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Stein Online Show Interview
with Cynthia Sue Larson

by Elliot Stein
on November 17, 1999
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CSL: You mentioned some other experiences that you've had...

ES: Oh, yeah! How much do you have dreams that somehow relate to the idea of reality shifts...

CSL: Oh, definitely!

ES: ... of premonitions with dreams?

CSL: I've had several, and it's just really amazing when that happens, because it seems like I know something that there's no way I could have known.

ES: Well, I'll tell you another one. I've never told this on the air. I've never told this ever. I've been on national radio doing shows and stuff, and I've never told this story before, ever. So you're the lucky one here, Cynthia.

CSL: Great! I'm excited!

ES: I'm about six or seven years old, and I'm living in Chicago at the time with my family, and I have this really creepy dream one night at a very early age. And in this dream, I'm standing on the second or third floor of Marshall Fields & Company. Marshall Fields is a big giant department store. Before there were K-Marts, and before there were WalMarts, in Chicago, you'd go downtown... your parents would go downtown, they'd take you and they'd go to some of the large department stores, like Carson Pirie Scott, Spiegel, and so on. Marshall Fields was a big, giant one, and we used to like to go there, my mom would take my brother and I. I had this dream, and this dream was very creepy. Because in this dream, I was standing on the second or third floor of Marshall Fields; I was standing basically in the center of the room, when the giant clocks they had on the wall... and they may still have them, I don't know. They had some giant clocks on the wall with HUGE, gargantuan hands on them -- you could see from anywhere. And again, when you talk about department stores of this nature, you're talking rooms that are huge. Maybe sometimes they are the size of half a football field, the main room. They have these huge clocks with huge hands on them. In my dream, you could view two or three of the clocks from different walls... the clock hands started going screwy. They started going real fast all of a sudden, like in a cartoon, real, real fast. One of them started spinning backwards, and doing all kinds of funny things. The dream was terrifying to me for some reason. I was only six or seven years old, and I saw it plain as day, standing in Marshall Fields in the middle of the department store and the clocks.... It was like a Twilight Zone episode... and it had that kind of effect on me. The clocks were moving super-fast and doing bizarre things, and this dream really was frightening to me, and I never said anything to anyone about it.

That weekend, we went downtown. My mom took us. I'm standing in Marshall Fields alone... my mom went to one department, my brother was in another... back then, you could run around, there was no problem about safety back then. I was standing in the middle of that department store in the middle of the room, when all of the sudden, one of the clocks up on the wall, the hands started going super-fast. I started shaking. I turned around, and I looked at another clock on the wall, and it was going backwards. Another one was going bizarre and erratic, and all kinds of things. It was one of the most nightmarish things that ever happened to me. I went running out of that room to go find my mother for some comfort. I didn't say anything... I don't think she noticed how shaken I was. What can I tell you? I saw it in a dream, I saw it as clear as can be... I didn't know it was going to happen. I don't know if they were working on clocks behind. There were no men in front, like construction people. Maybe they had something that controls clocks, or they were redoing them, but it was the most frightening thing. It was as clear as could be in a dream, and then it happened a few days later! So, what can I tell you, folks! I've told you two good stories today. I don't know what the meaning was, except it really scared the hell out of me.

CSL: I think it gave you a clear sense that you can connect non-locally to a different place in your own life in space and time.

ES: Could be.

CSL: And the fact that it had to do with clocks is interesting.

ES: Yes.

CSL: On my web site, I've got a story about a sundial that showed up out of nowhere, and I notice that also has to do with time and space. And so this can be a message to us, when you've got an experience with clocks, that's just to realize that time may not be what we think it is. We may think that it's going along in a very methodical, clear, lock step way... and actually it's not. All the things that we use to measure our reality are perhaps not the best way to do it. Because we're very limited in our perception. We only see a small bandwidth in the visible spectrum, we see just from red to violet. We don't really see infrared or ultraviolet. And in the audible range there are ranges that we can't hear, that are subsonic, or supersonic.

ES: Yet, certain animals can hear... elephants as you know, send out a subsonic sound to each other that can be heard ten, twenty miles away. We cannot hear that sound, but we know because we've done some measurements and things with special apparatus and equipment, they're sending out a subsonic sound and communicating with each other.

CSL: That's right. So I think the meaning of that, going back to the dream that you had, it could simply be just to be aware that things are not what they seem. That there's something much more going on here.

ES: It could be. You know, I've never even discussed this with anybody, and here, forty years later, I tell this story for the first time to anybody, and actually you've given me some thought about that. Maybe it was an early thing saying, "Hey! Go toward the metaphysical in your life. Seek the knowledge of things that aren't apparent, to try to expand your boundaries." I don't know. But I'm glad you did come up with some answer for it, or I'm going to be sitting thinking about it for the next two weeks!

This is good! So, Cynthia, what do you do from here? Who are you talking to? Where is the most interest you're getting from the internet. I know people in England really love this kind of stuff. Do you hear more from them in your mail? Who are you hearing from about this?

CSL: I'm hearing from people in Australia, and in the United States, and in England. That may be partially due to the English language, it may screen out people in Japan and China and so forth. I'm getting a very good response from people all around the world to the topic. It seems like it's something that really resonates deeply with people. And that's why I wanted to ask people to send their stories in, because it gives everyone a chance to see what the range of experience is, and I haven't seen anything like that in print anywhere. And so this is a very unique opportunity for people to come and take a look at experiences that different people have had. And sometimes, like you did tonight, they'll just suddenly realize there's something in your past that you never knew where to put it. It's like when you're filing and you don't have a file to drop it in. This whole subject of reality shifts gives us a place to store memories that we may have had no previous place to sort them into.

ES: So you encourage people to go to your web site, and they can hit a button and send you articles?

CSL: That's right! You can just click on my email address, which is there on the web site, and then type in a description of your experience, and I'll be back in touch with you to let you know when I can get it onto the web site. Usually I have a few questions, and I do a little bit of touch-up editing on it.

ES: Well, let us give the web site address again...


... and you will find out information about reality shifts. And if you thought my examples were good, you'll find some ones that really beat that out, believe me. Because I read them! They were up there. I want to thank our guest, Cynthia Sue Larson for visiting with us today to discuss her unusual concept. And we will certainly do this again in the future sometime.

CSL: I'd love to!

ES: OK! Why don't you hang in there, Cynthia, and we'll talk off line.

CSL: OK. Thanks!

ES: Thank you everybody for joining us today on the program. We're here every day Monday through Friday, four to five PM Pacific, seven to eight PM Eastern, bringing you a lot of great information and a lot of topics that you're probably not going to hear about elsewhere, because I guess most radio shows these days are UFOs, or they're psychotherapy. And that's it! Well, we try to function like an old-fashioned talk show where they actually used to talk about history and religion and spirituality and whatever else we do... science, technology, politics, a little bit of that... show biz... a little bit of everything., and, and that of course is Yahoo broadcast.

I hope you have a wonderful evening, and maybe you'll think about some of those experiences you've had, which you've either never talked about because you've thought "Nobody's going to believe this", or "I don't think I'd better tell anybody about this". You can tell Cynthia about it, and you'll find a lot of folks that want to hear about it at the reality shifts web site. Again, have a wonderful evening. We'll see you tomorrow. Good night, everybody.

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