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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 115

Vanishing / Reappearing Camera

I thought I would send you the story of my latest reality shift. It was an incident that was really telling of how intertwined the non-substantial world is with the physical, five-sense world. My family drove to Boston during the Christmas-New Years break to see relatives and I stayed behind in New Jersey to make progress on an overdue stained glass window project. I had hoped that they had not taken my camera, as I wanted to photograph my progress. In looking around the house, I was relieved to see the camera underneath a table. I picked it up and moved it next to the front door, as I was going to take it with me later in the car. Later, while driving, I realized that I had forgotten the camera. So I returned to the house to get it and it was not there. Had I left it on the front porch, in the driveway, on top of the car? I searched the basement, and all through the house, many times, as well as the car! No camera. For the next two days I puzzled and felt terrible about the loss of the camera as I couldn't afford to replace it. When my family returned they nonchalantly brought my camera in and placed it on the floor with the rest of their travel luggage. I was relieved and overjoyed to have it back and at the same time suspicious that my non-physical friends were playing with me. The next morning in my meditation I asked one of my non-physical helpers and he said: "Yes you were moving the real camera and case. The importance of the event will become apparent."

Thanks for your continued newsletters. Your optimism is catching and always lift my spirits. It helps make the world more precious.

Note from Cynthia: I love the way this story of your missing camera returning to you gives me the feeling of being cared for... with a message as if from a dream, that even when something valued and cherished seems to be gone, it may yet return to us, unexpectedly. The fact that this very thing has now happened to you might give you a deepening sense of faith and trust in the universe, that you can follow your heart and what you know to be right and true, and all will turn out just fine.

Pyramid Rock
Pyramid Rock
Pyramid Rock Moved 300 Yards
Alaska, USA

I came upon a very interesting phenomenon.... If you are a geologist, scoot closer to your screen. At one long straight stretch in Secret Creek, with deeper, slow moving water, slightly above my ankles this year, and high banks on both sides, an old well known rock stood guard in the middle of the creek, near the upstream end of the straight stretch. It is a prominent rock, about 5 feet in each dimension, with a somewhat pyramid shaped top. It was convenient to easily notice the varying depth of the water by the water marks on the rock. I had heard of it years before I went to Secret Creek the first time. Well, this year I came around the corner to the straight stretch, and had difficulty understanding what I was seeing. There nearby in the middle of the creek at the lower end of the straight stretch, was a large rock, about 5 feet in each dimension, with a somewhat pyramid shaped top. Looking past it, I could see that the rock that was supposed to be up at the upper end of the straight stretch, about 300 yards away, was not there. This was not a small rock. And it was a dense heavy rock. This was a calm water stretch of the creek that never saw swift water. The rock was in the exact same position in the middle of the creek, just 300 yards downstream. Something powerful had moved it. I walked around it. There were no drag marks in the sand bottom of the calm water. I looked up for UFO's. I listened for eerie sounds. I stood still to feel any possible energy anomalies wafting about. Well, things happen. Sometimes they are hard to explain. I trudged onward, walking in the middle of the creek, pulling my kayak, looking over my shoulder on occasion. Well, the grizzly bear could come back upstream. So could the rock.

Note from Cynthia: I love the story about the pyramid rock that moved 300 yards, and am glad that you have photographs showing the rock at the two very different positions you've seen it in the river. This kind of reality shift reminds me times when people have seen buildings or statues move, appear, or disappear... yet it's out in nature in a place that few people will notice that it's in a different place than it used to be. I'm so glad you wrote about your experience with this rock, and that you took before and after pictures, too!

Imagined Image Received on Cell Phone
Florida, USA

Over a year ago, Richard, Foxy and myself traveled from Arizona to Tampa, Florida. When we arrived we stayed with friends, these friends were troubled with different burdens and took many of their own issues out on us. We did not stay long. We mostly slept there during the night, and by morning headed to the beach to sort out our plans. My so-called friends made it so difficult for us that at one point I mentioned to Richard, "If only so-and-so could 'see' this image!" (A finger up in the air). Well, the next time we saw these friends, the husband brought up that he received a picture on his cell phone, and he described what I said and projected mentally with emotion. The picture was never taken and could never have been sent... yet, the image came through on his telephone screen! And to make this even more intriguing, when he tried to show me the picture on his cell phone, it was gone and no traces were found! Lol, life is interesting.

Note from Cynthia: I once had a related vanishing photograph reality shift experience, although not with a cell phone picture having been mysteriously sent before disappearing, and I recall having been completely amazed that: (1) I knew for sure that I had at one point held photographic prints and negatives in hand that I had taken, and then later (2) I knew for sure that the package of prints no longer contained these images -- they were gone both as prints and negatives, with a new photo count for the negatives on that roll of film, as if they had never existed. Your psychically sent photo story also reminds me of a story I mention in chapter eight of my book Aura Advantage in the section on Aura Photography and Imaging, in which people get images to appear on photographs.

Online Game Record Vanished
Florida, USA

I played an online tournament that just started and was to be ongoing for three to four days. As I was quickly losing in the rankings, and dropping in the free start up funding, the game came to a fast end. I recall thinking to myself a silent wish to have another chance to start that game over again. The next morning, while checking the casino, I noted with some surprise that there was no record of such a game having started the night before. This casino lists up-and-coming, playing, and completed tournaments, so it should have appeared... yet there was no mention of the game I played.The shift is that the game is now scheduled for the 8th.of the month. At least Richard saw that I was playing the tournament that night!

Note from Cynthia: How wonderful that you get a fresh start on this game, and that even though you know you were playing it, and even have a witness, you can begin anew. I love this kind of shift... it reminds me of some lucid dreams I've had in which I think to myself during the dream "This is not how I'd like things to go," and then I get to start the whole sequence of events over again. This kind of do-over reality shift feels extra nice!

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