe germs

(Cynthia) For germ warfare, that's correct.

(DazzMar) that may tie in to my bomb vision, dunno

(Rachael) what else was in your dream about the eggs?

(Silversky) I think if I recall correctly Clinton was very nervous, saying something about taking a trip to the east-Tibet?(about a month or something like lis when dream occured)

(lodg) the egg with pearl sounds more positive [Sat Aug 03 12:38:53 PDT 2002] Susan: Sorry I keep losing connection!

(Rachael) thats right silversky

(Rachael) I remember that.

(Cynthia) That's OK, Susan! You can keep another window open and click it occasionally, to keep your session active.

(DazzMar) pearl could mean "hidden"

(Rachael) There were alligators in the dream

(cymberlyne) disguised

(lodg) but hidden value, as in 'pearl of great price'

(Rachael) trying to keep me from getting the egg out of the area.

(Todd) are precogs typically shrouded in symbolism?

(Rachael) not mine

(Cynthia) Not mine, either

(DazzMar) mine aren't

(Rachael) I usually see what is actually going to happen

(Todd) you'd think they'd be pretty visceral

(DazzMar) me too, like a film clip

(Cynthia) I also see the actual events unfolding

(Rachael) but the aircraft dream seemed somehow different and deeper.

(Rachael) very frightening.

(Cynthia) Rach's frightening dream could well be precognitive.

(Rachael) I woke with the assurity that it was a precog.

(DazzMar) "feels" like it to me

(Cynthia) Before the 9/11 event, I had a precognitive message from spirit (elves) which was designed to boost my spirits --- they insisted I read their message before going to sleep on September 10th. I had no inkling of the events to unfold the next morning... the message I got told me, "Always remember you live your life for love."

(DazzMar) yes!!!

(Rachael) Something BIG is going to happen.

(lodg) tears

(Cynthia) OK, then, let's take a good close look at what we know.

(DazzMar) if mine comes to pass, it will be big

(Cynthia) Let's start by reviewing those elements which seem in need of being redirected.

(Cynthia) Please share (again) with us the exact element of your vision/dream which could do with a little reality-shifting.

(Rachael) The air crafts NOT falling out of the sky

(Cynthia) That's a great place to start!

(Rachael) If the VP was the first plane then nothing can be done about him

(Cynthia) Let's work with what we can.

(Cynthia) And actually -- I have some experience in changing past events, too.

(dwight) smiles

(Todd) is the intent to shift specific events? can anything be done about, say, mid-east antipathy towards the west?

(Todd) i.e. the root instead of the effects

(lodg) or vice-versa

(Cynthia) I do best with specific visualizations/intentions, but my understanding is that all prayer/reality-shifting works -- even that which is more generic.

(dwight) One would have to go clear back to the crusades

(Todd) lol

(Cynthia) So true!

(Mera) We can't necessarily change others feelings. But with visualization can change effects on us

(lodg) or prebang

(Cynthia) For the purposes of today's efforts, let's just take the specifics from the visions we're hearing about here today.

(DazzMar) well, i've been visualizing a future with prosperity and peace, a global thing

(Silversky) Should we consided how far this continues? I felt stuff like this and beyond for some -long time

(Mera) I do too

(DazzMar) ... a permanent shift???? for the better

(Silversky) the gators are also an interest to me

(Cynthia) For today, let's just start small with the visions we are discussing here. We can do this again... or start a thread on the realityshifters discussion list for permanent shifts. So we've got specific visualization (1) Keep the aircrafts seen in Rach's dream airborn

(DazzMar) ahhh, seeing it already

(Silversky) I'm into shifting but there is more here and it may be of interest to seek it out first-

(Cynthia) Please do share, Silversky!

(Rachael) you know, when I had the dream, I tried to change it. At leas the one that fell into the lake and hit my toe. I re ran it three times.

(Rachael) did not do any good. it fell all three times.

(cymberlyne) what sort of aircraft are they??

(cymberlyne) helicopters was it?

(Silversky) it came up for many reasons, just think that by exploring = may find out personal connection which expands the boundryies of more for us

(Rachael) Yes, orange.

(cymberlyne) k

(Rachael) the first aircraft was an old style airplain, fix wing. The second was a white hellecopter, the third was orange

(dwight) hmmmm main wing over the fusaloge?

(DazzMar) do the colors mean anything in particular? perhaps relating to who's inside?

(Cynthia) I'd love to hear if anyone has personal connections regarding these precognitive visions -- insights, senses -- even odd gut feelings with no obvious rational source. If you have something to share about any of the dreams/visions we've discussed, please share those hunches, insights, intuitions and odd thoughts. (Nothing is too odd for this group!) :-)

(Rachael) the fix wing fell into the forest, the white hellecopter fell on the mountain top and the orange one went into the water.

(Rachael) yes it was.

(Silversky) Colour therapy, can be of interest as in color frequency coding within .

(Rachael) wing over fusaloge and tail seemed high?

(DazzMar) orange, 2nd chakra.....white, 7th chakra?

(Rachael) old style as in 30 or 40 years old

(dwight) old cessena

(Rachael) no. bigger

(dwight) k'

(Rachael) but not as big as the borate bombers

(Rachael) the fixed wing had a green stipe.

(Silversky) 2-creative energy-emotional--- white holds all within(seeing the light)

(Silversky) What side of the wing fell off?

(Rachael) right first then left

(Rachael) kind of nose dived after that.

(Rachael) no fire or smoke

(Rachael) no sound

(lodg) fixity into wild, purity on high, 'orange' into spirit

(Rachael) the white hellecopter just stopped and dropped strait down

(Rachael) the orange one rolled over and came down rotors first.

(Rachael) No splash in the lake, it just slid under.

(DazzMar) white....spiritual....the pope?

(Silversky) I feel like the gators, have more of a meaning Rach. I know with me, I have been seeing more of them when agression or primitive old

(Rachael) the gator/egg dream was last night. I don't know if it was connected to the one three weeks ago. I don't think so though

(Rachael) The Pope is ready to just stop that is for shure

(Silversky) Thanks

(dwight) was there fire in the crash on the mountaIN?

(Rachael) no

(dwight) thats a commonality

(Rachael) how do you mean?

(dwight) they go down but there are none of the usual things associated with a crash

(Rachael) Oh, no flame, no smoke no splash

(Silversky) The eggs in my strange dream with Talking with Clinton, the eggs were not fully chocholet, but were dicsized to look that way he told me.

(dwight) yes

(Rachael) um um...... Propaganda?

(lodg) disguised?

(dwight) what does Clinton represent to you?

(Silversky) Yes, and he was really nervous

(Rachael) lies

(Rachael) falshood

(Rachael) LOL, he could be the gators in my dream

(dwight) smiles

(Silversky) Ex USA president. There was a close connection to the FBI- as my mother helped the main guy with a case in FLA

(Silversky) Dirrector?

(Silversky) That is how I was able to read other things, into USA - Bush- to know out come of president?

(Rachael) There is allot that we have not been told about the war in the east. There has been allot of surgar coating.

(Cynthia) Here is an excerpt from Rach's first posting on the list about this dream, "The setting..." , ".. a wooded area with a lake at the base of a cliff rising in front of me. Three aircraft flying overhead, all going to the same destination (emergency aircraft?) stop in mid-air and fall from the sky. There is a fixed wing plane that looks like a small version of a borate bomber. Kind of the same shape with the wings on top of the fuselage. It nose-dives into a wooded area. The second aircraft is a white helicopter that belly-flops on top of the cliff, and the third is an international orange (coast guard?) and it falls directly in front of me, part of it hitting my right big toe and disappears into the lake. The dream was a normal dream until these aircraft appeared, and then it went silent and in slow motion. That is usually my clue that it is a true dream. After that, the sound came back, but the theme of the dream became end of the world stuff. Gravity shifts, sudden storms, etc

(Silversky) Lots of coating- YES!

(cymberlyne) huh

(DazzMar) coding/? [Sat Aug 03 13:06:50 PDT 2002] lodg: pole

(Rachael) Oh, I forgot about the end of the world stuff

(cymberlyne) i was just reading that and it all disapeared

(Cynthia) I am intrigued that the 3 aircraft in Rach's dream were all going to the same destination... and the end of the world stuff.

(cymberlyne) ??

(Rachael) yeh, thanks for posting that.

(lodg) got bumped...apparently need to comment every so often

(Rachael) Now I see why I was so allarmed

(Rachael) boy, it all came crashing back!

(Cynthia) What else are you remembering, Rach?

(lodg) how so - same destination?

(dwight) ok a pole shift , a shift in rotationof the earth would alter air movement enough to allow aircraft to no longer sustain flight

(Rachael) I went from the dock into a cave and there were hurricane force winds and sleet and the gravity of the earth was fuxuating up and down

(Cynthia) So one question is... are only these three aircraft affected, or will all airborn craft be affected?

(lodg) so would nuclear winter

(Cynthia) Wow -- the gravity of the Earth fluxing is a BIG and noteworthy detail!

(cymberlyne) maybe thats what all this is about

(dwight) are any of you aware of information on the 10th planet passing near soon?

(cymberlyne) the coming earth changes

(Rachael) You know the feeling when you are in an elivator and you are going up and then stop suddenly,

(DazzMar) doesn't a nuclear event do something to engines?

(cymberlyne) the pole shift

(lodg) there are astronomical theorists predicting that

(Cynthia) Yes, I'd heard about the 10th planet....

(Rachael) EMP, electromagnetic puls

(dwight) \yes shorts out electrical

(lodg) nuclear = all electricals stop

(cymberlyne) nabira?

(Rachael) stops all electrical currents.

(Mera) Just skimmed a report that the earth's gravitational field is bulging around the equator. Maybe working up to something

(DazzMar) i saw a nuclear event....could tie into Rach's dream?????? whew!

(dwight) nihburu

(Cynthia) Rach -- could you sense what was causing the aircraft to crash?

(cymberlyne) thats it

(cymberlyne) my spelling?

(Rachael) no,

(cymberlyne) i knew what i meant lol

(Rachael) they just stopped

(Cynthia) So they could have stopped because the electrical systems went out...

(Rachael) let me focus on it for a moment.

(DazzMar) could all the environmental things been a nuclear thing???

(Rachael) something happend

(Rachael) unavoidable

(lodg) BUT - should all material vehicles delete, doesn't mean we do

(dwight) its possible they were trying to outrun the effects of a blast they knew was coming

(Rachael) or going to help victims [Sat Aug 03 13:13:30 PDT 2002] dost: mare fidelis

(dwight) yes either

(Rachael) I think they were going TO something

(Cynthia) Welcome, Dost! We are discussing precognitive dreams/visions

(DazzMar) Rach, was it broad daylight or early morning??? mine was early dawn or late evening

(Dost) Hi everyone, sory I was late

(cymberlyne) hi dost

(dwight) Hi dost

(Rachael) no, it was dark night, Moonlight although the sky was foggy and swirly

(lodg) enjoyed your article

(Rachael) moon was on the left.

(DazzMar) hey dost, maybe it was the time zone thing :-)

(DazzMar) ohhhh, mine was twilight time

(Silversky) Rach something bizarre took place - screen just waped out, read something to do with cave. now you are in a picture of mine , did not want to say, but getting reeeealy interesting

(lodg) left is receiving side

(Dost) it very well could be but was at a workshop

(lodg) our symbols are personal

(Rachael) my screan did that too.

(Rachael) screen

(DazzMar) my screen did something a few minutes ago, and now I don't have the whole chat history, only back a ways

(Cynthia) Rach -- if the three aircraft in your dream were going together somewhere (like a rescue mission), did you have any sense of who or where they were going to?

(DazzMar) ummm, how big was the lake??????????

(DazzMar) mine was near a big lake

(Silversky) The planes, being by water, the cave

(lodg) and did they separate at or before the climax [Sat Aug 03 13:17:37 PDT 2002] Susan: If you're still talking, please forgive me. I'm just trying to figure out how this works.

(Rachael) no, they were all needed and they were going from left to right, lake was about three acres?

(DazzMar) do you know what area of the US??? it's always woodsy right beside a body of water

(lodg) oh?

(DazzMar) well, usually, LOL

(Rachael) No, I don't even know if it was in the US.

(Rachael) there were others in the cave but they were not consequential

(lodg) if in US was significant , it would have been indicated

(Rachael) other than all looking out at the "Event that caused the storm.

(Silversky) Yes,

(lodg) who others? it could show context

(Rachael) I don't know, one dark haired femal, and a group of others un identifiable.

(Silversky) I remember this one, how cool.

(Rachael) short dark hair light skin

(Silversky) How cool.

(Silversky) I was there

(lodg) all fems?

(Rachael) no.

(Rachael) no bangs, cut in a kind of page boy.

(DazzMar) Silver, you shared Rach's dream???

(Rachael) no I have not.

(Rachael) OH, I have shared a dream before, with my best friend. So I guess I could have done it again

(Silversky) Please look up. I have had these kinds before- usually with family though

(Rachael) susperia? is the word?

(lodg) are cave and aircraft in same dream?

(Silversky) Yes

(Rachael) discribe the cave?

(Rachael) did you see me?

(Silversky) With me , it was long ago- but time and space differs

(Rachael) in my dream the cave was at the base of the cliff that the white hellecopter fell on, at the edge of the lake.

(lodg) with group hypnosis once, I had two students sharing the same future episode

(Silversky) And destruction as , fear was there, something to do with cover ups and feeling of other crafts being present?

(Rachael) yes, but un identified

(Rachael) somthing was blocking my view (OUR view) of the event.

(DazzMar) what was the weather like there....cold....hot????

(DazzMar) summer, winter?? [Sat Aug 03 13:27:55 PDT 2002] Silversky has no profile.

(Silversky) Hello again

(Rachael) cold, raining, dark, very windy. Like a hurricane

(dwight) wb

(cymberlyne) hello

(Silversky) I missee so much?

(DazzMar) what was it like before the weather/gravity changes took place, early in the dream?

(Rachael) cool, cloudy, silvery moonlight, swirling clouds, stiff breeze

(lodg) how sudden

(DazzMar) could you see into the distance?? were there mtns all around in the distance?

(Rachael) in the beggining, I was facing the cliff so that and the trees to the right were all I could see, INside the cave mouth we could see mountains that were maybe 5 miles away blocking the view

(DazzMar) can you describe the mtns.....high, green/grassy, bare & sharp & craggy?

(Rachael) blocky, volcanic, very dark.

(Rachael) not overly tall.

(Rachael) they could have been further away.

(Rachael) but the event was on the other side. even though we were feeling the effects.

(DazzMar) yes

(Silversky) Rachael, did you happen to notice any strange flying craft going over the cave?

(DazzMar) a big event, but not global?

(lodg) what do mountains, as such, signify?

(Rachael) no, but I felt something that felt round.

(Rachael) outside.

(DazzMar) lodg, this seems to be linked to what I have seen...

(lodg) how

(DazzMar) blocky, volcanic mountains in the area of my vision

(Rachael) No, it was global.

(DazzMar) big lake, cave, mtns which would block the view

(lodg) how was global signified

(Rachael) by feeling

(lodg) that's legitimate

(Rachael) we knew it was global, there was no escape, no where to hide.

(Cynthia) If anyone wants to see some of the first part of today's chat, I've posted it online at http://realityshifters.com/pages/rschat020803.html

(Silversky) That is why other people were taking to the cave

(Rachael) wonderful thank you. Mary wanted full coverage.

(Rachael) yes, that is why

(lodg) cavbe or underground

(Rachael) It was a cave in the face of the cliff.

(Rachael) a craggy uneven volcanic cave.

(dwight) Maria told me that in several years the pole shift would happen that those not far inland should buy and own desalination equipment for drinking water

(Rachael) what will cause the pole shift?

(Silversky) I believe shifting occures all the time,

(Rachael) so silversky, was it you I saw in the cave?

(Silversky) Perhaps

(Rachael) is that why this person was so "Clear" when the rest were images?

(dwight) I expect the gravitational pull of the 10th planet as it passes by, there are also some asteroids that are slated to pass close by

(cymberlyne) everyone will feel this shift when it happens

(lodg) desalinization will not be as practical as atmospheric mining as some primitive cultures did (dwight) indeed (lodg) but back to the dream (Silversky) I recall not wanting to be in that dream, and knowing things that I just not able or not fully wanting to grasp now.

(Rachael) yes, me too, and trying to change it.

(Rachael) re do it.

(Silversky) Yes!!!!!

(lodg) accept it?

(Silversky) As other s were and were getting help, but higher ups were pulling too many strings, fog over others eyes, because of other matters

(Rachael) htere was a knowing , like we knew what was happening, and could not stop it so accepted it though we were still afraid .

(lodg) fear no thing

(Rachael) It wasnt a real "Fear" it was an anticipation?

(Rachael) a wariness?

(Silversky) It is wonderful to be present in a great loving world with free choices.

(lodg) we could have caught a different train, but chose this one for some reason

(dwight) LOL, yes this experience is very unique

(Silversky) yah, demensions are always crossing [Sat Aug 03 13:46:20 PDT 2002] dost has no profile.

(Rachael) das boot

(lodg) ja

(Silversky) Thanks Cynthia for posting, I'd like to take another look after.

(dwight) many potentials

(Cynthia) You are quite welcome! There are a few glitches with it -- but it's as complete as I can make it!

(Rachael) this has been VERY interesting, and kind of frightening.

(Silversky) Energy does linger to different degrees

(Cynthia) I am noticing that some of these precognitions are covering such sweeping changes that they will likely require further attention from us (more than just today's chat).

(dwight) no need to fear, we agree and create

(Rachael) is there a way to explore the dreams further?

(Rachael) go back in?

(Rachael) so to speek

(Silversky) Yes, but Rach and Cynthia are also there

(Cynthia) What would you like to share now, Rach?

(Silversky) I mean To agree

(Cynthia) Let's continue to explore the dreams...

(Rachael) I mean tonight

(Rachael) when I go to sleep.

(Rachael) how do I call it back up?

(lodg) see yourself there

(dwight) yes , now that we are of more like mind, there may be new developments, awareness

(DazzMar) Rach, was it a natural event, or manmade?

(Rachael) I would like to see what is on the other side of the mountains.

(Rachael) I cant tell.

(lodg) a mountain in your path is a problem, or an elevator

(Rachael) I can fly in my dreams, there won't be any problem

(dwight) feels like lots of water

(Rachael) unless there is a celing.

(Rachael) yes, the lake

(Rachael) deep cold dark

(lodg) ceilings aren't obstacles

(Rachael) and the rain

(dwight) I mean lots of water

(DazzMar) lots of water, dwight?

(Rachael) like tsunami?

(dwight) land displaced

(Rachael) tsunami

(Rachael) yes,

(Rachael) that is what i get

(Rachael) but why? I don't know

(dwight) or a land mass sinking

(Rachael) or blowing up

(Rachael) what volcanos' are active?

(lodg) they now know Noah's flood came from below

(Rachael) crater lake is long dead or I would almos think it was connected.

(dost) Goodbye everyone... As it is midnite here (speaking of time zones!) I gotta go. I will read the transcript later I guess. Bye now

(DazzMar) bye dost!

(Silversky) Thanks for the chat, loved chatting with you all; do again sometime. This is just a bit to real as the recall had occured and feel not compelled at moment to continue but thank you. And Racheal thank you!

(Rachael) bye, thanks for comming

(dwight) north western US rach?

(Rachael) yes,

(DazzMar) bye Silver

(Rachael) that is the feel.

(Rachael) bye silver

(dwight) :)

(Mera) Bye

(Cynthia) Bye!

(Rachael) Pacific north west

(dwight) bye

(dwight) indeed

(Rachael) Mount shasta?

(dwight) naaa

(dwight) too far south

(Silversky) Have a great weeks end

(Rachael) Mount washington? or ranier

(Rachael) you too silver

(Rachael) great to see you again.

(DazzMar) hasn't Ranier been active lately?

(dwight) possible, feels like the rockies

(Rachael) yes

(Rachael) yes [Sat Aug 03 13:56:52 PDT 2002] cymberlyne has no profile. bye all, it's been interesting ...!

(Rachael) bye todd

(Mera) Bye

(DazzMar) bye Todd

(dwight) Bye

(cymberlyne) byeeeeee

(Cynthia) Bye, Todd!

(Rachael) I have to go too. I have spagette to get ready. I will focus on this tonight and see if I can come up with anything.

(DazzMar) good luck re-doing your dream!

(dwight) Namaste Rach

(Rachael) And on the egg thing too.

(Mera) Bye, thanks for sharing

(Rachael) Thank you.

(Rachael) All of you for comming.

(cymberlyne) byeeee

(Cynthia) We've covered a lot of ground in the last two hours!

(Cynthia) We can meet up on the list...

(dwight) smiles

(DazzMar) my goodness, a global event

(Cynthia) Thanks to everyone for sharing and participating in this on-going shift of global proportions.

(Mera) Thanks for hosting this chat. It was most interesting

(DazzMar) thanks for organizing and hosting!

(Cynthia) You're so welcome! I'm going to be here for a few more minutes, getting more of the transcripts moved over to the web page...

(cymberlyne) all the writing has gone again, does that mean i get booted when that happens

(DazzMar) hmmm, wonder what the assassinations had to do with the global event.....the bigwigs knew it was coming a la Deep Impact???

(dwight) the government is denying the 10th planet at present

(Mera) We could each, request to our subconscious minds, before we go to sleep, that we each receive more enlightenment about these dream events. I will do that. I've found that sometimes that helps and works to help one to understand

(Cynthia) I lost some of the writing along the way, and I don't know why... thus, my interest in preserving it to another page!

(cymberlyne) hmmm

(DazzMar) yes, my screen dropped the prev. lines twice during the chat

(Cynthia) Yes, Mera -- I like your idea about focusing on meaning before sleep.

(DazzMar) started over with a clear screen and I couldn't scroll back to reread

(cymberlyne) yes same here

(dwight) seems thats forum only keeps so much m,aterial

(Mera) The gov't is denying, but in some news reports from a few years ago, scientists did report on Planet X.. I haven't been dropped. I don't know how to save chats though

(DazzMar) the room count option is nice, shows when somebody gets dropped and they come back on

(lodg) would it be in our own computer's files?

(cymberlyne) no

(Cynthia) I'm going to sign off soon -- and want to thank you all once again!

(cymberlyne) thank you too cynthia

(dwight) Namaste Cynthia

(Mera) Just checked. I did lose some of the conversation. Thank You too Cynthia

(DazzMar) thanks, Cynthia!!!

(lodg) thank you

(Cynthia) Namaste!

(Mera) Bye

(dwight) gonna run now , have a blessed week all

(DazzMar) byeee