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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 127

marble manifestation
Marble Manifestation
Noble, Oklahoma

I was seated and meditating, then began practicing forming mental balls of green healing light and sent one sailing off Eastward after speaking that it was for my sister. It obediently departed thence. Gleefully I formed another and spoke 'now one for my brother' and it sailed off Westward. Satisfied with myself, I began waking when I heard the voice often heard at that stage, which said "suddenly he becomes our clairvoyant". I began to consider that prospect, then announced "I'm not sure I want my development to proceed in that direction. I would need some sign of support." Whereupon I heard a loud bang, something like dropping a heavy book about four feet. I opened my eyes, as I had been meditating.

Searching for the cause, I found no holes in the wall or ceiling. Nothing fallen from high places. Nothing broken. Then my gaze fell upon the center of the kitchen table, previously bare, where I saw what appeared to be a ball of mud, a bit over an inch in diameter. It glistened with a film of moisture oozing out. I then studied it from every angle, and it seemed to be just barely touching the table. Scrutinizing it closely, I was able to see that  no moisture was on the table beneath it, and no fingerprints were on it  before I touched it, and it had no flat bottom from its own weight on the table. The words 'held in a field' came to mind.

Finally, I picked it up and inspected it closely. The perfect sphere showed no signs of flattening from its own weight upon some surface, and nothing else but the effects of my own fingertips. I held it under the faucet and washed the mud away, to discover in its center a child's marble - it's own surface marked with minute scratches showing usage. Then holding it up to the light - it was clear with imbedded therein two rose-colored disks at right angles intersecting each other. I marveled upon discovering that when held so as to look along their common axis, they made a rose colored cross! A bit later, with exhilaration, I telephoned the Rosicrucian organization in California and asked if this was some method they were using for recruitment. I was told "No, but then God works in mysterious ways!" Of course I have kept the marble as a talisman.

My feelings at the time were first playful [sending healing balls], then curious as I looked for the sound-cause and found the marble, then awestruck as I examined it more closely and objectively. Afterward I felt a deep satisfaction that I had indeed been given my sign.

Note from Cynthia:I love this story so very much because I've also experienced a manifestation of something appearing right in front of me on a couple of different occasions, and in both of these experiences, I had been meditating at the time. On one occasion a tooth my daughter had lost at school earlier in the day appeared in front of me (I was alone in my bedroom at the time), and on another occasion I was painting an energy portrait of a woman and describing the crystalline clarity of love in her heart as she and I both witnessed a crystal appear out of thin air and land exactly on the section of the painting where I was drawing the energy of her heart. If these things had not happened to me, I would probably be quite skeptical that objects can manifest "out of thin air" before our very eyes.

Blue Washcloth Inside Pants Pocket

Okay, so I am not sure about losing keys, etc. being a reality shift, though I have had some things that seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. I decided to ask for testing of this theory. Prayed, meditated. Lost an object, but... Then I did a load of laundry one day. I decided to add this large blue washcloth to the light laundry. I remember this quite well, since I debated about whether or not it would bleed, and then tossed it in with the other stuff. When I was taking everything out, I noticed my husband's pant's pocket was heavy. I was puzzled, thinking I had taken out the contents, the handkerchief, before washing it. I pulled it out (it was not easy to get out), and saw it was the blue washcloth, crammed in there. How easy could it be for such a thing to insert itself into a pocket during a washcycle?

I had paid particular attention to it, wondering whether or not to add it to the load. For it to end up crammed into a pants pocket was strange to me. I have had laundry tangled up every which way, but never shoved into a pants pocket. Normally, the pants were not easy to get even a handkerchief out of before washing. This washcloth was bulky. It was difficult for me to pull it out before drying. No one else could have interfered with the laundry, since I was alone at home. Barring the possibility of my being senile and doing it myself, I would say it was quite strange. I do think it is an important point that I was seeking validation or not, of this kind of reality shift.

Would you say I caused the washcloth to insert itself into the pocket for whatever reason - say I want to believe that such an incident is a reality shift?  If so, then I wish I could do something useful with such a gift. Or would you say this is a collective phenomenon, which reveals itself in times that are appropriate or favorable for such a revelation to occur (leading the human race upward, or to question reality)?

Note from Cynthia:This story of the washcloth-crammed-into-pocket is indeed strange, and in my decades of laundry experience, noteworthy and significant. In all the loads of laundry I've done, no such thing has ever happened, and I regularly run loads of washcloths with pants-with-pockets. Ruling out someone interfering with the load of laundry to cram the washcloth into the pants pocket, I'd say this definitely is a reality shift experience... based on the fact that such things ordinarily do not occur. Regarding the how and why of the occurrence... I do believe it's sufficient that you'd just recently been reading and thinking about reality shifts, with an open mind to witnessing them. It seems to me that people in general are experiencing reality shifts in greater numbers than before.

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