Excellent Online Oracles
by Cynthia Sue Larson
August 10, 2000

The art of divination can be traced back as far as human history -- and it's strongly suspected that it existed long before the time when written records first began. The underlying idea behind divination is that answers to all of our questions are always available to us through spirit... the unconscious... our higher selves. All we have to do is ask the right questions, and the universe will reply. Divination is a process of utilizing something to obtain this knowledge which is hidden around us in plain sight. This knowledge can be shared synchronistically, when events that have no clear cause and effect relationship can nevertheless "coincidentally" have a profoundly meaningful connection.

So what kind of tools are required for divination? Chances are, everything you can name has at some time been used by someone as a divination tool. This includes pendulums, stones, smoke, clouds, tortoise shells, flower petals, trees, sticks, waves, and weather. Spirit is in everything, everywhere... and can talk to us when we quiet ourselves enough to listen.

I find it fascinating how most people have favorite divination tools -- whether or not we formally acknowledge them as such. Even people who don't realize that they're using divination tools consult stock market reports, chats with best friends, and newspaper horoscopes every day. Some people are very mindful of the interplay between spirit and their conscious mind, and are quite proficient at casting their own horoscopes, throwing their own I-Ching sticks or coins, or reading runes or Tarot cards whenever they feel a need for guidance.

But what about those days when we need an answer FAST? Some days get so frantic that it seems there is simply no time to meditate, let alone utilize our own divination tools.

You'll be glad to know there are some excellent divination tools on the internet, ready and waiting for you. In this article, I take a look at three of my personal favorites: The Odyssey of Life Oracle, Oracle of Changes I-Ching, and The Damanhur Synchronic Book.

The Odyssey of Life Oracle

I found this delightful oracle quite by chance one day, when reading the articles written by Lynn Woodland. Lynn has a beautiful web site, and one of the highlights is definitely her Odyssey of Life Oracle. This Oracle is intended to be used a serious tool for personal and spiritual growth, and contains approximately 80 different messages of guidance which synchronistically appear in response to your particular concern. The answers you get here in response to your query may be anything from suggestions of helpful actions, affirmations, exercises, or ways to expand your perspective.

Oracle of Changes I-Ching

Click six times to "throw" six coins over a tranquil pool, and receive poetic words and a beautiful painting in response to your query. This Oracle of Changes I-Ching was developed by Visionary Networks, and has been said to provide the Internet's only mathematically authentic (truly randomized) casting of an I-Ching reading.

The I-Ching is also known as the "Book of Changes", and is widely regarded as being the world's oldest known book at over 3500 years of age. It was popularized in the West by the founder of depth psychology, Carl Jung, who studied its "synchronicity principle" for some 30 years.

The I-Ching has influenced great thinkers such as Confucius, Liebniz (who invented binary mathematics after studying the binary qualities of the I-Ching), Albert Einstein, and von Neumann (who invented digital computers after contemplating the I-Ching's many possible permutations).

One of the reasons I enjoy the I-Ching so much is because I love the way one answer changes into another, showing a flow from an immediate set of circumstances into a more distant situation.

This oracle is very poetic, as can be seen by this sample passage I received when recently asking a question:

The Damanhur Synchronic Book

The Damanhur Synchronic Book is a divination system like nothing I have ever encountered. This system is similar to the others mentioned above in the sense that the questioner is expected to have a serious query in mind, and will receive better information based on the attainment of a contemplative state. What is different about this divination tool is that it requires one to repeat a phrase of conscious intention three times, and to cast a die four times in order to receive an answer.

Oberto Airaudi, creator of this online divination system explains:

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