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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Quantum Jumps
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling books, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, and Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.

Memorable Visit to Friends My Parents Don’t Recall
Swansea, Wales, UK

I have Been watching your you tube videos. It struck a chord with me that I have a strange story that I have carried with me for a long time. It goes back to when I was a young boy of no more than 3 or 4 years old. I vividly remember my parents taking me to their friends house. These people had recently returned to Wales after living in Australia for several years. I remember it was also one of their children's birthday's as there was a party. Afterwards they showed us cini film of their time in Australia. Now I remember waiting for the bus home with my parents and being puzzled that the red bus was brown at night, that's how young I was. Now the point is when I asked my parents as an adult about this they have no idea who or what I'm taking about. I don't think it was a dream. Anyway, I really enjoy your videos and get a lot from them. Thanks for listening

Note from Cynthia: I am grateful to you for sharing the experience you had as a young boy, visiting friends of your parents who'd recently returned to Wales after living in Australia. I can totally relate to how odd it must seem that your parents wouldn't remember such an interesting and unique party, especially since it featured a movie of their time in Australia. I do know how weird it is to talk with your parents about something that truly stands out that they claim not to remember at all, as something similar happened to me with my parents when I was a young girl in the early 1970s.


Born in the USA

Change in Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA Album Cover
Oldbury, UK

Hi Cynthia I thought you may be interested in this possible Mandela Effect, although I know you keep on top of them yourself lol. Do you recall the Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA" album cover? White tee, blue jeans and a red bandana in his back pocket? Springsteen's iconic style was the red bandana, wasn't it? If you google the album cover now, they all show a red cap instead. This link for a child's T-shirt even states it is a red bandana, but displays a red cap:

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me about your observation of Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" album cover! I see the red cap now, and also remember when this album came out in the 80s, it featured Springsteen's trademark of the red bandana. And now that you mention it, that red cap just looks all wrong!

Parallel Reality After Strong Emotion
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I had an interesting event occur where a deep emotion aided me in effecting an immediate shift in timelines. At the time I had no idea what happened but a year or two later learned of "time shifts" and realized I had experienced one. I live in a typical housing tract in the Phoenix, AZ. metro area. The neighbors behind me had a nuisance dog that they apparently kept inside for a long time and then decided to start leaving outside. Well, the dog did not like that. She started barking and barking—and barking—all day long and far into the night. I left notes on their door, I contacted the local police department, nothing would remedy the situation. So one night, at midnight, feeling frustrated to the "max," and at the "end of my rope," I went out to the (brick) fence, looked directly at the house, and yelled at the top of my lungs, "shut the f__k up!!!!! Things changed immediately. The dog shut up and from then on never made another sound. Several weeks later I was up on a ladder trimming my tree and peering over the fence, noticed the dog on the back porch, content as can be, even noticing me without making any sign at all. I could not believe my eyes. I thought they had re-homed the dog. Surprised she was still there, I "chalked it up" to maybe they took the dog to obedience class. Not long after that I found out about parallel timelines, and realized that is what happened. It still "blows my mind" but I now know my timelines shift constantly. Maybe not in such a dramatic fashion, but it is happening. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Note from Cynthia: This does indeed sound like a most wonderful reality shift! Thank you so very much for writing to share your experience with the incessantly barking dog that transformed into a non-barking dog one day. While some people might imagine a program of behavioral conditioning with positive and negative reinforcements working to train a neighbor's dog, getting such instantaneous and long-lasting results after one intervention does seem a little unlikely according to classical explanations of how such a behavioral change in a dog might be achieved.

A Bench Appeared that Wasn’t There Before
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Some time ago I was writing to you about the "tausengüldenkraut" tea, that seemed to have another name at some point (that I cannot even remember now!). And then just now, in the tiny Greek sea side village I’m currently residing in, I was walking down the street, planning to first buy some bread and then ideally find some bench facing the sea and have said bread with my finally ripe avocado, and THEN go have a coffee in a cafe. So, while walking toward the supermarket I kept watching out for such a spot, but there wasn’t any. Never mind, there is plenty of low wall to sit on, all along the beach, so no worries. But then, bizarrely, as I exited the little supermarket and looked back in the direction I had just come from, there was a comfortable bench, in the shade, under a tree, in front of the low wall so ideal for resting my legs! I couldn’t have invented it any better had I tried. I cannot possibly have missed it on my way there—it’s a narrowish, open, tranquil little street, with nothing much going on, and no views obstructed, and I was on the LOOKOUT, for God’s sake! Man, this world, upon closer inspection, really is nothing like I perceived and believed it to be in my younger years.

Note from Cynthia: I love hearing how you saw a bench appear that wasn't there before! And it sounds like since you were specifically looking for a bench exactly where it later appeared, because you were seeking the perfect place to enjoy your picnic meal! I love this example, since I'm certain it will remind many readers of similar such experiences, that likely tend to be discounted as 'human error,' when quite possibly some of them represent incidences of benches appearing where there were no benches before. Very cool, and perfectly placed for next time!

Song Used to be Written by Different Composer
Matthew Weinman

In the spirit of brevity, here is my Mandela Effect experience with Lee Curreri. In 2003 I was in my kitchen listening to a newly bought under-the-counter kitchen radio/CD player. I very, very rarely listen to the radio because I like to what which I listen to, so this was a memorable occasion. A song came on the radio, and I noticed it was a particularly beautiful piece entitled "Brighter Than Sunshine.” I thought, “Wow, how nice,” and waited to hear the name of the artist responsible for that song. The DJ (For lack of a better word) came on and said that this song was written and performed by Lee Curreri. Lee Curreri is the guy who was in the TV Show "Fame" as Martelli from the 80’s; he was a gifted keyboard player/singer/song writer who, in real life, was indeed a gifted Keyboard player/ singer songwriter. The DJ continued to press on about how this is his first breakthrough song. I thought, “That was really cool, Good on him!” I read on the internet later that year that yes, this was Lee Curreri and that it was his FIRST hit song, although he had been writing and producing and performing with moderate success all along, but nothing big like this hit song! Now here we are about 10 or 12 years later, and the reality has changed. No, he did not die or anything terrible, but this song was no longer by Lee Curreri. It was by an artist known as “Aqualung.” There is not any resemblance between these two that one could have mistaken visually. The reality of that which I learned years ago had changed. So Far I do not seem to share this “Mandela Effect" with anyone else.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience hearing a song written and performed by Lee Cureri in 2003--that ten years later is now known as a song written and performed by Aqualung. How amazing that you followed up with subsequent internet searches to confirm that the composer of "Brighter than Sunshine" indeed was Lee Cureri back in 2003--which clearly is not currently the case, as an internet search today shows.


Willie Nelson Alive Again
Mesa, Arizona, USA

I recently saw your video, and it immediately hit me that I distinctly remembered hearing on the news and other places that Willie Nelson died a while back and then later I heard he was on tour? He is currently still alive. Very strange feeling—quite a strange thing. I don’t remember exactly when it was I heard about Willie, but I know it wasn’t very long ago. I think it was late 2015—possibly last December. I’m sorry to say I don’t know the details involving his death, but I think I remember something about passing away at home with his family present. My Wife is from South Africa, and she does not remember hearing that Nelson Mandela died sooner that he actually did. I also asked my Mother-in-law too, being older and also from South Africa, maybe she would remember Mandela dying—but she did not. My Wife did ask me to ask you if continuously seeing numbers repeat, such as 11:11, 3:33, 4:44, 2:22, ect. has any significance? She sees them on a daily basis. My Mother-in-law works in an apartment complex office. Daily she has a tenants file open on her desk and that particular tenant comes walking in the office. Any significance here? My Wife and I also see a car next to us on occasion and look again and they are gone, with no time for the car to vanish.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you SO much for mentioning your remembrance that Willie Nelson passed away a while back--and now you've just heard he's on tour! I know that strange feeling to hear such things, and the good news is that you're definitely not alone, and I'm sure others also remember having heard that Willie Nelson died before 2016. I am grateful he's actually alive right now, but I have noticed numerous celebrities having passed away, only to later find they're very much alive again. One of the more recent ones I've noted in the past few years and not pointed out is the actor Benicio del Toro. I'd first heard of him having passed away around the year 2000, shortly after he filmed the movie, "Traffic," and I remember feeling sad for the world to have seen what an outstanding actor he was, only to lose him almost immediately upon his first really big movie role. And then, just a few years later, I was stunned and relieved and amazed to see he was alive again! People's experiences with reality shifts do not always match, and it's much more likely that we'll notice someone alive again (reported dead by reputable sources, later to be observed very much alive) if they are not part of our daily lives. So people have reported friends of the family or distant relatives being alive again, as well as celebrities who are not part of their daily lives. So I am not surprised that your wife from South Africa would not have noticed any anomalies with Nelson Mandela. She may, however, notice anomalies with celebrities or world famous figures outside of the country she was living in at the time, or some distance away from her daily life. I've found repeating numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 444 and such to coincide with times when a great deal of Qi or energy is flowing. I thus experience this after meditation, and witnessed it the most ever during my Kundalini awakening experience of 1994, when I'd wake up many times each night, every night, to see the digital clock show me this sequence of times: 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55! With regard to your wife having a file open when that person walks in--this sounds like your wife is feeling a sense of that person strongly, and thus is attuned to them. Such synchronicity to me is an example of reality shifts, as are incidents in which adjacent cars vanish as if into thin air--something I've also seen on many occasions.

Seeing Myself as a Spark of Light and Experiencing Wonderful Shifts
Warsaw, Poland

I am very glad to have found your website. I have had some experiences, that no one could explain to me and, to tell you the truth, scared me a bit a few times. I have known many people with psychic abilities and some of them really had absolutely genuine talents, but somehow I did not believe I could do something like that. I am learning, however, to stop being afraid and to start enjoying. :) My first incident took place when I was about seven years old and was talking to a friend when suddenly I felt like a small spark of light jumped from me to her, and I noticed that I was in her body and I could see me in front of her, talking to her, as if we had traded places or changed bodies. That experience lasted just about twenty seconds, because as soon as I noticed and realized how strange it was, I immediately "jumped back.” But I clearly recall that I saw myself as a small white-golden flame, and that it was “me.” I had quite a few more incidents, including a memorable occasion when I was in a conflict situation, and the other person kind of “shifted”—or or perhaps I shifted after just a millisecond—at which point the business manager started being completely friendly, and behaved as if nothing unpleasant happened, which at the time completely baffled me. One such incident occurred in a shop when I ordered something and later came to get it, only to discover that the item was not what I had ordered. The owner was a very aggressive person, who shouted that she would not give me my money back, and that I could "Take it, or leave it!” I walked out, and after making about ten steps, felt like going back to the shop. When I came back, the owner smiled at me nicely and asked, “Do you want me to order this again, or would you like your money back?" I was speechless, and so were two ladies in the shop who had just witnessed the whole situation unfold a few minutes earlier. If not for their astonishment, I would have thought that I had imagined the transformation. This sort of instantaneous shift happened several more times, and I have started using it deliberately now. I have two stories to share about deliberate creation: (1) I was on holiday with a friend who has a compulsive cleaning problem, and a moment came when she did something, that made me really angry. In a millisecond I decided not to react with an emotional outburst, because I realized that might destroy our friendship—so I did something completely different, and started to run. Since we were near the beach, I ran into the sea. Suddenly I felt such enormous joy that I began jumping like a child, feeling light and happy. When I came back to shore, my friend seemed not to remember the whole situation, and for the rest of our holiday there never occurred any situation where I could be irritated by her behavior. (2) I left my suitcase at the train station in the kind of metal luggage container where you put coins in a slot so you can leave your luggage in a locker. Something came up that prevented me from going back to retrieve my luggage for five days. When I finally was able to return, I read a notice that stated that luggage left more than three days will be destroyed. I immediately called the service, but no one answered the phone. I went back to my hotel room and tried to calm myself, saying, "God, please do something—I love my suitcase and my things, and would love to get them back.” I felt calmer, and visualized my happiness in the future when I got my things back. I closed my visualization by saying, “God, if Your Will is that my luggage is destroyed, I accept, but pleeeeeease:), I prefer to have my suitcase back.” I then called the service again, and the phone was immediately answered. I told my story, and the man on the phone told me that exceptionally they did not take my luggage, because two days ago (on the third day, when my luggage should be taken away), their car was broken and this afternoon it will be repaired, so if I go to the station and put coins in the slot, I will get my luggage—and I got it! I have now learned to trust and not be afraid, because I shift things in opposite direction from what I want when I am afraid. I am happy that you write about these topics, because I know that many of my friends believe in linear reality, and I cannot share my stories with them. My friend manifested the tickets for a New Years Opera concert in Wien. When she registered on the Opera website, everyone told her that it is statistically impossible for her to draw the tickets. But she said that she saw herself already there, and then drew two tickets. Of course, when you get tickets that are left over, you typically don’t get the best seats. However, when she and her husband entered the Opera, and showed their tickets, the man who checked their tickets took them to the front and seated them in the second row! I would like to thank you for your insights and your realityshifters website, because thanks to you, I understand better how it is possible, that a situation can shift and change in front of your eyes. I am an MD, so I thought sometimes that something is wrong with me and it cannot be logically possible (well, actually "logically" it is not). Poland is very Catholic, and a kind of orthodox country, so I have not had many people that I could share my experiences with or ask for advice. I was baffled by my experiences and felt alone with it, and kind of weird, because no one, not even my Buddhist friends could explain what was happening to me. Many times I asked myself, “How could I do such things consciously and intentionally?” Now I am starting to grasp how this works and trust the process, also thanks to you.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for writing to me! I am glad you are feeling less frightened of your innate senses and abilities. I appreciate the way you observed your spark of consciousness observing you. I agree with your sense that the little spark was the real you! And this fits my sense that when we notice reality shifts, quantum jumps and Mandela Effects we are traveling in the form of our true identity--as consciousness. And you could see yourself as consciousness with another spark of consciousness viewing you through your body's eyes. I love the way you describe how you made a decision to run with joy into the sea, after which you and your friend were on good terms, and how you made a choice to trust and not be afraid in the situation where your suitcase and things were returned to you instead of being destroyed, as per the policy at that train station. And I just adore the way your friend got second row seat tickets for the opera in Wien!

Reality Shifting Faces

I have some more Reality Shift stories for you now about faces. I was on holiday at the seaside in Holland and was walking along the beach. They were pumping sand onto the beach through a large pipe connected to a ship far out at sea. This event attracted hundreds of seagulls and also hundreds of bird watchers. It was really fascinating to watch the water and sand surging out of the pipe onto the beach, and to watch the seagulls soaring in the sky above and hopping about on the beach below. I felt very exhilarated by all this and quite out of the blue I thought of a lady I hadn't seen for about 30 years. "I wonder what she looks like now?" I thought to myself. A few minutes later I found myself face to face with her! We stared at each other and recognized each other but we both seemed to be frozen in time. It couldn't possibly be her. What would she be doing here when she lives at the seaside hundreds of miles away? Neither of us said a word and then the crowds pushed us apart. We never saw each other again. Many years ago I attended a seminar about a spiritual healing method. I noticed that I liked other healing methods better and got rather bored. I began to look at the other participants opposite me. There were about 25 of us and we were sitting in a large circle listening to the teacher. Suddenly the lady opposite me looked absolutely exactly like a girl I had been to school with. I stared at her and then saw that the lady next to her looked exactly like another girl in my class at school! By and by I looked at all the ladies sitting opposite me and they all looked like the girls I had been to school with, but about 15 years old. I spent a long time staring at them and needless to say, I no longer paid any attention to what the teacher was saying! Then I blinked and everything was back to normal. The schoolgirls' faces had all vanished and the faces of the ladies were back again. When I was about seven years old my teacher mixed me up with another girl who looked just like me. I was really upset and frustrated and cried. A few years later we both went to the senior school but went into parallel classes. We still saw each other in the playground but had nothing to do with each other. We still looked very much alike, but she behaved in a "bad" way, and I behaved in a "good" way. She was expelled from school when we were both 16 for pushing drugs to 11 year-olds. I met her by "coincidence" in the school garden just before she left. We hugged each other and said "Good-bye". We were both deeply moved. I never saw her again. For about 20 years after this, people kept coming up to me at irregular intervals, mistaking me for one of their friends. I changed my appearance quite often but strangers kept on greeting me so happily until they found out I was someone else. Then they were deeply shocked and very embarrassed. Finally, a lady said I looked exactly like someone she knew. I told her crossly that I wanted this lady's name and address and I wanted to visit her that afternoon. Time seemed to freeze for a few seconds and I found myself repeating my intention. She looked at me and then said she had made a mistake. I didn't look like her friend after all. She moved to another town shortly afterwards and no one ever mistook me for someone else after that! What a relief! These repetitions had been cancelled out!

Note from Cynthia: These are all wonderful accounts of your experiences! What an amazing experience when you had just been thinking of a friend, and then you saw her on a beach while you were on vacation in Holland. Sometimes it is possible to catch a glimpse of someone without knowing we've caught a glimpse of them, such that our subconscious mind runs a memory search and brings to our conscious awareness the idea of a person we've only subconsciously viewed. The idea of that person now comes to our conscious attention, and when we see them, this time, consciously, we are amazed to find them so far from where we'd expect to see them. But I take it you don't think you caught a subconscious glimpse of this woman, right? Your experience where people's faces transformed into faces of childhood friends is interesting, yet will likely inspire those who suspect all reality shifts are actually memory glitches to say, "Aha! Definitely faulty memories and mistaken visual perceptions!" And your experience with a local doppelganger (someone who looked just like you) will likely be dismissed by scoffers as something like the "Twinless Twins" project at

How it Feels to Live Parallel Lives

For about the past five years, I’ve been noticing some strange things. One day when I was out walking, I saw myself in another world—I was driving a van, and doing work related to house remodeling. And at the same time I was here, and then I returned, having seen me there and later here. This happened all during that day, to the point I became very afraid that I was losing mental control. Over the past five years, this happened many times. Today I find that this is normal; now I know that I have another life or other lives involving me there. I now believe that several parallel worlds exist. At first I was very concerned, because I was almost confusing the realities. I have never smoked at any time in life, but, I feel that in the other life I smoked, and sometimes I feel that I smoked a lot. Also, there are times I can drink a liter of wine and I don't feel anything, and at other times if I drink just one cup of wine I feel very bad, like I had never drunk. I have also experienced some times when I attended a film on TV that I already saw—but that I know for sure I had never attended. These are some of the day-to-day things I notice.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me, and describing some of the times you have experienced witnessing yourself doing other things--such as driving a van doing some other kind of work than you were doing at the time as you walked by. I am intrigued that you went through a period of time in your life when this happened many times--and I can appreciate the kind of confusion you must have felt. Some previous readers of RealityShifters have shared experiences in which they saw themselves driving down the road--sometimes in the same rather unusual vehicle that they were actually driving at the same time--so there have been reports by people of having witnessed parallel realities.

The Constellation Orion Has Moved
Greenville, Tennessee, USA

I know that I'm new to the Mandela Effect, I feel like I jumped into the life of another 'me' just before Christmas and have been seeking answers and validation since. I have heard people talk about geological changes and entire countries that have ceased to exist etc, like I grew up thinking that Mongolia was taken over by China in the 1800s but come to find out not only is it a country still, but I have friends that fought along side them in the Iraq war. But the land was always there, the geopolitical lines are what's different. Other people have experienced that as well, but last night I noticed something else way off that I haven't heard anyone mention. Constellations. I grew up watching the night sky during the summer, my dad would take me back packing about once a month and he would talk stars and navigation, etc. One weekend though he decided to charter a boat and go far enough out in the lake to where no lights were visible in any direction and that was the first time It really clicked how to navigate by those stars. I charted all the stars around Cassiopeia, Ursa major, Ursa minor, and Auriga denoting the stars Cappellas & Polaris I was 17 years old and spent the next 6 years as a camp counselor looking at the night sky. My favorite was Orion though. I don't know why, it offered no real use to me as far as navigation goes, but it was my favorite. Yesterday a friend of ours invited us out on her boat so we went and relaxed and I drank a beer because in this life I'm apparently not allergic to wheat and gluten, and I was pointing to constellations with my 5 year old, I guess priming him for the hikes, boat rides and all those little orienteering lessons that would come while he's under my wing when he asked me which one was my favorite to which I replied Orion. But I couldn't find it. It should be low, not to far above the horizon this time of year but it's gone, just 'poof'. So now me and Google have been awake all night and it appears that Orion is now only visible where I live in January through March. It used to be high in the sky during the colder months and at its lowest during the summer (end of June), you could still see Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka peak just above the horizon. Do you know of anyone else who has experienced something similar? Do you think that I have done or changed something to shift into this reality? A lot of people blame CERN, but this feels personal.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me regarding seeing changes in the position and visibility of constellations, including Orion. I know what you mean about the way Orion stands out in the night sky, and I've also enjoyed watching it. It sounds like you've factored in considerations such as your geographic position, which of course influences which stars you can see and where they appear--and now that does sound very strange that you can'f find Orion where it used to be at this time of year at your geographic position at all! While I've not (yet) heard much in the way of reports of constellations appearing in different locations, such a reality shift seems right in keeping with other similar shifts. I'd guess the only reason something so personal would occur is to ensure you sit up and take notice, rather than dismissing the whole idea of reality shifts as unlikely or impossible. When something so significant occurs that we cannot ignore it, we must then find some way to get our minds around what it means, and what is going on. Most all the reality shifts I've observed were very much 'in my face' and unmistakable, especially during the time in my life when I was most wishing I could ignore this was happening, and just return to "normal life." Such was clearly not to meant to be, so I started the realityshifters site instead, and began publishing other peoples' first-hand reports as well as mine, and I wrote "Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World."

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