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Your RealityShifter Stories
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James Arthur Jancik
Time Slowed So Truck Could Stop
James Arthur Jancik, the "Black Knight" of Talk Radio

I was reading your newsletter and was reminded of an event that happened to me that clearly was Reality Shifting. I drive a 53 foot, 18-wheeler weekly from Chicago to Savannah, Georgia. One day, I was returning home through Louisville, Kentucky. There was a turn in the highway as it went under an overpass. The traffic was very light, and it has just finished raining (so the road was wet). As I made the curve, I saw all the traffic immediately ahead was bunched up and nearly stopped! At that speed and road condition, there was no way for me to slow down in time. I yelled out "No!" and hit the brakes, and an amazing thing happened, and thought immediately about you. TIME SLOWED until I did! I felt it, too. I was thinking the same rate, my internal "time" passed the same rate, but, my truck slowed, as time slowed to allow me to stop. It was not slow motion... and it is hard to describe... it was like I got heavier... like the molecules in me and the truck, increased the friction against gravity... or like the time of the physical molecules slowed to allow enough time to slow my forward momentum. Is there a way to "practice" doing this, or is that like asking to practice a reflex?

Note from Cynthia: I love the way you describe the sensation you felt of feeling like you got heavier in some fashion that allowed you and your truck to slow down relative to your surroundings in time to be able to make a safe, full stop. The only way to practice doing this sort of thing, as far as I know, is to be in similar hair-raising real-life situations that enable you to participate more fully in moving through your environment than you ordinarily do. I've experienced similar time-slowing situations twice in my life so far, and they were both involving the safety of one of my daughters... which was a huge motivator for me to ensure that all turned out well. While it may not be advisable to intentionally seek experiences for practicing time-slowing as an art, I am certain that regular energy work and meditation practices will definitely assist people in being prepared for these situations when they arise. This means anyone who'd love to experience time slowing can start practicing some kind of Qi Gong, or energy work, as well as regular daily meditation.

Mountain Range Appears & Disappears
Ojai, California, USA

A few weeks ago I was delighted to notice a light rainstorm, as I love the rain. I pointed out to the mail lady who came to deliver my tankless water heater, the snow on the mountain range behind the immediate ones. She asked where, and I pointed it out, and she agreed. Well, we have recently had a couple of days of rain, some of which had thunder and lightning (yum!), so I eagerly waited for the clouds to blow away so I could get another look. The clouds have gone for a while, but that other mountain range is no longer there. I realized that it comes and goes, but I never noticed before. Neat... I didn't think of the scale. I have observed this every year I have lived here, without noticing how out of the ordinary it was. So has my oldest son; sometimes he would call to my attention the snowy peaks. It has shaken him that he never noticed that they aren't supposed to be there until my interaction with the postal lady. He won't discuss it (too scary) but he wasn't raised on fairy tales like I was. He just thinks I am benignly crazy. I only observe them in the winter, even if it is usually pretty warm here. I wonder what the meaning of the snow means, as well as only seeing these snowy mountains in the winter.

Note from Cynthia: This kind of really large scale reality shift fascinates me, as it involves an entire mountain range, and is clearly not simply a matter of your not remembering things clearly, nor of clouds blocking the view. Other readers have noted large trees that sometimes are there, and sometimes are not there in the distance... but an entire mountain range is so large that it is extraordinary to notice shifting in and out. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Building Appeared Out of Nowhere
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

My daughter and I experienced what could only be a reality shift the other day. We were driving to the coffee shop I go to almost daily. This time, we noticed a building going up right beside another store that we frequent at least once a week. We couldn't believe it, we were on that same road the day before and that building was not in the process of being built at all, and now it's about half done. There's no way that it could have gone up that there? I mean i could understand it if it was just the metal, but they have all of this concrete done and everything. There's no way we couldn't have noticed it before. I was at that particular store only a few days ago and would have been parked behind this new building...there's no way we wouldn't have noticed it before. Driving home from our hike yesterday, just down the road from where that building now is, there is a new bus stop shelter. Ok, so no big deal, they could put one of them there in a day, except the road is also changed. There is a small lane where the bus can go into the stop now. That wasn't there before, and neither Mary-Lynn and I can recall seeing it before or seeing any construction. I've driven and walked that road countless times, and it's always been straight with no small turn lane. It looks completely out of place too, like it doesn't belong there. That's two shifts that the girl has picked up on. Are children more sensitive to this kind of stuff do you think?

Note from Cynthia: This is the sort of thing some other readers have noted in the past... with buildings being either suddenly present or suddenly absent, with no explanation whatsoever. Yes, these things can and do happen, and the people who notice them are almost always stunned that a change on such a large scale could occur... and then not even be noticed by most other people. It starts to make me wonder just how many other large scale changes are happening right under our noses! And yes, children are often much more sensitive and aware of these kinds of large scale reality shifts than adults.

Now You See It...
Essex, England

It happened to me again last night -- I lost my door keys. That's a very common event for me, actually, but this time I searched my bag thoroughly, in fact more than once, then after searching the whole house with no luck, sat down and glanced across to my bag, which I'd left open, and saw the keys inside, right at the top where I couldn't have missed them. Do you think there is some meaning to these events, e.g. some kind of symbolic message as in a dream, or are they purely random and mechanical? Or maybe I'm just nuts! I have had the experience many times of finding something very prominently visible in a place where I have already looked, sometimes several times. I think this happens to everyone, though. Usually I tell myself I couldn't have looked properly, must have just overlooked it, or maybe it was in my "blind spot" - but sometimes you just can't find any logical explanation. I've even found myself thinking that maybe the keys were there and I didn't see them because unconsciously I didn't really want to go out - ie. trying to tell myself it was psychological rather than it actually happened! I just hope that I actually see something appear in front of me some time soon, so I can stop myself doing this!

Note from Cynthia: I've found that often when things go missing, it's directly related to a tremendous amount of ungrounded energy, or Qi, such as times when someone is in a big hurry and rushing around... that's also the time when things are most likely to go missing. if this is happening very often, it's a good idea to practice grounding your energy... visualizing a grounding cord running down from you to the center of the Earth, as you take slow, deep, steady breaths and relax.

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