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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 119

Time Wish Granted
Santa Clara, California, USA

The funniest thing happened to me the other night! I got home, and I said to myself "I wish it was still early" and I looked at the clock and saw that it said 11:48 pm. I thought, "That's impossible... but awesome! I got my wish!" I went to brush my teeth for five minutes, and when I came back into the bedroom, I saw the clock said 2:00 am, like I knew it really was all along! I realized that maybe I was viewing the past, since I had said, "I wish it WAS still early, instead of 'I wish it were still early.' " I guess I should have taken my grammar teacher more seriously in middle school! D'oh! Anyway, I am trying to choose my words more wisely.

Note from Cynthia: Your story about wishing it was still early so resonates with me! I'm sure I've had the same thing happen to me... more than once, too... yet when it's happened it's been so startling that it almost didn't seem real. In some way, time shifts feel to me the most baffling, especially when time seems as malleable as Silly Putty!


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Husband Came Home Before He Came Home
Aynne aka CAT

Cynthia talked about her daughter coming home before she came home...after she found the front door open and heard young voices outside.

This has happened to my husband and I several times. I would hear his car pull into the driveway. I would hear the overhead garage door go up. Then I would wait for him to come up stairs. Finally I would go look and he would not be home...but would actually arrive home usually within 30 minutes of that time. We got so used to it happening I would came home before you came home again!! I honestly never paid attention to what else was happening during one of those episodes. From now on I'll pay attention to see if something 'coincidental' occurs during those times.

I get the full audio...hearing the garage door go up..hearing (at the old house) the inside garage door shut..and waiting to hear him on the stairs...but not! I had thought that perhaps just his desire to be home was causing this phenomena. That's a good question about the audio and the visual. When doing readings I 'hear' and 'see' all the time....often in full color. However, when asked to differentiate between the two...when I am getting info psychically, it IS different. There is no confusion that something is actually happening to me this minute. When hubby does this coming home early thing... it is 100% real in every way.

As far as things disappearing and reappearing in odd places, we moved to this house in our new state exactly a year ago. Everything was unpacked within a few weeks of our arrival. However, there are things that are still yet to be discovered. I truly don't care if they show up on the stove or the kitchen table or on top of the bedroom dresser...just as long as they finally show up!

Note from Cynthia: How amazing that you've so often experienced your husband coming home before he came home in real life! This is the sort of thing that can be so baffling, yet when it occurs more than once, seems to be showing us something. I'd love to know if you have visions that are in any way similar to this, or if the sounds you hear seem different to you than auditory "visions" sound. There is something about this story that reminds me of Rupert Sheldrake's book and work on the subject of Dogs That Know When their Owners Are Coming Home!

Heard Key in the Door Before Anyone Came Home
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have heard the key in the front door, it open and close, wait a couple minutes for someone to go up stairs or down stairs, go look, and there is no one else home but me. It's happened to me a couple of times.

I'm not sure if I can explain this, but I have heard it many times by many people, and it has happened to me more than once. My home office is at the front of the house, window opens and is usually opened at least a crack, and it is next to the front door. With my office door open, I can hear someone come home, and usually am right as to who it is. I live with my husband, my 26 year-old son, my 19 year-old nephew, and my 51 year-old brother so there is always a coming and going. This particular episode I don't recall what I did or what happened during the time of hearing and doing, but I did go downstairs and call out everyone's name. I was home alone. I asked if anyone came home, and went right back out again and everyone said "no." I'm also a believer in ghosts, and tend to blame things like this on the ghost.

Note from Cynthia: In my recent situation (mentioned in the July 2010 RealityShifters), I quickly learned why it was to my advantage to have another twenty minutes home alone, so I could better devote my attention to my friend who phoned me. I am interested to know if these experiences of yours might be akin to visions (the audio kind), or perhaps there have been reasons that you could benefit from those sections of time.

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