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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Manifesting the Perfect Job
Provo, Utah

Reality shifting is one of my very favorite subjects and I have some friends that practice it regularly. We like to shift reality, and create our reality. It's so easy to get caught up in fear, and I try every day to erase fearful thoughts.

Another cool thing that reality shifting helped me with is my job. I read The Science of Getting Rich after taking a vow of poverty, and it changed the way I think about money. I started doing affirmations, and in just one month my part time job went from $100.00 a month to $1,000.00. I'm not bragging, just amazed and grateful.

I know it sounds impossible, but it's true. My part time job is now my full time job, and it's what I enjoy doing. I have kids and I work at home. I make as much as I have the courage to imagine myself making. I am now imagining myself working at my job on the beach in Mexico during the winter months and moving back to Utah in the spring. What do I do? I talk on the phone for a living, and I enjoy helping people solve problems.

Last year I hated my job, and now I'm so happy. All only because I changed my thoughts! Thank you Cynthia for all that you do! You are an angel on earth!

P.S. My friend and I each manifested a free computer from the universe. All we did was ask, and imagined ourselves with computers in our homes. I'm a single mom with four children, and I've completely changed my surroundings and my children's level of comfort.

Money Fell from the Sky
Milton, Ontario

On one windy Fall afternoon, I was walking along the main street of my hometown. The trees had just changed color, and it was so beautiful. I thought I would do some window shopping downtown, because I love to look in the windows and see the displays of the local merchants. I don't think I had any money with me. I am the sort of person who feels that, "If I have money in my pockets or purse, great. If I don't, it doesn't really matter." Anyway, I was walking along the sidewalk, and for some reason I started to look down. I then looked up away from me, and saw a $20.00 bill coming toward my hand! It just flew right into my hand! I was so happy, so I treated myself out to lunch at one of the nice little tea rooms. It was a beautiful afternoon. I was treated by the universe!

Reiki through Time
London, United Kingdom

In 1968, when I was seventeen years old and still in school, I got pregnant. I eventually plucked up the courage to tell my parents. After I had told them, I said something which struck me as being very unusual, and not connected to this awful conversation we were having. I said, "There is no past and there is no future". It seemed a very important phrase to say. In the year 2000 I was attuned to Reiki 2, and I learned that the distant healing symbol which can be sent to the past translates as "There is no past, and there is no future". I found this very interesting. Of course I then sent healing to my stressed seventeen year old self, and I wonder if that was being received through time and space on that day. That baby is now a Reiki 2 healer, age 32.

A Matrix Moment
Arvada, Colorado

Hi. I'm 16, and have had several strange experiences, but only three seem noteworthy. I should probably start by saying that I never even thought of these as strange, and I just figured they were a part of life. Recently a friend of mine got me into this whole Zen Buddhism, inner peace stuff and told me I should start meditating, so I've gained new perspective; I'll explain that later.

My first experience happened when I was eight years old and had to have surgery for a hernia. It was the first time I had ever had surgery, and I was very scared. When they put me under anesthesia, I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that I got off the bed and went to the waiting room where I met the nicest man who was in his late 50's. We made small talk for a little bit, and then he told me that what he was going to say was not going to be easy to accept, and that I should remember that everything would be OK in the end. He then told me, "She will be diagnosed with a disease, but you shouldn't worry, and should just be strong for her, and it will be OK". When I woke up, my mom was crying and I thought it was because she knew what I did. The real reason she was crying was because my heart had stopped beating for five minutes, and the best the doctors could figure out was that I had had an allergic reaction to the sedatives. My mom was diagnosed with terminal, inoperable cancer the following year, but got over it like you or I would get over a cold.

My second experience happened when I was sparring with a friend of mine after school, who is quite a few belts higher than me. He always beats me but it's a good workout anyway. Well one day I must of reached "the zone" or something because attack and defense flowed into one and I could see everything perfectly clear. Anyway, after we were done I asked why he was breathing so hard and why he had been holding back. Once he caught his breath he just said, "Holding back? How did you move so fast?! It was like a Matrix Moment". (We called those frequent time changes "Matrix Moments", after the bullet-time sequences in the movie, "The Matrix".)

My final experience gets back to the meditation mentioned in the introduction. For some reason, I decided that it would be relaxing to envision a waterfall. Inexplicably, this waterfall was talking to me. We talked about everything, and I spent many hours conversing with these falls when I suddenly realized something. I had seen millions of drops of water go by, and yet I was still talking to it. When I questioned this, it replied, "Just think of my drops as cells, you are not each of your cells. You are the sum total of all of your cells. So is it with me and so is it with everything." I was still confused by the last part and the waterfall just said, "You are a part of the Earth. You are, in effect, a cell of the Earth. Just as the Earth is a cell of the universe. Now what's really going to confuse you is that the universe is also a cell. It is a cell of itself and all that is in it." When I said, "If you're saying that the universe is a part of me just as much as I am a part of it, then you are crazy." Even as he reprimanded me for questioning the truth, I realized I had been sitting there for at least twelve hours. Then I realized that I was sitting in my room and not next to a waterfall. Now here comes the weird part. When I got up in a panic because I hadn't done my chores all day, I looked at the clock and realized that not even five minutes had passed. That's when I began to feel disoriented and out of place. The feeling soon passed, but the experience still bothers me.

Well, that's the end of my tale, I hope you liked it.

The Most Way Cool Shift!
Falls Church, Virginia

On the morning of Friday, July 27th I worked on a document that I was toying with sending to the RealityShifters list, but I wasn't really sure, so I saved it in my draft folder and left it alone. Then J, D, and I about timeshifting and the whole all time is now thing on the way to Sedona that afternoon. Later, sitting at Airport Mesa, I said that if I could have a conscious time shift, this would have to be the place.

On Saturday morning, I looked at the note and still didn't want to send it without modification, and besides my cell modem was freaking out. We went to Airport Mesa one more time before the Abraham seminar and once again I had a sense of timelessness like I haven't had since I was... oh, nine or ten years old.

That night, on the way back, I thought of what I wanted to change on the note, which was little, only a few sentences to put some perspective on it. I left the change until I woke up this (Sunday) morning.

Now here's the REALLY, WAY COOL part:

When I logged on the next morning I literally screamed and woke them up because MY NOTE WAS ONLINE, in the CHANGED format I thought of on the plane! And the copy in my draft folder was STILL the NON-REVISED, OLD COPY! AND it was sent on SATURDAY MORNING!

That was SUCH a WAY COOL THING! (And yes, I'm SCREAMING!) I've wanted for so long to have time bend like that, but I've been so scared, because of what happened last time, that I haven't even been able to treat it myself. If it wasn't for J's desire and D's allowing helping me change my mood, I don't know if it would have happened. (Because this is the kind of thing that used to happen to me all the time as a child and I always, always, always got in trouble for it, classic psychological behavioral conditioning.)

I am totally ecstatic and wanted to share it. We've had breakfast, and I'm actually calmer now, if you can imagine . I just had to tell someone else who would see the "way coolness" of it. :-)

Ahhhh, I love life. It's all coming to me now. Look for news about my big jackpot win coming soon!

Kleenex Appears When Needed
Sydney, Australia

I was just reading articles on your website which I obtained from Laura at Blue Moon News. I have a simple story that just blew me away at the time. Here it is.

I was holidaying on the Gold Coast of Australia a few weeks ago. I was just getting over a nasty bout of flu, and was still feeling slightly the worse for wear.

I had walked down to the local shopping centre from the apartment where I was staying, which is probably about a mile each way. I had only taken my purse with me, not my handbag in which I keep everything that I need. I had purchased quite a few things which I was carrying and were getting heavy. On the way back I was probably about half way there, when I sneezed. I didn't really think about it until my nose started running continuously, running down the back of my throat. This caused severe coughing and spluttering and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I looked ahead of me and saw that I had quite a ways to go before I could get a tissue or a hanky to blow my nose. I was wheezing and felt like I was going to die, but I knew I had to keep going or I would surely drop to the ground and die right there on the pavement.

As I looked down at the ground as I trudged along, there right in front of me was a tissue. It wasn't an old tissue that someone had used, it was neatly folded and looked like it had fallen out of a packet when someone pulled another one out. I was sceptical and didn't want to appear to be picking up someone's used tissue, so I just kept walking. I had only walked about ten paces when lo and behold, there was another tissue, exactly the same as the first one. As I knew I was on my last legs and couldn't go another step forward without clearing my throat to breathe, I picked up the tissue, sat down on a small brick fence and blew my nose several times. Within the space of a few minutes I was feeling almost human again, and continued on my way. That tissue was used several more times before I got back to the apartment, but lasted me all the way there.

I still can't believe this tissue appeared out of nowhere just when I needed it. Talk about the Universe providing! I have recently come to know the love of God, and I can only think that he saw me in dire need and got me what I needed before I passed out.

Just wanted to let you know that there are things going on in life that you just don't really know much about.

Thanks for the great website, it is amazing.

Disappearing/Reappearing Earrings
Ridgecrest, CA

I had a favorite pair of gold earrings with dangling suns that were given to me by an ex-boyfriend. One day I didn't wear them but had to return home on my lunch break for the maintenance man to replace a shower fixture. I led him to my bathroom, as I left the bathroom to allow him to do his job, I noticed my earrings by the sink. I was in a hurry, and trusted that this man would not take them. The next day, while getting ready for work, I planned to put on the earrings but they were gone! I looked everywhere in my bathroom, my dresser, jewelry box, everywhere that I knew I wouldn't find the earrings. I had to stop myself from calling the rental manager and accuse the plumber of stealing my earrings. It was the only plausible explanation for the disappearance, he took them! A nagging feeling/voice told me, "No, he did not steal them, they are in the house". I never called to report the possible theft, but I felt I would never again have those earrings. I accepted my "loss" and forgot about them. Then a year later, I was going to wrap a birthday gift and brought down my gift wrap box from the closet. I keep bows, gift boxes, paper, etc in this box. For some reason, my eyes rested upon a small gold cardboard jewelry gift box. I picked it up and heard something jingle inside. I was surprised that the box wasn't empty, so I opened it and let out a small scream of surprise and shock. My earrings were inside the box!

I could not believe it, but I have always experienced weird stuff like this, only I didn't know it happened to others like me. I felt compelled to call Tony, the boyfriend who had given me the earrings. He was so surprised to hear my voice, he had been needing to talk to someone and really was wishing he could call me at the moment I contacted him. By the way, his nickname for me was "Spookie", because spooky things would happen when we were together. He was flabbergasted when I told him the tale of my earrings, but not entirely surprised!

Disappearing/Reappearing Watch
Milpitas, CA

I sent a story in a while back about a pitchfork. Here is a new one that happened on March 27th. Bob was putting some silver water on his wrist and noticed he had no watch on. He asked me to help him find his watch. We looked everywhere for it, but couldn't find it anywhere. Bob was very upset because he needed his watch for work. He finally gave up and resigned himself to having no watch that day. As he walked out to the car, he noticed that his watch was on his wrist. He came back in and showed me and kept saying, "It wasn't there a few minutes ago." He is still shaking his head about the whole incident.

Since this happened in March, I've been to different events and others have told the exact same story so I realize it is quite a common occurrence. Some of us really know it happened and others just think they remembered wrong. Bob had double and triple checked his wrist before we hunted and hunted for it. When he gave up and left for work, there it was on his arm. I think that is so much like life. When we no longer want it, we realize it was really always there. We need that desire to really create -- it's such good training. I felt the watch incident was reinforcing our Pitchfork Lost incident by teaching us about desire. I really wanted that pitchfork and couldn't find it and the next day Bob wanted it and really hunted for it. Then I went looking for it again. It was right where it belonged. Right in front where we couldn't miss it. I had looked and Bob had looked. When we --thought different-- There it was. The Lesson about letting go was really important to us at that time; learning to flow with life instead of forcing life. I am learning a little everyday.

Different Movie Dialogue/Changed Restaurant Decor
Cotati, California

I am not sure if this counts or not, but I like to watch movies and sometimes a scene will look different, or the dialog will be different the next time I see the same movie. An example of this is: Long ago I saw the movie "KARATE KID", I am sure you have seen it. Near the end of the movie the teenage villain, Johnny Laurence shows good sportsmanship and hands the hero, DANIEL LARUSO his trophy. I clearly remember Johnny saying "Congratulations! You won the tournament!" Well I saw the movie on TV some years later and he said "You're all right Laruso! Good match!" Now this was not swearing edited out or anything and I very clearly remember both phrases.

Another reality shift I would like to share with you: I used to eat periodically at a taqueria called ROAD RUNNER BURRITO. It was near the college I took classes at. The outside of the place had a roadrunner painted on it, and there was roadrunner wallpaper inside the place. One day I walked in and the wall was covered with GENERIC wallpaper! I asked the waitress what happened to the roadrunner wallpaper and she looked at me funny, claiming that the current wallpaper had always been there, and she had worked there for a while too. I actually wondered if it was a reality shift or just my own mind playing tricks on me, I was not familiar with the term "reality shift" at the time but I understood the concept from sci-fi and fantasy. the ancient TV show TWILIGHT ZONE explored it sometimes, and on the TV show STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATIONS there is an episode called PARALLELS where WHARF, the Klingon character experiences extreme reality shifts, at his birthday party for example, the yellow cake a few moments later becomes a chocolate one! I wonder how many of these reality shifts are just our own minds playing tricks on us or mistakes of some kind, or situations that have a logical explanation other than reality shift. To use an analogy a careful artist may have several different colors of paint that he keeps separate so that they do not mix. every so often a little of one color will accidentally overlap with a little of another. Maybe the universe fails to do a perfect job keeping the realities separate. An extreme reality shift can be very scary and sci fi has capitalized on it. Most of us just shrug our shoulders and assume the mistake is ours when these shifts occur, or actually fail to even notice them.

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