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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Newfound House Key and Attractiveness to Women
Buffalo, New York, USA

I wanted to share a couple of my stories. Well, my house key was missing for months. Just when I was about to give up, I watched one of your YouTube videos, How to Find Lost Things. So I gave it a shot, and meditated and shifted my thoughts... and when I was thinking about time, it just started flying by, and I needed to find that exact moment when I lost my key so I could find it again. Well, when I came to, I started going through my house. I found a lost car key in a little box that I have probably moved three to four times. Why I never noticed before because it was the only thing in the box, I don't know. So I figured, "Great, I found my lost car key." Then my son wanted to go to the store, and on my way out the door, I looked up at where my Grandpa used to keep the key. I thought to my self, "No way", and I checked... and holy cow, there was my key. Now the other day I followed your YouTube video on finding my true love . I have been on this dating site, and every so often--not much--a girl will message me, or put me on her favorites. Well, Friday night I followed your advice, and I could see my other self: much more confident happier, easier going. Thinking, "Hmm... maybe this is why women shy away--because I am not confident enough." On Saturday, I started getting all these texts, and women all over the place. Then Sunday came, and I had so many messaging me it became overwhelming, and it is still happening today. I can't believe it, I have so many options right now. I can basically choose the one I think is best for me. It is incredible! This guy stopped and asked for directions, when I was mowing my lawn....I know he has asked me for directions before. It was weird, because why would he never have a map and he was 15 min from his destination? I think I saw him in a different reality. Many other numerous things have been happening since I have opened up my eyes. The problem is that I have not started a journal yet, but am going to soon. Just a question, have you listened to the Burt Goldman CD's? They are a bit pricey. I was wondering if they are worth it. Thank you for opening my eyes : )

Note from Cynthia:I'm happy to hear you've had such good results from watching my YouTube videos on finding lost things and finding true love! Keep asking, "How good can it get?" to maintain the positive energy and keep your wonderful options coming in! I haven't purchased the Burt Goldman materials, but I am working on completing my book on the topic of quantum jumps, which hopefully will be released by the end of this year, and it is designed to give you what you need to succeed in quantum jumping. Stay subscribed to my RealityShifters ezine, and I'll be sure to let you know when "Quantum Jumps" comes out!

Comedian Louie Anderson Alive Again... and Again
Santa Cruz, California, USA

This is my 'alive again' story, featuring comedian Louie Anderson, and it involves three apparent shifts. In my memory he's been dead about five or six years, and my husband and I have mentioned this numerous times throughout these years, usually in the context of comedians who died too young due to unhealthy weight/lifestyles. He is always mentioned along with John Candy and Chris Farley. Maybe four months ago or so this topic came up again (comedians/actors who died too young due to being overweight/unhealthy) and I again mentioned Louie Anderson, but this time my husband strangely responded, "Yeah, he's definitely headed in that direction," implying that he was still alive. I thought that was a very odd response, but I didn't pursue it. A few days later I was shocked to see a preview for a new reality diving competition show featuring a variety of celebrities including Louie Anderson... But it doesn't end there. A few weeks after that my husband was looking for a movie to watch on NetFlix when he stumbled across a stand-up show performance by Louie Anderson, from 2012. Now he was the one freaking out a bit. "Wait a minute, 2012!? But he's dead!" And we've been talking about this ever since. I've been aware of the reality shift phenomenon for quite awhile (Thanks to you!), but this has been a bit harder for my hubby to wrap his mind around. Now as far as I can tell the two of us have experienced 3 different realities in this regard. In the first one, we both know LA is dead. In the second one, I remember LA being dead but my hubby has no memory of the death and thinks LA is alive. In the third one, we both remember that LA used to be dead and is now alive. What makes this rather significant for me is that I have confirmation from another person. These things are much easier to dismiss when you're the only witness. Thanks so much for bringing the reality shift phenomenon to my attention so many years ago. It has really rocked my world in so many ways!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing your "Alive Again" experience involving comedian Louie Anderson. I especially appreciate your paying attention to how this particular Alive Again reality shift moved back and forth, with you and your husband at various points being certain Louie was alive while the other knew he'd died. Thank you for discussing this with your husband, and sharing your experience, because sharing these experiences makes a big difference in helping people understand just how pervasive these types of reality shifts are, and that sometimes we move through a variety of alternate histories, apparently experiencing alternate husbands and wives along the way, who have their own unique recollections regarding who's still alive and who's not. Out of curiosity, I just checked right now, and found that in my current reality Louie Anderson is still alive and well, and 60 years old. :-)

Same Coast-to-Coast--Part of Friday Repeated
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Hi Cynthia, Language sometimes seems inadequate to explain such events. It's as if I experienced yesterday as a day in the future & then lived several hours of it again today as the present. I had no contact with anyone yesterday, so had no clue as to what was happening to me. When I woke up today I expected it to be Friday & was particularly anticipating Coast To Coast as I knew Linda Howe would be the guest. When I clicked on the latest show and went to the kitchen to start coffee & started hearing the same show I heard yesterday, I at first thought they hadn't posted the show from the night before yet. But when I checked the date on the show, and noticed the date on the Windows taskbar--I just sat there in a stunned state for few minutes--then checked the date on my cell for verification. I had a similar event during my teen years when I inexplicably gained a period of time, but noticed the disparity sooner due to other circumstances, went around the house checking all the clocks & even phoned a friend the next day to verify what time I had left her house. I can only wonder how many such events have occurred in my lifetime that I didn't notice. I have had experiences of knowing something that's going to occur in the future, but it's never anything earthshaking, and I've learned not to voice it as it upsets people. For example, a couple of decades ago I was sitting with a friend on her deck while her two little dogs were playing the yard when I suddenly blurted out, "your poodle is looking for a place to die." Needless to say she became angry, but three days later phoned to tell me she had found her poodle dead under a bush in the yard. I have never considered myself psychic, and couldn't produce anything tangible if I deliberately tried. Thank you for your important work.

Note from Cynthia: I've had two separate experiences that repeated over again... but each one was just a sequence of events that only took a few minutes to cycle through again. Both times felt something like the movie "Groundhog Day" but on a smaller scale (not an entire day). That is such a weird sensation when you feel compelled to say something odd that later you find out was exactly true. I've done that, too, to someone I barely knew at a PTA meeting for my children's elementary school. (I wished her a happy birthday because I felt compelled to say so, though I didn't know her and had no idea why I felt so inspired to blurt that out. She looked shocked... but not upset... and asked how I knew it was her birthday.)

Girls Born at Same Time and Place Find One Another

After receiving the latest this morning from Reality Shifters I found and listened to the Coast to Coast program you referred to. It was excellent. Both informative and entertaining. When you talked about webbing and interconnectedness, I recalled an incident that occurred some 23 years ago. (It's still in my journal, so the passage of time hasn't caused me to alter the story.) The incident took place in the local library where I went with my daughter to return some books. She was just about 3 years old at the time, and had a very limited vocabulary. As a Mother, I'm sure you know what I mean. She also talked a lot in what most people regard as gibberish. Because of the gesturing and expressions, it's easy to believe that the child is speaking in some foreign language. When we stepped into the foyer of the library, a mother and her daughter came in from the opposite direction. The two girls immediately ran to one another, clasped hands and started talking happily. Then they started running around in some kind of game. laughing and chatting to one another. The other girl's Mother and I let them be so we started our own conversation. Of course we were both pleased and amused with the openness and friendliness of our girls towards one another. That's not very interesting, except as we got talking more, some facts cropped up. As it turned out, our daughters were born not only on the exact same day, but during the same hour. Even more surprising was that they were born in the same hospital. I can't help but believe that these two girls communicated with one another just before they were born and agreed to meet again some time in the future.

Note from Cynthia:Wow... what an amazing and wonderful experience this was! Thanks so much for telling me about the incident from 23 years ago with your daughter! We are clearly much better connected to each other and the universe around us than most of us realize, and in ways that may not be obvious on the outside, yet are clearly evident at times of synchronous coordination such as this. Thanks also for letting me know you listened to and enjoyed the C2C show I was on. I'm really glad for the feedback and support!

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