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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Thought Controlled Windshield Wipers
Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii

Thanks again for your great newsletter. I'd like to share with you an incident that happened recently. I am currently residing in Hawaii, and although it is a paradise, I know it is not my ultimate paradise as I would like to return to the bay area. While here, I have had so many fantastic photography opportunities and am making the most of it - learning new things and connecting deeply with Spirit ( It is amazing how many hearts, in all sizes and shapes and colors are showing up in the photography). But lately I have been feeling such a strong pull for a change.Yesterday I needed ink for my printer so I took a drive to the shopping center. I noted on the way that it was the clearest, most intensely beautiful day I had experienced in my ten months of residency here (and that's saying something!). When I got back in the car after making my purchase I was still marvelling at the day. When I started the car the windshield wipers came on. I was surprised but reached to turn them off. The control was set at OFF and no matter what I did with it (Intermittant, ON, HIGH, OFF) it didn't have any effect. Well, the barrage of thoughts this set off was amazing. At first I thought "This can't be happening." "I have to do something about this." "What will people think?" "My cousin is going to be angry and think I broke his car." Then I took a deep breath and told myself "You can put a positive spin on this - turn your thoughts around." So then I said "I've never experienced this particular phenomenon before;" "People in the surrounding cars are so busy driving they aren't going to notice that my windshield wipers are going furiously on this beautiful day, and if they do and wish to judge me - so what!" And then I started to laugh and said, "This is kind of fun, and you know what? When I finish this trip, this adventure will be over and the next time I use the car it will be back to normal." Well, right at that instant the windshield wipers shut off. I now see the incident as a message from Spirit that I could turn my thinking around in other areas of my life also. A gentle reminder that I have been focusing on all the reasons why I can't make some life changes instead of focusing on the end result and allowing it to happen. Isn't life an exciting adventure?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this story! This is such a great example of how we can notice when our thoughts are starting to spiral in a negative direction, and turn them around more positively... seeing the world reflect our frame of consciousness. What a beautiful reminder to all of us when we encounter situations which feel somewhat out of our control, that we can still make a positive difference in how things turn out, simply by relaxing, finding something enjoyable to focus our attention on, and intending that things will ultimately turn out for the best.

White Truck Turns Maroon & Highway Name Change
Bluff City Tennessee, USA

Something happened recently that I want to share. The lady who lives across the street from my mother-in-law and looks after her needs, bought a full sized white Dodge extended cab pickup a couple of years ago. Every time I went to my mother-in-laws house, I saw it sitting in her side yard. She and my mother-in-law came to our house for Christmas dinner, and when they left, I looked outside and saw a maroon Dodge Dakota crew cab pickup sitting there. I asked her when she got that truck, and she replied that this one was the only one she had ever had. My wife says thats the only one she remembers, also. I told them,"I know my colors alright and I've never seen this one before". Either I have experienced a reality shift or I've gone crazy. Also, a highway named Sugar Grove in Bluff City Tennessee, where I now live, that I used to ride my motorcycle on, has had a shift, I believe. Shortly after I sold my bike, I noticed that the sign now reads "Silver Grove."

Note from Cynthia: When something as supposedly fixed, steady and solid as the color of a truck, or the name of a highway changes to something new, and yet people claim "that's the way it's always been," you know for sure you've just encountered a reality shift, once you've ruled out other possible explanations, such as other similarly colored trucks or similarly named highways. The very reason these experiences are so noteworthy is that we are not typically observing trucks changing color or highways changing their names.... yet, just as we might expect to observe some degree of "now you see it, now you don't" behavior on the quantum level where probabilities indicate we can expect such changes to occur... we also sometimes see these changes on the macro (big) scale. The value to us of noticing these shifts is that it helps confirm for us that everything is actually energy, and what we generally presume to be fixed and solid can, and sometimes does, change.

Personalized Paragraph in Book
Dubuque, Iowa, USA

Thanks for giving me a place and opportunity to share reality shifts. As I was reading a recently received article by Kryon on Evolution into nonlinear thinking, I read a paragraph that included a date extremely significant to me, as it absolutely affirmed an inner knowing that I had about my life but was beginning to doubt. As I glanced back, the date changed to two others, and I knew,now without a doubt, that the first was a personal message for me. After reflection and continuing to read for a couple more pages I looked back for that paragraph [knowing I'd read it in the middle of a left hand column of a left page] , and despite a ten to twelve minute search, that whole paragraph was gone, gone, gone! So now I know it was All directly for me. Wow! Delighted with your recent RealityShifters! Thanks for being you!

Note from Cynthia: What a marvelous story THIS is! I've also had experiences with books changing in full or in part, so even though some people might raise their eyebrows at this particular story, thinking to themselves, "An entire paragraph in a book changed? Riiiight. And I've got a lovely bridge I can sell you..." Since I'm also a first-hand book shift experiencer, I can whole-heartedly assure you that these shifts definitely do happen, and when they do, they are really something else! Yes, it's safe to realize that there is definitely a personal message in this shift for you. When we see that books can change just to reach us, I find myself in a state of reverence for the way the universe can customize important messages to us in this manner. Knowing that such things are possible can help us open ourselves up better to the possibility of witnessing and experiencing such things. Thank you so very much for sharing this, as it's obviously something that many of us can benefit from!

Reappearing Flashlight
Essex, England

I was writing up my financial records in a big diary I have, sitting on the floor with my back against the sofa. I stopped and looked up for a short while, thinking that I would have to find my small flashlight so I could look for some documents in the dark cupboard where they were kept. I wondered where I had left the flashlight, I had used it a couple of days previously and hadn't put it back in its proper place. I then looked down, and to my amazement, the flashlight was right there literally under my nose, lying down the spine of the diary I had just been writing in, which was still on my lap! I couldn't have failed to notice it if it had been there all the time, and in fact the diary had been closed when I first picked it up, which would have been impossible if the flashlight had been inside it. I still haven't managed to find a logical explanation for this! Could it have been on the sofa and somehow fallen onto the diary when I wasn't looking? Seems unlikely, but it's the only "logical" thing I can think of. I am still completely puzzled about how the flashlight came to be there. However, I am what you might call a serial rationaliser. I will be absolutely 100% certain at the time that a shift has happened, that something has moved, etc, but over the next days and weeks will do my utmost to convince myself that I must have been mistaken. I will talk myself into believing there is a perfectly rational explanation, and I somehow missed seeing whatever it was, even though, as in this case, it was literally under my nose. The further in time from the event you go, the easier it is to tell yourself it was simply a mistake - the thing gets fuzzier - you can shift your memory of it if not the actual event. I have never actually heard or seen anything suddenly appear in front of my eyes as you have. If I had, this would obviously be definite proof - unless I convinced myself I was having hallucinations :) I am fascinated by the concept of reality shifts and totally convinced that there is more to reality than the rational, but at the same time I am a bit afraid to abandon the rational too easily - perhaps because I do not have a family, and am not therefore surrounded by people who will keep me on planet Earth rather than on the planet Zog, and perhaps deep down I am afraid of turning into one of those old ladies who wander round town talking to themselves! Maybe I am not "allowing" this definite proof to come to me. At the time, I was astonished when I saw the flashlight right in the middle of my diary. Could it have been there all along without my noticing it? I know that we often miss quite obvious things if we are focusing on something else, but it seems unlikely that I would not have noticed it when I was writing in the diary, and if it fell onto it, surely I would have heard or felt it? I just don't know. I don't want to declare I experienced a shift if it was in fact some kind of perceptual error on my part. It seems likely it WAS a shift, but I can't be 100% sure there isn't some other explanation. All I can say is that I still don't know what happened.

Note from Cynthia: It does seem unlikely that the flashlight landed on your book without your noticing... but you'd be the one to let us know if it seems that would even be possible. If it might be possible, then perhaps that is what happened, and this is not actually a reality shift story, per se. These kinds of reality shifts really can and do happen, though, and I'd love to share this story in RealityShifters News and on the realityshifters web site, because it will doubtless inspire others to notice similar shifts, too... and know that they're not imagining these things!

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