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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 123

Vanishing / Reappearing Chocolate Bar
Dublin, Ireland

I've been on a 'fast track' awakening for the last year or so. I came across your web site yesterday. Today, I had the following experience.  Leaving work, I took a chocolate bar out of my bag to put in my pocket. On the way to the train, I decided I felt like chocolate, so put my hand in my pocket to chocolate bar. My keys were there, but as far as I could tell after a great deal of searching, no chocolate bar there (I am 99.9999% certain, but obviously can't be 100% sure). I thought, "oh well", I must have left it in the office...never mind. Later, I was about to go outside to play with the kids, so put my jacket on...went to get my keys and guess what? Yes, the chocolate bar was there after all!  The interesting thing was that last night I had been reading about Time shifts and how consciousness can shift reality on your web site then  this a lesson to show me that the universe is a lot stranger/more interesting than it looks on the surface! It also helped me realise that perhaps I'm not going mad after all.

Note from Cynthia: I'm delighted to hear from you about your experience with the disappearing and reappearing chocolate bar. Unless your pockets are trick pockets (the sort utilized by magicians), or you've got twin jackets and somehow mixed them up, it sounds like you definitely encountered a reality shift of the disappearing / reappearing variety. When chocolate is involved (especially dark chocolate), I am always grateful for its reappearance! This is the kind of small scale reality shift many people likely experience, yet few people take time to notice that something remarkable is going on. 

Shifts Happen Stride gum wrapper
Shifts Happen Gum Label Synchronicity

OK, this just happened.  I am sitting here reading the September Realityshifters Newsletter and going through the realty shift stories, my favorite part. I am chewing bubblegum and I glanced down at the pack, and looked away.  Wait a minute!  Did I see the words "Shift Happens!"    No way, I thought, that is one of Cynthia's slogans and not likely on a bubblegum pack.   I look back down.  Yes, it does say "shift happens!"   IN Big Headline type letters.  The full thing reads    " SORRY! SHIFT HAPPENS   you're not an instant winner of the shift concert the bicoastal event  inspired by Stride Shift."     Too much!

By the way, to give you some background. I have been attempting major changes in my life and that morning I had reread some of "Parallel Universe of Self" a great book which I got because of your review and "Are You Ready to succeed" by Srikumar S. Rao.  I had decided from skimming these inspiring books that I needed to inject major positivity in my life thinking basicly how good things will get  so that things will shift in that direction.  So after some huge positive thinking I took the appearance of "SHIFT HAPPENS"  as a personal message that I was on the right track for shifting my reality.  It also cannot be coincidence that in the sept realityshifters is a 20 page excerpt from your book  which I had been intending to get to help with reality shifting!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for letting me know the background regarding your thoughts and the books you were reading and what you were thinking about before this gum wrapper showed up with its "Shifts Happen" message... how fabulous a reminder is that?!  I love the bright colors and amazing message and synchronicity with the way you found it!

Accelerated Manifesting
Muncie, Indiana

I have had things manifest within minutes:  #1. I wanted some small river rocks for a  flower arrangement, went into break room where I worked and there was a big vase full, free for the next taker.. Minutes...  #2. I wanted some large rocks for my garden. Thought about it one night how big they had to be. The next morning, the fella down the road drove into our driveway,came to door and asked if I wanted some rocks. HE said they were pretty big. Yes, they were. He backed the truck in dumped the rocks in,they've been there ever since......Hours.  #3. I saw some shutters on the side of the house down the road. I thought to myself: " Those are neat. I would like to have those. Two days later, they were out in the dumpster, for my taking.  #4. I've been looking for a countertop commercial deepfryer. Did not want to pay much.I have been looking on ebay,etc. A friend called from an auction, and told me he had  purchased a deep fryer. He did not know that I had been looking for one; exactly what I wanted. To put it mildly, you have to be very careful WHAT you wish for. I'm paying careful attention to what catches my fancy. But it seems that when it is my hearts desire, it manifests.

Note from Cynthia: I love the way you've described the way manifestation happens so much faster recently, to the point that things are coming through just about instantly, in a matter of minutes. I've heard anecdotal stories from many people that during these times, as we are now in the final approach toward 2012, manifestation is noticeably accelerating... and this indeed seems to be true. Thanks so much for sharing these reports, along with the timely caution to be careful what you wish for, as it's so easy now to have it come true. 

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