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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 126

Disappearing and Reappearing Medicine
Anita Holmes

I’ve read the many accounts of “lost and found” items at the Reality Shifters website with great interest, the whole time thinking what an awesome—albeit surprising—ending to the writer’s dilemma.  Never did I think I would experience a reality shift.  Yesterday proved me wrong!

It’s only a small half inch by one inch spot on the first knuckle of the pointer finger on my right hand.  But when the psoriasis flares, it can be wretched.  I have a large tube of medicine for flare ups that I keep in the medicine cabinet at home.  But a week ago it flared so majorly that I packed the tube with me to the school where I teach.  I resorted to the “magic tube” repeatedly that first day.  And packed it in my purse to take home at the end of the school day.  I thought.

However.  When I got home, I could not find it in my school bag, or my small leather purse.  With the finger itching like mad, I checked the bathroom, my school bag, the car and purse—repeatedly.  I emptied out the little purse, but there NO WAY that big white tube of medicine was hiding anywhere in its tiny black interior.  Nevertheless, I even felt around with my fingers, to no avail.

At school the next day I ransacked my desk for the tube, itchy finger never letting me forget how much I still needed it!  Nada.  Over the course of the last few days I’ve continued searching everywhere I’ve already looked myriad times before, even enlisting the help of my teacher aides; again, no tube.

Yesterday I decided I would just have to bite the bullet and buy a new prescription.  As I packed up materials to leave my classroom for the day, I opened my little purse to drop keys in.  And there, on top of my to-do list for the evening, WAS THE MISSING TUBE OF MEDICINE! 

Note from Cynthia:I just love this story of your disappearing and reappearing tube of medicine! How fabulous to get it back in such a surprising manner, and how marvelous that it arrived before you bought another tube! I've sometimes noted that missing things come back to me soon after I accept the fact that I may never see those things again... almost as if this is an important part of the process ensuring our subsequent reunion.

Jewelry Shift
Sun City, Florida, USA

Three of us just arrived at a Florida flea market one morning, where I bounced into a woman at a crystal shop. This attractive older woman with blonde/white hair thought I was a youngster about four feet high, and we  both knew and accepted I was once her student, (in another life. Anyway, to make a long story short, I came back and bought some clear quartz crystals in silver to hang on a necklace, for Richard and I.

That night, I was going to use a gold chain with my crystal, but instead decided to ask my mom if I could borrow a silver chain. The reality shift occurred with my mother. Mom discovered she was missing garnet rose jewelry from inside a green case which was in her larger jewelry box. She looked all around and thought it was very strange that it was missing!

Yesterday, we were delightfully surprised to see Mom's garnet rose jewelry had returned!  Mom sat out on the lawn chair in the Florida room with me while I typed messages and sent out emails. She was very delighted to have the three peices of gold jewelery back even though she had to very delicately untangle the gold chain from knots. While I looked at the beautifuly crafted work in the jewelry, I could see why they were called the rose set garnets. And we joked saying how we recognised a reality shift.  And for those who can recall, years ago my mother had other jewelry shifts... including amethysts and diamonds.

It's a beautiful insight to receive awareness of reality shifts happening to you, and to notice it when it occurs to others! How good can it get?

Note from Cynthia: What a marvelous reality shift story! I just love the way you consistently remember to ask the question, "How good can it get?" as that is truly the best way to ensure you'll be on track for getting the answer! We learn the most from the questions we ask, and as you know, "How good can it get?" is my favorite question! Thank you so very much for sharing this inspirational story, along with such an upbeat and positive attitude!

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