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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Phone Number Intuition
Scranton, Pennsylvania

I want to share a story with you. I was in a relationship with a girl named Cindy about 6 years ago. I was very much in love at the time and had a strong connection to her, one that words defy. We had a very intense intimacy and connected on every level... especially spiritually. The relationship however was brief. We broke up on December 2, 1995, which is significant. Cindy very abruptly decided to end the relationship and suddenly wanted no contact. I was very confused and hurt at this time. to make a very long story short. She would not accept calls or talk to me. I had no Idea what was going on for her and where we might be going. But I could always feel her connection.

A month or so after this incident she began acting out of character and paranoid. She had her phone number changed to an unlisted number in order not to have contact with me. Upon finding this out I was even more hurt and confused. I thought I would never speak to her again but strangely enough I could feel everything thing she was feeling and thinking. Don't ask me to explain that .. it was an intuitive thing. Exactly two months after our breakup and about a month after changing her phone number I was upset and missing her. I was praying the whole time and asking for guidance. I had just been laying around thinking of her and the phone number thing when it hits me from out of the blue... the numbers 12/02... the day we were last together.

For some reason, I picked up the phone and dialed her exchange: 555-1202, and astonishingly her answering machine came on! It was her unlisted number. I was speechless and shocked. I hung up in disbelief. To make a long story short, we eventually did speak to each other months later. We spoke about the phone number incident. I had found out that the number was randomly given her by the phone company which just so happened to be the date of our last time together. As for how that number came to me... Well? I knew my connection to her was strong and very different. We never rekindled our relationship nor did we work things through to a friendly resolution. We have not seen each other for years, but I will always have a special connection to her on an unexplainable yet spiritual level. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It truly was a synchronistic event in my life!

Running from a Snake
Scotts Valley, California

Fantastic website. I had never heard of reality shifts before, but I have experienced them. In my distant past as a law enforcement officer, I remember an officer that told me about a shootout he was in where everything slowed down, yet he was able to keep moving fast, out of the way of the bullets. I experienced it when I was a boy and stumbled upon a rattlesnake in a field. I ran for a split second, and was fifty feet away from the snake. My friend was shocked when he turned around to run and I was across the field. How exciting to think others have experienced these things also!

Ceiling Fan Turns Off
Noblesville, Indiana

The other night I was sitting up late watching TV, then when I decided to go to bed I got up and walked to front door to make sure it was locked, and as I stood I glanced up and noticed the ceiling fan was on, I thought, "I need to turn that off, too." I checked the door, and walked over to the wall with the fan switch, and reached for it... and noticed it was in the off position! I turned and looked at the fan and saw that it was off and not turning. I just stood there thinking, "I know it was on a second ago."

Night Became Day Time Shift
Bloomington, Illinois

As a child, I experienced a time shift. I'm one of those people who had all kinds of strange experiences as a child, only to have it programmed out of me while growing up. The "Disappearing/Reappearing Ring Story" and a few other events were calls back to this subject. I call them "taps on the shoulder of a skeptic" - taps that I could not ignore any longer.

When I was a child, I had the usual fear of the dark, monsters under the bed and in the closet type fears, with nightmares to match. I was around 8-10 years old, and one night, I was so stricken with fear, of not only what was around me when I lay awake, but also afraid of sleeping and having a nightmare. I remember I even turned myself around and lay with my head at the foot of my bed, facing my bedroom window, as if that would somehow fool the monsters. I shut my eyes tight, and said to myself, "If only I could shut my eyes, and count to 5, and when I opened my eyes, it would be morning - daylight, then everything would be OK."

I shut my eyes tight, counted to five, and God as my judge, I swear to you, the deep, dark, scary night had instantly turned to a bright sunny morning when my eyes opened. Being a child, I thought to myself - "I don't know what's scarier, the monsters that are under the bed, or that I could do what I just did." I mentioned it to my Mom who said something like, "That's nice dear", while she was busy getting breakfast together, and I promptly forgot about it, except for time to time when remembering childhood fears.

Of course, I've considered that I could have "hypnotized" myself, and so, I reserve judgment on "reality" :) I can tell you though, I was never really too scared of the dark after that. I must have felt a sense of control of the situation.

Vanishing Hats/Dog Food in Shoes
Christin "Curb Check"
Sandpoint, Idaho

Before college started this fall, I used to work at Burger King. As part of the uniform, we always had to wear either a hat or a visor at work. At this time, I was sleeping on the couch at our house because we didn't have enough rooms for my brother and sister and our parents and myself. I kept a large cardboard box of my clothes behind my father's Lay-Z Boy. Every day after work, I would fold up my uniform and set it on top of the box, with the hat on top of the pile. One day, my hat just disappeared. I remembered distinctly setting it on top of the uniform pile the day before, but it was nowhere to be found. Our living room was sparsely furnished, so there wasn't too many places for that dang hat to hide. I looked behind and under the couch and Lay-Z Boy. I emptied my box and went through my car, thinking maybe I had left it in there and just misremembered having it the day before. It wasn't there. It wasn't at work either. They only had unclaimed visors, and I always wore a regular hat. I even looked through my brother and sister's rooms, thinking maybe they were playing a trick. They weren't. It just disappeared. Then two weeks later the exact same thing happened again with my new hat. It was really frustrating.

Then there was the time I found dog food stuffed inside some shoes of mine. I kept those shoes in a shoe box (because they're kind of fancy) and they are in a closet that was always kept locked, seeing as how it was around Christmas when this happened and that was where the presents were hid. Anyway, we unlocked the closet so I could get my shoes, and they were filled with dog food. My parents were just as surprised as me, and there were no holes in the box, so a mouse or something couldn't have been hoarding food. Then that started happening with a lot of other shoes all over the house.

Spooky at a Distance
Edmond, Oklahoma

I was in a group art show. The theme and title of my exhibit was, "Reflections." It was a series of oil paintings showing my reflection in various objects. I was waiting in a long line for the buffet when I glanced across the room. At first I thought I was looking in a mirror, but realized I was looking at another women that could have been my twin except she had on different clothing. We stared at each other in disbelief and then I looked away thinking my eyes must be playing tricks on me since I had been thinking of my reflections paintings. When I looked back she was gone. I returned to the area of my exhibit and several people came up to me. They said my twin sister was here and stood in front of my paintings for a long time. I told them I had two step sisters that not only didn't look like me at all, but were quite a distance away. They kept insisting this had to be my twin, because we looked exactly alike except for our clothing. I went looking for this person, but she had apparently left. What a spooky coincidence.

My husband said I appeared to him several times when he was in Viet Nam during the war. These "appearances" seem to coincide to times when he was in danger sort of like a warning. I have no memory of this. The people at the art show were not old friends, but new acquaintances. They were just as baffled as I was at the time. I've been searching all my life for answers to these unusual experiences. I'm glad I've found other people who are trying to find "scientific" answers. I have done research on these phenomena and found that all cultures throughout history have related similar stories, but give them metaphysical reasons. I'm sure other people have experienced something similar, but are afraid to say anything.

My Grandmother's Message
Indianapolis, Indiana

My grandmother, being elderly, had suffered a traumatic head injury in a fall at her home. She had been rushed by a Lifewatch plane to another hospital for treatment as the town we lived in was small and could not provide the level of care she needed.

She never awakened from the coma. On the morning she died, I had gone to bed the night before after spending the day at her bedside, sitting with her and talking to her. Being Buddhist, we had called the monk in to give her our last rites. As he left, he spoke to me and said you are special. Your grandmother has a message for you... and left. I went to the temple, and he told me SHE would relay the message. I went back to my mother's and tried to understand, but knowing what I did...I knew my grandmother would never recover and would die soon. I lay down in bed that night, thinking about the events of the day... then I saw my grandmother standing there. I remember asking her what she was doing there... she could not have recovered so quickly, and I must be dreaming. She answered me... "Little one... always in such a rush... listen to Grandmother now," and took my hand.

We began to walk. She was in a lovely white robe, as was the fashion of elderly Viet-Namese ladies. As we walked, I began to notice my surroundings. It was dark, and tunnel like with a light at the end... a small twinkling light. As we walked I started to question her. "Grandmother... where are we going?" "Little one, I have something to show you so you will never be afraid of what is to be to all of us one day." "But Grandmother..." "Hush, child. Listen to me. Look, see, and learn. Open your heart and mind." As we walked, we talked of things in her past, her life, my crumbling marriage, my children, her children... all the things that mothers share. As we walked, I noticed the tunnel became wider, and it seemed as if we were no longer walking, but moving along at light speed. I could feel the rush of the wind as we moved, and saw what appeared to be human shapes along the sides of the tunnel, the light becoming larger. We seemed to slow, and the shapes took on more formed appearance... they were people, but not any I recognized. The wind continued. I could hear it, and feel it rushing through my body, it was cold, yet I was not cold, and it only lightly blew my hair about. As we were now closer to the light, it shone with brilliance, but wasn't blinding. We stopped, my grandmother took both my hands in hers, and looked at me saying, "Little one... you must go back now, I brought you with me to show you what is beyond the world of your knowledge... the other side of life. It is nothing to fear. Know my granddaughter... I love you, and don't be afraid. I am happy, and I have lived a long life... and now want to rest."

"But Grandmother... I don't want you to go... I want to stay with you... how can I endure the pain my husband brings with you?"

"I know, but it is not your turn... you have much to do and children who need your strength and love...go back now... I love you."

And with that she walked away towards the light. There were many people there to welcome her: her lost daughter who I had seen pictures of, and many others I don't know. I sadly turned away.

I awakened with a start and felt again that great rush of wind... it was so COLD! The phone rang. I looked at the clock and saw it was 4:55 a.m. I got up, went to get a drink and wash my face and shower. At 5:15 the phone rang. "Mrs. Lee? This is Nurse -------- at the hospital... I'm sorry... we did all we could... but... your grandmother died at 4:55 this morning." I told her thank you and hung up. I called the temple to let the monk know... the phone rang once.

"Hello... Mrs. Lee... I will meet you there" It was the monk himself who rarely answered the telephone. I had never said a word... and there was no called id yet... how could he have known? We met at the hospital and made the necessary preparations for my grandmother's body for the funeral. I told the monk of my dream... he listened very intently and told me... as we were praying for her yesterday...she told me... she would talk with you before she left this world, so you would be at peace in letting her go... you see... she knew how very much you needed her and loved her, and wanted you to go on the start of her journey to show you the strength you never knew you had inside. This strength will get you through the worst yet to come." Little did I know then... but it did Suffice it to say... the strength my grandmother had in leaving those who loved and needed her so much when it was her time.... gave me the strength years later... to escape the ex who had abused myself and my children for years... the unknown future was a better prospect than the dark future staying with him, and possible death at his hands. I never would have had the strength to leave with what I could take in my car, with 5 kids and leave in the dark of night... with nothing more than what was in the car... before that night... anything unknown to me was terrifying... and after that night... things never seemed to frighten me as much anymore. Life and the unknown were a new adventure.

What made this all so amazing is my grandmother spoke NO English. My Viet-Namese is limited at best, but we always made ourselves understood to one another amidst much laughter and gestures. She told me of the 4 husbands who she outlived and of her lost daughter who died after giving birth to my cousin, and the fact the her daughter had been the "wife" of an American GI... something no one in my ex-husbands family ever spoke of... or told about... and many other things I later verified with other family members. Much of which no one ever talked about, and certainly no one ever told me. Most were shocked that I knew. Certainly none of them, including my ex, had ever told me... and now "the outsider" knew.

Disappearing/Reappearing Ring
Bloomington, Illinois

I'd like to share an unexplained incident that happened to my husband and I. Neither I nor my husband do drugs, drink alcohol, or suffer from any major physiological problems. At the time that this happened, I had no interest in survival theory, or paranormal activity of any kind, and considered myself a cynic with regard to either topic. This is one of those experiences that taps you on the shoulder and makes you look, even though you weren't expecting it.

Six years ago, my husband and I were having some rocky times in our marriage, but we were holding together. We were getting ready to go to a formal holiday party. I was cleaning my wedding rings at the kitchen sink, when my engagement ring slipped out of my fingers. It made no sound when it "fell" so I wasn't sure where it dropped. I put on my wedding ring, minus my engagement ring.

I searched for the engagement ring, for about 15 minutes. On the floor, in the sink, on the counter. We had to leave to meet friends to share a ride to the function, so I informed my husband that I lost the ring, and asked if he would take the sink apart so we could look for it first thing in the morning.

That night, when I arrived home, I changed out of my formal clothes, and continued to search for the ring for another 45 minutes. I cleared everything away from the sink, thinking it might be under knickknacks, or the dish drain. I searched, but could not find it.

The next morning, it was the first thing on my mind when I woke up. My husband was not awake yet. I dressed, and went to the kitchen. I searched everywhere. I took a flashlight and peered down into the drain, and the disposal. My hands are rather small, and I was able to fit my whole hand down the disposal (after unplugging it.) I could feel the entire inside of the disposal - no ring. I took apart the stove, thinking it went inside. I opened drawers and cabinets, and emptied their contents, in case the ring bounced into them when I dropped it. I got down on my hands and knees and inspected every inch of the floor! I even took down the curtains above the sink, in case the ring ricocheted into the hems. I looked up into the faucet to see if it bounced up and stuck there. It was not to be found.
I searched every inch of the 20 feet closest to that sink. I'm a woman, and sentimental - I wanted my engagement ring!

Feeling frustrated, I woke my husband as kindly as I could, and asked, "Remember my ring? Would you take apart the pipes?" He kindly agreed. We both went to the kitchen, and he covered the ground that I had already covered, as a "second pair of eyes", including the sink, floor, cabinets, drawers, and stove. He also checked down the sink with the flashlight. He could see nothing. The counter was completely cleared. The curtains were even down. The ring was nowhere to be seen. The only place we couldn't see with our own eyes, was deep inside the pipes. Since all other possibilities were exhausted, the next thing to do was take apart the pipes.

My husband sat on the floor and I stood right above him, my hand resting on the sink. He took apart the pipe - no ring. I looked down into the sink again from above, while he jiggled the pipes. Nothing. He put the pipes back together, and asked me to start the water so he could check the seal.

I went to turn on the water - and screamed a tiny scream. There was my ring, sitting in the flat, bottom of the sink. It was bone dry - no water or pipe "gook" on it. The only way I can describe it is that it came from "nowhere".

If it were there the whole time - surely we would have seen it - or no?. It could not have come from inside the pipes - I had my whole hand down there, and the disposal holes, are too tiny to allow the ring to fall down into the pipes.

My husband and I got the chills. We stood there for minutes, just trying to explain the whole thing to each other, trying to come up with "normal" explanations of the ring not being there, and then just "being there". Where did the ring come from? We had searched and searched, moved everything away from the sink, in fact, centered our search on the sink. And then all of a sudden, the ring was right before our eyes, after I looked away for only a moment, where we had centered our search?

To this day, we get chills when we think about it. I'm happy to report that we made it through our rocky times, and we are still together, best of friends, and very thankful for our marriage. We have *beliefs* about this - but no hard "scientific" explanation.

This event very probably was significant in saving our marriage. After finding the ring, my husband and I looked at each other like "Huh?" and we immediately started coming up with "logical" explanations as to how the ring was in the bottom of the sink. But as each of us started explaining it, the other person would say "No, that couldn't be it because "XYZ". Then we just looked at each other, and my husband said "My Grandmother". She had passed away about three years prior to that. Now remember, I was a cynic about life after death or anything paranormal, but I could not explain the event, and my husband and I did our best to act like everything was "normal". The symbolism of losing the ring carelessly, looking for it, going without it, and then finding it together, was very strong for me, upon later reflection of the event.

It was the second time I had lost the ring, the first time being right after getting engaged, and leaving it in a restaurant lady's room, while attending a family function. I remembered it about 15 minutes later, sprang from the table and ran to the bathroom to find it gone. I came out of the bathroom with a look of despair. The restaurant owner, who knew our family, asked me if I lost something. Some kind, honest woman - a stranger, had found it, and given it to the bartender.

How many women can claim they lost their engagement ring twice, and have found it? I feel like I'm being looked after :)

The "Second Way" Across Time
by Linda

For the past several months, I've been working on a very important (to me and my family) project. I've always felt that precognitions are information sent back to us from the future, and now there is thought that we can indeed influence the past (The Retro Psychokinesis Experiments, Thus, I've been training myself to project my consciousness to certain points in the past, communicate with myself (retro telepathy -- precognition) to take different action, thereby causing events to happen differently in the present -- i.e., a Reality Shift across time. By working on this every day, being so "tuned in" to it, I believe I might have caused a spontaneous Reality Shift across time, though on a much less significant event, as follows.

Usually, I do everything at the last minute, ten things at a time, rush-rush-rush. This day, April 11, 2001, I had to go to a Humane Society Meeting at noon, and it was 10:50 A.M. For some reason, I decided that for a change, I would give myself enough time, and do things one at a time, without rushing.
We are video producers, and do a daily pre-videotaped show for our local cable company. I generally have the tapes edited and ready-to-roll in advance. (Our editing studio is in our home.)

This day, I had to get three of our daily show tapes cued up and ready to bring to the cable company, on the way to the humane meeting.

I keep around 15 show tapes, all numbered boldly on the labels, sitting in two stacks on a table, just outside the room used for our editing studio.

So, I check my schedule log to see which number is for which day, then pick them out of the stacks, cue them up, then put them in the appropriate album jackets (labeled "Mon, Tues, Wed," etc..

This day, according to the schedule, I needed to get out Wed.#116, Thurs.#110, and Fri.# 125.

I looked at the two stacks and spotted #116 and #125, but no #110.

So I took out #116 and #125 and set them aside. (I know I took out #125, since it was toward the bottom of the stack, and I had to put the #116 tape down first, needing two hands to get #125 out without knocking down the tapes on top of it).
Now to find #110. I went through each tape in both stacks; it was not there.

The first thing I do if a show tape is not in the stacks is look in our editing studio (only about 10 feet away in the next room), since on Friday nights when I make the City Council tapes, I grab a show tape to video copy our disclaimer off of, and half the time I forget to bring it back and put it where it belongs in the show tape stacks. Rush, rush, rush is the way I usually do things LOL.

So, I walk over into the studio to look for #110 -- no tape #110, it wasn't there.

I thought, "Oh fooey, now I have to search for #110, and here I thought I'd have extra time before I have to go the meeting. Akkkkk..."

I went back to the show tape stacks, thinking that maybe #110 had slipped out and was "hiding" on the floor in back of the stacks, etc., and saw to my amazement that #125 -- which I had JUST taken OUT of the stacks, was right back where it had been before I removed it!

I just froze -- HOW could this be?! I KNEW I had just taken it out and set it on the side with #116, a minute before. (I was alone in the house, and the cats were napping in the bedroom :)

Now if I had been rushing around as usual, doing ten things at once and thinking about twenty other things, I would have thought, "Oh I probably made a mistake..." But I knew I could not have in this case.

Less than one minute ago, I had taken #125 out of the stack, looked at it to be sure it was the right tape, and set it on the side with #116, no memory problem there. I thought, "Well, what on earth is it doing back in the stack....???!!!"

I picked up the two tapes I had set aside, and froze in my tracks -- they were #116, and #110 (the "missing" tape!). And #125 was back in the stack, though I knew I had moved it less than a minute before -- Not rushing, but carefully and methodically, since I had plenty of time (and had been enjoying the luxury of having plenty of time, as well).

Well, even with the knowledge that things like this really happen, when they actually do, I am stunned and amazed. I stood there frozen, thinking, "How could this be...?!?" As amazing as it seemed, an actual physical change has apparently happened, and there was no doubt about it....

When I cued the tapes, sure enough -- #110 was cued to the disclaimer, so it WAS the one I had used Friday night in the studio.

Then I thought, "Wait a minute -- TWO WAYS! Could I have subliminally, instantly, traveled back to Friday night, when I might have left #110 in the studio, and "done it over a second time," this time remembering to take #110 back out with me and put it where it belongs...?" Thereby changing the "past" so the "present" is now changed? Physically changed, in this dimension, not some other, but this one...?

Given the circumstances, and the event-shifting project I'm working so hard and concentrating on, this does seem to be how it apparently happened.

I don't think it could have been any spontaneous PK, since I was right there and would have seen and heard the tapes moving around.

As unbelievable as the whole thing would sound to many people, it DID happen, in the course of one minute (maybe 90 seconds, tops). It's one thing to know these things happen; it's another thing when it happens before your eyes, and when it happens to you.

And to top it all off, a couple of hours later, walking home from the meeting and running errands, I suddenly had a picture in my mind, a memory, of the second way -- of originally going over to get the three tapes, and seeing #110 on top of the stack, instead of being missing, the way it was the first time. So I remember it both ways, and the way that "stuck" is the second way, here in this physical reality.

Considering the important personal project I am working on, it is really so wonderful to experience firsthand how this can, and does happen -- reality shifting across time!

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