The Lady Appeared... Twice
by Cynthia Sue Larson
August 31, 2000

crowne plaza

I'd love to share the story of an amazing reality shift I experienced at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness I attended in New Mexico in May 2000.

It all began when I stepped out from an evening slide presentation about sacred sites in the Crowne Plaza Pyramid hotel's ballroom and into the adjoining foyer. I met other conference attendees there, including Steve Bhaerman (a.k.a. Swami Beyondananda) and his wife Trudy, and several other people who were discussing the beautiful slides we'd just seen.

After chatting for a few minutes, a red-haired woman turned to the man accompanying her, and commented,

so those two bade the rest of us a good evening and walked down the hall toward the hotel rooms.

Steve and Trudy followed suit, and I left behind the first two couples. When I'd walked all the way from the main ballroom to the elevators of the hotel, I suddenly remembered my intention to look at the stars that night, and walked back the way I'd just come.

As I returned to the main hallway I saw Brenda, one of the members of our informal chat circle, talking to the lady who'd said, "It's getting late" -- and after their animated discussion ended and the red-haired woman walked away, Brenda turned to me and asked,

I agreed that indeed, she was the very same person. She was unmistakable in her elegant dress with long stylish robe and low-slung purse. Brenda told me that after I'd left, she'd looked inside the ballroom briefly to see a few more slides, and when she returned to the foyer a few minutes later, she saw that woman come in from the parking lot.

Brenda had asked her,

since this woman looked like she might be a shaman or sorceress who could intentionally transport herself -- to which the woman replied,

When Brenda explained she'd just seen her walking down the hall, the woman insisted that was impossible -- because she had not been in the hall recently!

Brenda and I watched the redhead saunter down the hall once more... heading the same way I'd seen her go the first time, just a few minutes earlier.


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