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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Quantum Jumps
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling books, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, and Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.

“RobertRobert Todd Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln’s ‘New’ Son, Robert
Largo, Florida, USA

I've just read the message Ruth sent you, where she mentioned Abraham Lincoln having a son who lived on to adulthood. I too heard that same thing just around the end of October 2016. Never had I heard this before then, being from Illinois myself, where Lincoln spent much of his life. Illinois is called, "The Land of Lincoln.” Lincoln was my favorite president, and I studied him ever since I was a child. The only son Lincoln had that I recall was Todd, who died in childhood! Thanks for the sharing of experiences, another person mentioned hearing a whoosh sound. I hear those too, but at times I just feel the shift—which feels kinda like my surroundings stuttered. I know that probably sounds weird, but it's the best way to describe it. And hey, let's get real—this jumping is weird! I'm hoping one day it gets truly explained. Thanks Cynthia for always listening and sharing these events.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, I'm so glad to hear from someone who has studied Abraham Lincoln's life and biography, and like me, you also only previously ever heard of Lincoln's son, Todd, who tragically died in childhood! I read Lincoln's biography just a few years ago, so it was still fresh in my mind when I heard just last month, in October 2016, that Abraham Lincoln apparently also had a son, Robert Todd Lincoln, who I've previously never heard of. And that son, Robert, had children and grandchildren! What seems so significant to me with regard to this shift in reality is that many of us have wished that there could be descendants of Abraham Lincoln. And now there have been! Perhaps at some point, we'll suddenly find there are currently living descendants, too! I see that the official history about Abraham Lincoln now shows that he and Mary Todd Lincoln had four sons, with only one living to adulthood and having children.


Kidney Donation Reality Shift
Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada

I have had an experience in the past where I became fully aware of a specific future reality. I was working for a telecom company in 2011 and the woman sitting in the cubicle next to mine came in distressed one day. We would chat at work but had no contact outside of work. I noticed something was wrong and she explained that her father had diabetes and has been on dialysis. His kidney function kept declining and he had been hospitalized briefly again. I listened and sympathized but said very little. However inside I had experienced a branching off. I knew, I didn't see or feel, I knew that he would need a transplant, that I would be a match and that I could save him. Now I felt a bit ashamed of myself for even having this thought because I thought I was somehow making her real and serious experience about me somehow. That night I shared my experience with my then husband, who had very little to say about it. Months passed and I changed jobs to another telecom company, and lo and behold after a number of months there, I came in one morning to this same woman who was now occupying a desk directly in front of me! I certainly took note of this as a sign, but said nothing. Shortly after this, my marriage ended, and I became the single parent for our daughter who was now just over a year old. Anyhow, a few months later, this woman comes back to work after Christmas holidays and shares that her father had nearly died. She and her family had been tested because he needed a kidney transplant. They had no way to help him, and the waiting time was years. I asked her what his blood type was, and she said “O+,” so I picked up the phone and called my doctor. I told myself that if our blood types matched, that I would know what I needed to do. Well it was a match, and I told her right there that I would give him one of mine. She was in shock. I went to the Transplant society here in Vancouver, BC. They found me perplexing and said that to donate to someone I have never met would be considered unethical, but they would do the blood work just to see, since I was so adamant. Well our anti genes were a very strong match. No surprise to me. Then they started taking me seriously. I had to meet with a psychologist and kidney specialist. I went through an entire year of testing. They kept asking me why. All I could say was because I could. I told them if they gave people an opportunity to donate, they would. In the end the surgeon called me in and told me that the patient needed bypass surgery and was unlikely to survive the procedure. They actually said they thought it would be a waste of my kidney! I told them that giving him every opportunity was the point regardless of the outcome. He died three times during the procedure, but survived. He lived for nine more years and was able to spend the final few years one of daughters had before passing away. He got to walk his other daughter down the aisle, and be there for the birth of his first grandchild. He came to my second wedding. He was also an inspiration to many people at GF Strong rehabilitation centre. This entire experience was life changing for me. I now work as a hypnotherapist. I see that brainwave state as our state of super conductivity. We are beginning to learn how magnificent this experience we call life is.

Note from Cynthia: I thank you with all my heart for sharing this experience of yours, in which you experienced an immediate sense of knowing that you had an opportunity to help someone 'you didn't know' by offering one of your kidneys for a transplant surgery operation. How absolutely wonderful that you insisted on being considered as a kidney donor, and how marvelous it is that you trusted the bond between you and the man who may have started out a stranger, but ended up becoming family. After reading your story, I feel my heart opening wide, and I've got tears of love in my eyes! I have also frequently experienced being aware of an approaching opportunity to do kind things for 'strangers,' and I agree that this kind of knowingness feels to the one experiencing it like one is accessing the consciousness of others from a more highly interconnected state. To me it feels a bit like some part of me already knows what is unfolding and how I can help, and sometimes shares this information with me so I am poised and ready to assist. In fact, this very subject has been on my mind a great deal this past week, so I thank you for sharing your life-changing inspirational experience.

Shopping Basket Vanished
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

I had a most curious experience. I went to a grocery store close to closing. It was empty except for me. I rushed through getting a number of sale items I wanted. My basket had these holiday-colored packages in the top part, and lots of stuff in the bottom. I went into the produce area, picked out an exquisite lemon, put it in the cart, and pulling the cart behind me, turned my back to get some grapes. I picked up a package of grapes, and turned to put it in the basket virtually right behind me since the lemons were but a few feet from the grapes. The basket was gone. I wondered how anyone could be so quick to take my basket, but turning in the wide-open produce area, not a soul [or a cart] was to be seen. I moved quickly to the isles and walked down the center lane, the length of the store. Nothing. One of the stockers putting stuff on the shelf asked me what I was looking for. I explained about the basket, and she said she was the one that collects abandoned baskets, but had not done so for quite a while. We asked the check-out clerk who knows me if anyone checked out since I had entered the store. Nope. He in fact was waiting for me since it was so close to closing. Now I pondered how and just why the cart might have slipped into another realm. Was there a store in another realm that suddenly had a cart with lots of groceries appear? Finally--I think I have the answer. The cart did NOT go anywhere. It was I that slipped into another very close, similar realm—one without my cart. Obvious, but I had not thought of this "solution" for quite some while. It would take a huge amount of energy or focus to move the cart--but to move myself, not at all the same. In our research here on remote healing, I saw this as a new paradigm. Rather than move the disease out of the person, move the person to a realm where they do not reflect the disease. Although that is a report for another day, there have been some remarkable remote healing experiences since this new perspective.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for writing to share your experience noticing your grocery basket with lemon vanished while you were at the grocery store the other day. Your observation that there was no obvious way the basket could have been moved, since it had been so close to you is important, as is the apparent fact that there would be no reason for anyone in the shop to play a trick on you, as the employees seemed eager to close up shop at the end of the day. With regard to "what's going on?" I like how you come to a similar conclusion to the one I share in my books, "Reality Shifts," and "Quantum Jumps," that rather than "attracting" or "repelling" things, the movement we observe is more likely due to the traveler being we ourselves--in the form of consciousness. And as with the healing experiences I share in my two above-mentioned books, this indeed does present us with the means by which remarkable healing occurs in accordance with a new paradigm. And in such fashion, people indeed can instantaneously be healed from cuts, burns, broken bones, and inoperable cancer---in much the same way that people often find themselves miraculously thrown clear of collision with trucks, falling steel beams, freeway on-ramps, oncoming cars, and more. And I am heartened to see that there is indeed a new paradigm arising to account for such things, as we see in the research of scientists working in such new fields as quantum biology and quantum cognition, such as I report on in my "Living the Quantum Dream" radio show.

Email Greeting Changes
Bournemouth, UK

It's good to know that I'm not the only person experiencing strange 'shifts' of reality now. I get these a lot nowadays. I'm actually grateful that they're not too big for me- I don't know how people cope who experience bigger shifts. I guess the coping happens when the experience/s happens to promote the coping (or even thriving). Actually, it was another of my 'tiny' shifts this morning that prompted me to add a post to this group today. Earlier, I was answering my routine emails as usual. This seems to take a lot of my time at the moment. Anyway, I was in the process of answering one email that began with "Hi there". I wanted a few moments to think about how I wanted to respond to this message and I went to the loo (bathroom) thinking about what I'd write by way of response. When I got back a few minutes later, the exact same email began with "Hello". The rest of the message was identical to the previous one in every way. I'm certain about this because I remember being mildly irritated at not being addressed by name since I am known to this person. I guess I'm maybe old fashioned in this respect but anyway, it made me notice the way that the message began. At first I thought the sender had sent another message in addition to the first one, so I checked my inbox again. It was the only message from this person. "Oh- Oh", I thought, "that's another mini reality shift". I feel slightly spooked when this kind of thing happens. Such shifts can unsettle me but also invite me to ask, as Cynthia so often reminds us, "how good can it get?" It's exciting to think that there are ending current possibilities available to experience and that's when I 'go within' and ask 'how good can my experience be in terms of a spiritual path that honours all of us including our Mother Earth?'

Note from Cynthia: I love this example of reading the beginning of an email that used to start off so casually (and slightly annoyingly) with, "Hi there" by the person who didn't bother to acknowledge your name--and then when you returned to continue your reply, the email now began with "Hello" which sounds slightly more personable and respectful. And while such a reality shift may seem like a little thing, I love to contemplate how any reality shift can be small in a sense, even while representing a giant leap when viewed from a different perspective. In this case, an email salutation can contribute to your feeling a bit cooler or warmer toward the person who'd written to you, which in turn can influence what you write and how you choose to respond. I've sometimes marveled at how thanks to one seemingly small change, much larger things can later be affected, in a kind of snowball effect. And I'm so delighted to know you are contributing to sharing a positive vision for us all by maintaining a practice of asking, "How good can it get?" :-)

Percussive Track Added to Old Recording
Harve Mann

This one blew my mind today. I remember clearly right before a song of mine was put up on iTunes, I added this little percussion instrument onto the mix. Sadly, even though this track contained one of my favorite guitar solos, this extra sound played into my baggage and I could never listen to this recording without being bugged that maybe that last minute addition to the rhythm section did not belong there. Today I found an earlier version of this same recording that was unquestionably made years before I even had the equipment to add anything extra to the track. To my shock, the percussive sound I had added only recently was now on this original recording! This Mandela effect now allows me to to listen to this tune and feel good about it again.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing your experience with noticing a new percussive track on an old recording you'd made long before ever adding that new track. How wonderful to be able to enjoy the track now, so you can enjoy that guitar solo!

Acting in a Play In Two Places At Once
Harve Mann

This story has got me believing that I was both people in alternate realities: Mann-Dela Effect? Years ago I’d written a play which was produced at a theater in San Francisco and starred my musical partner, Charee. It was during this time that I got picked to play a policeman in the film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” starring my favorite actor, Donald Sutherland. It was a non-speaking part but I got to stand next to Mr. Sutherland and his costar, Brooke Adams for what seemed like days in this one scene. After two days of shooting, I was disappointed when I saw this great film for the first time and discovered my big scene had been whittled down to If you blink you’ll miss seeing Harve. I was later pleased when a book about the film came out and there was a picture of my scene featured. I bought two of them and sent one to my parents. Over the years I showed this picture to many people close to me. It was a profile shot with my face illuminated up to my policeman’s cap which was not visible. Standing next to me during the shooting was a tall extra playing a plainclothes policeman or detective. He was not in this shot, but I remember his face, mainly because he ran off with my policeman’s badge at the end of the shoot. More recently I used this picture in one of my music videos and my brother saw it and asked if I had photo-shopped my face onto the policeman. Now here’s where it gets funny. This past year I was messing with some film editing equipment and decided to make stills of a few of my other split seconds in the movie. There was one moment where for a millimeter of a second there’s a clear shot of just me and Donald Sutherland, again with the hat area not seen due to lighting. It was clearly my face. After saving that one shot, I didn’t get back to this project for a while. When I did, one of the pictures I copied but hadn’t really looked at revealed to me a real surprise. Standing next to the guy who no one ever questioned was me (including me ) , was ME! It was me with a clearly visible policeman’s cap on top of my unmistakable mug. So who was this other guy in the pictures? I don’t recall anyone in the scene who looked like me, and believe me, I had plenty of time to look around. Mandela Effect? Interestingly, the best picture from the Invasion of the ... experience comes up at 1:14 on the (Satin Charade) video link from the first story. It is a dissolve where you see the back of Donald Sutherland's head, a lady and clearly my face from back then -- only I am wearing a tie and no policeman's hat or uniform as I am in the shots I know to be me. Sadly, due to a recent computer crash the other pictures are gone. I hope to retrieve them at some point or at least take them off the DVD again.

Note from Cynthia: your other experience with the Mann-dela effect is really amazing! I'd love to see the photos!

Presidential Qualifications
Redmond, Washington, USA

I have been moving and my attention has been absorbed in other areas, and this came to me the other day. I understood growing up (and until just last night when I googled these things) that a presidential candidate had to have held the office of senator or governor. Is this something that rings a bell with you or any of the reality shifter bunch? For whatever reason, I felt a clarity regarding this, like it was something I had always known—yet, now today this is nowhere to be found in print or otherwise. This felt rather huge to me, so I thought I would get this off to you at my earliest opportunity, which is now. Life keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for writing to me with this question. I know what you mean about this matter being something I had always known--yet now there's absolutely no trace of it anywhere! In fact, now that I've had a chance to mull over what I do recall, I remember there was a time when some people where I worked in the 1980s would say "You should run for president" and I felt that would be unlikely because (1) I don't really want that job, and (2) I don't want to work in government leadership positions first on the way to becoming president. I seemed to have a belief prior station in some public office was required--though I didn't have sufficient interest in being president to fully follow up at that time. I'd love to know what other readers remember!

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