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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 109

Finding Keys in Three Steps
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

My Lady couldn't find her keys. I was on the phone with her, and told her to first visualize being so *happy* to find her keys. Then I told her to look out the window at something green. Then I told her to just 'look down'. And told her she was looking at her keys. She turned over the piece of paper that she was looking at, and there they were. For your interest, the thinking behind that three step approach is:
    1) View your objective in terms of the emotional reaction of success that you will feel upon achieving it. This is a stronger manifestation than merely where something is.
    2) Detach from the desire, and you also detach from the fear that hinders manifestation. Look at or think about something else.
    3) Perform a random action that your subconscious mind will influence to guide you to the desired outcome. :)
There was a slight question in my mind as to whether in fact the keys were there to be found, or in fact the keys 'moved' from wherever they had been to the location she looked. More and more my acts of premonition and clarivoyance are taking on this 'ambiguous' tone. We are truly embarked upon an epic journey. I have been told that the negatives will be doing their 'worst' until late September. It's going to be tough, but the reason they are so disruptive is because they are desperate to resist the light which they can see growing. :) It's going to be an interesting year...

Note from Cynthia: I just love your story about helping your lady find her missing keys! That second step of detaching and letting go is so very important, and something mentioned often as it is so essential to good results... and the third step of doing something physical that allows one's subconscious to guide one to find what's missing is an excellent tip to people who otherwise are over-using their thinking caps. These three tips are perfect for getting good psychokinetic results in general, and are part of advice given to spoon bending party participants, for example, as well as advising that people get relaxed and energized by laughing and feeling more light-hearted. I know what you mean about the ambiguity between whether a series of events is something we tune into in advance, as a premonition, or whether we are in fact orchestrating such events by virtue of our interest in them. From the point of view of a physicist, I'd go with the statement that both are occurring in these situations, and we are in fact experiencing the "handshake" between future and present (or present and past) described by physicist John Cramer in his Transactional Interpretation of quantum physics

Vision of Bilocating Husband
Guam, USA

I love reading people's reality shift stories, they are so inspiring. Thank you for allowing us to share them on your wonderful website. Hopefully I haven't already told this one to you. I had a strange experience about seven years ago. I woke up one morning in the small condo I shared with my husband. I was using the toilet and had left the bathroom door open. I thought my husband was sound asleep in the bedroom where I had left him, until I saw him rush by the open door holding a small, square, silver object. I said good morning to him, but he ignored me. I went into the living room looking for him, but he wasn't there. I went into the kitchen, but he wasn't there. The only other room was our bedroom, but I knew he couldn't be in there because I had seen him heading into the living room. With no other options, I went into the bedroom and found him deeply asleep. Later on, when he woke up, I asked him if he remembered walking into the living room, or if he had any strange dreams. He didn't. That evening he came home with a new cell phone that he never told me he was planning on buying. I figured there are a bunch of different versions of us running around that we don't normally see, and for some reason I saw him with his new cell phone already in hand.

Note from Cynthia: I love this reality shift because it reminds me of times that I've been in one place and people have seen me other places. Twice when this has happened to me, I had a sense of bilocation occurring, as I had been thinking of being exactly where people had observed me to be.

On Being the "Alive Again" Person
Noble, Oklahoma, USA

At one point in my life, two of my friends and family were so concerned that I was at risk for dying that they told pulled me aside, separately and without knowledge of the other one doing the same thing, to tell me of their realer-than-real dreams which felt prophetic and felt so scary to them that they overcame their own embarrassment at sharing the dreams with me.

Note from Cynthia:While as far as I know people don't recall me ever having died and then being alive again, many people have vivid recollections of my having done things in this life that I have no memory of. Some of these things include giving inspirational talks at UC Berkeley to packed audiences back in the 1980s. I have faint recollections of some of these possible other realities for myself, such as one in which I broke up with my boyfriend at Sproul Plaza... yet none of these events actually occurred in the main reality path of my life.

While for me, these parallel realities feel like hazy dreams, they are sometimes known by others as the main reality path of their lives, such as the reality in which I used to give lectures at UC Berkeley, at a time when I only recall being a very shy undergraduate physics major there. These experiences of having lived a life that's to me rather different than how others remember it gives me a clear sense of how it would feel to be the alive again person. It feels like when I think about how I might not still be alive here today, I get a sense of that possibility... feeling a lot like a dream hazily remembered upon waking from sleep.

Yes, Bob... I agree that the reports of what feels to me like a parallel reality can also sound like the doppelganger or bi-location phenomenon. As I read through these posts, I just commented on that a moment ago, regarding times which seem to me indicative of crossovers between one reality and another... sometimes involving me being in two places at once..... sometimes involving a crossover between two times (past and future meeting up). I find the most useful model for understanding reality creation to be one of comprehending and mastering the interplay of dimensional consciousness, or what Ken Wilber's referred to as levels of consciousness in his book, "A Brief History of Everything." I describe how these levels provide us with the means to see various ways that our thoughts and feelings change the physical world in my ebook, "Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World." I've posted an excerpt from this ebook that contains the information about levels of consciousness at my blog at:

This question of whether and how we can affect collective reality is one that came up in my interview on Settle for More, which used to be archived online, but apparently is no longer available. As the interviewers pointed out on the "Settle for More" show, many new age manifestation enthusiasts wonder why it is that what they're intending isn't happening.... they want to know what's interfering, and how to affect consensus reality. The key to making our personal reality experiences dovetail with the collective lies in those levels of consciousness I keep referring to. This is the essence of the "Mystery School" style teachings I've received direct from Spirit, and what I consider to be the heart and soul of true reality shifting. It's much more than just wishing for something that we want on a purely selfish, self-based level... it becomes a matter of feeling, knowing and vibrating with All That Is... and learning how to influence All That Is while in that frame of mind. The meditations required to master this kind of reality creation involve a great deal of discipline, since enlightenment seldom arrives instantaneously... yet this knowledge is right here for all of us to access and utilize, that we may bring alignment to our personal and collective realities in ways that manifest our desires according to what's truly best for all concerned.

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