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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 121

Mom Heard Dad Come Home
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I remember something that happened to my mother back in Nov. 1984, I remember the year and month because I was pregnant on my oldest son and had just moved in with my parents.

My mother was in the bath tub, I was sitting out in the living room. Everything in the house was very quiet. Next thing I know, my mom is out standing in the middle of the living room in her robe looking around. Then she went back down the hallway. She came out a minute later and asked me "Where is her?" Where was who? No one had come in, gone out, I was reading, it was completely quiet, almost eeriely so. When she was taking her bath, she thought she had heard the door open, my dad come in, and say "hey you". She said it was so real, that she knew it happened, and was shocked and disappointed that it hadn't. She spent the rest of the evening in a strange mood. By the way, at this time, my father worked with the Department of Fisherries and was away from home for a couple of months. When she talked to him about it later, he would have been sleeping during that time frame, and he did have a few vivid dreams of home.

Note from Cynthia: I love this story so much... and lately, it seems there are a lot of these stories about people coming home who didn't really come home being recalled and discussed. I like the way there is a possible explanation here... that your dad would have been sleeping (dreaming) at the same time your mother heard him!

Husbands Heard Coming Home
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

When my grandfather died, my Mom reported that she and several friends were at home, expecting their husbands to return. It was the evening of my grandfather's funeral back in 1964. I was only four years old at the time, tucked snugly in my bed. And two distinct things happened that night. This was the sixties, so that old social division of "the women" and "the men" still shaped people's lives. So while "the men" finished with some unstated business at the funeral home, all of "the women" came back to my Mom's house to prepare some refreshments and then sit and talk while waiting for their husbands to arrive.

Around 9pm, everyone heard the sound of stamping feet in the back porch. Unmistakably the sound of someone knocking the snow off of their boots. Someone said, "Ah, there are the men now", and the women went out to the kitchen to greet them. But there was no one there. No snow on the floor in the back porch. The door did not appear to have been opened, and the snow outside had been falling steadily since the women arrived, hours earlier, and there was not the faintest trace of a footprint in the crisp new snow. The men arrived home some time after that, to the relief of some very creeped-out wives, except my Mom, of course. She was used to weird stuff. *smile*

The other thing that happened was more subtle. Because mom had expected a large crowd that evening, she made sure that my bedroom door and my brother's bedroom door were both completely closed. But when she came upstairs to check on us late that night, she found both our doors wide open. Apparently my grandfather was noted for always leaving doors open wherever he went. Did he come home to 'say goodbye'? He had died a very sudden death. Pity I can't remember him...

Note from Cynthia: I just love the way that your doors were found to be open when your grandmother came up to check on you and your brother... after she'd closed them earlier, expecting company! Thanks for sharing this story. I get such a powerful feeling of love from reading it, with a sense that people continue on in spirit long after their bodies pass away. Love is forever.

Husband Disappears & Reappears in Lounge Chair
Aynne aka CAT

My husband and I just got back from a cruise with Royal Caribbean, aboard Monarch of the Seas. The neat thing was, one day we were up on one of the top decks, lounging by the railings, somewhere between Cocoa Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas. I would glance over and notice that my husband would not be there. I'd glance again, and he would be there. This happened a couple of times! He saw me staring at him and asked me what I was doing. I said "Watching you appear and disappear off that lounge chair!"

He said he wasn't dozing, but staring at the ocean. I asked if he noticed anything, like someone or something being there, then not being there, then being there again? He said no, he didn't see that. He had just been staring at the ocean. He felt it was him that was flickering in and out, but couldn't really tell me why.

Note from Cynthia: The two times that people who know me well have reported I've been bilocating have noticed that I've appeared somewhere I was daydreaming about... and I've sometimes wondered whether I might have been flickering in and out of oneĀ  location while appearing in the other. I'm so glad you asked your husband whether he thought it was you or him that was disappearing and reappearing, and intrigued that he responded the way I'd expect him to... that since he was the one doing the daydreaming, he's the one who also would guess it was him disappearing and reappearing!

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