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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Herd of Horses Appears & Disappears
San Luis Valley Colorado, USA

My husband and I have a piece of land in a very sparse populated valley famous for its wild horses. The last time we were there, seven of them appeared like a vision and out of nowhere. They were beautiful... red with black mane. My eyes teared when I saw them since they are rarely seen by people. All of a sudden, they disappeared as fast as they had come into view. We were dumbfounded because seven horses cannot just possibly disappear into nothingness. I am going to have to bring my camera next time to see if I can get a video.

They were probably 500 feet from us. They were galloping softly with nothing to obscure them. It's desert area with only sage brush and small cacti around us. We went around to see if we could find them. Nothing, vanished. My husband was aghast. I was shedding tears when I saw them. They were so beautiful! I was marveling at how perfect they looked, not a scar, no marks, shiny hair. I was thinking how amazing creation is and also that they seemed unreal. Thanking heavens for what I was seeing because they are rarely seen by anyone. My main thought was that it was wonderful to be so wild and free, so removed from society or people who could try to hurt them.

This was in San Luis Valley, Colorado where a lot of legends and myths abound. The people there have protected this valley for over 400 from corporate greed and nasty neighbors. The thing that drew us to buy some land there is that in this oldest of towns in the state the founder had my father's last name. That is the name of the main road. The reservoir has my mother's last name. In Latin countries we use both names because after all, our mother was present in our birth. ;)

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing so many details, as it brings the story into sharper focus, and thank you for granting me permission to share this story! It's such a marvelous example of reality shifting, and somewhat similar to a time when I once saw a woman appear out of thin air across the street from me, walking in a direction toward me as I walked on the opposite side of the street toward her. Your story with the horses is remarkable because the horses appeared and disappeared... and also because both you and your husband saw this spectacular herd.

My GPS Found Me
Lakewood, Ohio, USA

Hello Cynthia! In my job I decided a GPS would be a good thing or I would be spinning in circles looking for places. I enjoy and use it constantly. So when I heard a clack sound when I got out of my car I looked but didn't see anything on the ground.

The next day my GPS was not to be found. I almost took my pocketbook apart to find it. I even went home to search but it wasn't there. I turned it over to the Universe and periodically swept my hand through my pocketbook to see if it had appeared but nothing.

Knowing I had to have this device, I purchased a new one. I expressed my deepest appreciation for my new cousin to the old (albeit three week old) GPS. Toward the end of the day, I took the new GPS out of my purse and put it up to find yet another location. For kicks and giggles, I checked the stock photos on the GPS and there were the ones I had loaded! I went to my favorite locations and they were there too. I considered it might be a function of the satellite connection? No that made no sense. Shazam! I checked my purse and there was the second GPS I purchased earlier that day. So, I KNOW I had turned my purse and life upside down to find the 'lost' unit. I can only conclude it reappeared. Awesome.

This reminds me of your article about how to shift reality. It's about love. Pure love and appreciation. I believe my 'lost' GPS reappeared when I realized, and expressed, how much I appreciate it and love using it.

Because of the frequency of such events, I have started a shift journal to document and appreciate these events.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this marvelous reality shift story! I'm especially delighted by the way you are making a connection between feeling love and appreciation for your GPS. Yes, I do believe that feeling love for something is one of the best ways to shift it back into your life! In case something like this ever happens again, you might be interested to know there is an article on the realityshifters web site of the Top Six Tips for Finding Lost Things: I'm so happy to hear that you've started a shift journal! How true that this is a fabulous way to better document and appreciate these events, and what a marvelous way to see how shifts have been happening around you for some time!

A Happy Ending
Salem, Oregon, USA

I have experience many, many reality shifts in my life, but the one that stands out happened just a few years ago shortly after I moved to Salem, Oregon. A woman working as aide in an elder care facility was kidnapped in the wee small hours while working the graveyard shift. Her assailant crawled through an open window and took her into nearby woods. I made a note of this story when I heard it on the news because my mother owned an elder care facility, often working the graveyard shift when one of her workers called in. Her facility was in Eureka, California, and it backed onto wooded property. I couldn't get the image of that poor woman lost in the woods, taken by the big bad wolf as it were, out of my mind. The next day I was walking home, and I passed a newsstand. I saw the headline and my heart sank. I moved closer and read most of the article through the glass. The woman's body had been found, brutally raped, beaten and strangled, in the woods. They had no leads on her attacker. I felt sick. Later that same day I passed the newsstand again. It caught my eye immediately because the layout of the front page was different. I took a closer look and saw that the lead story was completely different--a local story, something printed on a slow news day. I was confused, to say the least. It was hardly a special edition.

The next morning I turned on the news and got a surprise -- a follow up on the previous story.The woman had walked back to civilization on her own after her attacker let her go -- very much alive. She could hardly be said to be unharmed, but she was alive.

What struck me about this incident is that no one ever said "this is a correction" noone ever mentioned that there was a report of the girl's body being found, and there was never a retraction. The strangest thing was that the newspaper was completely different from just after lunch, when I was walking home from downtown, to later that evening when I went downtown again. Not just that story, but the layout of the front page, and everything else. And yes, the date was the same. No one but me remembered hearing the girl had died. In fact, noone but myself really made a note of the story at all!

I have since thought of going back through the archives of the local paper to see which of the two headlines is in existence today--but I really don't want to spoil the happy ending.

Salem is not a reality shifting hotspot, but I have experienced a couple since moving here. They were almost commonplace in Eureka California -- but so was seeing people who weren't there a minute later and who had been dressed in period clothing. I'd reccommend visiting, if you ever get the chance. I think it's one of those "thin" places. Salem, on hte other hand, is pretty grounded. Hope that info helps!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this story! I like this alive again story, based on seeing two newspaper stories, and how the story changed from one day to the next. This is the kind of reality shift that gets me to hoping more "bad news" reports could be improved from day to day. I appreciate your including mention of having checked the newspaper again, to see whether the newspaper issued a retraction or correction on their earlier report. I have also noticed when seeing a book be completely different than it had been before that many things changed, so I find your observation that the entire newspaper seemed different between lunch and later that evening quite intriguing. Thanks also for the tip about Eureka being a reality shifting hot spot... I'd love to hear from others who have found some places more conducive to reality shifts!

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