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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 124

Necklace & Button Vanish & Reappear
Vitum, Denmark

My husband is afraid of my mental health, therfore I am happy to be able to write about my experiences here. I have had two reality shifts recently, and it is so funny... so peculiar, I think, but I have no one to share it with. The first one: I have a beautiful necklace in a small box, which I keep in a drawer in a cupboard. One day I wanted to put it on. I went to the drawer, and found the small box empty. I then looked everywhere I could possibly have put it, with no result. I got a bit nervous because I got that beautiful saphhire stone necklace in Thailand for my 60 years birthday from my husband, and would hate to have lost it. Finally, after some time where I tried not to panic, I went back to the drawer, and suddenly there were two boxes: The empty one again, and the one with my necklace. I must laugh because I was so released and happy! The second thing was not very expensive but the loss of a button which I had promised to sew in a jacket for my son. I knew I had put it on a trayer beside some glasses with vitamines on a table near the window where the light comes in, and where I usually sit when I repair things. But it was not there when I decided to sit down and mend the jacket. I took all the glasses away, and the trayer remained empty. This time I didn't get nervous but thought: Well, the button must have fallen out of the window, I'll find it when the snow has melted. Otherwise I have to look for another button. Then later that day I passes that place, and in fact: There it was, exactly where I put it in the first place!!! Now I am excited to discover what will disappear next time! I just wonder where the things hide, when we cannot see them? Another thing I feel like mentioning is the strange and amazing feeling af joy and excitement I have, when the things come back. I take it like a  confirmation of what I know: That there is a reality outside myself.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing these reality shift stories. I can empathize with losing a favorite gem stone necklace, and also the joy in discovering it has returned! I've lost jewelry before and had it reappear, and I remember how immensely relieved I felt when it came back. I don't know where these things go, but to me it often seems like it's another parallel universe in which things are almost, but not completely the same as the one I'm currently in. I know what you mean about those feelings of joy and elation -- it also feels to me like confirmation that for sure there is much more to the universe than what we take for granted!

Whimsical Water
Mountain View, California, USA

A mildly strange thing just happened, and I know of nobody else to tell it to (unless I were in the mood for shrugging and/or preaching about the dangers of distraction, which I am not), so I want to tell it to you. It's nothing, really, but it's funny. About two hours ago I went into my kitchen to fill a bucket with hot water. (It needed to be hot.) The bucket is big, so it takes a while to get it filled. After 20 - 30 seconds or so I thought the bucket felt strangely cool. I touched it, stuck my fingers in the water - it was stone cold (well, cold water-cold, really). I had been pouring cold water instead of hot. I was annoyed because such things don't usually happen to me, so this event took me by surprise. Anyway, I turned off the faucet - the LEFT one, which in my house is, and always has been, the cold water faucet - put the bucket-full of cold water away (I conserve water, so I decided to use it for something else) and went to fetch another bucket. I filled the second bucket with hot (very hot) water - yes, I checked :) - and put it away, to cool off just a little bit. As I walked to the other side of the kitchen, my bare leg brushed against the first bucket, the one with cold water, that I had put away. I thought it had felt unusally warm, but chalked it up to the thermal fluctuations of the weirdness that is winter. :) But then I stopped and went back to check that first bucket. I felt the outside of the bucket - it was warm! I stuck my finger in the water - it was WARM! At this point I could go on and on, elaborating on the details of this little nothing... but what for? What happened seems pretty simple if inexplicable: I filled a bucket with cold water flowing from the cold water tap; I felt it - it was cold. Not lukewarm - cold. Minutes later, the water in the same bucket was very warm - so warm (around 37 Celsius) that it could not possibly be a mere impression of warmth due to the differences in temperature that my hand has been subjected to. I am familiar, as we all are, with the fleeting feeling of apparent - relative - warmth (or coldness) due to a difference in temperature only. This was not it. This was genuinely WARM water - so warm that the outer surface of the bucket had warmed up. It was as warm as it had been cold only a few minutes before. I have no known neural disorders, and I am under no influence of drugs, alcohol, etc. I am also an extremely rational person who enjoys finding out the mysterious - but "logical" - ways of nature. However, my very reason compels me to admit the evidence of several "strange" (logically inexplicable) incidents in my own life, and to admit that sometimes the physical world does not obey to the usual "laws" of cause and effect that seem to rule it. I don't know how to explain this event; I have no idea how is it even possible. But it did happen. And yes, it definitely wasn't the "relative temperature" feeling! It was COLD - and I also visually remember turning off the LEFT faucet. Also, I wouldn't have filled it with warm water - I was going for HOT. (And the second bucket was indeed so hot that it had to cool off.) I am glad I wrote about this, because in time, I am sure, I would start doubting my own memory of the event, and eventually would probably come to think that something mundane must have happened. As it is, I wrote it down less than two hours after it happened, after having spent practically all that time thinking about it and going over the sequence of events. :) I don't know what exactly the value of such events would be for others, but I am sure, if nothing else, they could help shift the entrenched illusion that we know how the world really works, at all times. We don't. Thank you for your fabulous work!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this story with me about the bucket of cold water turning warm. I can definitely relate to your experience, as I've encountered reality shifts in which control knobs (for a laundry machine, and for water faucets) have been completely different than they had been before. In this case, however, it seems the water itself transformed from cold to warm,  and that is a fascinating reality shift! 

Dream Telepathy
Santa Clara, California, USA

I have a fun reality shift story -   I went dancing half a year ago, and one of the guys I danced with was a really great dancer, he was spinning me around sort of 50's style which was funny because the music wasn't 50's at all!   at the end of dancing we went outside, and it seemed like he was going to try to kiss me, I didn't want to since we just met, so I sort of dodged it - we went our separate ways and only talk online once in a while - he's a music producer and he travels a lot for work.   Then out of the blue 3 nights ago I had a dream he was kissing Drew Barrymore and they were both dressed up like they were in the 50's.  It looked like he was going to swallow her face! hahahaha - It was so vivid and weird because I haven't seen him or a Drew Barrymore movie in forever!  So I emailed him to tell him, and he said he just met her a month ago at a party!!   RANDOM HUH! lol  What kind of dream telepathy is that?!

Note from Cynthia: I love this story of dream telepathy! I find dreams are often one of our best ways to be tuned in on the "innernet" levels where we are all connected with one another. In some ways, dreams can feel like they set the stage for or help create the physical reality we subsequently encounter, and many a deja vu experience can be traced back to an earlier dream. I particularly like the way the information you got from your telepathic dream was not even something you'd normally ever hear about... with an almost random, playful sense to it. And how marvelous that you were able to follow up and confirm that there was an element of truth to the dream!

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