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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Seeing Future Newspaper Story on Front Page
Hollywood, California, USA

I had to take a trip by car, and was gone about a week. When I got back to town on August 31, I stopped at a drug store where inside by the front door they have a newspaper rack displaying different newspapers. On my way out of the store, I glanced at the front page of the newspaper on the top of the top rack. It was a big story, big headline, big photo. I didn't read anything other than the sub headline. It basically said TVs and computers are being combined into some kind of social networking and gaming platform and Apple intends to lead the way in this through some hand held device they've invented.

That evening I told somebody about the story. We talked about it for a few minutes. He hadn't seen the story, though he does subscribe to that paper... but not the Saturday edition. I told him then probably it was the previous Saturday's edition that I'd seen on the rack. It was unusual that an old issue would be on the top rack but it happens now and then. Any number of mundane reasons can explain why. In any case it wasn't important.

Three days later, I saw the newspaper in the kitchen on my friend's table. It has the exact front page, big headline, sub header, story, and photo I'd seen on August 31 at the drug store. But the date on this issue is Thurs Sep 2 2010. First, I asked my friend if he remembered us discussing a few days ago TVs/computers and a report about them in the newspaper. He confirmed he did remember, with details. Next I call the newspaper, and ask for the people who do the "front page". The man I got was authoritative about the Sep 2 front page. He said "definitely not" to my question of whether this article was run previously, like within the last seven days or so, because I saw it on a newspaper rack at the CVS store on August 31. He said the only part of the article that might have appeared on any date earlier than Thursday September 2, 2010 is the photo of Steve Jobs. And if that were the case it would clearly say "Archive" under the photo. He said obviously this is not an archive photo because it's showing Jobs "unveiling" on Wed September 1, the miniaturized and cheaper new Apple TV.

This newspaper incident doesn't fit with or feel at all like precognative experiences I've known... because I actually saw with my own regular eyes that newspaper front page in the store I've been in a dozen times before. This was as "everyday" an experience as it gets. I don't know what the heck happened! But I intend to stay open for the answer.

Note from Cynthia: I love the way you so thoroughly researched further information about your experience, both with people immediately involved that you know personally, and who work with the newspaper. Thanks to your diligence, it seems clear that you somehow observed a future issue of the newspaper before it was actually published. I know our human brains are capable of seeing a few things and filling in gaps, which is why memories can be rather suspect as most people's memories are a blend between what was actually observed and what our minds were doing on their own in addition to direct observation. For those of us who occasionally get "future memories," it's not at all clear which memories are from which time frame, for example.

Unexplained Memories
Island Pond, Vermont, USA

I have had some rather bizarre memories surface that feel as real as any other real memory that I can validate. The problem is, I don't have any way to validate these unexplained memories. See... they all seem centered around space ie: planets, comets, and things of that sort, or geology ie: earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Now the first time I remember one of these memories happening was when I was in grade school. There was a big to-do about an eclipse that was supposed to only happen once every couple hundred or something years (although at the time I didn't KNOW it was such a rare occurrence). The problem is, I could distinctly remember having seen it more than once. I remember everyone around me being so excited, but I was positive I had already seen it before, so it really didn't hold much appeal to me. Everyone kept asking me why I wasn't excited, and I responded with, "It's no big deal. I've seen it before," because I was completely convinced I had. I remembered it like it had only happened a few years ago. but that is when a teacher had informed me that I was "mistaken" and I couldn't possibly have remembered it because the last time this particular eclipse happened was some couple hundred or so years ago.

Now at this point, I just agreed with the teacher thinking I must have just been thinking of some other more common eclipse, but then another incident sparked another latent unexplained memory. This one happened a few years later when I was in High school. It was when Haley's Comet made it's appearance. Like the Eclipse before, I remembered having seen it before. But anyone reading this knows it only comes around like once every 75 years or something like that. I can't remember the exact time frame, but it is enough that it was quite obvious at this point...something weird was going on with my memories. It was at this point I started getting concerned. To this day I still haven't been able to figure out where the memories are coming from, and why I keep having them.

I only write this now because just recently I have had another memory. This time it is of something that hasn't quite happened yet: the planets alignment. I can distinctly remember the planets having aligned before (which if you look up can only happen about every 200 or so years). I also remember the world being in a state of panic (much like today ie: the 2012 prophecies, Mayan calendar, etc), although back then they were quoting more of Nostradamus and other claimed prophets than the Mayans, but it was relatively the same kind of hysteria. I think what prompted the memory THIS time was when my room mate brought up the fact that the planets were supposed to come in to some semblance of alignment on 2012. (Now don't get me wrong... I am educated enough to know that the planets can never 100% align, but from what I have read on the subject they DO come pretty close every couple hundred years)

I am ALSO aware that my memories don't match up. like how could I remember the eclipse and the planets aligning, and ALSO remember Haley's comet when the events are separated by over 100 years? That is why I don't think it is a past life experience unless I'm remembering 2 DIFFERENT past life experiences...and honestly, if that concept IS real, the odds of remembering ONE is pretty rare, but TWO? I have a feeling the answer must be something on the lines of what you are talking about here. Some kind of reality shifting maybe? shifting from one time to another? Maybe the shift is so subtle that when I come back I don't remember it until something here triggers the memory? I am really not sure how these events work exactly....but could I be experiencing this shifting thing?

Note from Cynthia:Yes, you could be experiencing reality shifting with two different sets of memories. Noticing different memories is a primary component of reality shift experiences. Usually, people notice memories being different in the life they are living now, yet lots of people can recall past lifetimes, and it makes sense that if you are accessing such past life memories, why not recall something as noteworthy as Haley's Comet (probably called something else), planetary alignments, and solar eclipses. Such astrological events have captured the human imagination for thousands of years, after all!

The Spirit Guide
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

In 2005, I began going through a spiritual awakening, and as a result, my life and the way that I look at our physical reality and our existence has been forever changed. I began to experience many paranormal events and also began to read many books about spirituality and Metaphysics. I learned that we all have spirit guides who reside in the spirit world who guide us through our lives whether we are aware of their existence or believe in them or not. I began to communicate with my spirit guide through mental telepathy and automatic handwriting on a daily basis and received some valuable information from him as a result. However, what I really wanted was for my spirit guide to manifest onto our Earth Plane so that I could see him. I learned through reading books that unfortunately spirit guides do not manifest into physical form very often. However, upon much insistence on my part, my spirit guide finally agreed to manifest so that I could see him. He told me that when I saw him, he would be wearing a big hat and a big pair of sunglasses. The very next day, I was out taking a walk through the park when I noticed that a man was sitting at a nearby picnic table facing me. He was wearing a very big hat and a very big pair of sunglasses. When I saw him, it sent chills through my body but not in a scary way but rather in an other worldly way. Time seemed to stand still while I saw him. I kept on walking, still not sure whether it was just a coincidence or whether I had truly seen my spirit guide. I was later told that the man that I saw in the park was indeed my spirit guide.

I wanted another opportunity to see him again. So, the next time I communicated with my spirit guide, I asked him to say hello and to wave to me the next time he manifested. Shortly thereafter, I was at a festival in a local town with my fiance. We were sitting at a picnic table eating. There were a lot of people at the festival, and a band was playing music. While I was eating, a young man with a couple of his friends walked by our picnic table and looked straight into my eyes and mouthed the word "hello" and waved to me. Wondering if he was waving and saying hello to someone else instead of me, I turned around to see if anyone was standing or sitting behind me, but nobody was there. My fiance also turned around to see if anyone was standing or sitting behind us. When I turned back around to face this young man, again he looked straight into my eyes and mouthed the word "hello" and waved to me. As during the previous occasion in which I saw him, time seemed to stand still during those moments. What was interesting is that he had told me about his friends prior to his appearance at the festival. He had told me that his friends were born around the beginning of the 20th Century. When I saw them at the festival, their haircuts reminded me of those that I had seen in photos of my grandparents and their siblings back in the early 1900's Therefore, I knew that these young gentlemen weren't from our present time period. Furthermore, prior to this experience, I had seen my spirit guide in my dreams while sleeping, and this young man at the festival looked exactly like what I saw in my dreams. My spirit guide then walked away and stood for awhile about 100 feet or so from me. I then looked away for only a couple of seconds, and when I looked back in his direction, he and his friends were gone. As a result of my spiritual awakening and these experiences, I truly believe that we all have loving and caring spirit guides that help us through life.

I have never met my guide in a place in which we were one of one with each other so that we could talk other than one time when I was in bed with a fever. When I saw him when I was ill, it was totally unexpected, and it startled me. I was so tired that I could not think of questions to ask him. When I saw him in a crowd at a festival, it was totally unexpected too. For some reason, on the two occasions when I saw him, my mind froze, and I couldn't think, do, nor say anything. It was very strange. It's as if I'm in a trance or mesmerized or something.

Ever since I was a little girl, every now and then, I have smelt a particular scent of cologne. It happens when I'm alone. I love the smell of it. I believe it is my spirit guide. I would love for my spirit guide to manifest so that I could speak with him one on one to ask him questions. I have heard that it is very rare that they manifest at all however. I have heard that it is uncomfortable for them to manifest here, because they have to slow down their vibration a lot in order to be visible to us. Also, the negative energy of the Earth is not very comfortable for them. I have heard that they have to cleanse themselves energetically once they get to the other side after they have been here.

Unfortunately, I never heard my guide speak during the two times that I saw him manifested on the Earth Plane. He mouthed the word "hello" at the festival, but I did not actually hear him speak. One time, however, there was an instance in which I did not actually see him, but I felt his presence, and he said, "I love you." The voice sounded very high pitched and almost digital sounding. After this happened, I later read that if spirits of a higher vibration do speak outloud for us to hear them, because of their higher vibration, their voices often sound high pitched to our ears.

When I have had achey muscles, I have actually felt soothing warm energy on the effected area. This happened without my trying to do any healing on my own. I said in my mind that my legs ached, and I wished the aching would go away, and then right after that, I felt the warm energy. It felt so good and therapeutic. On one occasion, it felt like actual fingers were healing and massaging my back. The fingers felt less dense than our physical fingers, but nevertheless, I could feel someone's fingers on my back.

Sometimes I am given signs. If I'm wondering about something or need guidance, sometimes I am bombarded with signs on the TV, radio, in a book, on the internet, something someone said, etc. I've also used Automatic Handwriting to communicate with my guide, and I've used Hypnosis to visit him and ask him questions.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for sending this beautiful story to me! I have heard of people being helped by people who were there when needed, and then gone as if into thin air shortly thereafter... and your story reminds me of that. I deeply appreciate your sharing your experiences meeting your spirit guide in real life. I agree with the books you read that such real life meetings are very rare, since I have not received many similar stories for submission to RealityShifters. The experiences people have shared with me of meeting their guides most typically involve meeting someone they realized later must have been an angel, and usually such encounters are one-time events.

Finger Lakes of Upstate New York
Pennsylvania, USA

When I was younger, I read a small box's inside cover, which had all the important things and events I did as a toddler. Now somehow it failed to include June 30, 1957, the day I first began to walk. Instead, it read that in 1955 I began to walk!

Later on, in August 1972, I went with all of my family to the Finger lakes in upstate New York. Now, many years later, neither my sister nor my Mom even remember that trip! Neither does any map show any Finger Lakes in New York! The Finger Lake incident happened on a Sunday in September 1980. Almost on every Sunday to that last one, I was driving to a bar in Washington Heights, New Jersey from Edison, New Jersey. Now I did not know any back roads to Route 1 North, where I had to travel to reach my home in Edison, New Jersey. I would arrive at this bar at 10:00 am every Sunday for four years -- since 1976! But this day would be different! I would always limit myself to a few drinks, so I could drive home safely. When I entered the portal, my car recorded a "thump" on the road. I immediately became more alert and sober, and looked into my rear view mirror and saw green aliens and "smoke." The difference in reality would show itself on Route 95 the following day!

On the following day, while commuting on my normal trip to my job along the New Jersey turnpike, I noticed a very strange appearance of the regular electrical towers that I had been seeing for the last four years. They had changed in 24 hours! One or two might be replaced, but not all of them! I also saw a very different "3rd Avenue Station" at Gunhill Road in the Bronx -- since closed in 2003 -- from the one I knew and saw in February 1962! A few changes like the one I saw and have told you about leads me to believe that a double of me took my place and I took his, for reasons unknown. I found out about the different 3rd Avenue El Station on the internet of Old New York! I found out that the family did not go to the Finger lakes in August 1972 quite recently. The Finger lakes are where they should be, it was a few more of these lake near the New Jersey border that don't exist anymore!

All this because on September 9, 1980 I entered a time-space portal that put me nearer to route 1 north when I should have been heading to East Brunswick and South River -- thanks to "little" green aliens -- believe it or not. This is not the reality I was born in!

Note from Cynthia:That's such an amazing experience! I have heard of and personally witnessed geographic changes... some people have noted, for example, a large old tree that has always been there... sometimes not being there. Similarly, mountains are sometimes there... and sometimes not there. Thinking of yourself as having a double who is in the world you knew is one way of framing the experience... and another might be that our consciousness resides in our minds, allowing us to sometimes move from one reality to another, walking between world as we might jump from rock to rock while crossing a stream.

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