What Meditation Is Best for You?
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 5, 2000


Is there a "right" way to meditate?

A concerned reader recently wrote to me, asking if I could please describe the best way to go about meditating properly.

I replied by saying there are so many ways to meditate, I hesitate to recommend one. Some people meditate while walking, others while gardening, some while listening to music... some while paying attention to their breathing and clearing their minds of all thoughts. Those are just a few techniques. Once you know what kind of meditator you are, you can zero in on a method that works well for you!

Here's a quick way to zero in on your best meditation technique. First choose a favorite physically relaxing activity, and then select a favorite mental focus. When you combine these two, you'll have a customized meditation technique that's exactly right for you!

To get started, all you need to do is answer two questions:

(1) One of my favorite ways to relax is to:

Simply doing whatever activity you find most relaxing is a form of meditation! There are more advanced techniques in which you can pay attention to your breathing and/or your thoughts... but the most important starting place is picking what sort of meditator you are.

People who enjoy walking can develop their own form of walking meditation. Some people count their breaths as they walk, others simply let go of their worries with each deep breath, and still others observer their thoughts go by without pursuing them. What sort of mental focus appeals to you?

(2) I most enjoy focusing my attention on:

Whatever mental focus most appeals to you is the one to try. This is really all there is to it... just combine one of your most relaxing activities with one of your most relaxing mental focuses, and you are meditating!

If you try one meditation and find you don't like it, then try another one. You will find something you like, so don't give up!