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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Bad Part Became Good
Orlando, Florida, USA

This incident occurred almost 30 years ago. I was working for Martin Marietta (now Lockheed/Martin), a central Florida Aerospace Corporation, as a failure analysis engineer. Whenever a project had an electronic component fail the component was sent to my laboratory. At the time it was important for engineering production group to keep track of failed semiconductor components in order to determine if they had a vendor problem, a design problem (it happened a lot during initial design phase), or if the part was removed by mistake (it happened a lot). In almost every case a request form was filled out before analysis was performed and a written report was issued.

One day two project engineers brought down a JANTX2N5036 transistor for failure analysis. This was a very common but expensive MIL-SPEC NPN power transistor. This transistor had failed to operate in a system and was removed. Project needed to know right away why the transistor failed. This transistor had been checked out in the engineering laboratory and found to be defective.

No damage or defects were visible on the case except for normal handling. I checked out the transistor using a Tektronix curve tracer and found the Base terminal to be open with respect to the Collector and Emitter. The Collector-to-Emitter connection appeared normal (for this type of transistor). I explained what I was doing to both engineers who witnessed this test. They confirmed that the Base terminal (or junction) was open during system test. I did a second continuity test before I removed the lid.

I was expecting one of two possible failure modes: an open or loose Base bond wire or a completely vaporized bond wire. Instead the die cavity was clean and no damage, defects, or anomalies were visible on the die. The Base bond wire connection was intact. The construction was typical of a high quality Mil-Spec component. I then performed a continuity test between the external Base lead and the internal Base bond wire. It had continuity. I attached leads to the external terminals and all junction breakdown characteristic curves were as expected of a good transistor. I then inserted the transistor into a socket and the transistor passed all of the normal tests at both high and low power. I could not find any reason for the previous failure. (A remark was made: "the badness escaped when you removed the lid")

Project took the component with them and did not request a written report nor did they let me perform additional analysis on the transistor. I never had a "bad" component become "good" after it was opened in the last 29 years as a failure analysist.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing this story about a bad part becoming good... noteworthy for having happened in such a controlled environment where such things are presumably not a typical part of most work days! I especially liked the comment about "the badness escaped when you removed the lid," as most people love to have some sense that even the most unexpected events have something to do with our actions. And in a case like this... who knows? Maybe they do!

Missing Socks Dramatically Reappear
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I had two separate 'reappearances' occur with my socks about two weeks apart. The first time, I had a sock disappear one day and come back two days later. It was a really stand-out shift because I had literally just put the pair of socks down beside me on the edge of the bed, turned my back on them to put on another piece of clothing, and when I turned back to them, suddenly there was just one sock. And the other one was nowhere to be found. Not on, under or beside the bed. Nor caught up in the sheets. Just gone. But two days later it was on the floor by the bed, just as if it had been freshly dropped there. Exactly where I expected (and looked for) it to be when it went missing. And of course, that area had been cleaned at least once in the intervening time.... (smile)

I'm sure many people have had something disappear and reappear later, but the second event I have to relate here really stretches this to incredible limits... Two weeks after the first sock reappeared, I was cleaning out old boxes in my girlfiend's basement. Stuff that hadn't been touched since before I ever visited her home. And in the bottom of one of those boxes, flat under dusty old papers, I found one of my socks! I cannot emphasise enough the complete 'impossibility' of that sock being in that location! This is an extraordinary rarity for me, as most shifts I have experienced tend to move an object from one 'possible' location to another. This was just not 'possible' at all! All I can speculate is that the earlier incident with the socks put the 'thought' into the back of my mind to be manifested further. This has been happening more in the last year....

Oh, and just for interests sake, it wasn't an 'extra sock'. I did actually have one go missing from my laundry sometime last summer. And that in itself was slightly noteworthy because I'm very attentive (borderline OCD) to keeping pairs together in the laundry, and yet one got away from me. Didn't think much of it at the time, but now.... (smile) So strictly speaking, the sock did 'disappear' and 'reappear' in the same room. But how it 'decided' to appear at the bottom of that box.... (shake head) It's going to be an interesting year!

Note from Cynthia:What an amazing experience! I love the way the sock vanished so dramatically, and reappeared even more dramatically in such an unexpected place! I agree with you about the extraordinary emotional impact of seeing something that's gone missing reappear in a tremendously unlikely location. This has happened with some of the most noteworthy reality shifts I've seen, as it is just plain shocking (and wonderful) to discover something in a location there is simply no way that item could have found its way there. The only thing more startling, in my experience, is to actually observe objects in the process of materializing into that unexpected spot... something I've only witnessed a handful of times. I tend to think of such emotionally powerful shifts as being wake up calls to us... asking us to pay even more attention than ever before to what we take for granted, and challenging us to be even more open-minded about what is and can be possible in this world.

Messages from Spirit
Tempe, Arizona, USA

I don't know whether you remember me, but about three years ago, you did an over-the-telephone consultation with me about helping my husband, who had been laid off his job and was very depressed. You helped me reach out to him on a spiritual level, and together we "cleaned" his aura. There was a lot of dark "grungy" energy in it, but other than that, you said that it had the beautiful light blue of an engineer or person who works with mathematics, and I told you that, yes, he is an engineer. Since then, I've been reading your newsletters from time to time, but hadn't thought to mention the story of what happened after that. However, while reading your last newsletter it suddenly occurred to me that I should write and tell you the outcome of the reading, because it is an interesting story. Also, my poor dear husband passed away earlier this spring. Perhaps he would like me to tell the story, as he is so sweetly on my mind right now.

First, there's a little background to share, so that the story will be more understandable. For several years, the Universe and I have been playing a "game." It started a few Christmases ago when someone sent me an "angel book" for Christmas -- you know, one of those books with stories about people being visited by angels. I read it, and there were some stories in it about people receiving "pennies from heaven." That's when people find pennies and believe that deceased relatives were "leaving" them as a sign that "all is well," affirmations of love, or something similar. I like those kinds of stories, and I was thinking about them. So I told the Universe (which is one of my names I use for God or The Divine) that if anything like that were to happen to me, I would like to get something nicer than pennies. I would like a higher "salary level"! Maybe nickels. Or no-- not nickels, I would like dimes. Dimes are small, silver, slim and beautiful. I would like to see dimes, if anyone or anything would like to let me know that I am so loved, or to send me an "atta-girl!" -- Or even a quarter! Quarters are good. But, I thought, quarters are a bit much, and dimes are beautiful, so I will stay with dimes. Since that day, I began to find dimes a lot. I now have a coffer of dimes, and when it gets full, I will make a donation to something wonderful. I love my dimes, and I love the affirmation from the Universe that I am doing a good job, at least sometimes, here on earth.

Back to the story with my husband. I didn't tell him anything about the aura cleansing, because he was completely intolerant of anything "religious" or "spiritual" at all. Mention of it in any way would get him upset, and I didn't want to do that. Also, he had absolutely no knowledge about my "game" with the dimes. The aura cleansing seemed to help him some. He had seemed a little "lighter," -- or was it my imagination -- or wishful thinking? About four days after we cleaned his aura, I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup. He walked in and handed me a quarter. He said, "Here! This is for you!" Stunned, I accepted the quarter. I had a deep feeling it was a huge "atta-girl!" and that my poor husband was in a fugue state (an unconscious state where he can still function, but his conscious mind has been taken over by a higher awareness--perhaps his higher self). I wanted to test the situation, so I laughed and asked, "What's this for?" "You earned it!" he answered, and he swiftly turned, walked back to the family room, and sat down to continue watching TV.

There are actually a LOT of things I could write in continuation of this story, and with the processes related to dimes, but this is already getting long. I did continue to send my husband love and light, and at times tried to clean his aura, although I never got as fully "into" the process as I did when you were helping me. In the long run, I don't think that anything could have changed my poor husband's story. For many reasons, I believe his leaving the world when and how he did were fixed--although I don't believe in "fixed" things in general. But there are some things that are relatively likely, and create strong curves or nodes in space/time through the dimensions. Maybe he wants to share this story with you because he knows you, as you already were in contact with him.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sending me the lovely email, and giving me updates on what's happened since we last talked. What a heart expanding experience you've been through with your husband -- thank you so much for sharing all this with me. I can certainly appreciate what you say about your husband's passing being something "fixed" or arranged by some hidden order... I've felt that way about a couple of my beloved dear ones who passed over, as well. I really love the way your husband brought you that quarter and said "This is for you." I agree with you that spirit does talk and move and work through each of us... all the more so when we allow ourselves to be open to this experience. There are forms of spirit communication in which people think a question in a crowd of strangers, and receive spoken responses... often including their name in the beginning of a sentence meant just for them. I've had this happen, and it was the most amazing, surprising and delightful experience.

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