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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 175

Quantum Jumps
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling books, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, and Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.

Awoken at the Wheel when Wipers Went On—by Themselves!
Rennes, France

I have just watched your Anthony Chene interview and was reminded by your comment on surviving car accidents, of another incident that happened to me in the late 1990’s. Straight after work on a Friday @ 4.00pm to start my 3 week annual vacation, I drove 5 hours to a southern English ferry port to board a fast ferry to France which took about 2 hours. I felt drained like a battery after the ferry trip which was unusual for me. After disembarking at around mid-night, I continued my journey in my car, I was heading for Morocco. After another two hours on the road I was completely unaware that I was falling asleep at the wheel [but in hindsight I can now recollect what that feels like]. I did fall asleep, completely unconscious and I have no idea for how long. Now the strangeness. I was awoken, to find myself driving my car [gosh !] I was awoken by my windscreen wipers that came on and distracted me from my sleep. I can give you an absolute guarantee that I did not switch them on because both of my hands were still on the steering wheel when I awoke. It was a bit of a jolt. I knew some force had protected me and that it was not my time yet, but it all really did happen. I had a brew up, opened all the windows for cold fresh air and played a tape of Motorhead's Overkill very loudly ! twice ! before finding an aire to sleep for a few hours. I safely came home 3 weeks later. When I think about it, I have quite a few stories. The most recent, and this has happened a few times ~ when I am in a shop I can sometimes find myself been pushed [in a completely positive way] in a certain direction until I have reached a certain area. If I leave I am taken back. I live in a farmhouse [apparently unending !] renovation project with a big piece of land. I was 'forced' to view and buy another wheelbarrow which I absolutely do need for practical reasons and it was half the price of all others that I had looked at weeks before. In-fact I did not fully know why I was being pushed around the first time, so went back the next day and the same energy appeared and guided. Years previously I suddenly experienced columns of energy in Swanage on the south coast of England [again I was on holiday]. I had an overwhelming urge to stand in them with my arms stretched upwards and let it flow through me in the middle of a busy high street, much to the embarrassment of my travelling companion. 10 minutes later I was in a crystal shop having never had any knowledge or interest in crystals previously. The whole shop had an electricity to it and I could really feel different energy in different crystals. I bought a lot that I was attracted too and placed them in the corners of each room at home [again being physically guided] I could feel the whole house shimmer in energy as it was 'gridded'. I have not felt that experience since and I am now an amethyst addict. I find it just so soothing and calming. A week later I was in a discount book shop and had my hand guided under a table to a stack of books which could not be seen. I pulled one out ~ it was a very nice cheap hard back book on crystals. I have been back to Swanage twice, but never found those columns of energy again. Sometimes I can feel waves of highly charged "do it" energy which I always follow and sometimes I can feel being held back [which I try to force my way past ! but it does not work ...] Most recently I was planting 53 bamboos in solid clay before Xmas with a windchill factor of -3 deg C. I was slowly losing it it but was unaware because my body temperature and sugar level was dropping, but I was determined to finish the job. When I came inside I was marched around the kitchen [quite a large room] until I was standing at the pendulum wall clock. I was quite disappointed because it has stopped. I said what does that mean? Straight back, I got it "STOP !" I was being reined in again. I swung the pendulum and it continued as before.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for taking time to share your experience being awoken by your car's windshield wipers going on, after having fallen asleep at the wheel--how wonderful that the windshield wipers went on 'by themselves' just at such a most opportune time, so you could survive the drive and live to tell about this experience! I love your description of finding and feeling energy currents, with a sense of them guiding you through a shop. This brings to mind a sense of some kind of awareness of having traveled that way before, perhaps in an adjacent reality--and I've had numerous such experiences myself, of feeling guided to find things I'd surely have never found otherwise--such as the time I followed the scent of lavender around a book shop, and 'found it' when I removed a book about unicorns, opening it to see the words describing how lavender is their favorite scent! (I share this experience in my book, Reality Shifts.) And I am glad to hear you had the good sense to interpret the sign to "Stop!" your ambitious winter digging project in fiercely cold conditions. I really appreciate how your experiences provide such clear reminders for us to stay attuned to recognizing we are simultaneously 'mortal egoic beings' and 'infinite, eternal beings'--and quite well-equipped to walk with feet in both worlds.


The Hula Hoop Gift and Friend My Daughter Doesn’t Remember
Alfter, Germany

A few years ago our daughter gave me a bright pink and blue hula hoop. It was very big and quite heavy, and it was for doing gymnastics. I used it a few times, but then lost interest in it, and gave it away. A few months ago, I told her that I had given away the birthday present she had given me and said I was sorry. She was very surprised, and said she had never given me a hula hoop at all! Another time I asked our daughter if she remembered one of her friends. They were both about 8 years old at the time, and she lived very close to us. She was Greek and had very long, thick black hair and they saw each other nearly every day. Her father was our doctor. Our daughter looked puzzled, and said she couldn't remember anyone like that at all. I was very surprised, but then I thought about reality shifts. There is also that interesting phrase: the memory plays tricks on one! I think we can understand that phrase very much better nowadays!

Note from Cynthia: I love how considering both of these experiences--the hula hoop gift that you remember your daughter giving you, that she doesn't recall, and your daughter's Greek friend that you remember but your daughter does not--are the kind of thing many people disregard as "another case of memory playing tricks on us." Yet, when we consider the sorts of changes that many of us have noticed, there is another possible explanation. And I've noticed that most families have some rather startling discrepancies like these in memories of significant events in their pasts--which is exactly what we'd expect if so many of us are experiencing shifts in reality, Mandela Effects, and quantum jumps.

Strange Happenings and Time Changes in my Small Town
Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA

I'm really not sure where to begin, although I will say I also remember Nelson Mandela dying back in the 80's, but getting back to myself I am having a hard time coming to grips with something I have experienced just a couple of weeks ago on the 14th of March. I'm the type of person who has a open mind concept on a lot of things and possibilities, though I never thought that I would experience something as wild as a possible,"quantum jump.” I am 50 years in age, no alcohol or drug usage, and healthy. No history of mental instabilities, although sleep deprivation might be something I suffer from the most at the moment, as I have recently enrolled to college to get my AS degree in computer sciences/IT. On the nights when I can, or do sleep, when I'm at the threshold of falling off, a blinding flash-cube like light happens in an instant, then I'm out. I wake up everyday, at the exact same time everyday, very much like in the movie, Groundhog Day. Although, the day’s events are all different, not like the movie. March14th, started out like every other day; I was up at 09:37am without any alarm set, had my morning coffee, and got ready to do my things. I felt that day was different, I could feel something just wasn't right about the day. I had a few errands to run, and left home around 1pm to go pay a cell phone and electric bill, which would normally be done online, but I wanted to do something different that day. I noticed when I left home, there were people out and about as normal, but hardly anyone was out and about on the roads or streets. It was a cloudless day, nice and 55 degrees, beautiful day. Still, something felt ominous. For a Tuesday, midday traffic is usually heavy here where I live. It’s not a big town, but still busy. I'm a very observant type of person; I notice things around me in detail. That day seemed like it was made like a movie, and I noticed people were watching me, not just the occasional glance or look-over from a car, but intensely staring. Why? I have no clue. Upon arriving at the cell phone carrier's office to pay my bill, I normally have the same person there I deal with, but she was not there that day, and neither were any of the regulars that work there. There is usually a crew of six managers or so, but today, everyone was different. I paid it no attention really, paid my bill and left. Normally this trip there and complete takes 20 minutes, but upon glancing at my receipt I noticed it was 2:37pm. How could this have taken an hour and forty minutes to do a 20 minute errand? Still, hardly anyone out of the roads, I left and headed over to where I pay my electric bill, which is only about a ten minute drive between places. I get there, go inside and same thing: a new crew of people I've never seen before. The woman who always had helped me before had worked there for years. Not today, in fact no of the clerks there were the same people. At this point I determined something was up, I looked at the receipt in the car, the time stamped on it was 4:37pm. Another slip in time. I started looking around to notice that some people had stopped outside of the place I just paid the electric bill. I stopped a guy and asked if he had the time, and he replied it was 4:37pm. The guy stood there and watched as I got back in my car and left, and he was still standing there after I even waited for a stop-light to change, and then as I travelled on down the road, he never went in, and still stood there facing the door. Now, I'm beginning to think this is some twilight-zone type behavior at this point. As I'm driving down the highway back home, I'm nearly involved in a collision with an oncoming driver who crossed the centerline, and actually does hit the car behind me, with what looked like heavy damage, parts going every place. I pull over to call 911, but for some reason, I have no working cell phone after just paying my bill, such irony. I get out to check the other drivers, and I'm shocked at what is happening, both drivers are driving off after going off the road after colliding, I see no parts laying in the road, and from what I could see of the car that was traveling behind me to start with, no damage at all. Here is the weirdest they both drive away as if both idiotic drivers are committing a double hit and run at the same time here, they both change directions from which they were both going to start with, ..with the person who crossed the centerline to start with now back behind my car, but he doesn't move! The person is waiting for me to get back in my car to leave! It is like that chain of events, though altered a little, had to stay the same the rest of the way. I had noticed when getting back in my car, the drivers up ahead of me who were about a quarter of a mile away who should have gone on through the stoplight, where stopped, but the light was green. This is all too much for me, and I know what I saw, I still cannot explain the time lost, or the nutty way people were acting, it was surreal, and the whole time people are looking at me. I race home, knowing that something is out of whack, I walk in the house here, and first thing I notice is the time, 2:37 pm. And now my cell phone is working, I immediately call a local weather-time number to check the time, 2:37pm, check the computer, 2:37pm. I sit down and look at the receipts from the bills I just paid, 2:37 pm, and 4:37pm. At this point now it is almost 3pm by the clocks in my house, and everywhere else, yet I have a receipt, on paper, showing 4:37pm, on the 14th, of March, 2017. How could this be? Impossible. At this point thoughts are racing and I'm getting confused. I turn on the police scanner to listen for anything that might be going on and also check the news. I feel exhausted, like I've just worked an eight hour shift, and fall asleep in the chair. I wake up later to the 11pm news playing, to hear of an accident that claimed two people's lives, the very same place I was at earlier in the day. I have not been able to get this out of my head since, feeling horrible that I possibly could have stopped it, but then again, it could have been me who died, the news station didn't show the vehicles involved. I didn't sleep the rest of the night, and now the memories of that day seems vague. The next day, on the 15th, I go back to where I paid my bills, and the normal people are back to working as they had been and I double checked my status on the things I paid on at both places, both current and paid on the 14th, same times. I really don't know what to think of this, but the thought of it has not left my mind, and the "What Ifs" are playing over and over. Here is the icing on the cake! Another strange thing is that I had asked the clerks at the billing offices if they had seen or heard of an accident the day before, and no one knew what I was talking about. Rechecked my local news website looking for the info on the crash, and nothing! Even had my Nephew who is a County Sheriff check the log, nothing. But still have a ghostly electric bill receipt showing the time paid at 4:37pm.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing the events from your recent day, involving your observations of changes in numbers of people out and about, and the staff at both your phone company and the electric utility--not to mention the bizarre situation involving the vehicular traffic incident. Your experiences sound quite similar to the types of reality shifts many people are experiencing, including the aspect of paying more close attention and noticing even further oddities (such as news of a terrible crash, followed by no trace of news of any such thing). The changes in experience of time are also commonly experienced--as if one is slipping to and fro through various adjacent parallel realities. Some people theorize that these sorts of experiences may be heightened on days when we are at risk of being involved in a dangerous accident--which does seem like something you averted, possibly by skipping and dancing through parallel adjacent realities where that accident didn't exist until life came to feel more like normal again.

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