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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 111

Teleported to Safety
Florida, USA

A while back, I was living in Philadelphia and working at a Home Improvement supply retail store a distance from the city, so I had to take a bus. The bus stop was only a few blocks from my house up at the corner of the main road in Roxborough and the side street. I walked up to the crossing and stopped as the light was red; I had to cross to catch the bus going in the correct direction of my job. I heard the sound of screeching tires in the distance, and discerned that the sound was approaching me. The light turned green, but I did not cross because I didn't think it was safe at this time to cross. At that point in time I was at the corner, mind you, and I then saw the vehicle approaching the intersection and attempting to make a left turn. I knew it would jump the curb right where I stood, so I shut my eyes and when felt no impact, I opened them to find that I was several feet before the curb behind a small tree -- I saw the car approach the intersection again and attempt the left turn. The whole scene replayed right in front of my eyes again! But this time, I see the car hit the curb right where I had been standing several seconds ago, then skid up the sidewalk to stop at the tree I was standing behind. I had a feeling like I was just floating, and I was stunned -- shocked to the core! I think I just switched to auto pilot then, because I just continued to walk around the bumper back towards the curb, when a woman who'd run out of the nearby diner to help the driver looked up and saw me, and had this look like shock on her own face. I think I may have materialized right in front of her as I was walking back up to the curb! I continued to go to the bus stop to catch my bus as I always cut it close to my time to be into work, and I had a story to tell them at work! That whole day seemed very, very odd. That is my story, the weirdest day of my life!

Another interesting thing happened when I moved here to Florida. My friend in Philadelphia swore she saw the new owner of the house I lived in, and she said the woman looked like me; she thought I had come back. But by all neighbor's accounts she does not look like me at all. This was a time when I was missing my place, and missing my friends up there. I think she either experienced a reality shift or I caused it because I wanted to go back so badly.

Note from Cynthia: While I have heard several teleportation to safety reality shift stories, yours contains a very interesting aspect of seeing a sequence of events replay themselves for you after you'd been teleported to a safe location. I find this detail very intriguing, as it matches the kind of lucid dream experience I sometimes have when observing events unfold and deciding at some point, "I would like to redo this situation." It seems as if you got this kind of do-over in real life, complete with a minor adjustment of your physical location in the scene! Very cool. I also like your account of having been witnessed in a place you were missing, but not actually physically present in. This very same thing has also happened to me several times; on one such occasion, someone saw me walking down a street I was wishing I could walk down at that time!

Reality Shifting Pancake Syrup
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

One morning I sat down for breakfast to eat pancakes. A small spot of syrup spilled on the table. I touched the syrup with my finger, and my finger became sticky. I got up from the table to go to the kitchen to get a dishcloth to clean it off, but before I picked up the dishcloth, I noticed that my finger was no longer sticky. I picked up the dishcloth and went back to the table to clean the syrup off from it, but the syrup had totally vanished from the table. I ran my finger across the table where the syrup had spilled, and there wasn't anything there, and there wasn't any sticky residue at all. Later that day, I decided to eat lunch, and before I sat down at the table, I noticed a fresh spot of syrup on the table again in the same exact spot that it had been while I had eaten breakfast earlier. As before, I touched the syrup, and it got my finger sticky. So, again, I went to the kitchen to get a dishcloth to clean it up, and as previously happened, before I picked up the dishcloth, the stickiness disappeared from my finger, and when I got back to the table, the spot of syrup was completely gone. I touched where it had been, and again, there was no trace of syrup nor sticky residue on the table. I would have thought that the first time I experienced this that I was imagining things except for the fact that my finger got sticky, and the stickiness disappeared. Then when the same exact thing happened again later that day, I really knew that this must have been some sort of a reality shift.

The syrup experience was amazing to me, because I not only saw something vanish and reappear, but I also felt the stickiness on my hands. I had never had a reality shift in which the sense of touch was involved as well as the sense of sight.

Note from Cynthia: This is the sort of experience that could make a person feel like they're being watched by a secret camera somewhere... in a reality TV prank. How amazing that the sticky syrup vanished not just once but twice! The other really interesting thing to me about this story is how familiar it all seems... like something similar to this once happened to me as well. Just fascinating

Disappearing Wife
Wichita, Kansas, USA

I don't know if this is a reality shift but it is weird. My wife is invisible to me at times. It happens frequently. I'll go through the house looking for her then call out and she'll be right there sitting on the couch. She'll think I'm nuts that I didn't see her. I've already been in a room with friends and I'll be talking about her as if she wasn't there and people look at me like I'm nuts and then look at her and suddenly I see her sitting right there in front of me. I think she can relax her mind and go to a real quiet space. It's like she wants to be alone and undisturbed at times. It seems like people in general ignore her or act like she's not there.

Note from Cynthia: As strange as invisibility may seem, this is actually a somewhat commonly reported type of reality shift. It's been described in RealilyShifters before, often from the point of view of a person becoming invisible to others, which often can be rather frustrating. I find it fascinating to hear what it's like to be living with someone who every now and again seems to slip quietly and completely out of view. Others who've reported being invisible do not seem to feel anything different, so your wife thinking you're nuts not to see her fits with typically reported stories about invisibility.

Disembodied Voice

Several years ago, a client, who was a nurse in a dialysis unit of a hospital, recommended to one of the patients to come and see me. She had given her one of my color healing audiotapes to listen to.

After a few weeks she still hadn't come, when suddenly I received a phone call from her to book an appointment. When she arrived she shared this story.

She had been standing in her kitchen, feeling particularly miserable that day. All of a sudden she clearly heard a female voice say 'Go listen to the tape!' Being alone, she was motivated to go get the tape and put it on. The voice on the tape (which, of course, was the tape my client had lent her) was my voice and the one she heard in the kitchen!

Note from Cynthia: This story about the disembodied voice reminds me of times that I've heard a disembodied voice... usually when in between waking and sleeping, in the hypnagogic state. I'm always amazed that it's possible to hear words (and other sounds) as clearly as if they were being spoken by someone right next to me.

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