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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 166

Quantum Jumps
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling books, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, and Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.

Traveling to Parallel Universes

Moon Landings and Space Shuttle Disaster
Trish LeSage, Author of Traveling to Parallel Universes

I really enjoyed reading about the moon landings in this month's Reality Shifters. It's interesting that people remember a different number of moon landings. For me personally, I only remember two manned moon landings. I recall one manned moon landing by the Russians in 1959 and one in 1969 by the U.S. I don't recall any other moon landings. Like you, I only remember one space shuttle disaster, the Challenger. I remember that day clearly. I was in high school at the time, and for some reason, I was home from school that day. I remember watching the shuttle launch live on T.V., and I was so shocked and saddened to watch it explode live. I especially remember it, because I recall my science teacher telling his students that there had been a contest so that teachers around the country could compete for a spot on board the Challenger. I recall him telling us that, and when it exploded I remember thinking that I bet he was so relieved that he didn't win the contest. I know I was! Outer space has always been of interest to me, as I wanted to be an astronomer when I was a child, ever since my grandfather showed me a book he had on the solar system. My dad bought us a telescope at a yard sale when I was a child. Since we lived in a small rural area, the sky was always pitch black at night and full of stars, especially in the summer. We would get out the telescope and look at the moon. I was always so fascinated that we could see the craters. We would spend many a summer night sitting around a bonfire staring up at the sky. We'd see satellites, the constellations, and even the northern lights. Hence, why I am so fascinated by the fact that others remember many more moon landings. My whole life, the story was that the Russians had landed on the moon in 1959. It was a manned mission. They had beaten the Americans to the moon by 10 years. I remember as a teenager thinking that the Russians always excelled and beat us at everything. They always seemed to win the gold metals at the Olympics, etc. I remember feeling a bit disappointed that we didn't get to the moon first, that the Russians had beat us there. The story was that the Russians had sent cosmonauts to the moon. I even recall seeing old black and white photos of them. As I was writing this email, I asked my fiancé whether he recalled the Americans and Russians landing on the moon. Without my mentioning the Russians having landed on the moon first, the first thing that he said was: "Yes, but the Russians got there first." I found it interesting that the first thing he said was that the Russians landed first without my saying anything. I then asked him whether he recalled the Americans and Russians sending humans to the moon, and he said that he recalled that they both had sent humans to the moon.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your recollections of the space shuttle Challenger disaster. I'm fascinated that you and I both were clearly interested in the space program, yet don't recall any other shuttle-related deaths than the ones on the Challenger. I'm also intrigued that you have such clear recollections of only one manned moon landing by the US--and one by the Russians! Now that's definitely a different history than the one I've most recently last seen relating to who's landed on the moon. I personally don't notice discrepancies between the most current moon-landing history and what I remember from my childhood in the 1960s--but if you remember just one manned moon landing each for the Russians and one for the USA, I expect there will be others who also remember things the way you do! I've not heard of Russians walking on the moon, though of course I did hear about their program to send a lunar lander to the Moon. I saw the TV broadcast of the first moon walk, while traveling to relatives' houses with my parents in the 1960s. I was a very young child at the time, and later enjoyed building balsa wood scale models of lunar landers during the time of subsequent Apollo moon missions. How amazing that your fiancé independently mentioned recalling Russians beating Americans to the moon. In my memories, I (so far) only remember Americans being first on the moon, with no Russian manned moon missions. But in my experience, pretty much every time someone remembers an alternate history, there will be many more people recalling the same thing! So I'm looking forward to hearing from people who also remember 'the Russians were the first ones to land on the moon.'


Double-Selves: Doppelgänger, Vardøger, Ka, Etiäinen, And More
David N. Wigtil
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA

while rummaging through a Norwegian-English dictionary (yes, I have curious hobbies), I stumbled over the entry, "vardøger." The dictionary didn't define it—it merely *described* the term, quite circumspectly in fact, as though the word were a dangerous object or a rotten egg. It was! Learning about vardøger opened up yet another strange door for me, straight out of reality and into the spirit world. WHAT IN THE WORLD? A vardøger is something like a double of yourself, a spirit twin to your physical self. More often, of course, our English term is "doppelganger" (we're pretty careless about German umlauts), which covers many kinds of appearances of a spirit self in our material world. Used to be that the ancient Egyptian "ka" was considered to be your living spirit-double. The sound of the Norwegian word is as alien as the concept itself: I can't even spell it with English phonetics, but if you know French, a Franco-phonetic spelling might be "vardœuguère," and with first-syllable stress. The Finns have a closely similar concept they call an “etiäinen." The vardøger is a double who gets to your destination ahead of you, effectively announcing your imminent arrival. There's a summary article on it in Wikipedia, and one in the Journal of Scientific Exploration from 2002, on the Web. Lots of famous folks seem to have had doubles and acknowledged them: Goethe, Shelley, Lincoln, Donne, even military men. MY OWN VARDØGER. The kicker is this: I have a vardøger myself! After I read the dictionary entry, I mentioned it to my wife. She surprised me by saying she and the dogs have often heard "me" come home: shutting the car door, coming in the front door, and even putting grocery bags on the counter. The dogs confirm they've heard "me," too, all leaving her side and trotting off to the front door to greet me, the way they do every day when I arrive from work or grocery shopping or whatever. Then she looks out at the driveway—and there's no car at all. A few minutes later I actually arrive: the "actual" me (the guy typing right now). Once she actually went downstairs to talk to me (because I was taking too long to come upstairs and say hi), and was quite startled to see me walk through the door coming into the house. I hadn't been home at all. She never mentioned it until now, when I asked about it, out of hesitation as to what my reaction might be. About 35 years ago, a closely similar incident with my first wife (yeah, things didn't work out), when we were living with my parents for the summer. She'd been home sick, everyone else was at work, and in the evening she told us about somebody coming into the house, walking around the other rooms and making noise. She sorta had us all freaked, talking about an uninvited stranger there! I used to think I didn't have psychic experiences. Yet psychic encounters have been happening for other people (plus dogs) all around me! And the same might well be true for lots of us. We just never think to ask friends or family. And being good Western skeptics, they may experience the doppelganger appearances but never bother to bring them up with anyone else. Maybe I need to start circulating questionnaires.
—> Read this entire post at:

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for the link to your article about the vardøger! My October 2010 RealityShifters newsletter is devoted to that topic:
Seeing Loved Ones Before they Arrive
I also appreciate the link about accidental bilocation and the healer who traveled while napping--fascinating! And truly believable, based on my own dreaming and daydreaming bilocations.

Time Loop at the Rose Bowl Flea Market
Los Angeles, California, USA

I don't know who to tell this experience to. After it happened, I came upon your website. I was in a large flea market that goes in an oval around a sports arena. I entered, went to the right and shopped some vendors. I always make mental notes on how to return to where I started and I eye details to keep my memory of my path. I veered into a alley of sellers, bought some items and decided it was time to go home, this flea market was just way too massive and there was no way I would make it around the whole oval or its alcoves. And overall, suddenly I felt like "get me the hell out of here" for no reason. So I walked back the way I came instead of walking the whole oval. I saw some vendors I recognized, so I knew I headed back the way I came. I eyed an old creepy rocking horse, felt fabric of a pretty blue dress, and saw a painting of lips that I thought was just awful. I walked a bit more, maybe 5 minutes and felt like I was nearing the entrance/exit where I started, but was surprised I hadn't seen the first vendor I spoke to yet when I had entered. The time seemed odd, like any minute now I should see the exit. I just overall had a weird feeling of 'get me out of here' when boom, there was the horse again, and the blue dress.. my mind thought.."what the hell, they have dup vendors here?! how lame" There was no possible way I could have walked around the whole football field in a matter of minutes. NO WAY. I freaked out a little bit, how could this be? de javu? How could I have missed the exit, and not only missed it, but ended back here ALREADY? it was too impossible. It happened too quickly to come upon the very same vendors again. I would have KNOWN if I had been walking way too long and missed the exit, but I hadn't walked way too long, and the feeling of being absolutely terrified, dizzy and confused, the panic of get me out of here.. I know when odd things are happening and this definitely felt like some sort of loop or time shift. I later looked on the map of the flea market, it described arts and craft areas and other happenings that I never saw, confirming even more, that I did not walk the whole oval. I am still really puzzled and freaked out! My rational mind is saying "come on jess, it was a circle.." but the time doesn't make sense, I didn't go around the whole venue. I couldn't have! I have been enjoying your website, knowing I am not alone! Prior to the time loop occurring I think I mentioned that I felt like “it was time to go” and I just needed to leave, almost a sense of panic (but for no reason, I just had a pleasant morning). Overall it was just confusion and a sense of something is not right, both before the time loop occurred and when I noticed I was back where I started. Sometimes I ‘go somewhere’ at night and I have a feeling of being really scared, it’s like my body and human mind can’t comprehend what’s happening. This feeling of fear before it happened felt the same. It literally felt like hell, ground hog day. I just can’t explain it, but I know it happened. I know the difference between a human error and getting lost vs. “something weird/ not earthly” happening. I also felt like no one could see me, like things were whirling by and everyone else was blissfully strolling about while I was trapped. It seemed seamless, other than the feeling that something wasn't quite right. Thanks for listening!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing your experience of a time loop / repeating sequence of events. I'm glad you took care to examine the layout of the flea market, to determine that you were not walking in a complete circle around the entire market--but instead you seem to have somehow walked past the same vendors and merchandise twice while continuously walking the same direction! I know first-hand just how surprising it is to see events happening all over again that occurred just moments earlier--though I've not (yet!) encountered a similar walking time loop. I'm glad to hear that you know the difference between a human error and getting lost versus something truly strange unfolding where you felt like no one could see you and people were blissfully strolling about while you were trapped--though of course still able to move, just not in the reality you'd been just moments earlier.

"It's Alive" Movie Scenes and Music Change
Ontario, Canada

Here's another Memory, Under the Mandela effect; There is a Movie that was released in 1977, titled "It's Alive" by Larry Cohen. I saw it in the theater, an yes I was too young to be there, I went or snuck in anyway. lol I remember the Movie score was part of the eerie, tense, building the Scary part of it. Some scenes had a POV of the killer baby, blurry, and double vision effect, BUT! when I recently re-visited it again some yrs ago, three yrs ago? I watched it, to my surprise, you guessed it, this was NOT the version I had seen in the theater in 1979. It took two years to make its way to our little movie theater, released in 1977. The score was different, the scenes changed, I watched it all, and where were the scary scenes, the score I remembered?!? It was non-existent! I looked the movie up online, trying to find a remastered version, or any kind of write up that explained changes to the original film. There was none! This is a Crazy World! It is the same movie, originally filmed in 1974, it took 3-5 yrs to release? It came to our theater in 1978. The differences of the version I saw two years ago, online. I expected to hear that eerie piano, the blurry POV effect from the Monster baby. Oh, I do recall reading a change of Score by the Director, Cohen. I looked for it, spent an hour searching for that article, as a horror movie fan, I know where to look, it was a featured B-Movie classic where the movie itself was described and mentioned the changes. Now, having not being able to locate or find it again, it's like it didn't exist. Even my reading the article, back in 2013-14, I remember watching the Movie again and found the changes obviously different. I posted a reference to that movie to a Community at Facebook, nobody knows what I'm talking about. This phenomenon has me thinking on the How & Why of it all, how is it relevant? The "Science" behind shifting, when only our own consciousness remembers what was? Your descriptions on this, have helped; although the best we can do is speculate and theorize. We experience that we know this is happening. Has anyone reported physical side effects?

Note from Cynthia: Wow, that must have been disorienting and confusing, to see the very same movie just two years later, with completely different musical score, camera angles, and editing! I've also noticed changes to movies like this, that cannot be explained away by those pointing out, "You must be confused," or "The director must have made changes between your two viewings." I like the way you recall some very specific scary scenes being completely missing from "It's Alive." This kind of shift in reality is something more people are noticing, as they start sharing their experiences. For those of us lifelong "Mandela Effect" experiencers, it's clear people don't necessarily always have bad memories, but rather there's another possible explanation that can be found when we entertain the possibility that the many worlds of quantum physics and the multiverse might be one and the same thing--and our true identity is consciousness, which enables us to move between these many possible worlds. Thanks for the clarification about how you've followed up regarding what might have transpired related to movie script and musical score changes. As is typically the case with reality shifts and alternate histories, we won't find any 'evidence' corroborating other possible realities--and that is to be expected, since what has done the traveling is us, in the form of pure consciousness. The only way we can ever share what we recall from other possible realities is to find people who sometimes remember things the way we do. There won't be any 'hard evidence,' and indeed it can often feel like other realities and histories didn't even exist. If only it weren't for those goosebumps on our arms, and thoughts constantly returning to, "Wasn't this different before?" It appears evident to me from observing reality shifts that we really do take only (memory) pictures, and leave only footprints everywhere we go. With regard to physical side effects, I have on occasion felt foreboding, such as a time in February this year, when I left home one afternoon to run some errands with my sweetie just after 4pm. I needed to mail some packages at the post office, and I was aware as we left the house that I had just about 40 minutes to get from my house to the post office before they closed. As we drove away from our house, I closed my eyes to focus on a very specific and extremely clear sense of foreboding pertaining to a car accident, with a sense of a vehicle slamming forcefully in a collision. I turned my entire attention of thoughts and feelings toward pushing back on this impending car crash, with my eyes closed, not saying anything aloud at the time. Only after safely returning home did I hazard mentioning the incident--and then, later that day, I learned that at the exact time I'd experienced this foreboding, a dear friend of ours was in a vehicle that was struck by another car. He was uninjured, but his car was totaled. I couldn't help thinking there must have been an instantaneous connection between me and our friend at the time of impact--and I also got a sense that my 'pushing back' on the car that struck our friend's car most likely helped ensure his safety. So sometimes we get a sense as to why the feeling of foreboding, and most likely other times we might be pushing a less-than-enjoyable reality away, in much the same way as we'd decline servings of food we're not pleased with if waiters offered them to us in a restaurant.

Machine Man
I Read a Book Before it was Published
Ontario, Canada

I wanted to share another recent incident, and it's becoming annoying now, lol! I attached the cover of the Machine Man book I was looking for, in the last few days. I went through everything, where I store my books and miscellaneous ones. This is a graphic novel, by Marvel Comics, and I do strongly remember reading it two years ago. I remember lying in bed, reading three chapters of it—Machine Man, by Kirby and Ditko: The Complete Collection. I know I had in my hand, and was physically holding it, so I checked my past orders at Amazon. There's NO record I ever ordered it! And I know I ordered it from amazon. So I gave up looking for it, after seeing that this book will not be released until Aug 6, 2016 this year. Wow! I'm at a loss for words now. This is tripp'n me out now.

Note from Cynthia: WOW! I've had the experience back in the 1970s of trying to find a radio station playing my favorite song I loved that I thought had been super popular, and being completely frustrated that the song wasn't on any radio station--yet! Then later that same year about three months later--BAM--it was on all the radio stations, and the announcers kept saying how it was a new song. I love how you're catching this shift before the book is even released, remembering having read it and looking for it, only to find this issue of Machine Man has not yet been released! I love it!

Childhood Diary Transformation
Alfter, Germany

When I was 14 I went on a school cruise to Iceland and Norway. My two best friends cancelled at the last moment and I had to go with girls I wasn't so keen on. I wrote in my diary about what I experienced every day. Near the end of the cruise some girls stole my diary but they soon handed it back because it was in German. I had written it in German instead of in English to keep it nice and secret. They were very disappointed but I felt nice and smug. What a good idea it had been to write it in German! Last week I found my diary again, more than 40 years later, and read it. I had written it in English!!!!! And all the girls in my group had been friendly!

Quantum Jumps
Note from Cynthia: What an extraordinary feeling it must have been for you to read what you'd written in your diary that you have such strong feelings about--and discover that what you remember having happened is nothing like what you wrote in your diary at the time at all. Even more surprising must be the discovery that despite clearly remembering how you'd written in your diary in German, it is now written in English--in your very own handwriting! This is very similar to the research I mention in my book, Quantum Jumps, "Ulric Neisser and Nicole Harsch conducted studies of Emory University students’ accuracy of recollections of events at the time of the Challenger space shuttle explosion, starting by collecting first-hand accounts from 106 students the day after the disaster detailing how they’d heard of the explosion, what they’d been doing at the time, where they were, and how they felt. The researchers followed up with the same students two and a half years later, and were startled to find that students achieved a mean score of 2.95 compared to a perfect score of 7. Less than 10% of the students were able to exactly match their original recollection of events, and over half of the students got a score less than 2. The most noteworthy findings in this “flashbulb” memory study were student reactions when confronted with conflicting accounts. Many students persisted in confidently claiming that their current memories of events were completely accurate, even when confronted with their own hand-written journal entries. One student summed up what happened succinctly, 'That’s my handwriting, but that’s not what happened.' It’s important to note that in this new Quantum Age, such cases of alternate histories are to be expected. They provide evidence of the superposition of states that we and everything around us exists within, so we can expect to occasionally see documented records from the past that differ from what we recall. In the Quantum Age, we understand that seeing our own handwritten notes that aren’t at all what we remember is one way that alternate histories become known."

Teleportation on a Walk
Alfter, Germany

Another puzzling thing happened to me some years ago whilst on holiday next to a forest in Germany. I had just had a Chi Massage which filled me with energy. My husband and I decided to go for a twenty minute walk in the forest before dinner at 7 o'clock. We walked for about ten minutes along the familiar path, same as always. Then I noticed I glanced to the side and saw the long grass stems swaying gently. Next moment we both got a shock as we seemed to be on a different path. We were somewhere in the forest where we had never been before. We were completely lost. Our mobile phone didn't work as there was no connection. It was getting dark rather quickly. We raced at top speed from one path to the other. We had so much energy that we didn't feel at all tired. We had no water or warm clothes as it was summer. How could we spend the night there? I then visualized that we would be back in our hotel room at 11 o'clock, safe and sound. I did not dwell on any negative things like wild animals, etc. We then tried another path and to our great relief it led us out of the forest. We had to now walk along narrow roads past fields. At last we came to a motorway and had to walk in the dark alongside it. This was very dangerous but we managed to reach the town where our hotel was. It took us another half hour to walk through the town back to our hotel. We got safely back to our bedroom there at midnight, one hour later than I had visualized. We were so greatly relieved and grateful! Cynthia, do you think we went through a wormhole that transported us to the middle of the forest?

Note from Cynthia: Your puzzling experience in the forest does sound like you were teleported instantaneously to another location, since it took a much longer time for you and your husband to return to your hotel than it took to head out, and since you noticed a moment of unfamiliarity with your surroundings. Over the years, RealityShifters has reported many instances of people noticing that one moment they were in one location, and a moment later quite a distance away--and often this occurs at the same time as a close brush with imminent danger, so they end up being in a safe place. I mention instances of teleportation in my book, Quantum Jumps, which we might expect to witness on larger-than-quantum-particle scales from time to time, when we recognize that quantum phenomena are occurring at every level in physical reality.

Beggar Angel
Alfter, Germany

Many years ago I was walking through a town in the evening with my husband. It was very lonely, almost dark and it was raining. We passed a beggar who was standing in front of the wall of a house. He was elderly, tall and stood very straight and wore dark glasses. He looked noble and very dignified. I wondered what such a person was doing there and felt sorry for him. He had placed a saucer with some coins on the pavement in front of him and a sign said he was blind. I gave him some money and walked on a bit. Suddenly I got the feeling I should have given him much more. I raced back and he had completely disappeared! One moment he was there, the next he had gone! I looked around but there was nowhere he could have gone to in such a short time! I took that as a sign that I should start giving money to charity which I hadn't done before. Diana Cooper writes about Ascended Masters coming to Earth to help us on our spiritual path and then disappearing again. I think that might have been what happened to me! I now give generously to many charities!

Note from Cynthia: There definitely have been reports of people appearing and disappearing as if in and out of thin air, and these stories go back generations. I like how your experience with the beggar was transformative in your life, providing you with incentive to make a commitment to developing on your spiritual path, and making such a strong, positive catalytic impact in such a relatively short bit of time.

Alfter, Germany

I found that very interesting what you wrote about other people having invisibility experiences. Some years ago I was sitting in the kitchen with my husband when our daughter's friend came in to say goodbye. She didn't seem to notice me at all and only spoke to my husband and completely ignored me. I really had a strong feeling that I was invisible to her! Another time I was in a room with a group of people and stopped and stood next to them. They got a big shock and asked me where I had come from! It seemed to them that they hadn't seen me before because I was invisible to them. I was very surprised by their reaction! The event where I suddenly appeared to the group of people and surprised them happened many years ago. I can't remember which seminar it was or what I was doing there. I can only remember how the women standing in a small circle suddenly noticed me next to them. That is like "one moment in time" to me. Before and after no longer exist for me. The other event where our daughter's friend only saw my husband and not me happened recently. Everything was normal before she came into the kitchen. Then she only talked to him and said Goodbye only to him. They walked together to the front door and I followed them. Then she saw me and we said Goodbye to each other! And I thought, "Oh well, that's just one more strange thing happening to me!” Whilst I was reading your email to me about being invisible, my husband came into the room from the garden. I was sitting at the table directly opposite to him. I noticed that he didn't see me, so I got up and said "Hello". He was very surprised and said: "Oh! I didn't see you. You were invisible! I hadn't had time to mention my thoughts about being invisible. He read my thoughts anyway! I would like to end with this amusing quote from the book by Charlie Croker, “Utterly Lost in Translation, Even More Misunderstandings,” which I was reading later that same day: Near Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania “Be aware of invisibility.” (!!!!)

Note from Cynthia: There have been several reports over the years through realityshifters of people noticing that they must be invisible, because other people look right through them and act as if they're not there. When considering other experiences in which objects appear and disappear, one can start to imagine that it's possible to exist in a state of pure awareness, feeling you are completely normal and present, yet seeming to be invisible or absent to others.

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