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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 125

The Disappearing and Reappearing Credit Card
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

My wife and I were out doing errands and our last stop was for groceries. Char didn't have her credit card, so I handed her mine. She was concerned about having to produce ID; I told her they never check anyway. As we predicted, there was no hassle at the checkout: she handed me my credit card back, and I distinctly remember putting it in my shirt pocket.

We got home and were both concerned that our dog be let out immediately as we were gone a long time, so the first order of business was getting her out side. As I walked in the house I removed both my credit card and wallet and set both on the counter (with the intention of rejoining one in the other after dog duty), the credit card was on top of the wallet. After she did her business I went back to the counter with the intention of putting my credit card back in the wallet and returning the wallet to my rear pants pocket. However I saw that the credit card was no longer on top of the wallet. I called out to my wife and asked if she had taken it (keep in mind it had literally been less than a minute since I put the credit card and wallet together on the counter) she said no. From that moment on and for the next hour we looked for the credit card without success. Eventually, in frustration, we gave up. We both agreed that this was extremely weird but kind of weird-fun. Then a few weeks later I was looking in our business card organizer for the card of a handy man, when there in front of me was my cc, the very one I thought slipped permanently into another dimension. We were both amazed because we had both been through that organizer several times in our initial search for that stupid cc. There simply is no explanation for what happened ... How irritating and exhilarating!

The last part of this recounting was when I actually found the card. As I said we wanted to get the contact information of our favorite handy man which required a quick perusal through the business card organizer. As I opened the drawer where it is kept I was very aware of an expectation that the credit card would somehow show up in the card organizer. It was a kind of giddy, unrealistic expectation the kind I had as a kid playing hide and go seek and it was my turn to be “it”. To my great surprise there that little bugger was. Since this has happened I have developed a suspicion that “reality” is full of discontinuities due to a deep misunderstanding of the nature of reality (if there is such a thing).

Note from Cynthia: This story reminds me of times I've lost important things (money, jewelry, keys) and seen them reappear when being in precisely this state of mind you state so eloquently as being like playing hide and seek. Rather than feeling freaked out that something essential is missing, I've just felt a buzz of anticipation that I'll be seeing it sometime soon... and it'll be a wonderful surprise when I do. And yes, the fact that it works to be in such a state of mind and then witness something appear where it definitely hadn't been before is truly astounding! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

My Professor & His Car Vanish
Katrina Dreamer

I wanted to write to you about an experience I had this morning. I know you'll understand it (or at least recognize that it must have been a reality shift).

I was driving to work at JFK. I saw one of my former professors, who I assumed was on his way to JFK too. He drives a blue Ford station wagon. There was one car between us, an SUV. I watched him turn left onto Contra Costa Blvd and continue on to the left turn at Ellinwood. He was the first car at the left turn light, then the SUV, then me. But when the light turned green, there was a silver car instead. My professor was nowhere to be found. There was no other car there before... it's not like he decided to leave the turn lane and go straight. I know this because the SUV didn't move up to fill the space that would have been left had my professor left the turn lane to go straight.

The silver car turned right into a shopping complex. When I arrived at work, my professors car was nowhere in the parking lot. It's like he just wasn't there anymore. Is this a case of me seeing him for a reason...almost hallucinating him there? Or is it some kind of bilocation? Where did that silver car come from? Any thoughts?

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this experience with me! This kind of reality shift reminds me of some I've had where I've been driving and observed cars in my rear view mirror that had been behind me are suddenly gone, when there were no exits or off-ramps, and nowhere for them to have gone.... and also various times when I've seen people literally vanish before my eyes, as I describe in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. From what you describe, it sounds to me like you moved from one reality in which you saw your former professor's car into a reality where a silver car was there instead. This kind of discontinuity in reality is often the way reality shifts are observed... where something is there one moment (a broken bone, a cut, a person, a car)... and gone the next. Instantaneous spontaneous remission of disease and injury is another area where these kinds of discontinuous shifts in reality are most remarkable.  As far as the "why" of this particular shift occurring... you might have a clue based in thoughts and feelings you had at the time... or perhaps we'll never know. Sometimes just witnessing such a shift in reality seems to be the point of the whole event. 

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