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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 103

Reduced Service Charge with Retrocausality
Hollywood, California, USA

The following has happened quite a bit over the years and happened to me again this morning. It probably happens all over every day. You call a company with a question such as, "How much is your service?" They'll say $100. I'd rather have it for $50 so I say "OK, bye." I then call the same company again, and get a different rep. He says "$100, always has been." He reads from their rule book about why it's $100. OK. I go online, look at their information, and see that it's ambiguous. I wait a month or two and call again, get a third rep, and the same $100 answer. So after about eight months of this (in this case it's not a new service issue but one that I care more about) today I call, get a rep, and ask him. He says $50! How? Nothing has changed in their rule book according to him. It's just now the answer is the one I've been hoping for, and according to this rep it's always been the answer. He says he's sending me verifying papers.

The call and call thing tends to work. People do it until they hear what they want to hear, and then what they're hearing is not only what they wanted, it's right! It has become as real and valid as the stuff they hadn't wanted to hear used to be.

I've assumed different logical explanations for the disparity - untrained reps, honest mistakes, outright lying, luck, odds, etc. But this morning I wondered if somewhere in there reality shifting is going on. Then a couple hours later here comes Cynthia's February RealityShifters issue, (which arrived at 1:11 pm!) talking about retrocausality.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this exciting reality shift story! One of the things I like most about this story is your dogged determination to keep phoning and checking the cost of services, until the answer finally matched what you had all along been feeling was the right price. The reality shifting confirmation is the fact that "it's always been this price," which is the standard reply following most any reality shift, when we move from one reality probability path into another. This reality shift has a feeling of retrocausality all over it, and I'm so happy to know about it!

Parenting with Retrocausality & Self Identity
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

One thing that I've been working on, and didn't even realize it until last night, was my son. My ex-husband was incredibly abusive to him, and I've been working on lessening the impact of the abuse by changing past memories. Normally, that consisted of thinking of how much love I have for my son, and really putting energy into remembering how great some past things were... like hockey... and not putting energy into remembering bad things. I also spend time seeing him as the sweet child he is, instead of dwelling on what we've been through in the past couple of years. Also, when he does something inappropriate, I'll say things like "That's not like you to do that, Jacob" This approach is working to the point that sometimes he'll stop himself and say "That's not like me.".Jacob has been through so much, and he's such an amazing kid. I will literally do anything to help him get through the challenging times and become a responsible adult. You'll love this about him, he has an awesome gift for seeing auras. I had a blast with him one night, as he was teaching the other kids how to see people's auras on TV, and he was way better at it then I am. It takes me a minute or so to connect and start seeing, but with him, it's instantaeous. Also, he can sum someone up in an instant, and so far, he has been bang on. I wish I had listened to him a few times; it would have saved me a lot of grief!

Note from Cynthia: What genius to take the concept of retrocausality in hand with your other bag of parenting skills... how brilliant is that! Provided your son always knows that essentially, his character is and always will be of his own choosing, you are doing him a great service to help him "own" those qualities and characteristics which will stand him in good stead in the long run... the ones he will be proud of for years to come... by letting him select the probable pasts in which he consistently has had excellent character. I can also see how with just a bit of extrapolation, most of us can improve our character should we wish to do so, simply by seeing ourselves as genuinely good people. Thank you so very much for sharing this story... this is truly inspirational! You are such a great mom, and Jacob is so lucky to have you! How marvelous that he can see auras, and sum people up so fast.

Starting Cars with Energy
Aynne McAvoy

Cynthia's reference to the car starting made me remember the times that I have done this. I first did this several years ago with a car that sometimes started hard, if at all. I actually kept a hammer under the front seat to hammer on something under the hood if it didn't start. (I don't remember what that something was now, LOL.) At any rate, I needed to get to work, so I just concentrated, very very hard, that this car would start. I know now that I was actually sending the car intense energy although I didn't understand that concept then. I have tried this out a few times since then, with different cars, over the years, including one that had a dead battery. I couldn't always do it on the first try, but the remembrance that I had done it in the past always gave me encouragement to keep trying, usually with success. I wouldn't give up my AAA membership, but it really has worked for me in the past. Cynthia's story is encouraging to use this same energy to attempt to alter the past and therefore, the present. I can remember that first time quite vividly and it puzzled me long afterwards what exactly had happened? I knew something had happened; that by willing the car to start (sending energy) the car actually started but it would be years before I had the comprehension that I now have.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your remembrances of times in the past when you've had good success getting cars to work by sending them intense energy. The more people know that such things are possible, the happier many people will be, since not everyone thinks of sending energy in a time which feels like a bit of a crisis. Sharing these kinds of stories goes a long ways toward encouraging and inspiring people to give positive energy a chance next time they experience a problem.

Trip Back in Time
Bluff City, Tennessee

Back in 1980, I got a call from my uncle that my paternal twin had been severely injured in an automobile accident and was not expected to live. I came home and my mother, myself and his wife took turns staying with him. One day on my off watch, I went next door to my old junior high school and sat on the back steps thinking about the old days. The bell rang for the school to let out and I noticed that all the mothers picking up their kids were driving older period cars, I went on home and my mother was back, and asked me what I'd been doing. I told her of visiting my old school next door to the hospital. She said that was impossible, since the school had been torn down a few years ago. But I WAS there. One of these days I'm going to see if I can purposely shift time again, probably in that same neighborhood, as it's still the same as it was back then.

Note from Cynthia: This is a truly fascinating case of time shifting, and I am so glad you shared it with us. It is interesting that you were going through such an emotionally intense time, and perhaps even feeling a bit nostalgic at the time of this time shift. This reminds me of the time I witnessed a time travel reality shift... it was truly an experience I will never forget!

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