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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 106

Vanishing People
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Ok, this is really strange. I just connected with you via twitter, looked at your website, started to read stories on shifting realities, people there one minute, gone next. THIS just started happening to me last week. Now, granted, I've been laid off since February and my whole reality has shifted into a more metaphysical, spiritual, meditative state so I'm opening up to new experiences, etc. Dreams are becoming very vivid - energy dreams, etc... But, images appearing and disappearing I have never heard of, so I chalked it up to my imagination, maybe the person(s) went into a home nearby, etc.

The first appearance/disappearance was when I went to pickup my daughter from her apartment. I clearly saw a man who seemed to be drunk or he could have been disabled but clearly having a problem standing up and/or walking. He was holding onto a fence when I drove by. Two minutes later (I picked up my daughter, told her about him, even said I'll show you him) and when I turned the corner he was gone. Now, clearly, he had a problem walking so I'm positive he didn't disappear into a house or fall down because I looked for him and it was only minutes since I picked up my daughter, turned around and came back the same way... I thought it was really strange, and said to my daughter, "Hmm, I wonder where he went."

The second appearance/disappearance happened a couple of days later. I was walking which I normally do in the morning, and noticed a woman a few feet in front of me, walking toward me. I don't know if a car came by, but something distracted me and when I looked up again, she was gone. Again, I looked down the adjacent street, thinking maybe she went into a nearby house, but I would have seen her going into the house. She was just... Gone!

Again, I brushed it off... Then I was reading the stories and thought, OMG, that's what I have been experiencing... Very, very interesting!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sending me these fabulous reality shift stories! I know how disorienting it can feel when you're looking at someone one minute and they're gone the next, as this has also happened to me. I find these experiences happen to me more frequently when I'm open to them and in a more metaphysical, energized state of consciousness, just as you mention you've been recently. I also take these reality shifts to be a very good sign that you are getting evidence of personally witnessing new realities, much like tuning the dial on a radio to flip through various stations before settling on one you like best.

Walter Milnor Mug
Life After Death
Zen Breeze Art Gallery

I had an experience on Friday that convinced me of life after death, then today, got your newsletter with an invitation to share stories so, here goes... First, the background.

My father passed from colon cancer in 2001 He was, like me, an artist. After his passing, I took images of his paintings and creating some products for cafepress. These were commemorative for the family. I never updated them and never sold any outside the ones that I bought.

Yesterday, my grandmother passed away (my father's mother in law). She'd been in a nursing home for several years but, still, she seemed quite hale & hearty. She'd had a freak minor accident the day before and was admitted to the hospital. She passed away after surgery.

At the exact second she passed, one of my father's commemorative mugs sold out of the blue and I got an auto-email about the sale: As I emailed my mother about it and pressed Send, the phone rang and it was her to tell me that my grandmother had passed. It was also their wedding anniversary.

Note from Cynthia: What an amazing experience this is, and how marvelous that you got such a clear indication of connection with your father and grandmother through this experience! I find it especially interesting that none of your father's commemorative mugs had previously sold to anyone but you, and the moment one sold to someone else it was the moment your grandmother passed away... on their wedding anniversary! This is definitely the kind of experience one doesn't soon forget. I send you my deepest condolences on the passing of your grandmother... and thank you so very much for sharing this inspirational story.

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