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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Stopped Car Kept Traveling Forward
Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA

Back in the mid 1980s when we were all 17 years old, Leighton, David, and myself were returning home one night after dropping twin sisters off at home in Pontotoc, Mississippi near the Pontotoc and Lee county line just outside of Tupelo, Mississippi. They were David and my girlfriends. Leighton was always the third leg on these double plus one dates. Just to clear up any concerns about drinking and drugs -- we did drink a lot back then, but not that particular night. We never drank when we had the twins with us; their dad would have ripped us a new one. And to this day, none of us have ever touched drugs.

We dropped the twins off at 11:00pm that night, as their dad required, and then headed back to my house on a back road that we traveled all the time just a couple of miles from where I lived. One of the guys asked me to stop on the road to take a piss, and the other agreed that he needed to also. This was a small gravel road that had trees and a fence on each side of the road. When I stopped the car, it appeared to me as if the car was suspended off the road just a tad, because it seemed as it the road kept passing underneath us and I could see the trees, grass, and fence post passing by on each side of of us. I knew the car was really stopped, because I had the brake all the way down and was no longer guiding the wheel. By the sound and tone of their voices when they asked me "Why aren't you stopping?!" , I could tell that David and Leighton were seeing the same thing. I told them that I had stopped the car, and to prove it, I turned on the dome light and showed them I was standing on the brake and not holding the steering wheel. After seeing this bizarre sight, we took off from there like a bat out of hell. About 1/4 mile down the road we stopped to see if the same thing would happen again. It did not, so we turned the car around and went back to the first spot, and the same thing happened exactly as it had before. We again took off very fast, and went home. Throughout the years we have gone back to that spot several times just to see if this would happen again, and it never has.

The experience was much like being dizzy, but instead of things twisting around us, they came past and underneath us. Inside the car, everything seemed very normal. I have no idea of anything that might have been on any of our minds prior to this, as it was just a normal weekend night for us. It appeared as if we were staying on the road as things along the side of the road were moving past us in slow motion about 30 miles per hour, which is the normal driving speed on this road. The only thing that appeared funny was outside of the car; inside the car was normal looking. When I recently checked with both guys, they both used the words slow motion to describe the speed of the car, and did not recall the car moving as fast as I did. They both said that they knew the car itself was not moving, but everything outside looked as if it was still moving past us. Leighton said that when they questioned me about why I was not stopping all the way, that I had both of my feet on the brake when I turned the light on. I had noticed it looked like the car was still moving relative to the road before they did, because I was the driver and I knew the car was supposed to be stopped.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this story with me! It is rather different than most reality shift stories I've experienced, as well as those reported to me so far, and I am very grateful to you for bringing it to my attention. This car story reminds me of a few other car-related time/space reality shifts, such as one having to do with a car traveling through a barrier (without ever hitting it), cars traveling great distances in very little time, and cars landing safely rather than hitting someone or something in crash situations.

My Father's Glasses
Dana Williams
It was at my father's apartment, a few weeks after he died. He had been an electric engineer, and always had tools on hand. I put my glasses down somewhere, and we were busy packing and this and that when, much later, I realized that I couldn't find them. When I finally found them, they were on the floor next to my father's nightstand. The strange thing was that on the side bar of the glasses, the plastic bar that goes over and behind the ear had been cleanly cut through; and about a half inch was off. It wasn't a break, it was a clean cut, as if the material had been neatly clipped through with pliers. Of course I still wear those same glasses, and sometimes I look at the bar and wonder if he enjoyed leaving me a sign.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sending me this lovely reality shift story about your father's glasses! How marvelous that you noticed that your glasses had been transformed while resting close to your father's nightstand... in such a way that might have been done with some of his tools. What a blessing to get such a reminder of his continuing presence in your life, even after he'd passed on.

Symbolic Synchronicity
Hollywood, California, USA

I have been noticing symbolic situations lately. One example: a couple of months ago I was feeling as if I were no longer in the mental/emotional place I had been for years. But I was not in a new place either. I was in a strange nowhere land, just dangling. Somebody on a discussion board said that's a creative space to be in, though it didn't feel like it! But I did move out of that space and I'm in a new place now, though I couldn't describe this new place if I tried.

So last week I went with a friend to help her run errands. We went to her bank. It had something I haven't encountered before: an entrance through which you don't just freely walk, you have to be buzzed in by a security guard. Not knowing, I followed my friend into the entranceway to the bank. When we tried to push open the door to enter the bank, the door would not budge, we couldn't go through. My friend told me one at a time is the rule, so I turned to go back out. I couldn't get out. For a few seconds I was in that space between the door leading backward and the door leading forward. -- the nowhwere land! Then the security guard buzzed me out, and buzzed my friend in. After that, I was allowed to come back and get buzzed through.

I really like synchronicities like this, and they continue to happen. But for some reason symbolism is taking center stage now. Real life is getting as symbolic as dreams!

Note from Cynthia: I love the way you're noticing symbolic synchronicities lately, as if living in some kind of waking dream. This is definitely a very good sign that what you are thinking about will tend to manifest very quickly now, as you're likely noticing. Whenever I notice that reality is as symbolic as dreams, I also note that life takes on a much richer quality... something akin to going from black and white to color, or from two dimensional awareness of a flat page to three dimensions.

Bilocation or Teleportation?

A good friend, Tomas, reported to me when I arrived home from a group vortex tour trip to England, Ireland and Wales in 1990, that he had seen me while during the trip at the local Safeway store. He spotted me a few dozen feet away. When I saw him, he reported to me that I waved to him. To this day, I have never been in that particular Safeway store, and of course, at the time I was physically in Europe. John was a good friend of mine, who helped facilitate for my classes and channeling. So, because he couldn't come to Europe, I believe I brought a little back to him! I am not sure, especially with all the years that have passed since I was there, whether I had been bilocating or teleporting, as I was inclined to do both those things.

Note from Cynthia: I love this bilocation / teleportation story! I'd tend to categorize this one as a bilocation experience, unless you recall being lifted out of Europe and deposited to a Safeway story you have never even remembered having frequented. Bilocation experiences are really interesting to me, as both times people have seen me somewhere I know I could not have been, I've actually been thinking about being in the place where I was seen. I wonder if you were thinking of going shopping in Safeway while overseas in Europe? Very interesting!

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